Wanda Temptation is a Bitch

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This takes place after “Wanda Shacks Up”

Julie was annoyed that he had a free night where he didn’t have to run down bail skips or train or watch his toddler daughter Alexis and he was spending it with his boss. To be fair though Springer wasn’t thrilled about it either. Both had been drug out against their will by the women in their lives. Wanda and Tanya had insisted that they go out to eat with Diana and Jacob who were planning their wedding.

The dinner was rounded out with the presence of Jacob’s best friend Solomon and his girlfriend Adina. Adina was the rare woman who actually had a larger chest than Wanda and her cousins. Adina was so large breasted that she was actually getting more attention from the restaurant staff than the other three girls. It had been years since a waiter hadn’t spent the meal finding excuses to stand behind Wanda or one of her cousins to look down their blouses.

It wasn’t just the wait staff that was paying Adina more attention. Both Jacob and Springer kept finding their gaze wandering to the pillowy mountains of flesh Adina’s pushup bra created. Both Tanya and Diana couldn’t help but feel the sting of jealousy at not being the center of attention when out with their men. It was hard to tell who was more upset by her man’s wandering eye. Springer was much older and should have been praising god he got to be with the dark chocolatey goddess Tanya who was less than half of his age. Jacob was recently engaged and should have been totally infatuated by his recent fiance’s ample charms.

Only Julie was unfazed by Adina and her massive chest. A fact that annoyed the hell out of Solomon. Solomon and Jacob attended boxing classes at Julie’s family gym free of charge thanks to the legal work Jacob’s father did for Julie. Solomon’s father was also a lawyer and provided Solomon with a very comfortable upbringing and a fine legal education. Solomon had the doors open to a luxurious life that money and education could provide. As a result, he could have the pick of just about any young black woman that crossed his path.

Like many black male children of privilege, Solomon wanted the level of physical respect and fear his poorer ghetto counterparts commanded. Julie was able to give off the same dangerous energy as the hardest gang banger despite the fact he had been raised in the white suburbs as Solomon. In fact, Julie actually hunted some of the fiercest thugs in the roughest neighborhoods around. Julie and his white partner Duane commanded as much respect on the streets as any hood superstar.

While Solomon liked Julie just fine, the fact that Julie had what he wanted, filled him with jealousy. A big part of his attraction to Adina had been her massive chest. Solomon was sure that an obvious titty man like Julie would be mesmerized by Adina’s huge breasts. To Solomon’s great disappointment he watched as Julie all but ignored Adina’s generous cleavage in her low cut top.

Julie’s indifference frustrated Solomon. He wasn’t even sure he was attracted to Adina. The fact that her dad was a prominent pastor at a large black church made a difference for sure. Solomon was looking to run for attorney general someday and Adina was definite wife material politically but Solomon couldn’t deny his devastation at Julie’s complete indifference to Adina.

Solomon’s disappointment was interrupted by his best friend Jacob tapping on his water glass to get the table’s attention.

“Me and Diana would like to thank everyone for coming.” Jacob said while Diana nodded her agreement.

“As you know we are getting married soon.” Jacob continued.

“Too soon.” Solomon joked.

“As excited as I am to be getting a new wife to spend my life with, I think my mom is more excited to finally be getting the daughter she always wanted.” Jacob continued.

“You certainly tried to compensate for that.” Solomon quipped even though no one got the joke.

“As you may or not know my mom had kind of a hippie flower child streak.” Jacob said.

“Yeah, she was all about that free love thing before your dad.” Solomon joked while everyone else sat stunned at the comfort the two lifelong friends had with each other.

“Solomon’s mother of course was famous for playing one of the kung-fu hookers in Dolomite.” Jacob joked back.

“Don’t be lying on my mom like that.” Solomon replied.

“Sorry, actually Sol’s mom was a technical advisor on the kung-fu hooker scenes in Dolomite. I didn’t mean to say she pretended to be a hooker in a movie. She just made sure the hooker scenes were true to life.” Jacob answered.

“Kick your ass later.” Solomon said.

“My hippie mom made my dad go camping for their honeymoon. And they spent a week frolicking in the woods.” Jacob said.

“That’s not all they did in the woods.” Solomon said.

“No, actually it wasn’t. My mom posed for tons of pictures bahis firmaları my dad took of her. They were mostly arty type pictures.”

“That’s one way to put it.” Solomon said.

“My mom was pretty into European folklore and she arranged the photos into a sort of a story album about a wood nymph bringing Spring beauty to the forest.” Jacob said pulling out an old photo album from a leather satchel at his feet.

“Oh, shit! I haven’t seen that in years.” Solomon said recognizing the album.

“You’ve seen that before?” Adina asked as Jacob opened the album to a photo of a nude twenty-something version of Jacob’s mom with her back to the camera.

“Shit, every boy in our neighborhood saw that book. It was the best part of sleeping over at Jacob’s house as a kid. I’m surprised the pages come apart after we got done with it.” Solomon joked.

“You let them do that to pictures of your mom?” Adina asked.

“We used to wait till he fell asleep.” Solomon answered.

“I’m glad you guys had fun defiling one of my mother’s favorite possessions. The photos really were very artistic if you have any appreciation for photography and anatomy as art.” Jacob said ignoring Solomon’s immaturity.

“Yes, they are baby.” Diana added.

“Which I want you guys to keep in mind while I ask a favor of you ladies.” Jacob said nodding to Tanya and Wanda.

“Uh-oh, favor time.” Solomon quipped.

“My mom didn’t come from money the way my father did. So she always put a premium on thoughtful gifts rather than expensive ones.” Jacob said.

“Or another way to put it was that she gave cheap gifts.” Solomon joked.

“Actually Sol this gift isn’t cheap at all. It was decades in the making and if you include the money dad spent on building and maintaining the cabin on the lake, it might be a million-dollar present.” Jacob corrected.

“Shit, your mom’s not giving you the cabin for your wedding is she?” Solomon asked.

“No Sol. My mom loves the cabin and the woods and everything. No over the years she has scouted out the forest and lake around the cabin and found the best backdrops for her new photo series.” Jacob said.

“New series?” Solomon asked.

“Yes, my mom spent years coming up with a new story. She hired a photographer with two female assistants to help the other models shoot another photo storybook for our wedding present.” Jacob said.

“Other models?” Solomon asked.

“Yes, my mom wants to tell a story about a clan of Laurel Nymphs joining with a clan of fruit nymphs.” Jacob said.

“Fruit nymphs and Laurel nymphs?” Wanda asked.

“It’s from Greek mythology.” Jacob answered.

“It basically means a nude chick streaking through the forest.” Solomon said.

“Sol, I’m trying to get something done here.” Jacob said annoyed.

“Sorry. I’ll try and be good.” Solomon promised.

“My mom worked really hard writing a new wood nymph story. She wrote parts for me and Diana and…” Jacob said pausing.

“Here it comes.” Solomon said before Adina nudged him in the ribs with her elbow.

“It would mean a lot to my new mother-in-law.” Diana said.

“My mom wrote parts for Tanya and Wanda as well.” Jacob said.

There was a silent pause at the table. A big smile spread across Solomon’s face. His gaze flicked back and forth from Tanya to Diana to Wanda.

“They’d all be naked nymphs?” Solomon asked.

“Well,…” Jacob started making the answer obvious by his hesitation.

“Hell yeah!” Solomon said.

“It’s all going to be tasteful and shot artistically. The photographer won’t shoot anything you aren’t comfortable showing.” Jacob explained.

“So no nips and clits then?” Solomon asked.

“I thought you were going to stop being an asshole here?” Jacob asked.

“Sorry, you are talking about naked pics of some very attractive women.” Solomon pointed out his gaze going back and forth between the trio.

“Sol, you’ve seen the original album. It’s not pornographic. My folks keep it on the shelf in the study, not in my dad’s sock drawer.” Jacob said.

“Oh yeah, your dad’s sock drawer. He had some pretty hot stuff in there. You remember when those older guys at school tried to say Oriental girls had sideways pussies and we bet them a hundred bucks it wasn’t true. We brought in all those weird school girl mags your dad had to prove them wrong.” Solomon said.

“Sol, it’s kind of a special occasion here. I don’t want to talk about my dad’s porn stash.” Jacob said.

“Not only did those guys not pay up, but they also stole your dad’s magazines.” Solomon asked.

“Yeah, you were a big help running away.” Jacob commented.

“I went to get help.” Solomon said.

“Cause when you bring porn into high school you want to get the teachers involved.” Jacob said.

“Jake, I don’t think our guests want to hear about your high kaçak iddaa school porn history.” Diana commented.

“Sorry honey, I’ll get back on track.” Jacob said determined to power through Solomon’s interruptions.

“Please do.” Diana said.

“My parents had their honeymoon camping by this beautiful river-fed lake in a real secluded spot in the woods. My folks spent the trip taking pictures of my mom frolicking in the woods that my mom turned into a picture album my mom developed into a story.” Jacob repeated.

“I think everyone picked up on that.” Diana said.

“Once my dad’s trust fund kicked in, my folks had a beautiful cabin built on the lake. My mom wants all of you to come up for a couple of days to shoot this. The cabin is beautiful and my dad rented campers to accommodate everyone, so everyone will have some privacy” Jacob said.

“When would we do this?” Wanda asked.

“We would fly out next weekend.” Tanya replied.

“So you already know about all this?” Julie asked.

“Please, boy my sister told me about this weeks ago. I already worked out so you got the time off from work.” Tanya said.

“Do we really have to be there the whole time?” Julie asked Springer.

“I get to be there cause it sounds like fun. You have to be there because you are driving.” Springer said.

“I thought we were flying?” Julie asked.

“We’re flying. Someone needs to drive the van.

I picked you.” Springer said.

“What van?” Julie asked.

“Well, Tanya gave me the heads up on all this, and I needed a couple of vans for interstate bail skips. So I bought a couple of cargo vans for you and Duane to use.” Springer said.

“So as long as you have access to a big van, I could drive up all your luggage.” Julie summerized.

Not just luggage we need you to drive the models my mom hired and the photographer’s assistant.” Jacob said.

“So me and Wanda are driving?” Julie asked.

“Almost figured it out.” Springer said.

“Actually, it really is a ton of equipment. and I’m told the first bench seat only seats two. Jacob said.

“And we need Wanda on day one to help block the photos.” Diana said.

“Guess it’s just you and the models going halfway up the east coast. Poor guy. Don’t worry we’ll keep an eye on your wife.” Solomon said unable to hide the mirth in his tone.

“We’ll make sure everyone is safe.” Jacob said quickly trying to cover up for his friend.

“Yeah, you just keep an eye on those models. We wouldn’t want them despoiled or

tainted before the photoshoot.” Solomon said.

A dark thought went through Julie’s green eyes before he gained control of his temper. Julie used rage as fuel in the gym or in a fight. It took a second bury the hot fury deep in his stomach. Julie didn’t want to ruin Diana’s dinner party. The mischievous light in Solomon’s face made it hard to swallow the anger Julie was feeling.

Julie excused himself to the bathroom. He took off his dress shirt and hung it on the stall door and splashed cold water over his face. Now in control of his emotions, Julie used the urinal. As he finished he felt a familiar sensation. Two soft warm breasts passed into his back. A smooth-skinned black hand snaked around his waist and went for his instantly rock-hard erection.

It took a moment for Julie’s mind to process that Wanda’s breasts were sitting lower than usual. Julie spun around in shock when he realized it wasn’t Wanda. Adina quickly took hold of Julie’s exposed member with both hands and started stroking.

“Jesus, I was pretty sure you had a big dick but I can’t believe how hot your cock is. Do you piss steam?” Adina said.

Julie tried to back away and his hand made contact with the water from the urinal flush. He instinctually stepped away from the water and brushed his cock against Adina’s stomach. Her massive breasts hung low enough that Adina felt his hard member press into her left tit.

“OOOh, you want to titty fuck huh?” Adina said pulling her green t-shirt over her huge white bra-covered tits.

Julie was reluctant to touch her with his wet hand. A weird sense of chivalry prevented him from touching her with his hand while it had toilet water on it. Julie tried to muscle through Adina and she responded by smearing lipstick on the front of Julie’s tank top.

“You don’t get away that easy big boy.” Adina said pressing her bare stomach against Julie’s warm cock.

Julie moved his hand to her shoulder to press her away. Adina deftly shifted her weight so Julie’s hand made contact with her huge left breast. Julie hesitated for an instant before pulling away.

“Don’t stop if you don’t want to.” Adina said with a wicked grin.

“I don’t want to.” Julie said his voice cracking.

“Lie to me but don’t lie to yourself.” Adina said tugging Julie’s now rock-hard erection.

“I’m not lying kaçak bahis to anyone.” Julie said pulling his hips back so member was free of Adina’s grasp.

“Then why is your dick so hard?” Adina said.

Julie stood with his mouth open unable to answer.

“It’s pretty obvious that you got a thing for big black tits. Why else would a cholo badass like you be with a bougie sister like that?” Adina asked.

“That’s not why I’m with her.” Julie said.

“Caught you lying again. You can’t take your eyes off these tits.” Adina said pushing her breasts up to her chin.

“They’re a bit hard to miss.” Julie said.

“With a girl like yours you don’t get a crack at some bigger tits too often, better jump on it.” Adina said.

“What about Solomon?” Julie asked.

“Solomon is great. We’re gonna be a great power couple someday. Preachers daughter and a powerful political attorney. We were made for each other.” Adina said reaching behind her back for her bra clasp.

“This isn’t soulmate behavior.” Julie said as Adina unclasped her bra.

“Part of what makes us so perfect for each other is we know we’re going to fuck around on the side.” Adina said lowering her giant bra below her huge black areolas.

Julie couldn’t help but stare. His inexperience with women besides his wife was obvious. Adina had almost perfectly round aroelas like they had been drawn on. Julie had never seen areolas that were smooth all over like Adina’s. It dawned on Julie that the only topless black women he had ever seen were all related to his wife.

“I knew once we got started you’d be down for this.” Adina said.

“I’m not. I love my wife.” Julie protested.

“You ain’t fooling anyone. You’re about to cum in your pants looking at these.” Adina said cupping her huge breasts with her hands.

“That’s not true.” Julie said looking up at the ceiling.

With his attention on the ceiling Julie didn’t notice Adina step close to him and slip a hand down the front of his pants.

“What are you doing?” Julie asked as his hands instinctually rose to Adina’s massive chest to push her away.

“I knew you wanted to get your hands on these.” Adina said as Julie’s hands sank into her pillowy tits.

“No!” Julie exclaimed holding both hands up.

“You clearly don’t mean that.” Adina said has she got a firm grip on Julie’s warm erection.

“Get off me.” Julie said roughly shoving Adina more strategically from her shoulders.

“You’re being a fool. If Solomon is going to be fucking your wife anyway, you might as well get a fine piece of ass out of the deal.” Adina said.

“What are you talking about?” Julie asked.

“Solomon is clearly going to fuck your wife.” Adina said.

“What?” Julie questioned not understanding Adina.

“You can’t tell Solomon wants to fuck your wife?” Adina asked.

“No.” Julie responded.

“Solomon is like a lot of privileged black guys. He questions his blackness because he never had to struggle. He’s a suburban candyass from a well-off family and it kills him that in the black community he’s considered soft.” Adina explained.

“What does that have to do with Wanda?” Julie asked.

“Solomon resents that you’re every bit as coddled and spoiled raised in the suburbs as he is but you have a hard edge he will never have. You run around the hood roughing up thugs and criminals with that big whiteboy friend of yours. Solomon knows the street brothers would serve his balls to him on a platter if he ever tried something like that.” Adina continued.

“And?” Julie asked not getting it.

“Solomon thinks he can steal some of your power if he fucks your wife.” Adina said.

“That doesn’t make sense.” Julie said.

“Since when does the way guys think about pussy and power have to make sense?” Adina asked.

“Why does he think Wanda would sleep with him?” Julie asked.

“Your wife likes pretty boys.” Adina said.

“What?” Julie said stunned.

“Your wife is into pretty boys. If not Solomon then that pretty boy cousin of yours is gonna get a piece of your wife for sure. She’s got the hots for him. She’s probably already sucked him off once or twice at least given him a hand job.” Adina said.

Julie stood confused.

“The way your wife looks at your cousin if it hasn’t happened yet will. Your wife is gonna get her some pretty boy dick. This is your chance to get something out of it for yourself Adina said.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Julie said grabbing his shirt off the door.

“Well, then we’ll see you up at the cabin.” Adina called out as Julie stormed past her.

Back at the table, Jacob was handing out plane tickets. Julie took note of the way Solomon glanced at his wife’s chest. Julie started to step to Solomon when Jacob handed him an envelope.

“This has all the information you’re gonna need to pick up the models and photo equipment.” Jacob said pressing the papers to Julie’s chest.

Julie took it without thinking.

“See you up at the cabin big guy.” Jacob said as the evening came to a close.

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