Winning Over The Ex Ch. 4

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Ava Addams

The sun was bright in my eyes, and I groaned and rolled over, throwing an arm around a warm chest-I awoke with a start. Oh, it was Josh – I’d forgotten.. I grunted and rolled over again, slamming the pillow over my face. I hated mornings. Just as I was drifting off to sleep again I felt a hand on my hip. I smiled underneath the pillow, but didn’t resurface. Let him think I was asleep – I liked the thought of him waking me up in style. The hand was warm as it moved up my side. He moved closer to me, and I could feel the heat of his naked skin the whole length of my back. His cock was already hard and it rubbed against my ass. His hand smoothed around and cupped my breast, gently teasing my nipple. He nuzzled the back of my neck and then kissed just below my ear. He slid the pillow off of my head and I squinted in the sun and turned towards him.

“Mornin, beautiful.” He grinned, kissing my lips. I mumbled something incoherent and he laughed. I can’t imagine what I looked like, my hair all tumbled around my face, my skin all red and blotchy. Josh didn’t seem to mind, kissing me deeply, sliding his tongue into my mouth. I moaned and kissed him back. He pulled away and balgat escort I moved onto my back, my hands sliding up his chest.

“Mornin’,” I replied. I was still half-asleep, warm from the sun, and I could feel myself getting wet, Josh moving over me, his weight pushing me down into the bed. He felt so good and I stretched against him, pulling him down for another kiss. Waking up to Jacob had never been this nice – usually he just made some comment about my breath and then grunted about being awake at all. Josh was a morning person, something I was definitely coming to appreciate as he leaned down to nibble my nipples.

I sighed, and ran my fingers through his hair. I could feel every inch of him along me, and as he kissed me again I was startled by how beautiful it was, his body on top of mine, his lips teasing my throbbing mouth. Just like that, it was as if we had never broken up, and all the emotions that I had experienced for the first time with him came flooding back. It scared me shitless – and I moved impatiently underneath him. It was just sex, and that’s how it should be. I rocked my hips, wanting to block out the emotions batıkent escort with the heat of sex.

Somehow Josh knew what was happening-he knew that I couldn’t look him in the eye. He kissed my neck softly, whispering the same words he used when we were dating. “Beautiful, so smooth, so soft…… Eileen….” I shuddered as he said my name and he kissed my stomach. I was breathing heavily, and I could feel his own hot breath right above my pussy. I whimpered – “Josh…” I whispered, as he slid a finger slowly into my pussy. He nibbled my tummy, sliding another finger into me as his thumb circled my clit. I was numb with pleasure, my blood rushing through my body and throbbing through my fingertips.

He moved up, spread my legs wide and stared directly into my eyes as he thrust slowly into me. I tried to look away as he filled me, but he took my face in one of his hands and ran his thumb over my lip. “Look at me,” he said as he drew out and thrust deeply into me again. I moaned and my eyes closed. “Look at me, Eileen,” he said more insistently this time, starting a slow and heavy rhythm. I looked up at his dark eyes and moved with ankara escort him, my breath ragged. We were in perfect rhythm together, each of us knowing exactly what the other wanted, the beat slowly growing faster and stronger. I bit my lip to keep from crying out, and Josh leaned down to kiss me. “I want to hear you.” We went crazy together, my cries loud over his harsh grunts, both of us pushing towards orgasm. Suddenly, he was there, his face contorting in pure pleasure, trembling. My arms were around him and the feel of him shaking against me pushed me over the edge, my hips bucking wildly against him, my own body shuddering.

We lay there, all of his weight pressing down on me, our skin slick with sweat. He was kissing my neck softly, trying to catch his breath. I stared at the ceiling – who was supposed to conquer who, I wondered. We both knew that something beautiful had passed between us. He looked at me and kissed me softly. “I should get home,” he said.

“Alright, but if you’re planning on stopping at your girlfriend’s house you might want to shower….. maybe throw a little beer on your shirt or something….” I should have shut my mouth. It would have served him right to get caught. But there was no way I could hold a grudge against him now, and besides, I had gotten what I wanted from him.

We both showered and threw on clothes. Before he left, he kissed me deeply. “I had a great time,” he said. “Me too,” I smiled back at him.

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