What Mothers Are For Pt. 03

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As my aunt walked through the front door, Mom, being totally naked under her apron, quickly hid under the table in the hopes it would hide her from her incoming sister. We had a low tablecloth so she could probably hide down there for a few minutes, I thought and taking a page from Mom’s book I scooted my body under the table as well to hide my huge erection in my pants from my Aunt Chelsea and cousin Rita. Though as soon as I did I accidentally ran into my mom’s upper body, I could feel her huge tits rubbing up against my leg as my cock brushed against her face through my pants.

I heard Mom moan under the table as my big cock rubbed against her cheek, “Oh my looks like my son needs more stress relief.” And then she began unzipping my pants.

I was about to complain but that’s when Aunt Chelsea stepped through the door. She was a businesswoman and was dressed rather conservatively in her longhouse dress and waistcoat but I knew that was only covering up her beautiful body. She had a great figure though she never showed it off.

Her daughter Rita was the exact opposite of her mother and liked to dress like a slut. She came in today with the shortest skirt I’d seen, and I didn’t think she was wearing panties, not to mention a short top to cover her humongous boobs. God, she was hot, I thought as my mother pulled my dick out under the table and sucked it into her waiting mouth and down her throat.

“Oh shit,” I said out in pleasure, but had to cover it up with my aunt watching me so I then said, “Um, oh shit, I mean, good to see you, Aunt Chelsea and Rita.” I smiled lamely as my mom started fondling my balls as she lovingly sucked my cock under the table. I went cross-eyed for a second but I don’t think my aunt or cousin noticed.

“Um…thanks Dan.” Aunt Chelsea said to me, but she was glaring at me strangely. I was having a hard time keeping my cool as my mother deep throated me under the table. My aunt just shrugged it off though and glanced around the house, “Where’s your mom, I had some questions for Beth.”

Barbie giggled at that like an idiot, “Um, I think she’s a little busy right now.”

“Oh really, during dinner?” Rita said with a laugh, “What can Aunt Beth be doing right now? It’s not like she has to work from home as a waitress.” As she said this I couldn’t help but ogle her tits in her hot outfit. I think I started drooling as I thought about what Rita’s huge boobs must look like naked. I was used to my cousin’s revealing outfits at that point but with my cock being sucked under the table, I could feel as my mother tried to wrap her large tongue around my shaft as she gargled down my dick.

“Fuck yeah,” I said not even thinking about it.

Chelsea glanced from me to her daughter and noticed I was staring at Rita’s tits, no question about it, so she thought I was complimenting her, “Don’t talk about your cousin like that.” She barked, then turned to her daughter, “Rita, why don’t you sit at the table? I’ll go find Beth and make her eat with us.” With that, Aunt Chelsea walked out of the room and up the stair, to look in Mom’s bedroom I presumed.

Rita shrugged, she didn’t seem to mind me ogling her beautiful body, I noticed. She sat next to Barb on the other side of the table from me, but I wondered if she would touch mom’s body at all with her legs or feet under the table.

It didn’t matter anyway because then Mom took her mouth off my dick to suck on my balls as she did she moaned out softly, “This is so naughty,” before slurping one of my nuts into her horny mouth.

Though she basically whispered it, it was loud enough that Rita could hear as close as she was to the action just across the table from her. I saw her eyes go wide with understanding as we could both hear the faint wet sounds of my mother jerking me off under the table while she licked and sucked on my balls.

“Um-” I started to say but it was too late as Rita threw the tablecloth up on her side and glanced under the table and saw everything. I knew the first thing she had to see was Mom’s bare ass facing her as she finger fucked herself before looking a little further and noticing Mom sucking my nuts like a horny slut as she jerked my giant dick.

“Fuck!” Rita shouted as she sat back up straight, “Dan’s big dick!” She said with surprise and I could tell she was very impressed with my proportions.

“I know, right?” Barbie complimented with a whistle. “It’s really massive.”

Rita shook her head with both horniness and confusion. “This is just too weird! Why is all this happening?”

“Why is all what happening?” Aunt Chelsea said as she came back into the room, “I couldn’t find my sister by the way.”

“Um, nothing.” Rita said, glancing between my sister and I in utter confusion.

Of course, that’s when Mom started gagging on my cock with loud “GWEH! GWEH!” Sounds under the table, and Aunt Chelsea glanced at everyone sitting there with the utmost suspicion and then she surprised me by coming over to my side of the table, grabbing the back of my chair, and pulling it out from the table. As the chair moved, so did the rest bahis firmaları of my body, along with my mother, not willing to take my cock out of her mouth she moved just as the rest of my body did until we were both completely exposed in front of our relatives.

“Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag,” Barbie laughed. I scowled at her, unbelieving that she could be enjoying this.

Aunt Chelsea was just shocked, “I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” She practically shouted, her eyes wide and mouth agape. She had always been fairly conservative in her sexuality and very religious. This was probably breaking something in her mind.

“God Dan has a big dick.” Rita said behind her mother now, she had gotten up from the table and came around to get a better look at the action, “Can I suck on it too?”

Mom just kept sucking my cock with reckless abandon so I said, “Um, I guess you’ll have to ask my mom, um, when her mouth isn’t full.”

“She most certainly won’t be sucking your dick!” Aunt Chelsea shouted, “Even if it is the biggest and fattest cock I’ve ever seen! Oh God, what am I saying!?” She forced herself to look away from the scene.

This was all too much for me, everyone watching my naked mother blowing me in the middle of our dining room was far too exciting and I started cumming in Mom’s mouth without being able to do much more than moan out, “FUUUUCK!” Before a very powerful orgasm overtook me.

Mom took my first stream in her mouth but didn’t swallow. I’m assuming because everyone was watching and Mom always aimed to impress, she took her lips away from my dick so I could start cumming all over her face. I painted her white, my load being just as large as it had been with every other blowjob I’d had that day. God, I came a fuck ton when it was with someone else.

By the end of my huge orgasm, Mom was dripping with semen and the front of her apron was soaked, “Damn, I liked this apron.” She said as she took it off, “Oh, well.” She was now sitting on the floor naked with my cum running down her body. With such a sight before me, my cock was still hard.

“Jesus Christ,” Aunt Chelsea shouted as she turned back to the sight of Mom’s cum covered body, “What the hell are you thinking, Beth? I’ve never known you to be a, be a-“

“Cum slut!” Mom shouted joyfully and then laughed at Chelsea’s shocked reaction, “Oh loosen up Chelsea, this is all for Ben’s benefit.”

“Well, I can see how he benefits, that’s for sure,” Chelsea said angrily, but still hadn’t turned away again from the sight of Mom’s sluttiness.

“Right,” Mom said, nodding, which made cum fall off her face and onto her belly, “Ben has to work long hours at the factory, not to mention school and homework, and he gives so much for bills and such, and I just found out today that the only way he can relieve all his stress is to cum. I would just feel like a bad mother if I didn’t give him the means to do that.” Mom explained, her words making my cock twitch, “And I think if you still want to have dinner over here, you’re going to have to get used to sights just like this one.”

“How can you do that though, sis?” Chelsea pleaded with Mom, “He’s your son! And it’s a sin to fuck your son!” Chelsea usually edited her language but couldn’t seem to hold back on swearing at the moment.

“I’m not fucking him,” Mom said, reassuringly, “it’s just an occasional blowjob or titjob. Just so my son can have a happy home life, especially since the rest of his life is so stressful.” She seemed to notice that I was still very hard, “And it looks like he needs some more stress relief. If you guys want dinner you should sit and eat, don’t mind me.” With that she took her large, perfect tits and wrapped them around my cock so she could fuck my cock with them as she sucked on my enormous cockhead.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that you’re not so depraved as to fuck your own child,” Chelsea said, sounding angrier than I think I’ve ever heard her, not that I cared at the moment with the amazing titfuck-blowjob I was getting from my mother in front of everyone right then, “But, we’re leaving.” Chelsea finished as she turned to leave, “Rita, come on!”

“Oh!” Rita whined, “But Dan has such a huge dick!”

“I don’t care at all!” Chelsea shouted, “Get in the car Rita!” Chelsea stormed out of the room and Rita scowled at the pornographic blowjob happening in the dining room of her Aunt’s house and then she followed her mother out of the house.

“I guess that could have gone better.” Barbie said, rolling her eyes, “But Aunt Chelsea has always had a bit of a stick up her ass. Oh well, more fun for us!” She said as she got down on the floor with our mother and started licking my cum off her face as Mom didn’t even slow down as she sucked my cock and jerked me off with her soft, comforting breasts. It didn’t take long before I came again, dousing both my mother and sister’s faces and tits with another giant helping of semen.

We ate dinner, we did talk a bit about this new lifestyle of ours but mostly so Mom could lay down some groundrules, essentially “oral sex and tit kaçak iddaa jobs were okay, but absolutely no sex!” I was finally flaccid after dinner so we showered, separately this time, and I went to bed by myself and Beth and Barbie did the same.

The next day, I woke up with morning wood, and was a little disappointed that Mom or Barbie wasn’t in there already taking care of it, but that was a half-asleep thought I had. Once I was more awake I realized that everything we did yesterday seemed to be like a dream. I wasn’t sure just how much of it Mom or Barbie would still want to do. As far as I knew, they both profusely regretted everything and I was about to get sent to a therapist or something like that.

When I got off the bed and got dressed, I tucked my cock into one of the legs of my pants to hide my cock. It was Monday now, a school day for me and Barb, and Mom would be going to work soon. I glanced at the clock, it was maybe half an hour before school, which would probably be enough time to have breakfast and talk with Mom about the events of the day before.

When I came downstairs, Barb was already eating breakfast in her hot cheerleading uniform, which was blue and black, the colors of our highschool, with an extra short skirt and a very low top as our school didn’t have much in the ways of dress code so the design of the outfit was quite titillating to look at. I glanced at Mom who was making eggs for me. She was wearing her waitress outfit, a mid-length skirt with a white apron that held and conformed to her curves that I always thought made her look very sexy. She had her back to me as I came in but Barb perked up when she saw me.

“Good morning Danny,” Barb said as she saw me come in. She was all smiles and seemed very glad to see me. This was odd considering how she would scowl at me every morning, but I guess once a sister starts sucking her brother’s dick, being mean doesn’t really play into it anymore. Barb glanced at my erection in my pants, “It looks like you could use some stress relief before school.”

This comment made Mom spin around from what she was doing and look at the big dick in my pants as well. She unconsciously licked her lips before saying, “Oh my Dan, I thought after last night you might be satisfied until this evening when we’re all home again.”

Mom worked from 8-5 almost every weekday with a break for lunch, I went to school until 3, came home for an hour then I’d have to work at the factory from 4-9 almost every day, then I usually came home after Mom and Barbie were asleep so I would take a shower, jerk off, do my homework if I needed to and go to sleep as well. Then I’d do the same thing every day until Saturday where I’d work from 9am-9pm because I was sucker for pain and wanted to make a decent paycheck at the end of the week. The only day I really had to myself was Sunday, which, if yesterday was any indication, might be spent getting blowjobs and titjobs from my horny Mom from now on. I could only hope anyway.

Mom served me eggs and put them on the table in front of me, “Now, I would be a bad mother if I let you go to school with that stress-inducing erection. I can’t have that. So, Danny, while you eat, I’m going to get under the table and give you a blowjob. Do you think you can eat without distracting you too much?”

I nodded, “Yes, I think I can do that.” I said calmly trying to hide how excited I was at the prospect of eating while getting a blowjob from my mother at the same time.

“Oh, excellent,” Mom said as she started removing her clothes, “I know you cum a lot and I can’t get any on my work uniform. We’re just going to have to do this quickly so Mommy can get dressed after, before I take you into school. Okay?”

Mom didn’t let me answer as she removed the rest of her clothes while me and Barbie ogled her amazing body, especially her shaved pussy, I longed to taste it (not to mention stick my dick in my mother’s wet hole). Mom then got under the table and started undoing my fly.

“Do you want some help with that?” Barb asked hopefully, “I mean, I know it’s a ‘big’ problem, it might be better if two people worked on it together.” But I think we all knew that my sister merely wanted to play with my big cock again and she didn’t seem to mind sharing with Mom at all.

“No,” Mom said as she reached into my pant and grabbed me around the shaft before pulling my dick out and started stroking it causing me to moan out in pleasure. “No,” Mom repeated to her daughter, “You should eat and we can’t have you getting cum on your cheerleading uniform, what would your teammates say? Not to mention the cheerleading coach. No, let Mommy take care of this and you’ll just have to wait until after school.”

Mom sucked my dick into her mouth as soon as she finished that sentence. It was so hot that I almost didn’t hear what that last statement was, “Wait,” I said to Barb as my eyes felt like they were about to roll into the back of my head from the intense pleasure of it all as I felt my mother’s horny mouth suck my cock with reckless abandonment, I could tell she wanted me to cum in kaçak bahis her mouth as much as I did. But I still had to finish my question, “Oh fuck, yes! Um, I mean, uh, you’ll give me some head after school?” I asked Barb like a horny idiot.

Barbie giggled at my situation, “Well, Mom and I talked about your problem.” she explained, “And we both agree that you do so much and need as much stress relief as possible. It’s only fair that I help out when I can, and we all know you only get an hour after school before you have to turn around and go out the door again to go to work. So, I’m willing to give you an orgasm when you need it right after school, as long as I don’t have cheerleading practice like I do every Friday..” Barbie feigned being upset about this, “But I guess I can help if you need it. Hell, I might even let you use my pussy! Would you like that? Sliding your dick into my tight, wet, virgin pussy!”

The thought of this sent me right over the edge, “I’m-ooooooOOOOHHH!” Was all I could get out before I started cumming hard. It was my first orgasm of the day, so it was a big one. I could feel the cum shooting from my balls, up my shaft, and into my mom’s waiting mouth. She was moaning too, and I think she may have been cumming herself as she did like to fingerfuck her own pussy while she sucked me off.

I could feel her swallowing my cum as fast as she could but it was too much for her and a moment later I felt Mom take her mouth off my cock and then moan, “Oh yes son! Cover your slutty mother in cum!” As she grabbed hold of my dick and started directing it. It was still under the table though so I couldn’t see how my sperm shot on my mother’s body, but a moment later, as my cock became flaccid, she got out from under the table and both my sister and I could see that she had streaks of white lining her face with some criss-crossing across her big breasts. She also blushed slightly with embarrassment, “Sorry about the ‘slutty mother’ comment. I don’t know what came over me.” She said as she looked down at her feet and my cum dripped off her face and down to the dining room floor.

“I’m guessing having your son’s huge cock in your mouth had something to do with it.” My sister said with a laugh.

Mom scowled at her as she licked her lips and swallowed some more of my cum, “Well, young lady,” she said to Barb angrilly, “If you have sex with him, I’m kicking you out of this house, am I clear!” Mom was really beautiful when she was angry, especially when she buck naked and had my cum dripping down her angelic features.

Barb rolled her eyes at are mother as she shoved some more of her cereal into her mouth, “Whatever,” Barb said between mouthfuls, “I was just saying that shit so he’d cum faster anyway. And it worked. If you aren’t going to let me help out with my hands and mouth, I can at least help out with my sexy words, right?”

“Hmph,” Mom spat, “Well, next time discuss it with me first.” Then she turned to me and glared, “And you, young man,” she was fuming with anger, “If you fuck your sister, and I mean this, I’ll never give you another orgasm!”

“NOOOO!” I wanted to shout out, but instead I tried not to look afraid by that, I mean this was like giving someone the best toy ever then immediately smashing it in front of them, “Um, right, I won’t, I promise.” I mumbled out as I started picking at my eggs with my fork. I hadn’t actually touched any of it yet, too distracted by Mom’s blowjob was I.

“Good, now I’m going to take a very quick shower and get all this cum off of me,” Mom said this very casually, like it was an everyday thing, I suppose that if this kept up it might be, the thought made my cock twitch, threatening to come back to life. I knew there wasn’t time for more fun so I just zipped my pants back up and tried not to think about the sexy fun we were having and might be having again soon. I had to get to class soon after all. “You two should go out to the car and wait for me there, okay?” Mom told us before walking out of the room.

We grabbed our bookbags and walked out to the car like our mother asked us too. I got in the backseat since Barb always insisted on sitting in the front, but this time was different and she got in the back seat with me.

“Um, what are you doing?” I asked, “Did you want to let me sit up front for a change?”

Barb laughed at me, “I would never do that!”

I rolled my eyes at her, “Alright, then why the hell did you crawl in back here?”

Barb shrugged, “I thought you might want to have a little more sexy fun before school. I bet after what Mom did in the kitchen, she won’t complain if we have a little oral sex in the backseat on the drive to school. It’s half an hour away anyway, that should give us plenty of time.”

My cock jumped in my pants but I wasn’t sure about any of this, “No, Barb,” I said glancing around, I noticed one of our neighbors, Fiona Weatherly, was across the street tending to her garden. As she bent over I couldn’t help but check out her ass but that made me shake my head and think, what the hell is wrong with me lately!? I get a few blowjobs and suddenly I’m looking at every woman like she’s a sexual object! But even after that thought, I glanced back at Mrs. Weatherly again, the 42-year-old woman still had it in the good looks department, that was for sure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32