Wolf’s Dream

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After a long hard day at work I fall into bed. It is so soft and comfortable. I am exhausted. I enjoy your scent on the pillow as I sink into oblivion. Darkness engulfs me and my body relaxes, deep in slumber. I ease into a dream, feeling my body mentally flounder in gray mist. Peace and not peace war in my subconscious mind. Yesterdays and tomorrow incite me to keep viewing, tweaking my curiosity to follow the dreams and all the while I feel the comfortable depth of my sleep cocoon me.

You slip into the room, soft as shadow, quietly slipping out of your clothes. Sliding your silk camisole down over your head. Looking down at me, a mixture of passion and compassion cross your face. Passion wins out, a wicked gleam in your eye. You lie beside me, and gently trace the outline of my face with your fingers. Running along my nose, the rough, stubble jaw, soft lips. Letting your hands memorize my face. You continue to trace down my neck and over my shoulders enjoying the involuntary shiver I give.

You spread your fingers to run through the curly hairs of my chest, stroking the firm muscles below, flowing along the cobra hood of my push up muscle. Then back to circle and tease my nipples. They respond to your expert fingers, then to your hot tongue as you play and circle them just like you want me to.

In my dreams I chase ghosts, and sail on high seas. None of it makes any sense; yet it’s incredibly entertaining. Some thing touches my mind and I sit back to see where the tide will take me.

As you kiss slowly down my chest, your hand bumps my erect cock, further exciting you to see gaziosmanpaşa escort that even in a deep sleep you can effect me. You know that it will wait for you, laying like a thick viper patiently searching for prey. Your tongue traces delicate tattoos in saliva across my stomach. You feel my cock throbbing under your gentle touch. Sliding lower down you take it into your soft, hot mouth.

The dream continues, waves lapping at me. Warm water splashes over me. Sun shines down and I find myself relaxing in this place.

Licking up one side, then down the other, of my dick, letting your tongue trace the head and around it. Kissing and blowing on the swollen head; feeling my pulse throbbing in your hand. Gently you lick down the underside, to the base. You take first one ball then the other into your mouth. Sucking them gently while your thumb mixes your silver saliva and my pre-cum in small circles.

The warm breeze continues as I splash in the ocean. My body separated from my mind, flying along, I can almost feel the sand under my feet as I run through the chest deep water.

Your own loins are aching for attention, you pull your silk panties to the side, and begin to give attention to your own hot box. You engulf my dick, sucking it as deep as you can. My hands curl in your lustrous, thick hair. Stroking the back of your neck. You rock back and forth, your fingers in side of you keeping rhythm with your moving up and down on my cock. Moans escape you as you push your self to the edge of orgasm. Then feel it crash over you.

You pull your haymana escort wet fingers from your pussy and scratching them along my body stretching like a cat as you drop my cock from your mouth. With a wet “thwop” it flops down along my hard belly. Your hungry pussy is screaming for it. But you are enjoying playing with me, seeing when or where I will awaken. Using my somnolence as bonds to work your will upon me.

Suddenly I am in a dense forest, it is dark, I can hear animals move about and feel the bushes scratching me as I walk along a path. A wolf appears and I stop. I don’t know how, but I know it is female. I move close to her and pet her. I can feel her hot breath as she pants. Feel the thick rich fur run through my fingers. I look deep into sapphire blue eyes. A connection is made. The wolf paws my stomach, and then moves off, challenging me to follow her.

I Chase, running faster and faster, my legs unable to move as fast as I want, stuck in the mud on the path. I struggle, arching my back, pulling at my legs as they sink deeper into the mud. My heart is pounding hard in my chest. A dull ache in my soul as I feel the Wolf, beautiful creature that she is, pull away and leave me.

You pull your top off. Naked, in all your glory you straddle me. Spreading your lips, you guide my thick head to your tight opening. You stroke slowly, taking half the shaft in, feeling the head separate your folds. Enjoying the stretching of your insides. Taking a deep breath, you impale your self entirely. Taking my shaft deep inside of you. Your clit bumps my pelvis ankara escort as the stiff head hits the bottom of your cave.

Grabbing my still sleeping shoulders you pull yourself along the thick spear then rock back onto it. Enjoying how it fills you. You rock faster and faster. You can’t control yourself as you growl and moan beside my ear. Biting my shoulder you cum again, a sun exploding in your belly, the warm feeling washing over you. Deep in your womanhood, you feel my cock explode inside. Thrusting and rocking more you begin the upward climb to another explosion.

With a cry you arch and buck. This one smaller than the first, but just as luscious, hits slow and you savor it. You kiss me, still lost in a world of sleep. One hand of mine has found its way to rest on your sweating ass, pushing you deeper on to me, moving with your still twitching hips.

I Climb a rocky hill of light sand stone rock rounded smooth by the wind. I push and pull my self up; a thunderstorm rages overhead and a bolt of lightning slams into me. I arch my back as the muscles in my chest and stomach contract and explode. I feel the lightning leave through my groin. My Cock feels as thick and heavy as an oak stump.

You pull yourself off me, and turn back to clean up your mess. With a laugh of delight you see my dick still pumping thick creamy cum from the tip. You lick it, and then follow along the tip, enjoying your own honey mixed with my cream.

Satiated, you lay beside me, tracing the outline of each stomach muscle, then chest, finally using your finger to tilt my head to kiss me. You curl up next to me, pulling my arm around you lightly scratching my chest. Resting your hand along my softening cock as it pulses itself down.

The wolf comes back as I lay exhausted at the base of the hill. She licks me, and then curls up next to my prone body. Together we fall asleep and again I am at peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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