Zodiac’s End

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Zodiac’s End

Cousins cumming over for a long weekend

Copyright 2021

The Erotic Print Society

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— Recap —

For those of you just joining us, Rose is my father’s second wife (my stepmother) and my halfsister’s mother (Laila) with my father. Rose and I shared the same mother, and she died from cancer when I was young. After Laila tricked me into having sex with her, she and I were secret incestuous lovers for a few weeks until dad told me about our family legacy. Not long after he told me, Rose told Laila, and we have been a loving family ever since.

For months after Laila and I found out about our legacy, we had family foursomes at least once a day (more often on the weekends) until Laila and I finished our first year of college. After that, it was a free-use free-for-all every day (and all night most of the time).

Laila and Rose allowed dad and me to fuck them whenever we wanted or finger their pussies without warning that summer between our first and second college years. Even before that summer started, I have wonderful memories of me fucking Laila the moment I walked in the door from class or her standing before me as she stripped out of her clothes before dropping to her knees to suck on me as I sniffed her panties.

After finals, it was the same with Rose, fucking her whenever I wanted while Laila was interning for dad, sometimes double-teaming Rose when dad came home early, then doing the same to Laila when she got home. Rose never stopped me when I took advantage of her as she sunbathed by the pool or when she was making dinner or doing laundry. I’d have Rose wet and ready when dad got home from work, and we’d share Rose, DPing, or spit-roasting her until Laila got home from work. On the rare occasion when Rose was out of the house, Laila became the sole sex-pet dad and I used, sharing her sex until she was too exhausted to stop us if she wanted to. We all adjusted, adapted, and adopted a wonderful lifestyle of casual sex anytime, anywhere.

We shared our love as a family at least one full day every weekend, and whenever our overlapping schedules allowed, we’d also fuck as a family during the week. Most days, dad and Laila carpooled and would come home from the office to find Rose and me naked, ready and waiting for them, unless they were late and Rose and I started (or continued) without them.

All that family time was separate and independent of our time as couples, making our love for each other stronger through intimacy, animalistic sex, and alone time.

Previously I told you about Laila’s best friend walking into the backyard to find us sharing our love for each other family style. Laila had confided in Joann about our lifestyle long before Joann saw us in the backyard. But, seeing is believing, and she believed after finding Rose and Laila bound to the outdoor bed with dad and me making them endure orgasm after orgasm until they passed out, then fucking their limp bodies.

I still remember the look on Joann’s face and staring at her beautiful breasts as I masturbated for her and Laila that summer afternoon. That afternoon was also when I learned Laila had a secret abortion, which left her unable to have children. If I remember correctly, that was also when my loving sister became even more obsessed with demonstrating her love for me as my domesticated slut, amazingly more often than she already was… if that’s possible.

Until that weekend, Rose was a very passive partner, but, looking back now, it seems to me Rose became more sexually assertive. It might have been after that weekend Rose stopped nagging Laila and me to give her a grandbaby as soon as possible, which stressed Laila to no end since she can’t get pregnant and had not told Rose… at that time. Or, maybe it was because dad finally agreed to expand our family time to include nearby relatives, relatives which Laila I never knew existed.

Our family lifestyle and legacy lean toward secrecy, so, to me, don’t ask, don’t tell has a certain practical application in this context. Still, Laila and I were surprised to find out Joann and her brother James were our cousins.

Their parents, John and Jane, were my father’s half-brother and Rose’s halfsister, both women sharing the same father, our grandfather, and were just two of his many children with his daughters. John and dad had the same father, but not the same mother, and they were raised separately by their mothers, only meeting their father a few times, mostly at family reunions, one such event being where they met each other for the first time.

I’ll just confuse things if I try and detail how Joann and James are related to Laila and me; I’ll let you figure that out if you want. All I know, John, Jane, Joann, and James gave all of us a new and larger family to love.

But I’m getting ahead of myself again. Please, allow me a moment to sivas escort bayan back up to where I left off. As you know, Laila and I usually share a bed at night, most of the time. However, dad and I agreed that he gets to spend the night with his daughter at least once per week, and those nights are when I sleep with his wife, Laila’s mother, and my other halfsister, Rose.

The day Joann had seen us loving each other in our backyard, dad agreed to Rose’s demand to expand our family experiences. The family reunion was more than a few months away at that time, and dad wanted to ease Laila into the experience of sharing ourselves with more than our parents. So, he called one of his half brothers, John, who happened to be the one who lived closest to us.

It’s another long story and probably not mine to tell, but it turns out dad’s call occurred the day after Joann had announced to her family at dinner that she wanted to make love to all of them like she saw us doing. John, and Jane, later told us they had been waiting until Joann and James were ready to tell them of our family legacy. It seems they never felt the moment was right, not until Joann announced her desires at dinner and detailed what she had seen us doing in our backyard and what she wanted to share with her family.

Unlike my experience, there were no games or family secrets; John and Jane explained everything to their children and gave them the option to participate or not. Well, as I’m sure you can imagine, our family’s genetics kicked in, and from what James told me, that weekend was the best experience he had ever had. And, as I said, that is more their story to tell than mine, but what I can share is my perspective of the first weekend we shared with the J’s.

— The Night Before —

As usual, Laila shared my bed the night before the J’s came over to our house for the first time. It was all I could do to keep Laila from jumping out of her skin with excitement after dad and Rose told us what they had planned for us over the weekend; and, more importantly, who would be the guests of honor.

I had just released Laila from the bindings that held her legs back and apart, granting me full and unrestricted access to her pussy and ass. I had DP’d my sister-lover with her favorite vibrating dildo in her cunt and her electric massager strapped to her thigh, buzzing her clit while I fucked her ass. But it wasn’t enough to help her relax and go to sleep. Snuggled next to her as the big spoon, I felt my cock shrinking between her butt cheeks as I caressed Laila’s skin with one finger, making her body twitch when I found a tickle spot.

Laila had continued to work the dildo in and out of herself or rubbed it against her clit after I untangled her contorted body. The purple monster cock popped out of her pussy when I repositioned myself on the bed. Slipping between her thighs as I rolled over on top of her. Wanting to cocoon her, hoping to help her relax, I pressed my full weight down on my lover, our perspiration fusing my chest to her naked back as I kissed her sweaty neck and my cock separated her butt cheeks.

I could feel the pent-up excitement under her skin, like a child on Christmas Eve, impatient for the next day to arrive. Having tried just about everything I knew to calm her excitement, I whispered, “Capricorn,” behind her ear.

I heard and felt her inhale deeply under me before cooing, “Yes, please… make me cum until I pass out… then you can fuck me until you can’t stay awake.”

“I want to clean up first,” I said as I rolled off her, “I want to feel Capricon singing inside you too… especially when I’ve got you talking in tounges.”

“I’ll get Capricon,” Laila replied, then reminded me what I already knew, “God, I love you so fucking much. Sometimes I wish I knew what to give you besides my sex.”

“You already have,” I replied, stepping into the Jack and Jill bathroom between our two bedrooms.

Laila caressed my ass on her way to her bedroom to retrieve the harmonically magical glass butt plug I could play into her ass and give her the most intense orgasms she had ever experience. She joined me in the shower when she returned after seeing her pass by on her way to my room with Capricon’s box. The same box she had used to trick me into using her sex with a fake aphrodisiac had become Capricon’s bed when we were not using it to make ourselves climax over and over again.

Laila entered my shower just as I was rinsing off. She embraced me and forced me to slow dance with her after turning off the shower.

“I’m trying to get better at loving you the way you want me to,” she purred, “Would you like to dance for a little while before I let you make me cum until I pass out?”

“Yes, Please,” I responded, pulling her tighter to me.

Laila knew I enjoyed dancing naked with her. It was something we shared during our alone time, and I appreciated that she was willing to share herself with me this way escort sivas when I knew she would have preferred to drop to her knees and suck on me or bend over so I could fuck her.

I remember one special night when I made her dance with me in her bedroom after doing what we always do to and for each other. Our naked and sex-coated bodies pressed tightly to one another, sliding and swaying with each other as music played from her computer. Like then, in the confines of the tiled shower, she and I currently shared, The Turtles,Happy Together, played in my head as we embraced and rocked each other. It was another one of those times when we made love without me being inside her.

“What do you think it will be like tomorrow,” she asked, after allowing me a few moments to simply feel her close as we danced chest to chest.

“Well,” I commented, “I don’t know about James, but I want to do to Joann what I did to you when we first became lovers. I want to hold her, caress her, and explore her body with my hands, face, and penis. I want to watch her suck me off and swallow my cum. I want to see, touch, taste, and smell her pussy. I want to see my cum leaking out of her cunt, and I want to fuck her ass while you lick her pussy and make her climax over and over, or while James fucks her… and I’m sure James wants to do the same to you.”

“You think so?” Laila questioned, “Do you really think he wants to do to me what you want to do to Joann?”

“Unless he’s gay or has an issue with gorgeous naked women,” I commented, then added, “I haven’t met her yet, but if Joann’s mom looks like Joann, I want to do the same things to her that I do to you and your mother.”

“I’m hoping all four of you will fuck all of my holes, at the same time,” Laila quietly confessed, “I want to feel all of you inside me, and I want to suck a cock or lick a pussy while you all make me feel loved.”

“Don’t get too greedy,” I suggested, “I’m sure Rose and aunt Jane and cousin Joann want the same things you do.”

“Cousin Joann,” Laila muttered, “Aunt Jane,” she added after a moment, “I never thought we could be related… and now… tomorrow, we’re going to be lovers.”

“It’s a wonderful lifestyle we’ve become a part of,” I offered.

“A wonderful family legacy,” my loving sister nodding her agreement, “Thinking about all the fun we’re going to have this weekend, I’ve been wondering if it’s going to be like the family orgy where mom and dad met… I mean where our parents met. You know what I mean, where they all met and made us. I can’t wait to go to something like that.”

“I can,” I replied, “I don’t mind sharing you with Joann and her family, but I’m not sure I’m ready to share you with strangers… at least not that many.”

“I am,” Laila replied.

She stopped swaying, looking me in the eyes as she said, “I love you, Ray, and I will always be yours… your slut. But I want to get fucked… by several men. At the same time. And, I want you to join us or watch, and I want to be with you or watch you fuck as many women as you want. Then… then I want to be the one you wake up next to every morning to suck or fuck you to remind you I’m yours, and your mine.”

“My slut or dad’s?” I countered, not consciously intending to sound so jealous.

“Yours, Ray,” she said without hesitation, pushing me away, “You know what I mean.”

I pulled her back, re-embraced her, as I said, “I do… even before Aries Horn, I wanted to be your lover… your husband, and I would marry you if I could. I know you need more sex than I can give you, and the best I can do is promise to let you fuck as many men as you want, as long as you promise I will be the man you wake next to every morning… as my sister and my wife.”

“Oh!” Laila whimpered. Tears forming in her eyes as she complained, “Your sister-wife… why did you have to go and say something like that? God, you make me hurt inside so much sometimes I feel like I’m going to throw up.”

“I do it because I love you,” I responded, “And… well… since I can’t legally marry you, not in this state, if you’re ok with it, from this moment on, I will consider you my domestic slut, my lover, my sister, and… my wife.”

“No,” Laila insisted, pulling my arm and me out of the shower, countering my suggestion, “The day you fucked me for the first time… day you were willing to use Aries’ Horn on me… that’s the day I became your domestic slut… your sister-wife.”

Walking backward, pulling me toward my bed, she demanded, “Husband, you better make your wife pass out soon, or she’s going to be up all night fucking her husband until he’s unconscious or has a heart attack or something.”

— Family Reunion —

Despite my best efforts to repeatedly satisfy my lover, Laila and I didn’t sleep much that night. Capricorn did work its magic on her (both of us). And, together, her crystal butt plug and I rendered Laila unconscious, but not for more than a couple of hours.

My sivas escort bride woke me with a blowjob early the next morning before the sun peeked in through my window. She was too focused and determined to extract that first load from my eager penis to notice when my alarm sounded. Then she fed me her pussy after my first ejaculation and continued to suck on me, wanting to get more out of me.

With my pre-cum still coating her tongue, my sister-wife twisted around, mounting me as she pressed her mouth to mine. I stopped counting her climaxes after Laila moaned her fifth or sixth orgasms into my mouth as her pussy swallowed my cock, and she massaged her clit with the vibrating dildo that had shared our bed overnight.

I don’t think I had ever felt her climax that many times while holding her so close. My arms around my lover squeezed the air from her lungs as one of her climaxes made me cum. The dildo vibing her clit and my cock helped too. Struggling to inhale as I held her, Laila’s hips danced on my cock as I huffed my climax past her ear and into her cunt.

When my embrace relaxed, she inhaled deeply and kept riding my cock. I’m not sure if she wanted to cum again or make me cum again. In either case, her next orgasm started as several smaller spasms, each one getting longer and more intense until she came so hard, she squirted all over her hand, the dildo, and soaked my groin with her feminine ejaculate.

Laila tossed the dildo aside, then with her juices allowing her to slide around on top of me, and with her breathing not yet stable, my sister-wife told me she wanted to make her husband cum as many times as possible as, “Like a domestic slut should.”

“Domestic slut?” I remember asking.

“Yes,” she cooed, her Kegel exercises paying off as her cunt squeezed my cock a little tighter. With her slippery and silky pussy clamped around my cock, she pushed herself up to look down at me, asking, “Isn’t that what a man wants? A domesticated slut? That’s what I want to be for you… your friend, your lover, your sex-toy, and your wife… your domesticated slut. Someone is always ready and willing to let you fuck me whenever I’m not doing everything I can to make you the happiest, most sexually satisfied man in the world.”

Laila slid more than rolled off me as she said, “You’ve made me happier and more… full of joy than I thought possible.”

Grabbing my cunt greased cock, stroking me hard and fast as Laila said, “I can’t wait to tell Joann what you said to me in the shower last night.”

Her face changed in an instant, and her stroking of my cock stopped as her intense and confused eyes locked on mine, questioning her sanity as she squeezed my cock tightly, asking, “You did say it… I didn’t dream it… right?”

“Say what?” I teased cruelly.

“You said I was your wife,” she pleaded, her hand tightening around my cock so forcefully I thought it might pop like a balloon.

“Oh that,” I replied as casually as I could, “Yeah, sure, wife.”

Laila slapped my penis when she saw the smirk I couldn’t hold back growing on my face.

I pulled her pouting face to mine, kissing her, then pushed her back just far enough we could make eye contact, telling her, “I want to taste my domestic slut’s pussy again. I want my domesticated slut to get me hard so I can fuck her and fill her with my love, again and again. Sixty-Nine?” I asked.

“Devine,” Laila purred, twisting around feeding me her musky and creamy mound of feminine flesh as she began to swallow my sore but eager for more penis.

As I made a morning meal of Laila’s pussy, and after she resumed her efforts to vacuum number three from my hard but stubborn penis, dad and Rose joined us. I heard their muffled voices when they entered my room, and I could feel the bed dip a little near my feet, imagining Rose bend over the edge of my bed watching Laila suck my cock up close as dad fucked his wife from behind while I continued to enjoy savoring their daughter’s pussy.

Paraphrasing a famous movie quote, “I love the smell of sex in the morning.” And, having my nose deep in Laila’s cunt, her musk mixing with my cum dribbling out of her, both aromas filling my sinuses while I sucked on her clit was the best kind of sex to smell… at that moment.

Laila must have been able to see dad and Rose from her vantage point on top of me, and my assumption was confirmed when Laila’s pussy squirted for the second time that morning. Laila’s pussy injecting her love for me directly into my nose and mouth right after Rose’s muffed climax filtered through Laila’s thighs.

My sister’s vaginal discharge always had the same effect on me; it made me even hornier or aroused than I already was. With her stuff burning my sinuses and my throat, my cock instantly felt like it doubled in size, even though I knew that was not possible. My hips began to franticly fuck Laila’s throat before her climax ended. I felt her gag around my cock twice as my super-excited tongue sponged up her liquid love, at least what didn’t fill my nose or tickled my throat.

Breathing became an unnecessary inconvenience for a moment as my re-energized cock shifted from a casual and comfortable blowjob to a desperate need to cum as deep in Laila’s throat as possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32