Wilde Harem Pt. 01: Home Sweet Home Ch. 02

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Dumb disclaimers that are basically copy and pasted from the previous chapter. Of course, everyone in this story that engages in sexual activity is 18 yrs of age or older. This is a work of fiction but I’ve tried to keep it within the realm of possibility and believability, with the exception of the volume of cum produced. In my story here, both male and female have the possibility to emit large amounts with less than normal risk of dehydration or effort needed to replenish energy.


Chapter 2: A Step-Mom’s Enticing Offer

We were staring at each other frozen in place. Both too afraid to move or speak. Trapped in our disbelief over what had just transpired. Uncertain of what we should do now. The silenced seemed to last a week and a half, or however long it took for this chapter to get published.

She was the first to break the standoff. Suddenly realizing she was still exposed, she quickly covers up with her robe. I saw an opportunity to escape. I swallow my mouthful then turn to run out of the room. Before I could make any significant distance, she grabs my hand. Again, I found myself unable to move and the silence resumed.

It was my turn. I slowly turned around to face my step-mother. She was looking away and using her robe to cover the lower half of her face. Half of her gown was wide open, the half that would be covered by the arm holding me in place. She looked so cute. I heard her mumble something beneath the cloth but couldn’t quite determine what. I choked up enough courage to speak. “I-I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear what you said..”

She cleared her throat then whispered, “I-it’s ok.” She maintained her eye-floor contact. Not that I could blame her.

“I-It is?” I replied bewildered. I looked directly at her face, ignoring her half exposed body. Ensnared by how cute she looked.

She looked at our hands. My eyes followed hers. Her panties, the pair I had just cream coated, were still in my hand. I had forgotten to hide them in my room and was still carrying them when I snuck in! She whispered “It’s only fair… I watched you earlier.” I stood there staring at the panties, my cum oozing onto our hands. She started speaking again. “I thought I might have said something to upset you on the couch.. so I went to see if you were alright..” I looked back up at her. “When I opened your door and saw… I was gonna close the door and walk away…” She trailed off.

My mouth started moving on its own. “I saw you in the reflection on my computer screen.. and, to be fair, I told you to watch whatever you wanted.” I let out a quick, nervous chuckle. She gave me a gentle tug toward her. I sat back down in front of her, and she released my hand. I looked down at my hand clutching her cum soaked panties then back at her. “Are you mad about what I did to your panties?”

She covered more of her face in embarrassment, and there was another awkward silence. She took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. Then slowly lowered the robe from her face and pressed it against her chest, above her boob. I don’t think she realized her entire right half was exposed, and I really didn’t want to mention it. She took another deep breath. Clearly, she was trying to collect herself, but the anticipation was killing me. She turned her head back and looked me in the eyes. Apparently, she still wasn’t ready for eye contact. She diverted her gaze downward then quickly looked up after seeing my big meat stick. I moved my hands to my lap to cover my dick. Her voice cracked “I-I..” she gave a quick little cough to clear her throat. Then she made eye contact and tried again. “I’m going to be honest with you. Ok?”

She looked serious but kinda sad. Like she was disappointed in me. I got this sinking feeling that my life was over. After a few seconds of thinking about how bad I screwed up here, I realized she hadn’t said anything else. There was another awkward silence. She was still looking at me, actually waiting for an answer. Like she wanted my permission before she was honest with me. I had a quick little tug-of-war in my head over whether I thought I could handle the truth or not. I looked down and whispered “Ok.” Then, of course, I realized I was looking at her body again. After a little freakout, I went back to eye contact.

Noticing my reaction, she looked down and saw half of her naked body was clearly visible. Immediately she closed her robe and held it tight. She sealed her eyes shut and took another deep breath before speaking. “Ok… Honesty… Yes, I was mad.” My heart dropped. Again I went over how screwed I was. Then it hit me. She had just said ‘was’ not ‘am.’ I looked a little confused. She continued, “Well… Um… You see, those were one of my favorite pair, and I’ve been wondering where they were.”

“Oh…” I said. I wasn’t sure how to feel.

She looked down at the panties. “No.. No. I’m sorry. I said I’d be honest… although that’s not entirely not true…” She shook her head. “Sorry, sorry. I’m rambling.”

I tipobet365 güvenilirmi looked up at her, still a bit worried, and whispered, “Wanna take another deep breath?”

“I really do!” She replied almost frantically. She took an extra long inhale followed by an equally long exhale. “Ok… Ok. Yes, those are one of my favorite pair, and yes I was upset that you stole them. I was upset that you were using them to… pleasure yourself.. And I was upset that you jizzed all over them.” Awkward pause as I waited for my punishment. “But… In all honesty, it also made me very happy. So very happy. Way more happy and..” she quietly whispered “turned on..” then returned to her regular speaking voice, “than upset.”

I was dumbfounded. “I-I’m sorry, what?”

Her face turned bright red. I could tell she was fighting the urge to cover her face with the robe again. “Um… You see..” She gathered her thoughts. “Ok, ok. I have a question I need you to answer.” And again I was worried out of my mind, but also intrigued. This whole thing was one big twisted rollercoaster of emotions that was messing me up. She said, “I noticed the porn you were watching had an older woman who looked a lot like me. I thought back to what had happened on the couch… And you had my panties on your.. um.. then right before you.. you, um, finished… I heard you say my name.” Long pause as I waited for her question, knowing I wouldn’t be able to talk my way out of this one. “Then, then, then..” She cleared her throat again. “You were in here watching… um, you know.. and you were so close you were… um.. and then in your mouth.” Her eyes darted around as she talked like she was piecing together a puzzle. I couldn’t help but find it adorable that she couldn’t finish her sentences.

She shook her head for a second or two. Then reached out her arms and made a pushing motion. Like she was trying to push down the anxiety so she could speak clearly. “Ok, ok, ok.” Of course, her pushing motion opened up her robe again. She quickly closed it and held her arms in an ‘X’ over her chest. She looked up at me to see if I’d seen. I immediately looked away. “My question.” She said. I slowly looked back and made direct eye contact. “And I want complete honesty from you. Honesty for honesty. Let’s be an honesty.. house.” She fumbled her words trying to find the right way to end that sentence, but I understood what she meant. I nodded my acknowledgment. Another deep breath. “S-son.. do I turn you on? Sexually… Do you look at.. or think of me se-se.. like that?” She was still struggling. “Do you find me attractive?!” She asked loudly and more definitively. She stared into my eyes as she waited for my answer. It felt like she was looking into the depths of my soul.

I was more than a little surprised. I thought the answer was pretty obvious at this point. She had basically laid out all the evidence. Maybe I could still talk my way out of this after all… Nope! No way out. All I have left is the truth. Hopefully, she’ll show me mercy. “Yes. I think you’re unbelievably sexy. On the couch, I saw some parts of your body and got super hard. I didn’t run away because you upset me. I ran cuz I was afraid you’d see my boner.. and I wanted to masturbate to you. And no, this wasn’t the first time I’ve masturbated to you.” I held up the cum soaked panties. “And I’ve cum in these panties several times. But I wash them regularly and take good care of them!” I put my hands back in my lap and bowed my head in apology. “I’m sorry.”

A delighted and amazed look crossed her face. She was beyond flattered by my response. “What exactly did you see on the couch?” She said calmly.

I didn’t look up. “First, your robe kinda fell to the side, and I could see your left leg all the way up to your butt cheek.”

She looked at her freshly shaved, smooth legs. “That got you hard?” She noticed some movement in my lap. “What was second?” Her eyes were fixed on my crotch.

I swallowed nervously. “Second, when you uncrossed your legs I saw the top of your um… vagina and your bush.” My dick was getting hard just remembering it. I kept looking down and hoped she hadn’t noticed.

She bit her lip playfully, it seems I’m not the only one getting turned on. She fought the urge to reach for her pussy. “Is that all?” She parted her robe, so her pussy, trimmed bush, and left leg were all showing.

I closed my eyes as I put the final nail in my coffin. “I saw your whole right boob from the side and when you brushed the hair away from your face all sexy like I just lost it! I had to go jerk it! I had to run to my room! I’m sorry, and I’m also sorry for throwing the remote at you! I hope I didn’t hurt you!” My dick was at full mast now. I bent over and put my forehead on the moist ground. I was hoping to hide my hard-on while making my dramatic apology.

She moved her robe, so her whole right boob was clearly visible. “So, did it look something like this?”

‘Look something tipobet365 yeni giriş like this?’ Her words rang in my head. Wait a minute… I sat up and opened my eyes. It was everything I had seen on the couch and much more. She was showing me what I had hoped to see. My dick went through the leg holes in her panties and propped them up like a tent. A little bit of precum was seeping through. I didn’t understand why she was showing me, but I definitely enjoyed the view. “Ye-ye-yes ma’am.” I had a hard time giving a straight sentence. “But well, you see. I see more then, than less now. I mean there’s more visible here than there. Um, when we were on the couch. Um…” I’d become verbally crippled! Even though I had just seen her full body naked as she caressed and rubbed her way to a glorious orgasm, seeing half of her now was ten times more hot. Because she was willingly and intentionally showing it to me. I dug a fingernail into my leg trying to reset my brain through a bit of pain. It seemed to work, I finally managed a legitimate sentence, “That’s about the gist of it, yes.”

She giggled a little, trying to hide it behind her hand. Then she looked down at the panty tent in my lap. Her hand dropped to her chest, and she bit her lip. “So, I have another question for you.” She said, eyes still fixed on the creamy tent. “Just out of curiosity, what would you typically imagine doing to me?”

My body betrayed me before I could answer the question. I thought to myself, I’d love to just show her. My body said ‘Excellent idea!’ And before I knew it my body had taken over and was moving on its own. I grabbed her legs and pulled them closer to me. I didn’t waste any time. As soon as her pussy reached the side of the bed, I moved in. I spread her lips and buried my face in her prize box, plunging my tongue as far as I could into her wet pussy. She let out a cry of pleasure and grabbed my head with both hands. My tongue twisted around inside while I drank her juices straight from the source. I kept my tongue deep in her till I was sure I’d pass out from lack of oxygen. Then backed off and licked her twat up and down. Each time I came up to the clit, I’d give it a few playful licks.

I could hear her trying to say something, but I was so filled with lust; I couldn’t tell what exactly. I caught my breath and immediately went for her clit, twirling my tongue around it then licking it side to side. I spread her pussy wider then kissed her clit a few times. On the third kiss, I pressed my lips against her and sucked hard, pulling her clit in between my lips. Her body quivered as she cried out again. I could feel her pushing on my head trying to get me to stop. But I couldn’t. I parted my lips a little more and pressed harder against her. Again I sucked hard. This time pulling her clit a little further into my mouth. Her legs clamped around my head. I could hear her faintly muffled voice through my new earmuffs. She was close, I could feel it. I sucked harder and attacked her clit with my tongue.

With the last flick of my tongue, my suspicions were confirmed. Her whole body tensed up. Her legs squeezed my head like a vice, forcing my head away from her twat about an inch or two. I managed to inhale just before her pussy erupted, flooding my face and mouth with her divine beverage. Two mouthfuls were successfully swallowed before it stopped. Her body relaxed, and my head was released. I sat back on my heels catching my breath. Three full seconds. That’s all it took before my tongue found itself gliding between her labia again.

I could hear her now. “Sensitive! It’s still sensitive!” She cried out. A jolt of pleasure shot through her body with each lick. I finished slurping and leaned back to enjoy the view. “Oh fu…fuck..” she whispered through labored breaths.

More. I wanted more. I placed my hands on her knees, her body twitched upon contact. My hands slid up her thighs, applying very little pressure, as I leaned back in. My hands met at her soaked pussy then slowly and gently spread the lips again. I give her pussy a light kiss. Then her clit. Then bush. I release her pussy and continue to lightly kiss my way up her sweaty body until I reach her breasts. I cup her beautiful DD’s in my hands. I feel how soft they are. I move them a little and watch how they jiggle. Give them a nice, gentle squeeze. Squishy yet firm. I was mesmerized by them. I lightly run a finger across each nipple. She lets out a cute moan. I give each nipple a kiss and move up.

I turn her head to the side and start kissing her neck. Each kiss earned its own moan. I turned her head again and kissed the other side of her neck. I move higher and turn her head till we were face to face. We silently looked into each other’s eyes. I could see many questions in hers. She opened her mouth to speak, but I didn’t let her. Our mouths meet and form my first real kiss. It quickly turned into a passionate one. Our lips spread apart and our tongues danced together. tipobet365 güvenilirmi I’m sure she could taste her juices from my mouth.

I placed my left hand on her right boob and started to caress and massage it while we kiss. Then reached down with my right hand and took the cum soaked panties off my dick. I pressed my cock against her wet cunt. Her eyes opened wide as she realized what was now touching her pussy. She seemed a little concerned but didn’t break the kiss. My chunk of man meat slipped between her labia. I start thrusting, moving my dick back and forth in her pussy’s tender lips, making sure not to penetrate. It traveled the full length across her tunnel and rubbed against her clit with every thrust.

I broke the kiss. Before she could form a sentence, I balled up her glazed panties and stuffed them in her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in her head as her mouth was filled with the taste of my cum. Its stench filled her nose. My cock ran across her clit again, sending an orgasm shooting through her. Her muffled orgasm cry emerged with erotic beauty.

I watched as her body quivered beneath me. Her eyes had closed, and her breathing was once again labored. It sounded like she was trying to suck in air. The panty gag must be making it too hard to breathe! I thought to myself. I moved my hand to remove them from her mouth but stopped short. She didn’t look like she was struggling for air. In fact, she seemed somewhat aroused. I listened carefully and was struck by an incredible realization. She wasn’t sucking in air, she was sucking my cum from her panties! My dick gave a big twitch of excitement upon receiving this new development. I’m guessing she felt it cause shortly after it reminded her of its presence, she began thrusting her hips. My cock was gliding between her slick walls and over her sensitive clit. Except this time it was her doing! She continued to hump and suck on the panties for a minute or so before she came again.

The moment of truth had arrived. I couldn’t resist any longer. Especially not after seeing how slutty she could be. My cock was throbbing between her labia and on her clit, a sensation she clearly enjoyed. To me, however, each pulsation was its desperate cry for help. My dick was begging to be enveloped. I slid my cock back down the length of her twat as I pulled out. A shiver ran up her spine as my shaft teased her clit for the last time. I lined it up with her warm, inviting cunt and applied pressure. As soon as my tip parted her wet lips, her eyes flew wide open. My body felt like it had turned to stone. We stared into each other’s eyes. I swallowed nervously, “I’m gonna put it in now, ok?” I looked at her longingly, waiting for approval. She maintained eye contact and nodded with a slight smile. I couldn’t have been happier. The time had finally come to give my virginity to my amazing step-mom!

I push it in slowly. My tip made its way through her lips and finally entered her pussy. It was hot and tight, far tighter than I had assumed it’d be after having twins. The deeper I went, the more intense the sensations felt. Her pussy squeezed and massaged every inch of my shaft. It was so hot I worried my dick would melt. It was pure heaven, and I could tell she was feeling it too. Her back had begun to arch at the same speed I was feeding her my cock. She was gripping the sheets and letting out a gradual moan through her gag as I slowly split her in two. I had almost buried my thick cock to the hilt when I hit some sort of wall, which I later discovered was called the cervix. It made me feel so accomplished. Sure, I wanted to shove my whole cock into her pussy and, yes, there was still an inch left stranded in the cold. But it felt good knowing that my cock could fill her up completely. I closed my eyes and took a few moments to enjoy the feelings surrounding my cock.

The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes where her perfect tits. They were calling to me. I reached out and grabbed them both. A little moan escaped from her mouth as my hands made contact. Her pussy tightened a little around my cock like it was giving it a quick hug. I gave her tits a squeeze, again she moaned and hugged my dick. I pinched her nipples, same result. Awesome! It’s like my dick is a pleasure detector!

I slowly started moving my hips, pulling my dick out halfway before sliding back to her cervix. Every time I pulled back, my dick was exposed to the cold air. When I pushed in, it seemed to melt away. It felt utterly amazing and only got better as I increased the pace. I began playing with her tits as I fucked her cunt, curious to see if I’d get the same results as before. It did! Even though I was pounding her snatch like a piston, I could still feel it constricting around me! It got tighter and tighter with each stroke, much more than before. It felt great, but I didn’t understand. Why is it getting so tight? Then I realized what was going on. I was so focused on my discovery that I didn’t notice her eyes had rolled back with pleasure. I was slamming my wrecking ball against the back wall of her pussy. With every thrust, my battering ram pushed through the barrier more and more. It was driving her wild! Each time I hit her cervix, she came, and each time she came, her orgasms increased their intensity.

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