Wife’s “boring” Saturday

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It was a lazy Saturday morning. The kids were at a sleepover and Jake couldn’t wait to go fishing. I’ll admit, having nothing planned but a boring day at home WAS a bit depressing. But, I figured I could get some cleaning done. Pretty fun Saturday huh? As Jake was leaving, he kept saying it felt like he was forgetting something. I assured him it must not be TOO important. Using my flirty voice I asked, “How about some ‘fun’ tonight?” He smiled and replied, “Absolutely, now you stay out of trouble today.”

I almost shot him a bird! Trouble?! Stuck here all by myself?! I rolled my eyes, put on my robe, and went downstairs to make a pot of coffee. After settling into the sofa and reading for a bit, I was startled to hear the doorbell ring. I put down my book and went to the door to see who it was. Two young men holding some sort of table pleasantly greeted me.

“Good morning Mrs. Beck, ready for your massages?” one of them asked.

It dawned on me that Jake had won 2 free massages and scheduled them for today! Realizing we had both forgotten, I asked if we could reschedule.”

“We’re sorry, but this is the only day for the free ones.” they explained.

Not wanting to waste BOTH of the massages I said, “Well, I guess I could have MY massage. I’m really sorry to have to inconvenience one of you.”

They smiled at each other as the blonde one said, “I guess Mr. Beck will miss out then! My name is Chris and I’ll take care of YOUR massage today. It’ll only take an hour so, do you mind if Rodney just waits until we’re finished?”

“Sure, come on in!” I said with a smile. How about that? My boring day at home had turned into a free massage from Mr. Chris! As they unfolded their table in the the living room, I couldn’t resist looking them over. After all, how often does a married mother of 3 get the undivided attention of a couple of muscular 20 somethings? They were in great shape, both wearing skin tight t-shirts and sweats. Chris was blonde, about 6 feet tall, really muscular, blue eyes, and a nice smile. I couldn’t wait for his strong hands to work on these stress knots! Rodney was slender, dark eyes, and a shaved head. I told him to get himself something to drink while he waited.

He surprisingly returned with a beer. But, he was in for a boring 60 minutes so he may as well be relaxed! By then, the table was up and covered with towels. As Rodney sat down on the couch, Chris asked, “What will you be wearing for your massage Mrs. Beck?”

Half frowning I replied, “First off, call me Katie. I’m not THAT old!” Rodney quickly replied. “Oh it’s just policy. You’re definitely not old.”

Just hearing him say that instantly made me feel sexier. I even think I noticed him sneak a peek at my cleavage, which I had totally forgotten to cover up with my robe!

“What do YOU recommend?” I asked, nervously pulling my robe together under my neck. Chris explained, “Some people are comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt. But, if you’d like us to use the warming oil, a bathing suit might be best.” So up I went to find a bathing suit.

I giggled as I entered my bedroom. What bathing suit does a married mom in her mid 30’s wear while hanging out with a couple of 20 year old massage therapists?! I have several 1 piece suits for vacations and pool parties with friends. But that didn’t seem much better than shorts and a t-shirt. I also have a couple of 2-piece suits but, they have lots of dangling straps which I thought would aggravate Chris.

I DO have this “special” one Jake bought me when we first got married. But I was convinced it was WAY too revealing for today’s festivities. It’s been SO long since I even tried it on but I knew my DD’s would bounce right out of it now. And the thong bottoms DEFINITELY show too much booty. I WILL be under a couple of towels though. Does it matter what I have on? Also, why am I a nervous wreck?! I’m supposed to be relaxed and I’m shaking like a leaf! Maybe I should just reschedule so Jake and I can get these TOGETHER.

Right about then I hear Rodney downstairs whisper to Chris, “Why didn’t you tell her to just go nude like most women do?” Chris, initially seeming like the gentleman of the two, replied, “She doesn’t seem like she’d be comfortable with that. She’s more the stick in the mud type.”

Well!! Now I felt like the out of shape mother of 3 again. My stress knots were worse now than before they even got here! Oddly though, I had this sudden urge to prove them wrong! I used to be pretty fun back in my day and there was a time I would’ve had a couple of 20 year olds eating out of my hand. So I marched right back in to my room, grabbed that 2 piece, and tried it on! Unfortunately though, I was right. This thing leaves little to the imagination. But if other women go nude, SURELY I can wear THIS! I put my robe back on over my suit and nervously headed downstairs. “Sorry to keep you guys waiting. I’m finally ready for my massage.”

“Good deal!” Chris replied. Disrobe and lay face down.”

Yikes…now I felt like beylikdüzü ucuz escort I was on stage at a beauty pageant and a million eyes were fixed on me! Rodney, sensing my hesitation, mumbled, “I’m gonna take a walk outside so you’re more comfortable Mrs…I mean…Katie.” But as he was leaving, I remembered that ‘stick in the mud’ comment. Another bolt of determination went right up my spine as I said, “No Rodney, it’s fine. Enjoy your beer in the recliner.” And off came the robe! I tried not making eye contact with either of them as I approached the table. But, I was SURE I noticed Rodney glancing at my cleavage this time, which was now jiggling for the world to see in this barely there strapless top! I must admit though, I was really excited for my massage!

I hopped onto the table, laying my head on the towel. The air hitting my mostly bare bottom felt quite nice. But it was short lived as Chris put a warm towel over my back side. He then poured a small amount of oil on the middle of my back, just below my strap. I felt a tingle from my neck to the bottom of my spine. “That feels really good.” I said. “So warm.”

Chris explained, “We special order this oil. It responds to body heat. So, the warmer the body part, the warmer the oil feels.” He then began to spread the oil all over my low back. His hands were so big and strong. I instantly felt my body begin to relax.

After spending a few moments on my back, Chris poured oil from my left ankle all the way up to the back of my thigh. He repeated the process on my right leg. As he worked the oil into my legs, I was SO relaxed. He really knew what he was doing. I actually felt like falling asleep but, I didn’t want to miss a thing!

Chris moved on to my neck and I had ALWAYS loved a good neck rub. He seemed to know special techniques and I could feel my whole upper body relaxing. As I laid there, face down with my hands under my chin, my elbows were sticking out to the side of the table. Chris slowly moved one hand out from under my face and eased my arm down beside the bed.

Now maybe my brain was TOO relaxed and starting to play tricks on me but, I could’ve sworn I felt something lumpy under his sweatpants brush against my elbow! As he moved around to lower my other arm, I decided to open my eyes…just to see if it happened again. Much to my surprise…it DID!

Was it on purpose? I mean, who “accidentally” brushes a woman’s elbow against the crotch of their pants…TWICE?! Oh well, accident or not, I was really starting to relax. Two strong hands erasing any and all stress from my body. Who cares if he tried to get cute and cop a feel?

By now he was working the backs of my thighs again. I was amazed at how he was able to press so firmly and yet not hurt me at all. It was so relaxing I began to drift in and out of sleep. I vaguely heard Chris ask if I was comfortable but I didn’t even respond. I was just TOO relaxed. I suppose they both thought I was completely asleep because, all of a sudden, I heard Chris tell Rodney, “You missed out today, huh? She’s the hottest one we’ve worked on this month.” I was so flattered! What a turn on! Before I could calm myself down I heard Rodney reply, “Man you’re right, what a body!”

Wow! It felt so good to have 2 strange young men admire me like that! As Chris continued to work my thighs, my stress was vanishing with every long, deep stroke. “You are really good at this Chris,” I said softly, letting them know I WAS awake. “You have lots of knots but, we’re making progress.” he responded. “Do you mind if I release these hooks so I can rub the rest of this oil into your back?” I said that he could, all the while a little unnerved by the thought of another man undoing what was essentially my tiny bra.

And what would Jake think of all this? Would he have approved of me even GETTING the massage without him here? What about the skimpy bathing suit? I was beginning to feel a little guilty as I felt the back of my top release. Wow, something about that felt very liberating! Maybe it was just the fact my boobs could finally relax after being smashed by a top that was 2 sizes too small! Who knows, but it definitely feels better having the oil rubbed into my entire back.

Chris then instructed me to roll over onto my back as he held a privacy towel up for me. I rolled slowly onto my back, allowing the bathing suit top to fall to the ground. Chris folded the towel a couple of times and placed it gently onto my boobs. He then began the whole procedure over again, this time, on my front side. He worked oil into my lower legs, my upper legs, and my stomach. Returning to my neck, he began rubbing oil onto my upper chest. His hands were so big that he couldn’t help but push the towel further down my boobs. I kept wondering, “How much of my girls is he gonna expose?!”

As relaxing as this had been, I was actually feeling slightly aroused! It all felt so good and I was actually getting into the fact that I was almost naked! As Chris beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort finally pulled his hands away from my upper chest, I was both relieved and a little disappointed. I didn’t bother adjusting the towel, which was now revealing more cleavage than my bathing top had been.

It was then that I noticed Rodney had left from the recliner. Before I could ask about him, he walked out of the bathroom…in spandex shorts!

Why did he suddenly change out of his jogging pants? And into the tightest shorts I’d ever seen!? As he walked past me I didn’t know where to fix my eyes. They just naturally followed his tush back to the recliner! Then, when he sat down, hello bulge!

It was then that I felt Chris’s strong fingers begin to work their way between my thighs. With a hand on each leg, he mashed the muscles from my knees all the way to the towel covering my bikini bottom. As his fingers moved down between my legs, I almost instinctively parted my legs a little to make it easier for him. I realized what a sensual feeling it was to have my legs separated. It usually only occurs when Jake and I are having sex.

Oh yeah…what ABOUT Jake?! He almost certainly wouldn’t approve of the thoughts I was having. Completely unnerved I asked, “Is there anything I can do to make this easier on you Chris?” Before I could even figure out WHY I had asked such a thing, Chris responded, “Well, why don’t you turn back over onto your stomach while I follow Rodney’s lead and change into some shorts as well. It’s hotter in here than in our studio.

He WAS sweating and it DID feel warm in the house now. But TWO men in tight shorts?! I wasn’t sure how much further I wanted to let this go. But, noticing I only had 15 minutes left, I figured I could survive. I sat up to wait on Chris, holding the towel against my breasts.

Rodney, who had gone to the kitchen for ANOTHER beer, returned with a mixed drink of some kind in his other hand. “I bartend for extra money and couldn’t help myself when I saw your liquor cabinet Mrs. Beck. Try this and see what you think.” He handed me the glass as I held my towel onto my boobs with one arm. “Did I hear you just call me MRS. Beck again?” I smirked, taking my first sip. It actually tasted very sweet, without much liquor. So I took another couple of quick sips as I was now quite thirsty. Rodney said, “Careful not to sip too fast. All the liquor is at the bottom, so the buzz comes on kind of sudden.”

I rolled my eyes, implying I could handle my liquor, and chugged the rest. He grinned and said, “You’re not as big of a stick in the mud as we first thought.” I winked at him and tossed aside the towel that had covered my boobs. He stood there with his mouth wide open, unashamedly staring at my girls. I handed him the empty glass and laid back down on my front. I have no idea what got into me, but I was so confident! And quite horny I might add! I was going to give Jake the ride of his life tonight!

About that time Chris returned and, sure enough, there were all HIS bulges in what looked like nothing more than boxer briefs! I quickly looked up at the ceiling, thinking maybe young people are just more comfortable with their bodies these days! All I knew was there is a VERY thin piece of fabric separating me from two pieces of manly meat! Rodney handed Chris a drink like mine to which Chris downed like a shot glass. I shouted sheepishly, “Hey I thought you weren’t supposed to drink it fast!?”

I then felt 2 very different sensations. One was the buzz from the drink I’d just finished WAY to fast. And the other thought was of Jake having no idea what was happening. I felt guilty. “Chris, do you mind if I call my husband? Just to make sure he is ok with all of this? I’d hate for him to call your office and find out about this and be angry I didn’t wait on him.”

It was then that Rodney and Chris both looked at each other with these devilish looks on their faces. Chris handed me a note.

It read:

Hey honey,

Hope you’re not getting into trouble today during your “BORING” day at home. haha! Enjoy the double team treatment I ordered for you. And save some fun for me tonight. – Jake

Stunned, I looked up to find Rodney and Chris both standing there with their shirts off! “Shall we get this massage started?” asked Chris. “Started?!” I snapped. “I thought we had 10 minutes left?!” “No Katie,” Rodney snapped. “I haven’t had MY turn on you yet.”

What on earth?! Jake actually set this up?! I couldn’t believe it! As I laid on my stomach, looking straight ahead, Chris walked up and stood directly in front of me. As he massaged my neck, I was literally face to face with his bulge. He must have stuffed his pants because that could NOT be all him?!

Before I knew it, I felt another pair of hands working my thighs. Four hands, at once, rubbing my body that was now sizzling from the oil! I instantly felt my vagina starting to like this a little too much! As beyoğlu escort Rodney rubbed my legs, I could feel HIS junk grazing against my feet each time he moved his hands up my thighs. I suddenly realized I had no towel covering my ass!

Then they switched positions. Chris took over my thighs, going even further onto my cheeks than Rodney had. And now I had a bird’s eye view of Rodney’s bulge. Not quite as big as Chris’s but still, I had never been that close to a BLACK one before. I could NOT focus! As soon as I would enjoy Chris’s hands near my tush, I’d realize just how close Rodney’s package was to my face. And as soon as I’d admire Rodney’s front, I’d feel Chris’s thumbs coming SO close to my…”Mmmmmm”, I moaned with approval.

As guilty as I felt having these sensations with two strange men, I was also assured that Jake had not only approved…but had set the whole thing up! He’d always had a fantasy of watching me get an erotic massage from another man. But this was TWO men! And HE wasn’t even here!! “You boys tricked me!” I scolded. “I never would’ve gone along with this had I known it wasn’t a REGULAR massage!” Chris responded, “We know, that’s why we had to convince you gradually!” “Yeah”, chimed in Rodney. “And don’t call us boys, MRS. Beck!”

As we all shared a little laughter, Chris climbed onto the table with me, his legs straddled on either side of mine! He did NOT have his shorts on any longer and was now completely naked!! His body was covered in the same oil he had been rubbing on me for over an hour. He laid his muscular chest onto my back to rub more oil in, allowing his generous manhood to rest on my bottom. It was SO heavy and I was dying to get a glimpse of it!

Before I could try, Rodney removed HIS shorts and I was staring at the first black dick I’d ever seen! It was a nice size but…his balls were GORGEOUS! They were bigger than the eggs I buy at the store and hung SO far down!

So much for my boring Saturday! I was now lying there with a huge white package resting on my bottom and a beautiful black one inches from my mouth! It was all I could do not to stick my tongue out and lick it!

Before I had a chance, Chris jumped off the table. They hoisted me up, tossing me on my back like a rag doll. Chris then grabbed the sides of my bikini bottoms, jerked them down my legs, and tossed them to the floor!!

What was happening?! This was all fun and games for a while but now I was completely naked!! I wanted to run upstairs and hide until Jake came home so I could curse him out! But I also wanted to see what might happen next!

And boy did I find out! This time, Rodney jumped onto the table, straddling my shoulders! He hovered above my face, hanging his goods just above my mouth. I dated a couple of guys in college who’s DICKS weren’t as big as ONE of Rodney’s balls! He then took an entire glass of his “special drink” he had made for me and began pouring it on to his cock. As the alcohol ran down to his balls, I instinctively opened my mouth and took shot after shot.

Chris then grabbed both my knees, spread them a part, and began kissing my inner thigh! He gently kissed all the way down, stopping at my lady spot! He then began to slowly stick his tongue out towards my wetness. He had the longest tongue I’ve ever seen and it stuck out what had to be 5 inches from his teeth. As he inserted it into my vagina, I almost lost it immediately! His tongue was so long he could actually get to my G spot and still press it against my clit. He worked it fast, then slow, and then fast again. As I let out a long, drawn out moan, Rodney must have thought that was an invitation to lower one of his balls into my mouth!

I could kill Jake! He knew I wasn’t comfortable with his “fantasy” of watching me get an erotic massage. So he set it up to happen WITHOUT my knowing! But why? I thought he wanted to watch?! At that moment, I released Rodney from my mouth and asked, “So how far did my husband tell you two you could go?” Chris, pulling his face from my soaking wet crotch answered, “If we’re going to 10, we haven’t even made it to 7 yet.” For goodness sakes, if THIS is a 7, what could possibly be a 10?!

Well, l immediately found out what an 8 is. As my second large dose of alcohol was beginning to set in, Chris took one of his huge fingers and inserted it up to his bottom knuckle! I arched back in total approval, reaching behind me to grab Rodney for support. Wait…was that a 2nd finger?! Holy shit I’d never felt like this before! Rodney jumped down and began stroking himself. I smacked his hand away and took over, jacking him so fast his balls bounced like crazy. Then he grabbed one of them, reached it toward my face, and begged me to take it into my mouth again. I couldn’t resist and opened wide, his dick continuing to grow in my hand. He eased his hands onto my breasts. “I’ve been wanting to squeeze these since you came to the door this morning.” he groaned.

But suddenly he stopped, yelled “switch!”, and the two of them changed positions! Rodney began licking my juices as Chris approached the table beside me. Oh…my…GOSH! I haven’t seen a dick that big and beautiful even in the dirty movies Jake and I watch! It was at least 9 inches and was still soft! And it was SOOOOO thick! It was hard to pay much attention to it though, given I had a black guy going down on me for the first time!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32