Wife Finds a Perfect Lover

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My wife and I have often talked about a threesome with other guys and had even went as far as placing some ads on an online site only to get bombed by to many seedy replies from dirty old men. Julie has always loved the idea of having two men give her plenty of attention at the same time. But she was also quite fussy about the sort of man she would share her body with. He would have to be tall with a dark complexion with a rugged Italian look like Robert De Niro and the only place we were most likely to find a man like this would probably be in Italy.

It was only after we had booked a low cost flight to Milan for a weekend away that the subject of a threesome came up again. Julie thought it would have been exciting for her to try and pick up a guy in a wine bar rather than arrange something on the net. Boy was she really up for it!

On our first night in Milan Julie had dressed provocatively in a very short black mini skirt and a matching low cut top. Her high stiletto heals only accentuated her fantastic looking legs further. She was certainly dressed for the part, but deep down inside I still had a few doubts that she would actually go through with her plan.

We went to a nearby restaurant and had a very nice meal, all through the meal Julie was flirting and checking out the waiters. She seemed as horny as hell and I loved watching her tease the fuck out all the guys. Rarely had I seen my wife so sexed up as she was tonight.

She looked to have the “I need a good fucking” look written across her lusty face.

We were sitting at our table having a drink after finishing our meal when she told me that she was feeling very horny and suggested that I follow her to the toilet area in the restaurant. We ended up fucking furiously in the ladies toilets. When we got back to our table she told me she was desperately wanting to feel and Italian guy up her cunt, my fucking her was only the appetiser.

We left the restaurant soon after that and headed across the square to maltepe escort a bar with the sole intention of her picking up her dream guy. No sooner had we walked into the bar than Julie’s face lit up like a Christmas tree and I soon found out why. Sitting in a corner of the bar was her perfect dream man! She turned to with a huge smile from ear to ear on her face.

“That’s my perfect Italian over there” she whispered in my ear.

Hearing my wife talking like this was such a fucking turn on for me and I was beginning to feel excited and horny at the thought of her picking up a stranger and bringing him back to out hotel. Would she really go ahead and actually do it?

As I got to the bar I turned to see her chatting the guy up. I watched from across the room as the guy eyed her body, he was making it pretty obvious that he liked what he saw. They chatted for a while and Julie turned to face me and pointed me out to him. He must have asked her if she was on her own, but the look on his face was one of disappointment when she told him I was her husband.

I took our drinks over to the table and my wife introduced us to each other. His name was Paulo and he was a local guy about 30 years old and about fifteen years younger than my wife. He seemed to be nice and easy to talk with, very friendly and I could see that Julie was taken with him in a big way. She was now openly flirting with him and making a point of showing it.

He was soon smothering her with complements, saying how beautiful she looked and how sexy her clothes looked on her. She was lapping this up! Watching her slowly seduce this guy was really awesome! After we talked for a while with Marco she finally made her move on him. I was stunned with what she had said to him.

“I want to fuck you and my husband at the same time. Would you like to come to our room and fuck me?” she said with a wicked smile on her face.

The guy almost fell off his chair when she asked him. He looked mamak escort at me to see if this was some sort of a set up. When he saw that it wasn’t and that I was nodding my approval he began to smile.

“She means every word she said!” I told him

“Your so beautiful, how can I resist” he replied.

Just minutes later we were back on the square as the three of us headed back to our hotel. She had finally gone and done it, the dirty little bitch had gone and pulled her Italian stallion and I bet the lucky bastard couldn’t believe his luck!

The receptionist raised his eyebrows as the three of us walked by him as if he knew exactly what we were going to be getting up to. After a short elevator ride we were all in our room. Julie made her way straight for the bed and beckoned Paulo with he finger to join her on the bed.

They began kissing as his hands roamed across her body, exploring every inch and curve of her as I watched them for a while from the chair in the corner of the room. As I watched Paulo began undressing her until all she had left on was her black lacy thongs, matching bra and black hold ups. She looked so incredibly horny and desperate for a good fucking!

As Paulo began to unclip her bra I moved to join them on the bed as he took her bra and dropped it on the floor next to the bed. He started by sucking on her perfect 36C breasts. Julie moaned as he chewed on her now inch long dark pink coloured nipples. I pulled off her thongs and revealed her smoothed shaved pussy and began to stroke her clit, which was almost half the size of her nipples.

Seeing this Paulo began to run his hand down her back towards her heart shaped ass, running his fingers into the crack of her butt. He ran his hand round to her pussy and slipped two fingers into her sopping wet cunt and covering his fingers in her juice. As he pulled his fingers back out he moved them along to her puckered little rosebud and smeared her juices over it before sliding a ankara escort finger into her ass up to his knuckle.

By now I had slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy and as her body flinched we started to finger fuck her bringing the bitch closer and closer to a shattering first orgasm of the night. I moved my head between her open thighs and began to lick and swallow the love juice that flowed from her cunt. She writhed around on the bed as we sucked, kissed and groped at her body.

Paulo and I now stripped off, our hard cocks showing Julie what we wanted. She took one in each hand and began to slowly masturbate us both. Paulo’s fingers were now buried up to his knuckles inside my wife’s pussy. I went back down between her open legs and lapped at her soaking cunt lips as Paulo who was knelt next to her face began feeding his huge cock into her mouth. Her dark red lipstick was smudged down the shaft of his cock as he started fucking her face.

The thrusting of his cock in and out of her mouth muffled her as her body writhed to another climax. I turned to Paulo and told him to fuck her! He moved down her body and climbed between her thighs nudging his cock against my wife’s pussy lips. Before I had the chance to get a condom Julie had guided his unsheathed hard cock into her slick love hole as he began to fuck her bareback.

“Fuck me hard. Fill me with your spunk” she cried out.

Not wanting to miss out I slipped my throbbing cock into her mouth as Paulo began to fuck her in earnest. She was fucking gagging for it, desperate to be fucked by two men and she was getting exactly what she wanted. Paulo fucked her for a good half hour bringing her to three more incredible orgasms before filling my wife’s cunt full of his thick cream.

We then swapped places and I slipped my cock into her well fucked whole while Paulo fucked her face. Minutes later as I shot my load into her spunk filled cunt and Paulo pulled his cock from her mouth and shot a second load of his cum over Julie’s face and tits!

She lay there looking so fucking horny with spunk oozing from her engorged pussy and her face and boobs dripping with the stuff. WOW what a fucking picture!

Paulo left us shortly after that and we fell asleep having lived out her dream!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32