Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 51

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Chapter 51

The Rendezvous

Bernie Grunfeld paid the cabby and went quickly through the black wrought iron gate and down three steps to the front walk, fishing in her handbag for the keys. She unlocked the front door and then the inside door, shutting each of them carefully behind her. She crossed the beige Oriental rug in the foyer to the elevator, got in and punched the “5” on the scale of six, and leaned back against the handrail at the rear of the car. She clamped her legs together and for the first time since leaving her office, allowed herself to smile.

After deactivating the digital alarm system inside the door to the one-bedroom apartment on the fifth floor within the allowable time, she closed and locked the door behind her, and reset the alarm.

Beyond the window of the living room, the Cape Fear River flowed swiftly out to sea. A small sailboat with red and blue stripped sails tacked toward her, using the wind that had just sprung up to good advantage.

Bernie paid scant attention to the view. She went into the bedroom to the right off the living room, flipping the light switch for the bathroom as she passed the door. She heard the fluorescent light hum, then click on as she reached the king-sized bed. She pulled down the corner of the comforter nearest the double doors of the closet, and saw that the linen was fresh. She nodded approval. She put her handbag down on the bed, and used her left hand to steady herself against the wall behind the headboard as she removed her right shoe. Teetering a little on the other high heel, she reversed her position, and took that shoe off as well.

Flat-footed now, she pressed her lips tightly together and pulled her dress off over her head. She opened the closet and put the dress on a padded hanger. There were four other dresses in the closet, two of them in plastic bags fresh from the cleaner’s; two pairs of embroidered jeans; and five pairs of high-heeled shoes on the floor. There was also a pair of white Nike sneakers, and on a hook next to the rod hung a white negligee.

Expanding the elastic waist of the half slip, she let it slip to the floor, and then sat down on the bed to remove her panty hose, first pinching the cotton crotch liner to revive the excitement she’d felt in the cab. She dropped the hose on the bed and unhooked her white bra, letting it drop down her arms, catching it, and dropping it on top of the hose. When she pulled down her white bikini panties, the crotch was darkly wet.

She stood up and went quickly around the bed, pausing briefly to admire her body in the mirror. Her dark pubic hair glistened and she rubbed it hard with her hand, reaching deep between her legs to spread the moisture. Then she went over to the windows, opened the beige drapes, and stood at the middle of the window and looked out over the river shining in the late sunlight, trying to decide if she could see the figures in the boats clearly enough to make it likely they could see her.

She decided they could not, but the people walking along the boardwalk directly in front of that side of the building could if they looked up. She like that idea, and plucked at her pubic hair again. She looked down at her breasts and pinched her left nipple. It was very hard, and so was the right one.

She walked quickly into the bathroom, opened a bottle of cologne and set it on the counter. Opening the other side of the medicine cabinet, she removed a small canister of spermicidal foam and a clear plastic applicator plunger. She filled the applicator and backed up to the toilet, reaching with her left hand to make sure the seat was down. She urinated, holding the plunger aloft with her right hand, then transferred it to her left in order to use tissue.

She spread her legs wider and inserted the plunger into her vagina, emptying the foam into herself. In front of the mirror, she put cologne behind her ears, under her breasts and generously into her crotch hair. She also put some behind her knees. Looking at herself in the mirror, she smiled again.

She inserted the middle finger of maltepe escort her right hand into her vagina and stroked her clitoris. She felt herself lubricating again and continued for a few seconds, stopping soon enough to deny herself an orgasm. She looked at her face in the mirror and saw that the color in her cheeks was very high. She hugged herself and shivered. She heard the door open and close and went into the living room.

“I thought you’d never get here,” she said.

Marcolina glanced at her and smiled. “Five minutes,” he said. He grinned at her, looking her up and down, admiringly. “Is it really that bad?”

“Five minutes, plus three days and two weeks,” she said, moving toward him and reaching out to take his blazer off. She laid it on the back of the couch. When she turned back to him, he was removing his blue striped tie and heading for the bathroom. “Hurry up,” she said.

“I am,” he said, “I am. Just got to take a leak here, you know.”

She hugged herself in the living room and shivered. Then she went into the bedroom and listened to him urinating. She went to the window again and was standing there when he came out.

“Putting on a show?” he said. He unbuttoned his shirt at the cuffs as well as the front.

“I don’t know.” She turned to face him, resting her buttocks on the cold window sill. “I don’t know what’s happening to me. I’ve always had this idea I’d like to go naked in public. Let people see me, you know? Of course I never did it, and then when Jon and I were first married, we took our honeymoon on the Cape, and there was one day when we were down at the beach; the beach that used to belong to the Coast Guard?”

He nodded that he understood.

“There was no one else around, and I did it. I took off my suit and Jon was horrified. Well, of course I told him there was no one else around, but he wouldn’t take his off and do what I really wanted to do. Then when we were leaving, one of the park rangers, or whatever they are, drove up to us and said: ‘No harm done, folks, this time. But nude bathing’s not allowed here.’ And then he drove off and Jon was mortified. But I wasn’t. I wasn’t at all.”

Joe unbuckled his belt and undid his trouser clasp, letting his slacks fall to the floor; then slid into the bed. She grinned and walked around to the other side, whipped the covers back and moved in next to him, her left breast resting on his right bicep. She rubbed his stomach, moving it down to the root of his cock and then under his scrotum to caress his balls. He became fully erect.

“Take it easy,” he said softly. “It feels wonderful, but if you do it much longer I’m going to be the only one here having any fun.”

She rose up and straddled him, allowing him to guide her with his hands at her waist. She inserted his cock, and leaned back in the kneeling position with her hands on his knees. She closed her eyes and sighed, “Ahhh,” and then leaned forward again, putting her hands on the bed so that she crouched over him.

“Let me do all the work,” she said.

“I wouldn’t change a thing,” he said.

She pumped four times, feeling his expansion in her. He ejaculated in five bursts bracketing her orgasm. They both shuddered. She lay down on his chest.

“Is this all right now?” she said.

“Um, he groaned. He could feel the warm fluid coming out of her and dripping down his scrotum. “We’re not doing the sheets any good though,” he said. “Maid’ll get a few laughs when she changes them this week.”

She giggled. “Don’t complain,” she said, “I do the best I can, but when it’s been this long, you know, there’s just more from both of us than I can hold.”

They lay back like that for a while and his cock started to become flaccid inside her. She let it retract about halfway then carefully rolled off him, so she could sit on the edge of the bed.

“Want some wine?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “that’d be nice.”

She hopped from the bed and sauntered into the living room, retuning quickly with two glasses of wine and sat on the edge of the bed. mamak escort He pulled himself up into a sitting position and accepted a glass.

“To insatiable sexual appetites,” he said.

“Makes the world go round,” she replied with a leering grin, clinked glasses with him, took a sip, swallowed and then belched softly, as lady-like as possible.

“Hey,” she said, crossing her right leg over her left, “I got so horny waiting for your call I was thinking about going up to Fayetteville, and asking if they had any marines who wanted to have some fun.”

“I’ll get you a subscription to “Screw Magazine. They have all sorts of advice and opportunities for those with urgent needs.”

She gave him a mock punch to the chest. “Yeah, boy, thanks a bunch. The day I fall in love with a vibrator’s the day I’ll know I’m ready for the old folks’ home.”

She unclasped her hands and turned slightly so she could grasp his erection with her left hand. She squeezed it gently and said, “Know what I’d like to do?”

“I think I have an inkling,” he said then laughed as she tickled his testicles with her other hand.

“If you can manage it, I’m ready for another go,” she said, then groaned as his right hand darted between her legs.

Laughing, she slid off the bed without letting go of him and knelt on the floor so she could place both hands at his crotch. She began to knead his genitals, and then stood up.

“Don’t move,” she said breathily. She went to the dresser and opened her handbag. She took out a sewing kit, opened it up and started back to join him.

“Hey,” he said, nervously, “what’re you doing?”

“It’s occurred to me,” she said, taking the tape measure out of the kit. She removed the little clip holding it folded and allowed it to unroll itself. “Put a neat little hem in the end there . . .”

He began to move away, but she grabbed his cock at the root and held him fast. “Just a minute, buster,” she giggled, and he relaxed.

She wrapped the tape measure around his penis. He took a sip of wine and watched. She marked it, took it off and looked at it. “I was right,” she said.

“Right about what?” he asked.

“I was right about that fat cock of yours.”

“Oh, really?”

“Ever since the first time I had that thing in me, I knew there was something different from what I had had before. Then last week, Jon got one of his infrequent erections. Now, his cock is fairly long, although he’s never let me measure him. But he’s got a pretty good-sized tool. I found out I was looking forward to fucking him, yours being away and all. But he didn’t do the job. So I started thinking, it must be the thickness then. You know you’re almost as thick as you are long?”

“I mean, your thing’s almost six inches around.”

“Uh, huh,” he said.

“Oh,” she said, “you son of a bitch!”

“I’m sorry, you asked me and I answered you.”

She gripped him hard. He used his left hand to return the favor.

“What am I going to do with you?” she said.

“You mean, now?” he said. He fingered her clitoris. “Or are we talking long term here?”

She laughed and got back into the bed with him. “I know what we’re going to do right now,” she said, “and I’m damned glad of it too.”

Without further foreplay, Bernie stretched out on her bed and assumed a deliciously lewd pose . . . her legs wide apart; much wider than a woman needs to spread them to get laid. Patting her pussy fur invitingly, she said, “C’mere, lie down for awhile, you’ve got time . . . get close!”

Joe watched as she spread her labia open with her fingers and began a dissertation about the scenery she was displaying. Her alluring vestibule twitched slightly while she touched herself there with practiced fingers. She went on to show her labia, inner and outer, and explained how they feel and fit into foreplay, oral sex and ultimately intercourse.

She had Joe all but mesmerized as she toyed with her clit, causing the hooded pink nub to swell to a small, penis-like erection before his eyes.

“Jesus,” he managed as ankara escort she gasped, and then stopped short of having her climax.

“I . . . I’ve always been fascinated by my pussy,” Bernie said, matter-of-factly. “I used to hold a mirror so I could see it better, you know?”

“You’re something else,” he said starting to breath more rapidly.

“Yeah, watching my little clittie swell while I diddled myself made it twice as arousing as any fantasy I could manage.”

Bernie reached out and fondled his rapidly rising cock. “Almost ready, I see. Well, darling, watch how I do this,” she said with a dreamy, smoky voice.

“I’d like you to do this for me . . . maybe next time,” her voice trailed off. Joe watched her fingers rubbing and teasing, first with the lightest delicacy, and then with firm pressure, only to return to light, butterfly-like touches again. Bernie increased the tempo, fingers seeming to fly as they flitted here and there over her entire genital area. Joe noted that there was a special rhythm to her masturbation, a smooth, intermittent sliding of her middle fuck finger down her valley into her inner sanctum for a second or two. That maneuver tugged at her clit as it wet her finger with more internal lubricant to masturbate with.

She began to shiver from head to toe as she rapidly finger fucked the opening and then withdrew, only to start over again with a low moan as the prelude.

Joe began to stroke his hardon.

Bernie saw him and croaked, “Go stand at the foot of the bed. You can watch me finish from there.” She wanted the added turn on of seeing him masturbating because of what she was doing.

He groaned the moment her belly fluttered and he knew she was about to cum. He looked down and saw her head tilted back, her mouth open a silent scream of pleasure being uttered unconsciously.

He felt that all too familiar tingle in his balls; felt his dick swelling in his hand.

Bernie growled. It was the first sound she had made in over a minute. Her hips began to thrust into the air as she started to cum from her fingers, and she writhed in ecstasy as the contractions within her cunt forced out rivulets of lubricating mucus that trickled down only to disappear in the cleft of her ass.

Joe groaned and started to cum. The first jet landed on the sheet between her legs. The second on her knee and as he moved closer, the third and last rope spattered directly on her belly button.

He joined her on the bed and they lay there for a while, recovering their sensibilities.

Then Bernie whispered, “Joe?”

“Yes, Bernie?”

“Would you let me sit on your face?”

He didn’t answer her right away, and she quickly added, “I know, I’m full of cum and stuff, but would you?”

Joe laughed, and said, “What the hell . . .” and eased himself into position.

Bernie slowly lowered her cunt within reach of his tongue and moaned. “Christ, Joe, I’m gonna . . .”

An unmistakable sound rang out. “Blurp, blurp.”

And everything stored up in her cunt plopped out onto his face and mouth.

“Now that was nasty!” she laughed.

Joe wiped his mouth and face with his arm, and then a hand, laughing along with her.

“I’ll have to go some to get even,” he said.

“Bullshit, you cum in my mouth most of the time. That’s only evening things up.”

“Did you know you were going to dump all that on me?”

“No, not really. I did have this urge to be eaten out, though. Then as I was squatting over you, well, something inside me just let go. It was unintentional; I swear it was, baby.”

He swatted her rump and got up and began to dress. “I’ve got a meeting in thirty minutes, Bernie.”

“Oh, fuck!” she blurted. “We were just getting started.”

“Hey, I’ve got a wife at home that needs something too,” he told her, reminding her of her place.

“Yeah, and I’ve got a husband somewhere too, Joe.”

“Don’t get pissy with me, Bernie. You know the way it is.”

“Okay, okay, Joe. So when do we get together again?”

“I’m not sure. Let me check my itinerary when I get back to the office. I’ll call and let you know.”

“Tonight? You’ll call me tonight?”

“Sure. I’ll call around seven.”

“You promise, Joe?”

“Seven,” he said, his voice changing as his temper began to flare.

“All right, Joe. I’ll wait for your call.”

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