Working Out

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I awoke to the sound of her working out. She gets up early every morning to do a bunch of exercises before she gets ready for work. She has to get to work earlier than I do, so she gets up considerably earlier as well. As quiet as she tries to be, I am quite a soft sleeper, and every morning I get woken up over an hour before I want to get woken up. I suppose that it’s just one of the drawbacks of being in a committed relationship with someone that you love. I sat up and looked over the edge of the bed and found her doing crunches down on the floor in a tank top and shorts and light up by the moon. I guess that she saw me looking at her because she seemed to stop what she was doing right in the middle of one of her crunches.

“Hey, I’m sorry if I woke you.” She whispered as she sat up and looked back at me.

“Oh, that’s ok. You always wake me when you work out. I think I’m getting used to it by now.”

“You know, you should work out with me. You’re getting a little soft around the middle.”

“I was a little soft around the middle when we met.” I said as I rubbed my stomach with my left hand.

“You should join me for my workout every morning, if you’re going to be up anyway.”

“Yeah, I should. I just don’t know if I could keep up with you.”

“Oh, don’t be silly. You’re a big strong guy. You should do ok.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I’ve been slacking off quite a bit since… well, it’s been quite a while since I was in shape…”

“Ok, fine. If at any point you think that I am pulling too far away from you then just go back to bed like a wussy little girl.”

“Well, with sweet talk like that, who can say no?”

I got up off the bed and sat down next to her as she started doing her crunches again from the beginning. I joined in with her after the first couple just so that I could get an idea of her pacing. We must have done over 50 of them, because it seemed like we were down there for a while. I looked over at her to see her smiling back at me a few times. As tired as I was it was nice to be doing something with her so early in the morning.

“Ok, enough of that. Let’s do some pushups.”

“Sure thing.” I said as I stretched out my abs, completely feeling the burn. She looked right at my crotch as I lay flat on my back on the floor, and even in the moonlight I could see the smile on her face. I was a little excited to begin with, but she was starting to turn me on that little bit more, and I my erection was definitely getting under way.

“I want to do something to make it a little more interesting and fun though.”

“Ok, like how?”

“Take off your shorts” she said as she leaned over and took off her own.

“Hmm, now we’re getting somewhere.” I said as I shimmied out of my own garment.

She got down on her knees and leaned forward with her but in the air and looked back at me. “Now kneel down behind me, and insert yourself inside me before getting down on your hands. Ok?” she asked.

“Yeah, sounds great,” I said with a smile as I got into position. I pushed my dick inside her pussy and then got down into a girls pushup position on top of her, while she was doing the same.

“Now eryaman escort stay close to me. When I move down, you move down, and when I push back up, you push back up.”

“Gotcha” I said as we started to move down in unison.

It actually felt surprisingly better than having normal sex in similar positions. The combination of the pleasure of sex and the pain of working out combined just got me going. My cock was getting harder with each movement that we made, and the way that I was barely sliding in and out of her, but still sliding in and out of her, was just enough to keep me going without getting me off. It was one of the more electrifying things I had ever felt.

“Do you… like this?” she asked as we went down for the ten or twelfth time. I was having trouble counting with the way my cock was inside of her.

“Yeah… I love it…” I was really out of shape. Even girls pushups were starting to wear on me.

“Ok… Just a couple more…” I guess we did around twenty or so. I was feeling so turned on by it all. I couldn’t wait to see what we did next. “Ok… That’s enough of that… you can pull out now.” She kissed me on the cheek as I pulled out of her and got onto my knees.

“So what’s next?” I said after sucking in a few breaths of air.

“Squat thrusts. Get up” She motioned me up to my feet and stood me in the middle of the room. She stood in front of me, but again, she faced away from me. “I would rather do this facing each other, but it doesn’t quite work right, especially since you are so much taller than I am.”

“Ok…” I didn’t really have anything else to say.

I squatted down a little and pushed my dick back up into her. When I hit bottom I placed my hands on her hips and leaned down to kiss the side of her neck just as she started to squat down herself. I was inside of her, and so I was at her mercy this time, or it would really hurt, and so of course I had to go down with her. As we got closer to the floor I could feel myself pushing deeper into her, and as we stood back up I could feel myself pulling out a little bit again, until I stood up farther than her, and then I was pushing back deeper again. I wrapped my arms around her and lifted her up off of the floor as I stood to my full height.

“Ok… if you want to do more work that’s fine with me…” she said so cutely as I put her back down. We squatted down again and when we came back up I picked her up again. “Wow… That feels great… but you… you are going to… wear yourself out… if you keep that up…”

I grinding myself up into her as she said this, and she was right, I was going to wear myself out if I kept on lifting her up like that. So as we went back down the next few times I held back and left her feet firmly on the ground (or as firmly as they could be just being on her toes and all). But I couldn’t hold back that much, so at around the eighth time and the twelfth times I pick her up again, as well as pumping into her a little bit extra at the top of each thrust upward. As with the pushups there wasn’t much in and out movement, so I made up for it where I could. esat escort I picked her up somewhere around 20 and she let out a little moan and said that was enough as I put her back down. She then pulled out of me and sat me on the bad.

“Time for more crunches,” she said as she lay me down on my back. “But this time we are going to do them right.” She sat down on my stomach and pulled my knees up. Then she lie back down on me and put her feet flat next to mine. “The best way to do crunches is slow, and with a cock up your ass” she said as she grabbed my tool and pushed its head at her sphincter.

This shocked me a little. We had only done anal once about a week or two before that, and she didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as she did straight vaginal sex, so I never pushed her to do it again like I had in the first place. Maybe now that she was setting the terms and keeping the pace she was a little more comfortable with it. But when she pushed herself down on me it felt wonderful. She didn’t even push me all the way into her, she just got about 2/3rds of it into her, and then she reached her arm up behind my head and started pulling me up with her.

Now, we had done quite a few crunches for me earlier, and with her on top of me like this, there was so much added resistance that I was going to really be working hard to keep up with her. We sat up and did a couple of crunches, and her ass felt great around my dick, but my abs were starting to feel a big burn by now. I wasn’t sure how many of these I was going to be able to do. I had to drop my shoulders down and let her do a couple on her own before I could go on any further.

“Are you ok dear? Do you want me to stop?” she asked as she paused her workout on top of me. She was breathing heavily as well, but not as heavily as I was.

“I’m fine… I just… I just need to catch my breath… You can… keep going if… if you like…”

“Ok… If you feel like joining back in with me, try to get your lower abs by lifting your hips.” She said back to me and then went back to her crunches.

I just lay there with my hands on her hips as she did a few crunches on top of me. I did catch my breath a little by then, and the idea of lifting my hips up to hers sounded like the best idea yet. I gripped her sides and pulled her down to me as I pushed my dick up into her ass a little farther. As beat as I was getting I was still as hard as ever, and I was getting anxious to get off into her. She nearly lost her balance from what I had just done, but she quickly recovered, and slowed down her movements to better keep up with what I was now doing so that when I pulled her down again she kept her rhythm and we were now almost fucking normally. It felt awesome, and after a few thrusts like this she stopped with the crunches all together and just let my fuck her ass with us on our backs.

“Oh…. That feels so good…” she said as she lifted her hips up to give me better access to her ass. “Oh that’s so fucking good…” I reached up and grabbed her tits as I pumped in and out of her at a growing pace. I palmed her mounds and pinched her nipples as our breathing ankara escort got heavier than it was during our workout just before. That’s what you get when you go from her workout to mine, more cardio and less work.

She sat up and put her hands on my chest as I continued to fuck up into her ass harder and faster. She was moaning steadily now and so was I. I was getting really tired out at this point, and I was so glad that I had that day off, even if she didn’t. I was pounding her ass as hard as I could and we were both finally getting off from it, and I was so happy that I was going to get to go back to bed and sleep after this major fuck session. But right now I was fucking, and so I grabbed on to her waist, flipped us onto our stomachs, and fucked her from behind for a bit. Her ass was nice and tight and I could feel my orgasm nearing quickly. I drove my cock down into her bowels as she shoved her ass right back at me thrust for thrust.

This was fun and all, but I was getting tired of having her facing away from me as well, so I pulled out of her and rolled her over to face me now. The change of positions also gave me a chance to calm down a bit so that I could last just that little bit longer. I plunged into her at a lightning pace and was grunting and groaning as she moaned and whined from our early morning fucking. The bed was shacking and I was sure that the whole neighborhood was going to wake up from it but I still didn’t care I was having so much fun.

Only I was getting completely worn out, and could barely hold myself up anymore, so I changed our position yet again and rolled her up on top of me so that she could “Ride em cowboy” for me, or on me, or both… I reached up and played with her tits some more as she bounced up and down on my still throbbing manhood. I almost passed out I was still pushing myself so hard. Luckily she was doing most of the work now, and I was getting close to cumming finally.

“Oh god I’m gonna cum…” she cried as she thrust her body up and down on my protruding member. I was glad that she was almost finished as well because I couldn’t take much more. “Make me cum… make me cum…”

I wasn’t me that was going to make her cum, I was as close to lifeless as I could be and still be conscious. No, she was getting herself off on me at this point, and what the hell, so long as she doesn’t complain about it later. She rode me long and hard until I finally felt myself about to cum. I let loose inside of her and nearly howled as I came what felt like buckets up into her pussy. She leaned started shacking and shuddering as well, and her whole body convulsed as she came with me and leaned forward to kiss me as we rode the waves of our simultaneous orgasms.

“Oh fuck that was great…” she said as she broke our kiss and I caressed her back, about to fall asleep as quickly as I ever had before. I was this close to falling asleep as I heard a knock at the door.

“Mom, you woke me up working out again” I heard her eighteen year old daughter say through the door as the sun was coming up.

“Sorry sweety. I’ll try to keep it down next time. Go back to bed now.” She said as she got up to grab her robe.

“You always say that.” she said as her mother opened the door to lead her away from our room. I’m just glad she let me cover up first this time. One of these days I’ll have to get that teen to join in on the fun. Either that or sound proof the room…

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