Yes Please

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We started a movie about half an hour ago. Cuddled up in your bed together. Mostly naked because it’s just more comfortable and intimate. Your legs intertwined with mine. Pretzels. My head on your chest. Facing toward the tv. You keep trying to get my big curly hair out of your face but we both know that’s a losing battle.

My hand is on your chest. Fingers playing in your little bit of hair. You have one hand on my back. Stroking. Petting. So relaxing. Body contact. Skin to skin. You know I’m a Touch Baby. This is perfection to me. Almost.

You run the fingers of your other hand through my hair. It’s so soft and you just can’t help yourself. Big bouncy curls getting bigger the more you stroke and play. I look up at you. Eyes meet. You lean down and kiss me. Softly at first. For a second. Then harder. Your hand is against my scalp in my hair. Cradling my head. I whimper for more. You know I want it.

I twist so I’m half on top of you. Still kissing. Tongues playing. Your hand tightens more in my hair. The other hand slides down and grips my ass. God, I love it when you touch my ass. Squeeze. Tease. Your leg slips up between mine and presses. She is getting wet. My hip can feel He is getting hard. Mmmmmmm I want to taste Him.

We kiss for a while. Hands exploring. Tongues playing. Nibbling on lips. eryaman escort On necks. Ears. Breath catches. Little moans. Low groans. Hips start moving with want. Need.

“I want you to suck my dick” Yes please!! God, I love to. It’s so good. You pull your mouth away from mine and try to push my head south. As much as I want to go straight to Him, I make you wait. Just a little. Kissing all over your body. Touching you everywhere. Your neck. Licks and nibbles. Up to your ear as I take Him in my hand. I whimper again into your ear, at how hard He is already, as I bite your earlobe. You gasp. I kiss and stroke down your chest. One finger nail flicks over your nipple. Just once. Just because I can. I kiss your ribs, hip bone, and your inner thigh.

There He is. In all His glory. Waiting for me. I lick and kiss up your thigh to The Boys. They like me. I suck one onto my mouth. The left one. He doesn’t like me as much as the right one. I’m still letting your anticipation build.

I roll him around in my mouth. Suck in and out. You gasp again. Your hand is still in my curls and it spasms. Fingers tighten. I change the other Boy. You groan. You’re so close to panting. My tongue plays around him. Pressure is light then heavy. Around and around. Sucking then pushing, in and out of my esat escort mouth. Figure eights between Them.

I let Them gently fall out of my mouth and I lick long and hard from the base of The Boys all the way up… up… up… UP. His full length. He is so big. He is so hard. But, he’s not wet enough yet.

Licking around His head. Slow circles. Your fingers moving in my hair. Almost impatient. Like you want to push my head down. But, you don’t yet. My curls brush your thighs and hips. I flick my tongue at the underside of His head a few times. Your body is taught. You can barely take in a breath.

I take Him deep in my mouth. Pull slowly back. Wetting Him. Letting Him in again. Deep. Hitting the back of my throat. There we go. You breathe deep. From the sound of that breath you’re aching for more. I slide Him in and out of my mouth a few more times. You like it.

You grab my hair with both hands now. Tight against my scalp. You raise your hips and He slides into my throat. All… The… Way… In. You pump your hips. Fast. I stay still while you fuck my face. I like it when you’re forceful. Then my gag reflex kicks in and I pull back. I breath for a few seconds. Licking around His head.

When my throat calms down, I start again. My lips moving up and down your shaft. ankara escort Moving easily cuz He’s so wet now. You pull all my hair back for a second so you can look. Watch me sucking your big hard cock. In and out of my mouth. Slowly at first. Painfully slow. Still building. Then faster. A little bit at a time. Speeding up. Taking Him deep against the back of my throat. My tongue playing along His length as He slides in and out of my mouth.

Your legs pull together. Your hands are twitching in my hair. You want to be forceful. You try to hold back. My mouth slides faster along His length.

You’re also trying to watch but you are close and your head tilts back as you moan. “Oh my god” as I suck your dick. “Fuck!!” And I know you are almost there. Muscles all over your body are twitching. Contracting. “I’m gonna cum” and I already knew that. I slide him deep in my throat again. Past my soft pallet. My lips are all the way down against your pelvis. You start fucking my face again. One of your hands slides out of my hair and down to the front my throat. Holding me under my chin. You can feel how deep He is. You can feel him with your hand through my skin. You hold my head and cry out as you start to cum. Hips moving. Pumping against me. I’m held tight. He pulses and pulses as you cum so hard. So deep. I swallow. Your cries and moans aren’t so loud after a while. Your hands loosen. I lick and suck for a few more moments as you start to relax. You moan softly with every move I make.

“What were we watching?” No clue. Who cares. I’ll let you rest for a while. But, it’ll be my turn soon.

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