Video Game Vixen Ch. 06

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I kicked my feet in the sand below me, trailing my big toes through and watching the tips scuff gray. It had been a really bad day, between the argument I’d had at work to my Psychology teacher denying me an extension on an research paper he had failed to give me, to Teresa’s sudden bitchiness towards me, to Dylan and mines almighty screaming fit in his car when we were heading home, I was ready to curl up into the fetal position and suck my thumb for the next few days or so. I sighed kicked my feet a little on the ground below me again, feeling the swing underneath me lurch slightly.

“Sanaa… girl… you need a break.” I said to myself. “Get home, go on a trip, do something.” Right now… I didn’t want to do anything. I leaned my head against the cool chains of the swing. A breeze whipped up a few leaves, brushing them across my ankles. I looked at the elementary school in front of me, and then at the street on the other side of the chain link fence, sighing. I missed elementary, when everything was easy and fun, and I went home or over Nisi’s, and we’d play with her dolls or sneak into her older brother’s room and go through his stuff. Back before everything happened. Before Jeff, or Mariah, before any of my boyfriends.

“Get your ass up.” I said to myself, standing at the same time. “Get to the apartment, get your things, and go.” I said, and then started walking the few blocks to my apartment. I’d just been around everyone for too long. I needed a break from them. I’d talk a long weekend, extremely long, considering it was Tuesday, and come back refreshed.

“Sanaa, wake up.” My momma said, calling into my room. I rolled over, putting my pillow over my head. I’d gotten home around 3am, after a three hour taxi ride. The guy driving, however, didn’t make me pay the fare. He told me he had a daughter my age, in college studying to be a teacher, and that he wished his daughter would visit home like I was doing, because I was such a good girl, he could tell. I still tipped him at the end of the night, pulling out the first few bills I could find, and figuring it was an extravagant amount when I saw the look on his face. He tried to push the bills back at me, but I shook my head and thanked him.

“Sanaa, you heard me.” She walked into the room, gripped the sheets from around my ankle, and whipped them off. A big surprise to her, however, when my bare ass was facing her. I’d slept, as usual, in an old wifebeater, but this time with no panties.

“Momma, leave me.” I groaned.

“I’m not the one who woke me up this morning at 2”

“3” I yawned

“2:30am.” She finished. “Get up and get some work done young lady, you hear me.”

“But Ma”

“No buts or it’ll be yours on the fire.” She said, and then flung my sheet back on me. I sat up at the same time, so that the sheets flew over my head and I resembled some sort of ghost. I pulled it off, sitting up and looking around my room. Other than the fact that it was clean, it was the same room from my youth. My game systems, including all my vintage ones, were piled on a bookcase, the games lining the shelves next to them. The spot where my television would be, had it not still been in my apartment, was filled with a plant that I planned to destroy as soon as possible. My desk was the same, never touched, and the sky blue carpet and black ceiling were the same, offsetting the white walls.

I got out of bed, standing for a moment on shaking legs, before picking up and pulling on a pair of black shorts, and then walking down the hall to the bathroom, stepping over the kitten momma had gotten while I was gone, and tripping over my daddy’s briefcase. Same old house, I walked through it like a well played role in a sitcom, the daughter of the world’s most overbearingly successful parents, which probably explained the way I turned out.

True to my expectations, my momma had breakfast on the table when I walked down the stairs, even if it was only juice and cereal. We’d stopped the routine for a while, during my senior year of high school and my leaving for college, but they’d apparently picked it back up again while I was gone. Daddy was at his end of the table, looking like a newspaper with a fork attached while he browsed the headlines, stopping to spear the waffles Momma had toasted for him, while she herself leaned again the sink sipping her coffee.

I sat down, pouring milk over my cereal and digging my spoon into it while momma and daddy talked. It was just like old times, straight back to elementary school. I even reached into the box to pull out the toy inside, giggling at the cheap little thing that came out.

“Oh honey! I forgot to tell you!” Momma said suddenly, setting her tea down on the counter. “Hunter will be in and out this week; he’s installing some new circuit breakers and fixing a few things up. He needed the money and we needed a handyman.” She picked up her coffee again. My stomach had clenched at the word Hunter, and a thrill ran through my chest. My momma had opened a door she hadn’t known was there.

Weeks sahabet güvenilirmi ago, on my last trip, Hunter had kissed me, and even now, remembering it, my pussy throbbed in anticipation. Jeff and I had been on a down lately, arguing more than we ever had. He’d even accused me of cheating on him with Dylan. I’d found myself yelling at him “We’re not even a couple! You’re my cousin. Fuck off and leave me alone!” He’d taken it to heart and taken a trip, I don’t know where he went, but he hadn’t so much as dropped me a postcard since he’d gone.

I crossed my legs under the table, rocking slowly to get the pressure on my clit. I could only think about fucking Hunter, How I wanted him inside of me. Momma talked to daddy over my head while I filled my head with naughty thoughts.

“Oh and Sanaa.” I looked up at her, coming out of my momentary lapse of consciousness.


“Clean your room.” She said, putting down her cup one last time and then turning to rinse it out.

“It’s already clean.”

“Finish it! Your cousin is bringing in a television that was supposed to be a surprise for you, and installing it. Seeing as how you’re home now, though, I believe the surprise is gone.” I looked up, speechless. Momma and daddy had never treated me this good, as well off as we were. There had to be a catch.

“The week after you finish school, we need you at home baby.”

“But I need to stay in the apartment so I won’t lose it.”

“Look child, let me finish.” Momma set her cup onto the dish drainer. “We’ll only need you for a week. Your Nana wanted to have a family get together, and we offered our house, we have the biggest yard.” My mouth dropped open. The last time we’d had a reunion of any sort, Uncle Jermaine and Uncle Maleek, Aunt Nicole’s husband, had been drinking heavily, and argued over simple matters. They’d fought and hadn’t spoken since. My cousins from down south had driven up, as well as a few from the north and a few of the ones from the Caribbean had flown up. The only issue was that once you got a big group of us together, there was nothing but drama.

“Momma, I”

“Your Nana is looking forward to having you here. You know how she’s getting on in age. You’re her oldest Grandbaby you know, aside from Aunt Nicole’s son, but either way, you’re the oldest girl.” My momma was trying to guilt me into saying I’d go. II licked my lips, and gave in.

“Ok momma, I’ll be there.” I sighed. Momma smiled.

“I knew you would be. Now come here and kiss your momma bye.” I stood and moved over to her, kissing her cheek and then kissing my daddy’s forehead as he stood. I walked up the stairs, up to my room. I gripped my towel and headed into the bathroom, turning the hot water on and perching on the edge of the tub, stripping off my shorts and shirt.

I reached for my razor, opening my legs as I held it under the water. Reaching for my shaving gel, I quickly touched up my pussy, and then shaved my legs and armpits. I tied my hair back into a scarf, and then placed my silk cap over the mass of curls. I wiped the hair out of the tub, and then ran the water for my bath, pouring in some Honey scented bubble bath momma had given me for Christmas.

I slid below the bubbles, the hot water soothing my muscles and clearing my senses. I ran my fingers over my body, traveling slowly across my breast and towards my pussy. I slid a finger between my lips, tracing my slit slowly. I closed my eyes as I let my fingers explore my pussy, pulling the lips and sliding my fingers inside. I pressed them against the roof of my cunt as my thumb began to sweep slowly across my clit. I gave a moan, my mind concentrating on Hunter’s face, on his body above mine. I could almost feel his cock driving into me, his fingers in my hair, his mouth hot on my chest.

I spread my fingers slowly, stretching my pussy walls as I slid my fingers in and out. My hips rocked erratically as my head lolled back. My back arched, my body spasmed, and my mouth opened in a silent moan as I came hard. My foot slipped as I rocked, and I slid below the water. I came up sputtering, my fingers still buried third knuckle deep inside of myself. I lay there after it had passed over me, my eyes drooping as I lazily searched for my washcloth. I could only imagine what I would do to Hunter, and as I soaped and cleaned my body, I licked my lips, concentrating on him.

I climbed out of the tub, wrapping my towel around my chest and draining the water. I stood in front of the mirror to brush my teeth and lotion myself, and then flicked the soaked silk cap and the scarf off of my head, shaking my hair out. The damp curls fell to where my bra strap would lie on my back, shorter than when I get it straightened, but longer than when they were dry, of which they’d bee around my shoulders. I dropped my towel, looking in the mirror.

My freshly shaved pussy looked back at me, and my breasts rose with every breath I took. My cheeks were flushed with the heat of the bathroom, and as I turned, I could see where I’d had sahabet yeni giriş the tattoo erased, on the very bottom of my back, just above my ass, where I’d gotten my ex’s name spelled out in Chinese letters. It wasn’t really noticeable, unless you knew it had been there. Few people actually noticed, even a few I’d slept with were unaware. I’d even managed to forget it every once in a while.

I stepped out of the bathroom, stretching in place, the towel held in one hand. I heard a deep laugh, and my eyes flew open.


“Do you make it a practice to run around naked?” He asked, laughing. “You’re just lucky the delivery guys aren’t here yet.” I was so surprised modesty hadn’t kicked in yet, and I still stood naked before my gorgeous specimen of a cousin. I grinned to myself, deciding that the towel could stay off.

“I prefer being naked cuz… much more natural.” I said, walking past him. He laughed again, watching me as I went and shut the door behind me. I flopped on my bed, my legs giving out on me.

“Oh god… I almost came right there.” I laughed at myself. I pulled a pair of shorts and a halter top out of my dresser, pulling them on and fixing my breasts in the built in bra. I sprayed my hair with leave in conditioner, dragging a comb through it a few times and then ran my fingers through it before sitting down to pull socks onto my feet.

“Sanaa you almost dressed? A truck just pulled up outside.” I heard him call through the door, I stood, pushing it open and walking out.

“Yeah. I’m gonna go and wash the breakfast dishes.”

“Ok.” Hunter said, and then turned around, walking back down the stairs as I watched him, staring especially at the way his ass filled out his jeans. I licked my lips and then followed him.

I washed the dishes quick enough, and walking up the steps to my room I realized the delivery guys were still inside. I pushed in, noticing the TV was out of its box and on the shelf, a 42in flat screened silver Sony©. The deliverymen, two guys looking not too much older than myself, maybe somewhere around Hunter’s age, were looking at my systems.

“Damn! They even have an Atari© and a Sega©.” One guy said, a toothpick hanging from the corner of his mouth. He leaned over and picked up a Sonic the Hedgehog™ cartridge, turning it over. “This was it back in the day.”

“I know what you mean.” The other guy said, scratching his head. “I wonder who’s they are.”

“They’re mine.” I spoke up, walking forwards. They turned around and looked down at me.

“Goddamn! What you know about all of this?” Toothpick said. He leaned over and looked me up and down.

“For real!” His partner said. I laughed.

“I probably know more about this than you do.” They shook their heads. We got to talking about a few of the older systems, and Toothpick asked me how much it would cost for him to buy some of my game doubles, even begging me to sell him the extra Sega system I’d gotten from my cousin Malachi. His partner continued flicking through my games, exclaiming every once in a while when he found a classic or one he didn’t expect to see.

“So,” Toothpick said, his eyes taking on another light. “You got to teach me more about that classic gaming. How about we meet up a little later?” He grinned at me. Altogether, he wasn’t too bad looking. Brown eyes, caramel skin tone, about 6’3, dark brown hair corn rowed back. Had I not been concentrating so hard on my Hunter, he would have been drop dead fine. I smiled at him.

“How about you tell me your name first.” I said. He laughed.

“Lamar.” He said, and then scratched his chin.

“Sanaa.” I reached over for my cell phone. “How about you give me your number, and I’ll call you.” He nodded and told me his number. I entered it and after a little while longer, they left to finish up their deliveries, Lamar first hooking up the TV for me even though, like I had told him, I could’ve managed. I looked around for Hunter, finding him in the basement where he was painting the wall. I perched on a box to watch him.

He’d taken off his shirt, throwing it onto the floor a few feet away, and I watched the play of muscles on his back. He stopped and stretched, turning and spotting me as he moved to sit on another stack of boxes.

“Hunter.” I started, and then shook my head, standing.

“What?” He answered, standing as well.

“You… never mind.” I said, walking up the stairs. I was hoping on him to follow me up the steps, which he did. I stood in front of the couch, flipping through a magazine. As he walked past me, I stopped to smack him in the ass. He froze and turned to look at me as I innocently returned to looking at the pages.

He surprised me, however, reaching over and gripping the magazine from me and then pulling me to his chest. He leaned over and kissed me, hard. His tongue pushed its way into my mouth as I circled his neck with my arms, my eyes closing.

Just as soon as he’d started, he pulled away, continuing his walk into the kitchen. My mouth dropped open and sahabet giriş my pussy throbbed. I moved my hand down to rub myself through my shorts, my clit screaming in agony as I watched him.

“Seriously Nisi! He just walked away.” I said into the phone. Nisi laughed at me, and then yelled to someone. She was at her momma’s restaurant helping out while studying for an exam for beauty school. I was on my bed on my knees, ass cocked up in the air and facing the door, flipping through a game magazine. The TV was on in the background, one of the reggae stations blazing some new videos while I hummed along, moving my hips slowly to the rhythm. “It’s not funny! And now I’m on my bed with my ass facing the door, hoping he walks past.” Nisi laughed again.

“Look girl, you’re just working your way down the line huh.”

“What you mean?”

“I mean your cousins. What’s this, the third one? Jeff, and then Mariah, now you’re working on Hunter, Next is Micah I suppose, and then what?”

“Nisi girl, you seriously think I’m out to seduce them all? They’re all hitting on me!” I exclaimed, flipping a page.

“And you’re not saying no.”

“Would you?” I asked. She laughed again.

“You know I want it, but I like my sex the same way I like my coffee. Hot as hell and however I can get it.” I laughed.

“Look girl, call me when you’re off work. Hopefully I’ll have a story for you.”

“Cool boo. Save a lick for me.” She hung up and I snapped my cell phone shut, returning to my magazine. I flipped through for a while until my thirst forced me off of my bed and into the kitchen, where Hunter was under the sink tightening a pipe.

I pulled open a cabinet, humming to myself as I pulled down a glass. I crossed to the fridge, pulling out my momma’s water pitcher and pouring myself a glass. I took a sip and wandered over to the sink.

“Having fun?” I asked him, bringing the glass up to my lips once more.

“Always.” He answered, grunting as he turned the wrench. I leaned a bit further down to watch the muscles of his abs tighten. I licked my lips.

“Guess you’re good at handling the pipes then…” I said. He paused for a moment, and then answered me.

“Better than most people I know. Better than my little brother, I believe.” I froze, I had no idea what Hunter was alluding to, but if it was what I thought it was, about me and Jeff… I’d better keep playing the game.

“How would you know that? I take it Jeff has worked the pipes for you?” I took a bigger sip of my water.

“No, but we’ve shared different jobs before. The customer was always more satisfied after my turn.” He slid a bit lower so that I could now see his shoulders as well.

“Pipes flowed well then?”

“Always. I find I’m good at keeping the pipes” he slid out all the way, looking up at me. “Wet.” A shiver ran up my spine, and I could feel my pussy moistening. I wanted him in me… bad.

“Wet huh…” I whispered at him, and then, taking the glass up, turned it over and doused him with what was left of my water. He yelled out, sputtering and looking up at me in surprise as I slapped the glass on the counter and ran off giggling.

“Sanaa!” He yelled after me, and then I heard his footsteps behind me. I shrieked as he reached out, gripping my hips, and pulled away from him, running up the steps towards my room. He was two steps behind me, and I knocked over the hallway hamper as I went. He leaped over it, and by now, I was sure he knew where I was headed. I ran into my room, springing onto my bed. He caught me around the middle at the same time, and fell with me. We wrestled around for a bit, tickling and shoving, until I was above him, straddling his waist.

He flipped me over, his fingers tickling me as I shrieked beneath him. I giggled hysterically, and just as soon as he started, he got up. I sat up, my mouth dropping open.

“What!” I whined. He shook his head, laughing as he headed out of the room. His route took him to where the plant from my shelves had been moved, and he tripped over it, knocking the soil out and stepping on the stem. “Ooooo! I’ma tell my momma!” I said, a grin creeping to my lips. All was not lost. I could still pull him into my game, even though I was falling into his.

“Not if I tell her first.” He said, grinning back at me. I watched a bead of water trace its way down his chest and I licked my lips.

“Who’d she believe? You or her sweet, innocent, baby girl.” I was kneeling by then, and I put my hands on my knees and looked up at Hunter, giving him my best innocent face.

“Oh yeah?” He crossed the floor and leapt on me in seconds tickling me once again. I laughed again, tears streaming down my face uncontrollably as my body bucked beneath him, my thighs feeling the growing bulge beneath his jeans as I started to drench my shorts.

“Ok ok! I give!” I gasped out, my fingers digging into his shoulders.

“You give huh…” He said it in a slow, seductive whisper. His mouth descended upon mine, kissing me hard and fast as my arms tightened around his neck. We rolled over so that I was on top, and his hands slid beneath my shirt to cup my breasts, pushing the built in lining up. My nipples hardened at his touch, and he swept his thumbs lazily across them as he broke away from my kiss as he lay there looking up at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32