What I Want

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We sit next to each other in a booth, in some dark bar where no one pays attention to us. We drink our beers as our knees touch beneath the table and your hand absentmindedly strokes my thigh. We talk about nothing in particular, but I can feel my heart racing. I know what I want and I’m sure you want it, too. I ask you to let me out so I can go to the bathroom, and you do.

I come back in a few minutes and slide across the bench before I slip you something underneath the table.

“These were getting in the way,” I whisper in your ear.

You quickly glance down and look back up at me as if I were a mad woman before shoving the black thong in your pocket. We both go back to drinking our beers, but soon you’ve pulled my skirt up over my knee so you can touch my bare skin. Your hand explores a bit higher and my breath comes shorter.

“Tell me what you want,” you say, close to my neck, barely brushing my skin with your lips.

“I want you to make me want you,” I say. “I want you to take me outside and fuck me in the back of the car. Then I want you to take me back to your place and fuck me again, this time from behind.”

“Are you crazy?” you ask. “I can’t do that in the parking lot! We could get caught.”

“I never said you’d like what I wanted,” I say.

“Let’s get out of here,” you mutter. “You ready?”

I down the last of my beer yenimahalle escort while you pay the tab. You take my hand and we walk out to the car, a little slowly since I have a pretty good buzz and am wearing heels.

I lean against the car as you unlock the passenger side for me.

“Are you going to fuck me here?” I ask.

“No!” You reply. “Don’t be crazy.”

“Suit yourself,” I say as I get in.

You walk around to the other side and we’re on our way back to your place. I try to kiss your neck while you drive, but you push me away, calling me crazy again and telling me I’m going to get us in a wreck.

“Fine,” I say, and put one foot up on the dash board. My skirt falls to my waist and I have your attention. I coyly pull my skirt up a little more so you can barely see my pussy as the highway lights flash by. I start by rubbing my hands over the insides of my thighs, watching you for a reaction. You grip the steering wheel tighter and continue to glance over at my hands as they begin to explore the fold of my pussy. I run my middle finger along the inner folds to get it wet with my own juices before I start to massage the area around my clit. My legs fall up a little more and although I can feel your eyes on me, I soon get lost in myself. My one hand works on my clit as I slip one finger in and out of my eryaman escort pussy with the other. I don’t put it in far; just past the first knuckle. I love the way that first entrance feels. My breathing becomes a little heavier and you notice. It appears your working very hard on not speeding the whole way back to your place. I breathe faster and shallower, but don’t make a noise. My orgasm builds and you reach over and grip my breast, through my shirt and bra. That sends me over the edge and I arch away from the seat, my breathing temporarily suspended.

I slowly come down and my breathing becomes normal again. I find a napkin and wipe off my fingers, take my foot down and rearrange my skirt. We don’t say anything; you just keep driving.

When we get to your apartment, you park and we both get out. You immediately grab my hand and very quickly lead me up the stairs. Once inside, you say nothing and practically drag me to your bedroom. As soon as we’re in there, you start kissing me, taking off your jacket at the same time. Soon, we’re both trying to get each other out of our clothes.

“I guess you liked the show,” I say as you push me back on the bed, me in just my heels and you in just your underwear. You say nothing as you push my legs apart and start to lick my pussy. You explore my pussy like my own fingers were doing ankara escort earlier and I relish every second of it. You fuck me with you tongue; I feel it going in and out of me and I love it. But as my climax starts, you stop.

“Baby…?” I whimper. But you just grab my hands and pull me up off the bed. You shut the door and put my hands against it, leaning on it. There’s a full length mirror and my hands are on either side of it, with my back to you. In the lamplight, I can see you take off your underwear and stroke your hard cock a couple times before guiding it into my waiting pussy.

I nearly collapse at the first stroke; it feels so good. You hold my hips steady as you thrust into me, over and over. I start moaning and looking in the mirror, watching you push in and pull out of me just makes the moaning louder. You pump faster as you get closer and closer to coming.

“Yes, baby, fuck me. Fuck me hard. I need it. Your cock feels so good it my tight pussy. So much better than my own fingers. Fuck that tight little pussy.” I digress into unintelligible groans as my climax starts.

“I’m coming, baby, fuck me!”

I scream your name as I come, my body shuddering, you still gripping my hips and fucking me. In a moment, you pull out of me and twist me to be kneeling in front of you. I look up at you and stroke your cock so you come all over my breasts. It’s so hot on me and I keep looking up at you as your orgasm recedes and I lick your cock gently.

You collapse on the bed as I go to the bathroom to wash my chest off. I come back to bed and curl up next to you; ready for a cat nap before you hopefully fuck me all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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