You Start Monday

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The reception area is gorgeous. Exposed brick, big wood beams in the ceiling, neutral colours on the walls with abstract art highlighted by subtle light. You really could get used to working in an office like this and once again, you hope that you make a good impression. You spent far too much time this morning getting ready, trying to look professional but sexy and with the weather, you ended up showing up late. The receptionist took forever to determine if the man interviewing you still had time to do so, but finally told you to sit and he will fit you in when he can.

Your skirt rides up a bit on the leather chair every time you shift and after adjusting yourself a half dozen times, you give up. No one has come through the reception since you arrived so it is not as if you are giving anyone a show. Your legs get you lots of compliments, likely because it is harder for men to tell you they love your tits. Some say that anyway, but most stick to raving about your legs. The top you are wearing is not as low-cut as you normally would wear and you took some efforts to make sure that your pierced nipples couldn’t be noticed by wearing a cute suede jacket over it.

As you wait, your mind drifts and you recall the last time you had anyone play with your tits the way you like. It had been in your apartment, or rather your former apartment. Your hands up against the wall, his hard on grinding against your ass as he squeezed and teased your tits, cupping them, scraping a finger over your nipples, playing with your piercing, all the while whispering how he was going to fuck you, make you take his cock, asking you if you wanted to be a slut for him.

You had just dropped to your knees and unzipped his pants, freeing what looked like a gorgeous, hard cock, when the door to the apartment opened and your boyfriend walked in. Rather, your now ex-boyfriend walked in. Topless, on your knees in front of a strange guy with your mouth positioned in front of his dick, well, there had really been no way around what was happening.

Things moved fairly quickly from there. The shouting and yelling had turned to cold anger and within a day, you were out of his apartment. Staying with a girlfriend was fine but it made getting to work a lot harder and after three late arrivals in a week, the job was gone as well. Initial confidence that you would find something had faded as you received rejection after rejection and your girlfriend had grew less and less thrilled with sharing her admittedly small space with you. You needed a job, you needed a place and you needed both now.

Deep in your thoughts, it wasn’t until the third cough that you came to and realized a man in a suit was standing in front of you. He was wearing a small smile and as you looked up, you saw his eyes travel up your legs. All the way up your legs. You were up in a split-second as you yanked down your skirt, which had ridden up dangerously close to the black panties you were wearing. As he confirmed your name, you were busy wondering if he had seen your panties, followed by a second thought of whether you cared. Maybe it would help you land the job if he wanted to fuck you. He was certainly fuckable, not overly tall, probably about 5’10, but handsome, with great eyes.

As he opened a door into the main office area and motioned you through, you wondered if he ever fucked staff members. He led you into his office, nicely decorated with a large glass wall facing the hallway and windows looking out into some sort of courtyard.

As you sit down, you notice his eyes on your legs again and you take a bit longer than necessary to adjust the skirt back down. You begin to think that it might be easy to get this job when you tune in to what the man is saying. “Being late is not a great way to start an interview.”

As you begin to stammer an explanation, he cuts you off with a gesture. “I don’t care why you were late. It happens. That said, it doesn’t beşevler escort put you in too good a spot right now. What are you going to do to convince me you are still the best candidate for the job?” You swear that as he says the last bit, his eyes drop down to your pussy for a moment but it was so quick you can’t be certain.

You try to focus on the task at hand and begin to go through your listing of qualifications and reasons why you should have the job. Several times during the listing you lose your focus as you lock eyes with him. The little smile he had when you first saw him is back and the look in his eyes is one you are more familiar with from guys in a bar, the one where they are silently saying they want to fuck you.

As you finish your listing, the smile fades and he purses his lips as he looks at you. Finally, he speaks. “To be honest, not really a great resume. Some qualifications but missing key areas and clearly you’re not overly professional.”

You begin to explain again about why you were late, but again he cuts you off. “I’m not talking about being late. As I said, that happens. I am talking about your outfit. Not overly appropriate.” You look down at your outfit, open your mouth, then close it as you realize you don’t know what to say.

He motions you up. “Stand up for a moment.”

You get to your feet carefully, trying to avoid having your skirt shift too high. “Give me your jacket.”

You mouth drops open and you look at him as he impatiently gestures for you to give it to him. Reluctantly you take off the jacket and hand it to him. The top, which you were thinking was fairly modest before, suddenly seems very clingy. “We don’t wear jackets inside here regularly and you need an outfit that allows you to do the job comfortably.”

He motions to the side of the office where some files and folders are spread on a table and up a bookcase behind it. “Go grab those files for me please.”

You walk over, very aware of how tight your skirt is and wonder if he is watching your ass. As you lean over to gather files, you bend awkwardly to avoid showing him your panties. You manage to collect the files but as you turn around to bring them back he suddenly speaks. “Grab the files on the bookcase too, please.”

You turn back around and close your eyes as you realize you are going to have lean all the way across the table and reach up to the shelf with the files.

The choice either seems to be to turn around and admit you are dressed unprofessionally and leave in disgrace or reach up and let the chips fall where they may. With a mental shrug, you decide the hell with it, you know you have a nice ass and showing your panties isn’t much different than the bikini bottom you wear to the beach. You reach up to the shelf, pushing the file box to the left as you try to get purchase.

Shifting your stance and trying to reach further, you know that your skirt is definitely high up enough that he is seeing your ass. You sigh in frustration as the box pushes sideways further and evades your grasp but underneath that frustration, you realize that the thought of him watching your ass, admiring how your panties cling to it, is turning you on. You finally grasp the box and pull it off the shelf, down onto the table with a thump. Without looking behind you, you pull your skirt back down, confirming that you were indeed showing your ass as you push the edge down past your panties, then lift the box to your chest and turn around.

The half-smile is back on his face and it turns into a full smile as you put down the box in front of him. In response to your look of confusion, he cocks his heads toward your chest. You look down to see that the file box has spread dust on your wide shirt but you think his smile may have more to do with the fact that your pierced nipples can be seen through the bra and shirt. You blush as you realize the impression beypazarı escort you are making.

The man stands up, takes the box and rather effortlessly puts it on a shelf behind him. Wiping his hands, he leans back on his desk and fixes his gaze on you. “Quite the show you put on.”

You blush again and he leans in and lowers his voice. “Do you really think that showing me your ass and wearing that top is going to get you this job?”

As you start to shake your head in embarrassment, he continues. “You are certainly an attractive girl and if we were out a bar, you are definitely my type. But in a work situation, this is completely inappropriate.” You blush again, mortified at the realization that you made a horrible decision in what to wear today.

You keep your eyes lowered, unable to look at him and his voice is suddenly louder. “Look at me.”

Your eyes snap up and his voice softens again. “Do you realize the trouble with wearing an outfit like that? If you were working with me and wore clothes like that, I couldn’t focus on my work. Instead of finalizing this pitch, I would be looking at you and wondering whether you enjoy using your gorgeous lips to suck cock.”

Your eyes widen in shock at the comment and he half smiles again. “Do you?” he asks, eyes locked into yours.

After a moment of hesitation, you mumble “Yes.”

He smiles fully now and says “Yes, what?”

You look at him in confusion, finally saying “Yes..sir?”

He laughs, a short outburst, then says “No. Answer the question fully. Do you enjoy using your gorgeous lips to suck cock?”

You slowly answer him, his head nodding as you continue to talk. “Yes..I..I…enjoy using my lips, lips, to suck….suck cock.”

He pushes off the desk, startling you. “See, that is good to know, as I love a pretty girl who enjoys sucking cock. I am afraid knowing that would actually my distraction worse though. There are far too many other things I would wonder. For example, because of the tight top you are wearing, I can see that your nipples are pierced.” His words make you blush anew and his eyes looking at your top make you feel naked in front of him. Again you realize that how he is treating you, what he is making you do, is making you very turned on. The submissive streak that no boyfriend really picked up on is suddenly very strong and while part of you knows you should be upset at what he is doing, most of you is focused on how damn sexy the situation is.

“The problem is, with a shirt like that and tits like yours, I would be dying to feel them. Now, a girl like you, with pierced tits, and a tight top like that..well, it seems to me like you enjoy having men look at your tits. Is that right?”

This time you answer quicker and he smiles as you answer fully. “Yes, sir, I enjoy having men look at my tits.”

He steps closer to you and leans in a little, almost whispering. “I bet you enjoy having your tits played with as well. All of the women I have known with pierced tits loved having them played with.”

He leans in even closer and whispers. “They were also total sluts. I find that a woman with piercings loves being fucked, and loves being treated like a slut.”

Your breathing is quick at his proximity and you flinch when he suddenly takes your arm in his hand. He doesn’t say anything as he leads you toward the door and you think he is going to march you out of the office, disgusted at how you are reacting to his questions.

Instead, he leads you to the closed door so you are facing the back of the solid wood. He takes one of your wrists in his hand and places it on the door, then does the same with the other, until you are leaning on the door, hands up like you are being arrested. You feel his breath behind your ear as he leans in. “I treat women who act like sluts, like sluts.”

His hands suddenly reach around and cup your tits, causing ankara escort you to gasp. “You wear a top like this, you show off your piercings and I wouldn’t be able to help myself from feeling them.” As his hands squeeze through your shirt, you hear two people walking by the door, discussing a meeting agenda less than a foot away from where you are. With the solid door and the location he has you in, no one can see the two of you, even with the glass wall.

One of his hands drops from your tits, only to slide up underneath your top, pulling it up roughly. His other hand releases its grip on your tit as well and then your bra is pulled out and pushed up, so that your tits are suddenly exposed. You moan again as his hands grasp your tits, roughly playing with them, making your pussy wet with desire. His voice is in your ear as he does so. “Such a naughty girl, showing off at work. Does it get you off to make your boss hard?”

He punctuates the last sentence by suddenly thrusting his hips against your ass and you can feel a hard-on pressing between your ass cheeks. “I think you want this job badly enough that you would let me do anything I want to you. Is that true?”

You moan quietly and nod but he isn’t satisfied. “Answer the question if you want the job.”

You shiver and whisper “Yes, yes, you can do anything to me.”

As soon as you finish the sentence, his hands are on your hands, pulling them off the door. Pushing you forward so your face is against the door, he pulls up your tight skirt and yanks down your panties. “Spread your cheeks for me. I want to fuck that tight young cunt.”

You breathe heavily, reach behind you, not believing that in the space of five minutes you have gone from discussing the reason why you should be hired to getting ready to take his cock.

Your pussy is soaking wet from his hands on your tits and the way he is acting and you are ready to be fucked. Without a word, you reach back, place your hands at the bottom of your ass cheeks and lift and spread, showing him your full, wet pussy. This time it is him who moans and you hear a zipper being undone before his cock is suddenly pressed against your pussy and in one quick movement, he slides his dick inside you. You can’t help but moan loudly this time, and one of his hands moves forward and covers your mouth. “Stay quiet you little slut. We can’t have everyone knowing what a whore you are.”

His dick feels massive as he slides in and out of you and you moan into his hand as he fucks you. “Yes, take that cock..god, nice tight wet cunt… wanted this didn’t you? God..squeeze my dick like a good girl.”

You moan again, squeezing as he fucks you, continuing to tell you what a dirty slut you are for taking his cock like this. Before long, his words and the feel of his cock are too much and you find yourself spasming, his hand almost suffocating you as you buck and moan as you cum over his cock.

His speed increases and within seconds of your orgasm you hear his muffled moan into your ear as his cock explodes in your pussy. His throbbing dick seems to be filling your cunt completely with his cum and you can’t believe how much of his load you are taking. With a final thrust he finishes.

After a moment resting inside you, he pulls his cock out, the wet noise it makes as it come out clear evidence of how much you both enjoyed that. He quickly tucks his cock and shirt back into his pants, then reaches between your legs, a finger sliding into your sensitive pussy. He fingers you as you moan, then pulls his hand out and brings it to your mouth. “Lick it clean, taste your pussy and my cum like a good girl.”

You willingly lick his finger clean, the taste of your pussy mingled with both of your cum. He reaches down and pulls your panties up your legs, putting them on you, briefly massaging your cunt again once they are on. He then pulls down your skirt and reaches up, pulling your bra, never fully undone, over your tits, then pulling your top down and smoothing it out.

He steps over to his desk, picks up your coat and holds it out for you. You walk unsteadily over to him and he puts it on, then reaches over to his desk, picks up a card and gives it to you. “You start Monday.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32