Why Breasts?

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Susan was sitting at the kitchen table, looking, I don’t know… I guess “perky” would be the word.

“Your breasts look pretty cute in that T-shirt,” I said, equally cheery.

It was one of those V-neck things which extended just low enough that the barest amount of cleavage was exposed, unusual for Susan. It was hard to tell if she was wearing a bra or not. Her nipples weren’t quite poking out and the shapes beneath the shirt were heavy and rounded, but she looked that way with or without.

“Why, thank you kind sir. And my girls thank you too.” She gave be a big smile, and whipped up the T and almost growling, “You wanna fuck these ole hangin’ titties pal?” She flopped them around, clearly she was without.

Instant erection, I loved her jiggle. The kids were at Grandpa’s and with Susan that could mean either sexy time or resting time, I never knew which. Today, she was making it pretty clear.

“Your are not sagging, and sure lovebug, bundle me up and let’s see what comes out,” I said as I pushed my zippered jeans up against her back and reached up her shirt.

“Oh honey, that feels nice.” She pulled her T all the way off. “But come around front so these babies can work their mama magic.”

Not one to disobey a lady, I moved around to her front as commanded and shimmied in between her blue jean covered legs and her completely uncovered top. Susan’s hands did quick work of my belt buckle and trouser zipper, fishing out my stiffie and giving it a lick.

“Bay-bee! If I knew my tits would always get this reaction I’d stay topless forever,” Susan whispered, almost in surprise. “C’mon closer, let Bert and Ernie have a threesome with Willie.”

Before I knew it, my hard on was enveloped in her chest, feeling good. Susan swaddled my tip with her wet tongue, and not feeling it was enough she dribbled down as much saliva as she could manage to lubricate the whole endeavor.

“Feeling good, my man? What’s it like inside my pillows, you like?”

I nodded, “I like, I like,” because I did. “It almost like I’m in your cooch, but I can see how I’m fucking it.” What? “I have no idea what I’m saying, it just feels goddamned hot. Hmmmm, more.”

Her breasts were pistoning up, my sensitivity rising with them. “If you don’t slow down my dick is going to…”

Susan had pushed her right fist down between her own legs, moving in time with our whole bodies. “Going to what? Shoot? Shoot your milk all over my milkers? C’mon, do it! Spray it all over my face and I’ll squirt right through my pants! Let’s come together lover!”

That did it. My balls started to empty out all over. When I was able to open my eyes the stuff had hit her chin and neck and was already dripping down to the tips of her nipples. When I looked down, sure enough, the crotch of her jeans had turned almost black with wet. Come together is right.

As I was drying up and she was trying to get her saturated pants down, Susan looked up at me.

“Why ‘breasts?’ Why are they always my ‘breasts…'”

Here we go again.

“…and not my hooters, or my melons, or my …? Why are esat escort you constantly so damned polite about my boobage?”

She started laughing even though we’d had this conversation before. But never, ever around sexy time.

You can tell that neither of us could be considered shy. Far from it, we were both pretty GGG… good, giving, and for sure, game. Kinky described our sex games pretty well, everything from anal to watersports, and most things in between. With some pretty explicit dirty talk along the way. All the same, when it came to her mammary glands, for me they were always “breasts.”

“I’ve told you before, for some reason… it always feels, I don’t know, disrespectful.” I was raised by a pretty powerful mom, and with two younger sisters. “Not that your breasts don’t feel great sweety,” I hastened to add.

“Oh come on! Are you being respectful when you call me your cum slut? I don’t hear either of us being too respectful,” she almost spat it out, “when I’m begging you to unload your stuff all over my ass and you’re screaming that you want me to spread my cheeks so you can give me a sperm enema.”

She definitely had a point. When it came time for fucking, there was no “making love” for us. Down and dirty sexy time, every time. Whatever I needed to do to turn Susan on, I’d do it for her. She’d do the same for me, no matter how depraved she needed to be. And even when it came to her, uh, top area, I could go for it. No areola for me.

“Want me to pinch your nips? Or bite them?”

“Pull my buttons baby. Stretch them ’til I screech. Then grab them harder. Make ’em cry!”

But when it came to her actual breasts, to me they were always… breasts. And they were plenty arousing just as any two… you know, breasts.

“I pinch them, I bite them, I manhandle them, just like you want. And I kiss them, lick them, hold them, caress them, worship them, stare at them, get hard at them, come all over them.”

“Hooters, jugs, sweater meat! Ta-tas, puppies! I need you to treat my titties as dirty as the rest of me!”

This was going to difficult.

“Didn’t I even piss on them when you wanted it?” I was almost ashamed. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Well, I do. Boobie training begins now. Right now.”

Much more difficult than I was even dreading. “What kind of training?”

“Don’t fret sweety. It’ll be fun training. You’ll come every time.”

Oh boy.

Susan stripped off her soaked pants were completely and dropped them on the floor with a plop and her glories were as provocative as ever. Round, womanly hips, with a rounder bottom (I love her ass). Legs that led to a perfectly hairy cunt (see, I’m really not shy). Topped off by a couple of plump C-cup… two slightly sagging, deliciously hanging… shit!… uh, breasts! What can I say?!

“Take your shirt off, get naked with me. We’re going to go around the world again.”

Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad. Susan took me in her arms, crushing herself against me, and reaching downwards.

“I suppose the first order of business is filling your thermometer etimesgut escort again, right?” She was cupping my balls and putting little kisses all over my face. “You still want me, don’t you baby?”

“Ahhh, yesss, you know I do.” The stirring was beginning to happen. “Can you rub some of your pussy juice on my cockhead?” I could hear her sloshing around what sounded like an incredibly excited vagina, this whole breast talk must have been turning her more on than off.

My right hand stopped clutching her butt cheek and reached up to squeeze…

“What are you doing?”

“I was going to feel you up. It seemed like the appropriate thing to do at a time like this.” Wasn’t it?

“Uh-huh. Well, boobie training requires a new protocol.” Gee, this was getting sexier by the minute. “If you’re going to do anything to my knockers, you’re going to tell me about it.”

We both loved dirty talk, this would be easy. “I want to fondle your slutty, naked bre…” She slapped my hand down. “What?!”

She whispered in my ear. “Boobie training, remember. No ‘breasts.’ Now, tell me what I want to hear. Make me wetter.”

“I can’t. It isn’t sexy to me to say ‘tits’.”

“No ‘tits,’ then no tits. Honey.” Her hand had stopped lubing my knob. “What’s it going to be?”

“I. Want. To. Fondle. Your… Your. Your. Tits.”

“Not gonna happen pal. Here, let me blow you to heaven. Then eat me out. We’ll do some more boobie tutoring another time.”

We slept in the next morning. A couple of screaming orgasms, on top of a long week, and with the kids away gave us a luxury we rarely got.

“Is that some man’s boner up my crack?” Susan lazily mumbled as we were spooning. My hand was wrapped around her waist, parting her still damp public hair, already saturated to the slit. I was pretty conscious of staying below her waist.

“My ass wants you darling. I wanna get really nasty today.” She was grinding back into me. “But let’s take our time, really get in the mood.”

This was going to be a great weekend. Susan flipped herself around and gave me a deep, morning breath kiss. Not that I cared, I tongued her back.

“I want to start on top.” She crawled onto my chest.

My total favorite, I would get to see her jiggling around like crazy. Her lips had already perfectly surrounded my hardness lubing it up for fucking action. And she proceeded to do just that, impaling herself all the way down in one drenched stroke.

“Sit up, I want to see you.”

“See what?”

“Your brea… Ah, your girls.” I could do that so I could see her beautiful, hot breasts.

“Hey, maybe we’re getting somewhere. OK!” Her back scissored up in one quick motion, her breasts (I’m writing here so I can type anything I want) flying around in a million directions at once. “Flying boobs, yay!”

“Hold them up.”

She stared at me.

“Hold your girls up.”

“Not ah. Improvise Charlie Parker.”

“Hold… your…” This was really tough for me. “Hold your bosoms up. I want to see them sticking out.”

“I can live with that.” ankara escort She grabbed them from below. “Here!”

Susan was so, so luscious this way. Not just luscious, kind of skanky.

“You look so slutty when you hold them like that. Your balloons are so out there that way. Your nipples are like rockets.” Her cunt pressed right down to the base of my cock, and her cream was gushing all over it. That made everything a little easier.

“God, your melons are giant.” More pussy pounding. “Shake ’em for me. Shake your …” I realized I didn’t actually know too many other words for breasts, at least on the tip of my tongue. “I don’t know what to call them. What should I call them?”

“Tits! Call them my tits!”

Maybe I could. “Shake ’em, shake your …tits! for me! Shake your whoring tits for me!” She was really bouncing now. “Slow down, I want this fucking to last long time. I want to fuck your moneymaker and blast off inside your bowels, just like you want it, you slut.”

“It’s just that I’ve waited so long,” she swooned. “I’ve wanted you to abuse my cha-chas like you attack my baby hole.” More gushing. “It sounds so dirty when it’s coming out of your respecting mouth, I love it so much.”

“Just take it down a notch.” And she did, she pulled it off completely.

“Hit your doggy.” She was on her hands and knees in a quick second, her shoulders touching the bed, making her even more lewd. I slid in like butter. “Grab the girls, dog. Milk me.”

“Like udders? You want me to grab your breast and milk them like udders?” Susan actually shook at that, her whole body trembled.

“Yes, yes! Milk my tits like udders while you’re fucking me. Pinch my nipples, grab my titties, fuck me silly. Get me so wet you can fuck my ass just from my cunt cum.”

So I did. I squeezed, I pinched, I pulled those nipples, I held onto to her hanging breasts, I mean udders, while I was fucking her pussy hole and she was pouring out juices. I aimed.

“Ohh shit! That’s it, up my pooper. Fuck my shitty asshole you dirty dog, fuck the shit right out of me. Get your cock all brown with my stuff.”

I had a hard time holding back my cum. She was bouncing back against me so hard and screaming so loud with the filthiest mouth I’d ever heard.

“Crush my boobies harder, squeeze ’em please! While you’re crushing my shithole. Do it all to me.” Her words were disintegrating into animal grunts while I fucked her ass, pushing me cum further and further up.

“I’m going to cum up your rear, shoot my stuff deep inside your ass. I love grabbing your nipples while my balls are getting so big they’re going to ex… Ah Ah Ahhhhh Oh God! I’m cumming.”

“I’m cummmingg toooo, I’m cumming with your brown cock up my brown hole while you’re grabbing my tits. Oh God it feels soooooo… Ohhhh!!”

We collapsed completely, me on top of her.

“Oh too bad, you’re shrinking out of my asshole. Let me see it.” I pulled out my shrunken penis while my cum was bubbling out of her and she flipped around quickly.

“Wow! My shit really is all over your cock.” Sure enough.

“You like that?” I was confused, it looked pretty gross to me.

“I love it! It’s evidence of just how dirty I’ve really made you. Just like these red tits from all your manhandling.”

“Your breasts are so amazing, I love you so much.”

“After all that? Breasts? Really?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32