What Day is This?

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As Lisa sashayed her lush, beautiful naked body toward him, with that expression of desire on her face, Paul could only think, “Oh no! Not again!” He had to think of her as a ‘her’ rather than an ‘it’ even though Lisa was a sex droid. After all, her body feels completely human, and is fully functional — in every way. There was no way he could resist. She was faster… she was stronger… she was not to be denied. His body protested that it was impossible, but his mind was reconciled to the fact that she was going to have her way with him whether he protested or not.

As her nimble fingers began undoing his clothing, he couldn’t stop himself from thinking about how this had all come about. “Why did I ever even look at that damn catalog?” he muttered aloud. Lisa ignored him, continuing what she was intent on doing. “And to think I was so excited when that catalog arrived!”

Paul had changed since that fateful day. He was so befuddled by Lisa that he’d forgotten what a lonely nerd he was back then. Shy, and lacking social skills, he couldn’t seem to connect with any women. Oh sure, they might talk with him, since he wasn’t a bad looking person. But after two minutes of awkward, strained conversation, they immediately remembered that they had to be someplace else, and preferably with someone else. At the age of twenty-one, he’d never kissed a woman, let alone gotten to any of the other ‘bases’ he’d heard about. Yes, he was still a virgin, and the only love he knew was called self-love, if you wanted to use a more discrete term for what he did to relieve sexual tension.

So it may come as no surprise that Paul was fascinated by the very concept of a sex droid. Sure, there had been crude robotic devices used for sex — for males, these usually included a suction chamber. But technology marches on… or, in this case, leaps forward in huge strides. The catalog (which arrived completely unsolicited) caught Paul’s eye — and then his libido — as he read the descriptions and the promises and viewed the images. These weren’t robots. These were androids. Artificial humans. Displayed as women, artfully dressed. Science had apparently created a technology that utilized a pinhole singularity held in a stasis crystal. In theory, they had so much spare power that even if the unit was damaged, its self repair would have the ability to keep it going for a thousand years.

Of course the prices were outrageous… off-putting. “But it doesn’t hurt to look — and dream,” he told himself. He did more than look. He scanned. He absorbed. “They say that you can’t tell the difference between their sex droids and a real woman, insofar as they look, sound, feel, smell, and even taste like a living person,” he muttered, incredulous. “But only a really wealthy few can afford one,” he judged. “Still, as progress advances, the price may come down.” He put his name on the list to receive future catalogs.

People didn’t have to work more than six months of a year to get by. But Paul took extra jobs, scrimping and saving without analyzing why he was doing it. His subconscious mind was impelling him to try to get enough funds to purchase a droid, even though even the gently falling prices still made that unlikely. Until the letter arrived. People didn’t send letters anymore, so Paul knew it must be something of importance.

The letter informed him that his rich aunt had died, leaving him a tidy bequest! He checked his account balance — it was true! The funds were his. The realization hit him like a truck. “I have enough to buy a droid now, with a lot left over!” he thought. And then he voiced that same sentence aloud, practically jumping for joy. Like some omen, the newest catalog had arrived that day, and he hadn’t had a chance to look through it. So he sat down and did just that. He wasn’t perusing it this time as a wishful thinker — this time he was studying it as a purchaser! He manually masturbated as he turned the pages.

Many of the droids in the catalog were like old familiar friends by now. But each time, they had added a few new models, so Paul eagerly checked that section. When he saw Lisa’s image and description, his heart started jumping around in his chest. She was the one! She was perfect. In the looks department, she was everything he’d ever dreamed about in a woman. His body voted too — the very thought of having her was enough to make him cum. Which he did, moaning loudly as his semen splatted into the towel he’d placed on the floor for that very purpose. As he calmed down a little, he had no doubt that they’d be compatible, because as her owner, she’d be compelled to obey his every whim. His mouth watered as he contemplated some of those whims. He placed his order.

As he waited for Lisa’s manufacture… creation… birth?… whatever… and her delivery, he prepared for her arrival. He gave up his extra jobs, and had the luxury of a white fur rug (fake fur, but it felt like the real thing) and a gas powered fireplace installed in his apartment. He’d always dreamed about making love to a woman on a fur rug before a roaring fire, and he wanted his first bonus veren siteler time to be special. Even if it was with a sex droid, as long as she acted and felt human.

The delivery day occurred as promised. Paul planned it perfectly, having it take place on the first day of his normal six month vacation. The delivery bot eased the container into his apartment, taking a retinal scan as proof of proper delivery. Paul was practically hopping from one foot to the other, impatiently awaiting the departure of the delivery bot. Opening the container also was accomplished by a quick retinal scan. And there she stood… as beautiful as her image in the catalog. There was a small tag on her clothing that gave her verbal activation code.

With his voice trembling with excitement, Paul recited the complex activation code. It was like a miracle. One moment Lisa was inert, staring straight ahead, seemingly lifeless. The next moment her face lit up with vitality and her body language was that of a normal woman. She knew who her owner was, and her ‘prime directive’ was to please him. Stepping out of the container, she smiled at him and held out her hand, saying, “Hello, my name’s Lisa, and since you activated me, you must be my owner. How should I address you, Sir?”

A little flustered, he shook her hand, feeling the warmth of what felt like real skin. “Hi Lisa. Ummm… Paul… you may as well call me Paul, since that’s my name… I’m Paul.”

For the first time, Paul heard her laugh. It was a musical, magical sound, uttered by a charming, vivacious woman. “So, I gather that your name is Paul,” she chuckled. “I’m glad we got that straight right away,” she giggled.

He blushed but smiled happily. She was acting so much like a real person that his fears that she’d come across as a ‘robotic’ life form evaporated. Falling into the role of a host, he asked, “Can I… can I get you something to drink, Lisa?”

She grinned such an impish grin that Paul’s heart did flip-flops inside his chest. “Paul, you can romance me if that is what you wish to do, since you’re completely in charge. But you know I’m a sex droid, and I’m guessing you have something else paramount in your mind, right?” She gave him a soft kiss. Up close she looked, felt, smelled, tasted and sounded completely human.

Paul almost swallowed his tongue, hearing the word ‘sex’ spill from her luscious lips. “Uhhh… errr… I’d like… that is… I mean…” He could feel his cheeks heating up with embarrassment. His virginity was showing.

She softly ran her fingers through his hair. “Aren’t you the cutest thing?” she asked rhetorically. “You don’t have to be shy, Paul… I’m yours and yours alone.” Her smile made his heart feel like it wanted to burst. “Do you want to have sex with me? Is that it?”

Paul swallowed hard and nodded carefully. Lisa handed him a small book of instructions. “Look at my command codes, sweetie,” she cooed. “See? This command tells me to undress. That’s assuming you’d like me to undress first, of course. And this one tells me to have sex with you.”

Paul looked at the command codes and frowned. “These are really complicated, Lisa. They’ll be hard to remember.”

“Oh, these are only the factory default codes, honey. See? Here’s how you can change them to any trigger phase that pleases you. Say the ‘change trigger’ sequence, then the factory code and then the new trigger.”

The nerd in Paul quickly grasped the concept. In moments he’d altered the undress sequence to the command ‘show me, Lisa’ — a much easier phrase to remember. He was too shy to make the sex command something crude like ‘fuck time, Lisa’ or anything similar. Finally, he settled on ‘I want you, Lisa’ as the trigger for sex. Reprogramming complete, Paul cleared his throat and said, “Show me, Lisa.” The sex droid beamed a huge smile at him and began obeying. Rather than mechanically unbuttoning, unzipping, and discarding, Lisa performed a seductive strip tease that set Paul’s blood boiling. As her body came into view, Paul could see that she was perfect.

Her breasts were gorgeous. No, they were better than that… they were magnificent. Pert hemispheres of pulchritude, tipped with roseate areolae and slightly darker nipples. Nipples that were erect and inviting. Lisa saw his avid interest and did her best to mesmerize him by gently shimmying her shoulders to make her tits dance for him. After several minutes of this, she continued her strip tease. Gracefully turning her body about 1/3 of the way away from him she looked over her shoulder as she let her dress pool around her feet. Grasping the waistband of her panties, she slowly lowered them, letting her lovely buttocks appear as she bent over.

Given Lisa’s partial turn, Paul couldn’t see her pussy at all, but the glory of her buttocks fully occupied his attention. His mouth was now watering harder, and his cock was straining against his own clothing. Lisa stepped free of her panties with a little wiggle of her mesmerizing behind, and then started to turn. Paul was about to protest the fact that Lisa’s bedava bahis ass was slipping out of sight. That protest died a quick death when Lisa’s bare tummy, mound, and pussy came into view. He had trouble breathing while his eyes locked on and drank in that sight. Yes, he’d seen that part of a woman in pictures and videos… but this was the real thing! And… and… he was about to lose his virginity!

His heart felt like it was doing somersaults inside his chest, obviously banging against his lungs which would explain his inability to draw a deep breath. But Lisa was now facing him, fully nude, looking at him with an expression of joy and desire. Her full lips were curled into a smile as she saw and registered his admiration. She might be a sex droid, but she had a brain and her directive which gave her positive feedback when it was being accomplished. She was… well, the android equivalent of ‘thrilled’ to see the way he looked at her. Never losing eye contact with him, she raised her hands to her breasts and kneaded them softly, making her nipples even more engorged as she offered them to him. She stood with her thighs slightly apart, and her lubricating juices moistened her now swollen labia. Her scent perfumed the air between them.

Paul groaned with need, his voice strained as he choked out, “I want you, Lisa.” That was the trigger phrase. He hadn’t consciously registered that he was speaking that trigger — he was just expressing a fact. But Lisa’s eyes lit up with desire upon hearing him say that, and she moved to him, her nimble fingers unbuttoning, unbuckling, and unzipping his clothing. She eased him free of his garments carefully, her heightened senses informing her that if she touched him in certain places with more than the slightest stimuli, he might spurt his first load onto the floor, and what a waste that would be. She wanted that first precious load in her pussy, even if it happened fast, as was likely. He didn’t exactly have the word ‘virgin’ imprinted on his forehead, but his pupil diameter plus heart rate, breathing rate and galvanic skin response spoke volumes to her.

When he was fully naked, standing with his hands at his sides and his dripping, rampant erection jutting forward from his hips, he looked like he was in a stasis of indecision about how to proceed. Lisa promptly slid onto her back on top of the fur rug, parted her legs and extended her arms in supplication. “Please… please… come and fuck me,” she begged. Her voice was amazing. As far as Paul could tell, a real, beautiful, naked woman was subtly writhing with need on his rug. Not just ready for sex — begging for sex… sex with him! In the firelight, he could see her upper inner thighs wet with her lubrication. Her pussy was aching to receive him. Aching to feel his cock stretch it open, and penetrate and fill it to its depths. That’s what his mind was telling him.

Wisely, Lisa used her fingers to part her damp labia and reveal her intimate opening. She was still obeying his command that he wanted to fuck her, and since he hadn’t ordered a specific sexual position, she felt that she could most easily guide him if she was like this. “Please, Paul, come and slip that lovely cock of yours into my needy hole,” she purred.

Like some spell had been broken, he dropped onto his knees between hers and braced himself on one hand, holding his erection with the other as he lowered his hips. Lisa smiled knowingly as she saw him bend at the waist, his wide open eyes staring at her opening as his cock neared it. His fingers were holding it near its base, and he saw her hand reach up, gently grasp his dick near the middle of its shaft, and guide its head to touch the center of her opening. “I’m very wet, Paul,” she told him. “Just thrust into me this time. Plow deep inside me, please.” She said this because she could tell he was already about to ejaculate. Sure enough, as he plunged in, his muscles started to spasm and jet after jet of semen shot inside her. “Oh! That’s marvelous, Paul!” she exclaimed. “Wow! I feel you giving me an amazing load!”

He barely heard her since he was caught up trying to memorize all the sensations of his cock actually sheathed in a living woman, and cumming — actually shooting into her! His long drawn out groan of release reverberated in the room at the same time. He’d subconsciously arched his back, his muscles contracting and straining as his body acted to force his semen as deeply as possible. As his spasms ended, he sank down on top of Lisa, who wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his low back and buttocks, holding him against and inside her.

Paul’s mind seemed to be echoing, “That was my first time… that was my first time…” over and over. But his body nestled against the warm woman embracing him, her sex still clenched around his. His lips met hers and found them also warm and very inviting. As was her tongue when they both parted their lips a little and let their tongues touch and tease. Paul was young, and his cock, which had never gone completely flaccid, stiffened inside her once again. deneme bonus Lisa’s prime directive — to please him — kicked in. She calculated that when he thought back on this, he might feel he’d failed by being too quick. She took action to prevent that.

Lisa broke off their kiss to whisper encouragement into his ear. He felt her warm breath as she purred seductively, “I feel your cock swelling again Paul. I’d love for you to fuck me again. The first one felt so good, but I bet the second one will feel even better.” She contracted her inner muscles to give his member a gentle squeeze, emphasizing her request. Paul had no trouble understanding that message. Grinning like a happy fool, he braced his arms on either side of her, raised up his torso and began thrusting. His gaze darted from her face to her tits to where their bodies were joined. Her face displayed pleasure, her tits bounced enticingly up and down each time he plunged into her, and he loved watching his cock emerge and disappear back inside her. Each time his dick slid outward, her labia seemed to cling to it as if begging it to stay. The place were they were joined had a wispy white froth, as did his cock — a combination of his semen blended with Lisa’s lubricating juices.

This time he lasted a lot longer, and he observed how she was reacting as he changed rhythms, angles and depths of his thrusts. Her face grew flushed and the red stain of her sexual arousal crept down her neck and onto the upper curves of her breasts. She was legitimately gasping, nodding, whispering words and sounds like ‘yes’ and ‘mmmm’ and ‘ahhhhh’ and ‘there, there, there’ along with her pussy grasping and massaging his cock. Being intrigued by all that actually helped Paul hold off his orgasm even longer than he might have. But then Lisa braced her hands on his shoulders as she arched her back, crying out, “Oh Paul! You’re going to make me cum!”

As her inner muscles began to spasm, her eyes went out of focus as they rolled up in their sockets and her pussy drenched his cock with her cum juices. In reaction, Paul’s heart rate accelerated, its stronger contractions sending wave after wave of blood to his extremities, including his cock. The extra friction from its added swelling, plus Lisa’s rhythmic internal contractions rippling on it, triggered Paul’s second orgasm! The spewing of his ejaculate was so intense that it felt like his balls were trying to shoot up the length of his cock and join that flood of semen! His eyes also rolled up, out of focus as he collapsed on top of Lisa. They both held each other in a tight embrace as they shook in ecstatic post-orgasmic aftershocks.

It took Paul several minutes to recover. Lisa was alert before he was, and held him, sure that she’d pleased him. As he came to his senses, he realized that they were both naked atop the fur rug, and he remembered that in his haste to accept her delivery, he hadn’t secured his door. “Lisa, please lock the door and ensure our complete privacy.” He knew she could do common household duties without any complicated coded instructions.

“Yes, Paul,” she acquiesced. She sent out a ‘lock’ signal to the door mechanism, Her signal locked it, and that lock would hold until she released it. She also sent a ‘do not disturb’ impulse to the communicator, which that device accepted without question, going inert until such time as she reactivated it.

Next Paul asked for some food. Lisa promptly got up and walked to the food replicator. Paul enjoyed looking at her body as she moved, feeling his cock stirring in its first stages of recovery. “Nothing too heavy, please, Lisa,” he told her. He didn’t want to feel stuffed or bloated after eating. He wanted to be able to fuck her again, and soon. Now that he’d experienced heaven, he wanted to visit it again, probably right after they ate. Lisa also had something to eat, since her body needed energy, but also because it could process the raw materials from some foods plus the semen that Paul had deposited inside her into useful substances.

After they were done eating, they were side by side on the fur rug, nude to bask in the gentle warmth of the fire in the fireplace. Paul was glancing through Lisa’s manual when a word seemed to leap off the page — an intriguing word. The word ‘insatiable’ had caught Paul’s attention. “Wow! In this mode I can have all the sex I want, and Lisa will be fully enthusiastic every time! I’ve got to try this,” he thought. Following Lisa’s earlier directions, he stated the ‘change trigger’ sequence, then laboriously articulated the factory code, He completed that with a simple new trigger sequence of ‘Lisa, be insatiable’ — something easy to remember but unlikely to come up in normal conversation.

Satisfied with his programming, Paul said, “Lisa, be insatiable.” With a gleam in her eye, and a facial expression of lust and need, Lisa rolled on top of Paul, ripping the manual out of his hands, and tossing it. She knelt, straddling his hips, and brought his hands to her luscious breasts, begging him to knead and caress them. The moment his hands were in place, she reached down toward her crotch with both her hands. One parted her labia while the other guided his erection to her love tunnel. Sighing with pleasure, she sank downward, engulfing the entire length of his cock with the warm, wet sheath designed to receive it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32