Who’s Really in Charge Here? Ch. 03

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I suggest reading my previous chapters before reading this one.


Chapter III

I fix my hair in the mirror and use a washcloth to wipe off the makeup that’s smeared on my face. Elliot and I get clothed together, him catching glances at me while I dress back into the clothes he lent me. I’m still a little concerned about how he just happened to have clothes my size in the back of his car…

“Do you w-want to get something to eat b-before we go to my house?” Elliot asks me quietly. I check the clock on his dashboard; it’s 1:43 pm.

“That sounds nice. I am pretty hungry after you made me cum so hard earlier,” I nudge him. He blushes and puts the car into drive.

He pulls up to my favorite restaurant, a mom and pop Indian food place three blocks from my old apartment.

“Do y-you like Indian food? This is my favorite restaurant,” he says, putting the car in park.

“Yeah, I love it. This is my favorite restaurant too… what’s your favorite dish?” I ask before we can get inside.

“Chicken t-tikka masala. I always get extra naan from this place since th-they put so much sauce in the bowl,” he replies. Alright, I’m feeling a little better.

“Oh, yeah. I like that dish too. My favorite is probably their Murg Makhani, though.”

“L-let’s eat then!” he giggles.

We get into the restaurant and eat our favorite dishes. The staff seems to be more friendly with him than when I’m here by myself. Even though I’ve been coming here somewhat regularly for almost two years.

“How long have you been coming here?” I ask, a little jealous of how chummy he is with everyone here.

“Coming on f-five years now. I moved here around six years ago and found this p-place by chance.”

“Do you live nearby?”

“A f-few blocks east, yeah,” he responds. I nod my head.

I remember when I moved into that dingy apartment three blocks west of this place I was told by my roommate that I shouldn’t go east of the restaurant. She told me there were gangs that way. I’m getting more and more sketched out listening to him. But I don’t think he could do any harm, it’d be hard to fake his level of shyness for so long. Call me crazy and impractical, but I wanna see what this guy is all about. Quite frankly, he fascinates me.

After we’re finished eating, Elliot puts down a $50 and thanks the waiter. We climb back into his car and he drives off towards his house.

In the car, he asks me if I’ve ever been on this side of town.

“No, actually. My friend told me there are a lot of gangs around here, so I kept my distance,” I respond truthfully.

“Well, she’s not wrong a-about that,” he replies.

“Do you, um, live near any? Any gangs, that is…” I ask carefully.

“Y-yeah,” he says nonchalantly. I keep my mouth shut, a little worried about how casual he is about it.

We reach his house and pull into the garage. There are a few cars parked around the street and some loud music playing inside. The grass is dead and the walkway is a little beat up. It looks like some shingles on the roof are about to fall off and paint is chipping almost all the way around the exterior of the house. I’m almost afraid to see the inside.

“Here w-we are,” he smiles shyly. How the hell is he living here? Being so shy, I would think he’d live somewhere quiet and isolated.

I climb out of his car with my clothes in my hands and Elliot moves to the door to let me inside. I smile graciously and walk inside.

Where I was underdressed for the hotel he brought me to, I’m severely overdressed for this house. I’m glad when he directs büyükesat escort me to his room.

“You c-can change here. This is my room and no o-one will bother you,” he says, turning to walk out of the room.

“Wait!” I call for him. He turns around and looks at me, waiting for me to continue, “You don’t have to leave, baby,” I say, pulling him by that hand and into the room.

“I j-just wanted to give you space,” he says politely.

“You’ve seen me naked multiple times already. I’m not shy,” I smile. I kick off my heels and then take off my shirt slowly. I wink at him when the shirt is over my head. I throw it onto the unmade bed and unzip the pants, then slowly slip those down too. I grab my normal clothes and slip into them slowly, the whole time his mouth is drooping slightly.

“Why don’t you introduce me to the friends who were staring at me as I walked by earlier?” I laugh softly as he takes my hand tenderly.

We walk out of his bedroom and into the living room area. The men who were staring at me before are now ogling, and some who weren’t looking before join them.

Elliot clears his throat softly and looks away from me and to his friends, “This is Isabelle, everyone,” they all smile. He seems to be more confident when talking to them, he didn’t stutter once. Elliot leans down to whisper in my ear quick, “I d-don’t like how they’re staring at you.”

I lean up to whisper in his ear, “It’s okay baby, they can stare all they want. Only you get to fuck me. Would you like me to make it seem like you’re my boyfriend so you can make them even more jealous?”

“Yes, please,” he whispers. I laugh lightly and kiss his cheek.

I whisper in his ear, “Now it seems like you told me a funny joke. Laugh with me now real quick,” I laugh with him and then say out loud, “Now introduce me to all of your friends, baby,” I smile. He smiles back and brings me around the room.

I blush and hold on to Elliot’s arm when his friends say stuff like “Damn, she’s fine,” or “How did you reel this one in.”

“This is my gang,” Elliot laughs, only partly joking.

“Is that so? What’s your guys’ name then?” I respond.

“The Vipers,” one person responds proudly.

“Interesting. Who’s the king?”

Elliot and a few of his friends stop laughing and singing with the music and look at me.

“We don’t really have one…” Elliot says. I can hear that he almost stuttered during that sentence.

“C’mon, every gang needs a leader,” I smile, “I think there should be a vote then. To see who’s best fit to lead in the eyes of the gang,” I say. I’ve always wanted to run a gang. Maybe if Elliot is picked, I can do it behind the scenes. He’s not a very strong character, but hopefully, his friends don’t see that.

“Well, the little lady has a point,” Curtis, one of Elliot’s friends, says. Everyone cheers a little.

Elliot speaks up, “Sounds like we’re going to have a vote, then. Tonight at 7 pm, everyone will meet at the pit and we’ll see who gets to lead,” he smiles. Everyone cheers and raises their hands in the air, creating a peace sign bent forward to look like fangs with their right hand.

Elliot kisses me and his friends go back to what they were doing before.

“Let’s go to your room,” I say in Elliot’s ear. He nods and walks me there. I catch a peek at a clock to see that it’s only 4:38 pm.

“W-why’d you wanna come in here?” Elliot asks, going back to his shy self without his friends around.

“I find it extraordinary that when you’re around your friends, you don’t stutter,” çankaya escort I say, thinking out loud.

“Well, I guess I-I just get nervous ar-round you,” he says, looking down.

“Hey… don’t look away. I still think you’re sexy and an amazing lover. I want to get you away from your shyness. Call it my mission,” I giggle lightly, “Then in the future, you won’t have to worry about getting with other girls.”

“Other girls?” he looks at me confused.

“Yes, baby. You’ll definitely find someone more suitable later down the road. Every man I’ve been with eventually falls in love with someone else and leaves me behind. But that’s okay, I want you to be happy,” I smile.

“But… what i-if I want you t-to be… with me,” he says nervously. I sit for a second to think. It’s best not to talk about this now, we can talk later.

“How about we have this conversation later tonight? I have something else in mind…” I smile mischievously and he smiles back. I lean in to kiss him and he kisses me back eagerly.

I lean back on his bed, throwing things out of my way as I do. His room is really messy, but that doesn’t matter to me. I’ve had sex in dirtier places.

He kisses my neck and I moan, loving the sensation. This man has been the only one to make me feel good… I wonder if I’ll maybe think about being with him.

My mind is quickly brought back to the now when Elliot lifts my shirt to pinch my nipple.

“You know, y-you don’t have to have sex with me… we a-agreed that you just had to come home with me,” Elliot says as he pulls his head away from my neck.

“I know. I want to get fucked again. And I want it rough,” I reply.

“I think I-I can do that,” he smirks. He kisses my neck again and bites lightly. I moan and pull his body on top of mine so I can grind against him. He moans into the crook of my neck and I smile.

He pulls away and starts to kiss my collarbone. He pulls me up into a sitting position and puts his hands on the bottom hem of my shirt as if asking if he can take it off. I look him in the eyes and nod. He pulls off my shirt and immediately pushes me down to kiss my chest.

His mouth slowly trails to my left nipple and I moan louder the closer he gets.

“Shh, Belle. M-my friends are just down the hall,” he warns.

“Don’t you want them to know how well you can fuck a woman?” I smirk. He smiles at me and shrugs.

“I g-guess so…”

“That’s what I thought,” I reply, “Now, will you please continue to pleasure me?” I ask. He responds by kissing my right nipple, biting it softly.

“Mmmm, Elliot,” I moan, not faking in the slightest.

He continues down my body slowly, reaching my naval. He dips his tongue in lightly and I moan loudly. He continues his descent and is soon kissing my thighs and rubbing the outside of my labia with his fingers under my skirt.

I push my hips up into his hands, hoping to get his fingers to touch my newly sensitive clit.

“Hold on-n, Belle. I’m getting th-ere,” he says shyly.

I keep my mouth shut and my body still. After earlier, I’d do almost anything to feel like that again. He kisses the inside of my thigh and I lean my head back as I moan. Fuck this feels so good.

He takes his hand away and starts kissing up my thigh. I wiggle slightly from the pleasure and look down at him. He’s looking up at me, smiling as he bites my inner thigh lightly. My hips buck slightly and I moan loudly. He pulls off my skirt and smiles when he sees I don’t have underwear on.

“You like it rough, right Belle?” he whispers, gaining ankara escort confidence while he pleases me.

“Yes, I do. I like anything you’ll give to me, Elliot,” I say. He groans slightly.

His lips finally make their way to the outside of my pussy. He kisses it lightly and it’s my turn to groan. I want him to savage me so badly.

He licks from top to bottom, parting my lips in the process. When his tongue hits my clit, I almost scream. I’m so used to men trying to eat me out right away, not taking the time to make it feel right. Elliot makes me feel right.

Elliot sucks on my clit and I grip the sheets next to me tightly. I can feel myself getting close already. His lips are so soft and his tongue is firm against my clit.

“Fuck, Elliot. Be careful or you might make me finish soon,” I moan, loud enough for anyone outside the door to hear me. I hear a creak outside, indicating there’s probably someone there, listening in.

“Well, is that what you want, baby?” he asks, seeming to not notice there’s an audience. Or maybe he just doesn’t care.

“Not yet. I want to cum around your big cock… but first I want to suck it.”

He groans as I finish my sentence and quickly sits up on his knees, unbuckling and unbuttoning his pants. He pulls them down enough for his cock to be pulled out. I sit up and am sitting on my bare ass when he grabs me by the hair and pulls my face to his hardening dick.

“Mmm, I like it when you’re rough,” I moan.

“Suck it,” he says seductively. I’m becoming more and more surprised by his dominance.

“Anything for you, Master,” I say, seeing if he likes being called names.

“Oh, fuck,” he moans. He grabs his cock and pushes the tip against my lips. As soon as my mouth is open, he shoves himself inside and starts to face fuck me.

“Fuck, Belle. Your mouth feels so good,” he pulls me away from him and leans down slightly to get closer to my face, “Do you like being called anything?” he whispers.

“Call me anything you want, baby. I’m yours to do anything you’d like with.”

“Mmm, yes. Do you like being my little slut, then?” he asks.

“Fuck yeah, I do.” I smile up at him. He grabs his cock again, so I open my mouth. He continues to face fuck me for a few more minutes before forcing my head all the way down, my full lips resting against his pelvis.

“Fuuuuuck,” he moans. His cock is pulsing lightly, he’s getting close. Suddenly he rips my head away from his body and pushes me down. He all but rips off his pants and lifts his shirt off his head quickly.

“Do you like my mouth?” I ask, looking at him wantonly.

“Yes, I do. And I’m about to enjoy your fucking pussy, too,” he says. I moan loudly and I hear the floorboards creak slightly outside.

Elliot pulls my knees apart and kneels between them. He leans down and pushes himself inside my dripping pussy without hesitation.

“Fuck, you’re so wet for me Belle,” he says, pumping inside me rapidly. This is when I realize he doesn’t have a condom on.

“Elliot, you’re not using a condom!” I whisper urgently.

“Are you on birth control?” he asks quietly, still fucking me hard.

“N-no… you shouldn’t cum i-” I start, but I can feel his pace quickening. I know as soon as he cums, I’m going to as well.

“Fuck fuck fuck, Belle. I’m gonna…”

“Pull out,” I say, hoping he heard me right. I know that it’s hard to follow any directions given when you’re so close.

Less than a second later, I feel him cumming inside me. This sends me over the edge, making me yell and moan in ecstasy.

“Fuck, Elliot.”

“Fuck, Belle.”

“We need to get Plan B,” I whisper.

“Mhm,” he says, his eyes fluttering slowly. He must like falling asleep after cumming in my pussy, he did this last night as well.

I guess it can wait for later. I lay across him and fall asleep with him.

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