Young Lust Ch. 05

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Foreword: This is Part five of my “Young lust” series. It picks up where Part four left off, with Ashley and her girlfriend Anita ramping up the sexual hyjinks. If you haven’t read the first four parts, no problem; this bawdy tale of erotic debauchery stands alone. Ashley and Anita have just this summer graduated from high School. And along with their diplomas they seemed to have received a license to explore their inner most sexual fantasies. So, Ashley has been getting it on with her step-brother Dave, her step-father Jeff, and most recently with her Mother Tawny. And all that’s after having hooked-up with Anita for a wildly wicked bit of bisexual experimentation. Now in Part five, Anita seems determined to play a little catch up; but, of course, Ashley, as usual remains fixed, right smack in the thick of all things sexual! Enjoy…

Chapter five: Young lust, over the top

Ashley’s breakfast appetizer

Seriously; sometimes I can be just so blonde! Yeah, and this dumb blonde was rudely awakened, and like startled into consciousness by the blaring sound of a pack of ferociously barking canines. And believe me practically pissing one’s bed is no way to start the day; especially not a Sunday, and definitely not one arriving after a night that featured a few to many Jack and Cokes. Unfortunately, I’m the brain-dead blonde who hadn’t turned her freaking cell phone off, and that would be before she had slipped off in to a coma like unconsciousness. OK, so the sun was up, big fucking deal! Well of course I wasn’t about to be savaged by a pack of wildly barking dog; oh Hell no. It was just my girlfriend Anita’s personal ringtone. And no, she doesn’t have a clue. But oh God, just then barking bitches just seemed so perfectly appropriate. Yup, and it occurred to me that just maybe Anita was about to acquire ex-best friend status.

Grumbling and grunting, I rolled over, searching blindly for a certain cellphone whose life expectancy was plummeting precariously. My hand closed around it, and I snatched the damn thing off my nightstand. And somehow resisting the temptation to hurl it across the room, I snarled a groggy, “What the fuck?”

Sounding much to wide-awake, not to mention way, way to chipper, Anita actually asked, “Are you awake?”

I managed to growl menacingly, which the silly bitch apparently took for an affirmative response. I mean, as if! And if my freaking eyes had actually been open I would have rolled them. Instead I answered with a less than enthusiastic, but definitely sarcastic, “What’s up…I mean besides my Brother’s dick?”

I didn’t know of course; but then, with Brother Dave, and I swear it’s true, that big dick of his is almost always standing at attention. And believe me, I should know! And while that happy thought didn’t precisely turn my growls in to purrs, it did send a sweet little tingle rippling through me. But then, Anita didn’t know that. So she blathered away, informing me that her Dad was off playing Golf, and oh God what, was it that her Mom was off playing tennis? I mean, it’s not as if I was actually paying any attention! Yeah, I was busy, visualizing myself naked, licking my lips and staring down in to Dave’s eyes as I slowly sank down, letting his eight plus inches of gloriously hard cock sink deliciously deep in to me. So, maybe I did actually hear her ask, “So do you want to come over, you know we could lay out?” Maybe, but it sure didn’t register!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure Anita had to repeat her annoying, “Earth to Ashley,” and a couple of times too. Well who cares; not me, because I was like totally transfixed. Yeah and having been there and done that, my imagination sure didn’t have any trouble conjuring up images, and in exquisite detail no less, of me straddling my Brother, as his hunk of thick, hot hard cock filled me. But, as I shivered, imagining the scrumptious sensations of being penetrated again and oh God again, and again, frustrated, and yeah horny, I sighed.

Resigned, I asked, “Yeah, yeah, I heard you already! So, well shit…I guess so! Hey, but that’s going to be after breakfast, OK?”

“Oh sure,” Anita chirped. “Gads, you can be such a grouch; seriously, take a pill and chill girl!”

Well before I could tell her just what to do with her pill, she said something that actually made sense. Seriously, I should have thought of it myself. And I’m sure she was only trying to be helpful when she suggested, “Don’t know girlfriend, but it sort of sounds like maybe someone’s in serious need of a good fuck…I mean, like no shit!” Uh-huh, but it sure came out sounding bitchy!

Thinking, so what, I agreed with an enthusiastic, “Ooh, really good idea girlfriend!” And then, with a “Gotta go,” I disconnected.

Now I usually sleep au naturel…of course I do! And with last night a foggy and distant memory at best, well gosh; it beats me why I was wearing a pair of silky boxers. But I was. So, dismissing that bit of irrelevance; I slid a hand under the waistband, reaching for the slippery wet heat waiting mariobet güvenilirmi between my accommodatingly parted thighs. So, and, even as my probing fingers parted the slick, satiny smoothness of my sex, I was imagining them closing around my Brother’s cock. Feeling incredibly nasty, I arched my back, and wishing it was my Brother’s hands doing it, I pushed those boxers half way down my thighs. Then, picturing his eyes popping open as I swooped in, lips parted to receive the big head of his cock, gasping; I drove two fingers in to my vagina. And so began a fantasy that should have started with the imagined thrill of his big cock’s thoroughly engorged head pushing in to my freaking throat. Of course, as it had so often done that summer, my eager mouth would have quickly turned that jutting hunk of silkily smooth cock in to a slippery, irresistible pussy magnet. And that of course, would have left me sitting impaled on its hot, rigid, and oh god yes, pussy filling length. Nice picture, sure; but, right away I knew my fingers, talented and practiced as they are, just were not going to get the job done. And that was even before my Brother’s face had dissolved, to be replaced by my Dad’s. Well Ok that would have worked; except, right away I started to think about the last time I’d gone down on Daddy dearest. So, I started to giggle, maybe because that time there had been an accomplice. Uh-huh, and well, both of us had gotten Dad off! And that did it; I was detoured, definitely no longer on the road to an orgasm.

It was Anita’s fault! What happened was that we spent the afternoon at the mall. Well, Anita was driving, and was all set to drop me off. Fine, except when she pulled in to the driveway at my place, guess who we almost ran over? Yeah, it was my Dad; and that wouldn’t have mattered, except, over lunch I had spilled my guts. So first off, Anita had heard all about my wild afternoon spent entertaining Brother Dave and his hunky buddy Wayne. Wow, and hadn’t they just totally taken this girl, and oh god, I do mean in every which way too! Anyway, and not that it matters, but she had already heard all about that sextravaganza. Uh-huh, only she hadn’t heard about what went down after the guys abandoned me. So, I told her, and in graphic detail no less all about how, Naked and horny, well still horny actually, I had bumped in to my Dad. And of course Mom had shown up, and well, watching Anita’s expression flip back and forth from dumbfounded to scandalized amazement, as I told her, and in detail no less about that encounter was almost as much fun as being there had been, Ok, make that sort of! Anyway, understandably skeptical, Anita had pretty much dared me, insisting that she wouldn’t believe it until she’d seen it with her own eyes.

Seriously, that was almost funny; because, for practically the entire summer, Anita had been scamming and plotting, hoping for a chance to watch me in action. On my part anyway it was just a silly game, but it was driving Anita nuts. And I suppose that’s why on those times we hooked-up and she strapped on her studded leather dildo harness, inevitably I would wind up on my knees, looking up as she looked down. Yeah, she got off on watching me fellate an inanimate, if realistic looking piece of penis shaped rubber. Not that any of that mattered; at least not after Anita spotted my Dad, bare chested and looking kind of hot actually, hosing down the driveway.

Anita purred a drawn-out, “Perfect,” and right away I knew what she was thinking. So I waited, and sure enough she added a challenging, “Gosh girlfriend, that was a really good story and all; only, it’s just a teensy-weensy bit hard to swallow!”

I didn’t wait for it; nope, I butted in and asked, “So let me guess, you’re thinking that maybe I should, what, put up or shut up?”

Murmuring, “Uh-huh big talker,” Anita opened her door. And oh God walked right up to Dad, calling out an enthusiastic, “Hi Mr. Steel; gosh it’s really good that we ran in to you!” And I just couldn’t believe my ears when she cooed, yeah, positively purred, “Because, well you could settle something for us! That is, I mean if you’re not too busy!”

Clueless, Dad smiles, undoubtedly eyeing the silly bitche’s perfect 36-C’s. And of course it was like totally obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, and not just because her nipples looked about ready to poke right through her blouse’s clingy material. Anyway, Dad grinned, still staring at her freaking tits as he says, “Sure, no problem, what’s up?”

I was out of the car in a flash, not sure just what I was going to do, just sure that I wasn’t going to leave it up to Anita. So, Dad called out, “Hi honey, what’s up?”

What’s up huh? Well, if I had anything to do with it, it was going to be his dick. So, with a plan taking shape in my erotically inspired mind, I gave a cheery wave, and called out a smart-assed, “Hi Daddy!”

Stepping around so I was behind Anita, and unable to stifle a giggle, I whispered, “I’ll teach you to call my bluff!”

I unbuttoned mariobet yeni giriş Anita’s blouse, left it gaping open, her bodacious set of titties on display. Well, she didn’t react; and I mean, not at all! So OK, I was suddenly eager to show Dad that the only thing in her hip-hugging jeans was bare naked girl. And after I unsnapped her jeans, and after she sucked in a shaky breath, I eased down the zipper. Sure, well OK, pretty sure that Anita wouldn’t settle for playing voyeur, deciding the next move was up to me, I stopped there. Naturally, I knew I wouldn’t settle for just delivering an oral performance, oh Hell no! Me being me and all, I was dead-sure I’d wind-up wanting, oh hell let’s be real, needing to be fucked! So, executing the next step in my plan, I hurried over and pushed the button that brought the garage door rumbling down.

The overhead light came on, and suddenly I was center stage. Dad was watching me, his grin questioning and mischievous. Anita was watching me too. And, I was pretty sure the thumbs hooked in her jeans had eased them a little bit further down her hips. For sure, she had her tits thrust out, her blouse held back by her arms. Fuck she looked good, good enough to eat in fact. And I thought, maybe after doing Dad, I’d do Anita. That, I figured would practically guarantee someone’s getting fucked. Uh-huh, and knowing Dad, maybe that would wind-up being a couple of someone’s. I mean hey, a girl can hope can’t she?

Now the way I had it figured was, if I just went to my knees, well gosh, I just might wind-up with nothing more than a whopping mouthful of cock and a belly full of cum. So, while I performed a quick striptease, I told a little white lie. Uh-huh, so as I pulled my top off over my head, skipping the dramatic pause, I sent my denim skirt sliding down my legs. Hey, I like getting naked, so I was, like practically volatile when I said, “I’ve been bad; well actually, I’ve been bragging! And well gosh Dad, Anita just doesn’t believe me, and well, she wants to see for herself!”

Yeah sure, by then I’m sure Dad knew exactly what Anita wanted to see, and that I planned to show her. Yup, and I just knew Dad would be expecting me to demonstrate his big dick’s various uses. Dad’s no dummy! I mean, I was naked, Anita might as well have been, so yeah, I figured Dad knew what was coming…like duh! Still, I was trembling with an almost electric anticipation; which I suppose is why I skipped the planned tease, and well, cut straight to the chase as they say. So, with Anita muttering, “Oh God,” oh shit, oh god,” I moved in to position.

With Dad ogling my girlfriend, I swung around behind him. And, with my Arms wound around his waist, I unashamedly ground, and that would be my rock hard nipples against his bare back. Well, by the time I began to unfasten his ratty old jean shorts, I had one of his denim clad thighs between my legs. Then, keeping my eyes fixed on Anita’s face, while blowing out a long slow breath, I unbuttoned, and then, I unzipped. Ooh, and then, I went looking for cock. Uh-huh, and of course I found it. Yeah, and it was already rigidly erect, deliciously thick, wickedly hot, and oh God, big, really big! And, as Anita gushed an almost breathless, “No way…oh shit,” I don’t believe it,” I was pulling ten, well almost ten inches of hard cock free.

I began to work my fist, slowly pumping it up and down Dad’s ten-incher. Yeah, and as my pumping accelerated, ooh, so did my breathing. Big deal; I mean, Anita had to gulp, twice no less, before she finally managed to croak out, “Oh God, he’s even bigger than Dave! I mean…oh God, it’s…huge!”

Well yeah, and she was right on both counts; which of course is precisely what I had told her! Anyway, Dad’s voice was rumbling from deep in his chest, when he warned, “Baby girl you better be planning to do something with that mouth of yours! And I mean besides taunting your girlfriend with anything as lame as, ‘I told you so!'”

Perish the thought! Hey, it never even crossed my mind; well, not all the way anyway. And besides, it was hardly necessary! And don’t they say, ‘actions speak louder than words?’ Well yeah, they do! And, action is precisely what I had in mind as I squatted in front of Dad, carefully angled to give Anita an unobstructed view.

I used both hands to rock Dad’s shorts down, grabbing for his hips just as soon as they were out of my way. Then I opened wide, swooped in, and popped that beautiful cock’s oversized head in to my mouth. Yeah, and I held it there, sucking softly as I looked up, and oops, found myself staring straight in to Dad’s grin. And OK, like I said, Dad’s seriously hung. So, playing it safe, I decided to dish out a little tongue action, going for slippery, before going for a showy deep throating. Hey, it’s not as if I’ve ever had any difficulty taking every glorious inch of that big dick; ooh, and in every which way possible too!

I was busy racing my tongue up, down, and yeah, all around Dad’s hunky length, when oops, mariobet giriş I remembered that what Anita wanted to see was me suck cock. Yup, she definitely had a thing, I mean, she was always going on about wanting to watch me suck dick. Honestly, I was sure Anita believed my wickedly, ooh, but deliciously incestuous story. Yeah, but I didn’t figure she expected to find herself standing there watching me go down on my Dad’s big dick. But, she was! And, I checked, half expecting to see her taking notes. OK, so she wasn’t; but, she was definitely paying attention, rapt, wide-eyed attention in fact! So, while my girlfriend gawked, and with my Dad’s cock turned to a glistening length of slippery rock hard perfection, I wrapped a handful of fingers around it, pumping my fist slowly as I first licked his free swinging balls, and then, one at a time, gently sucked them in to my mouth. Well, I mean, with me busy sucking my Dad’s balls as I worked a fist up and down his thick cock’s slippery length, I wasn’t paying much attention to Anita. So yeah, I was, well sort of startled, when, sounding pathetically pouty, she bitchily suggested, “Nice…only gosh Ash, if you can’t handle it I wouldn’t mind showing you how it’s done!”

No, Anita wasn’t bluffing; and yes, I knew what she really meant. She wanted to see my lips sliding down that ten-inch cock; which pretty much meant, yup, she was daring me to deep throat it. I could of course; and of course, I ignored her! But, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t wondering if she could do it. Ooh, and then I remembered that she hadn’t had any trouble deep throating my neon blue ten inch dildo, well, not after the first time anyway. And so what if that time, this bossy strap-on packing bitch had practically needed to shoehorn it in to her throat? Hey, it’s no big thing; after all, she was playing my Submissive. So naturally, being a helpful Dom, I held her head still, while short jabbing thrusts powered inch after inch of blue rubber through her lips. Well gosh, she took it all, the entire ten inches, and without complaining; still, figuring she could use a little practice, I, well, I sort of fucked her mouth!

Having been, well, Moore or less dared, and feeling the need to glower, I spat out Dad’s balls, and reluctantly relinquished my hold on his big dick. Then, after blasting Anita with a withering glower, because it turns me on and only coincidentally because I’m a showoff, I put my hands behind my back. And before I leaned in and guided the huge head of Dad’s cock in to my mouth, I glanced up and shot him my most mischievous grin. Anita got one full of smirking disdain; which of course served her right! And then, with that silliness out of the way, I slid my lips slowly downward, swallowing inch after fat inch of hot, hard, and ooh, wickedly throbbing cock. Yeah, and when I stopped, my lips were buried in Dad’s curly pubes, and the head of his cock was parked, ten-inches deep in my throat. And then of course I proceeded to make like one of those silly bobble-head dolls, pumping my mouth up and down, first real slow like, and then faster and faster. And oh God I loved the feel of that fat head popping out through my puckered lips, just not quite as much as I liked the delicious thrill as I drove my head down, powering it back in to my mouth, past my lips and back in to my throat. No kidding, I swear, sometimes doing that is almost, seriously almost enough to send me orgasmic! Yeah, and for the guy I’m doing it to, well, forget that almost nonsense…ooh, ooh, ooh!

So anyway, I’m all in to it, there’s the taste of my Dad’s precum in my mouth, and I’m not thinking about Anita; seriously, Anita who? Only not about to be ignored, or as it turned out, to be cheated out of her share, all of a sudden Anita was kneeling beside me. ‘Uh-huh,’ I thought, ‘maybe the bitch just wants a close up view.’ Hey, and I wasn’t wrong, well, not completely! Anyway, there I was waiting for Dad to, well OK, take my head in his hands, maybe chuckle the way he sometimes does, and then, well yeah, proceed to fuck the Hell out of my mouth! His Son Dave likes to take me that way too, wonder if it’s a heredity thing. And that’s what I was thinking, when Anita began jabbing an elbow in to my ribs. Then little Ms. Impatient pushed me, actually shoved me as she growled, “Move over piggy, it’s my turn!”

If I hadn’t so badly wanted to see if she could handle it, and I mean like all of it, I might have, I don’t know, like slugged her or something. Instead, playing nice I scooted sideways. Then, and getting an unexpected kick out of doing it, with a fist wrapped low around Dad’s cock, I pushed it towards her. So, when Anita’s lips bumped against my fist, I still had a secure hold on that jutting hunk of male perfection. And, I didn’t for a minute believe that was the first time Dad had ever had two girls working on him simultaneously. After all; the folks are swingers! But seriously, the look on his face was like, just freaking priceless! I mean hey, its fun watching the gyrations some guys face’s go through, when all there trying to do is hold back. Oh my God and Dad can definitely hold back! But of course, I could see that he wasn’t having to, well, not yet anyway! After all; poor Anita hadn’t even managed to deep throat Dad, not on that first try anyway!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32