Victorian Vices Ch. 02

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Tuesday 7 September 1850.

Following their return home from their Grand Tour, Lady Constance Cockingham and her daughter Beatrice sat down to breakfast together with the cuckold Lord Cockingham and Beatrice’s brother Cecil. The women ate a hearty full English cooked breakfast, whilst the males were served bowls of milk sop, a sort of porridge consisting of a slice of bread in a bowlful of warm milk.

After breakfast, a carriage was sent for, and all four Cockinghams got in. Thomas the butler solicitously provided travel blankets for his Mistress and her daughter, to ward off the chill of early autumn and to protect them from the threat of rain.

“There’s no need for a footman, Thomas,” Lady Constance smiled at the butler. “I see that Jack has been given the coach driver’s position. I’m sure he’ll be able to take care of our needs.”

Jack was the son of John Armstrong, Lord Cockingham’s blacksmith, and he and his father lived together in a tied cottage within the grounds of Smallcock Hall. John’s wife had died giving birth to Jack, and father and son had a unique bond that had strengthened over the years.

Lady Constance had arranged for Jack to be looked after by Mrs. Waters, the housekeeper, whilst John’s needs were seen to by the Lady herself. Lady Constance smiled as she remembered some of the excellent seeings-to John had given her. She wondered if Jack was as well-endowed in the cock department as his father. She decided to find out for herself before too long.

“Good morning, Jack. I’m glad to see you getting on in the world. How are you enjoying being my coach driver?”

Jack blushed a delightful shade of pink. He tugged his forelock.

“Good morning, Ma’m,” he replied respectfully. “It’s a great job. His Lordship has a wonderful stable of horses. Dad keeps them in good condition, well shod and they’ve been schooled perfectly. They are a dream to drive.”

“I must visit the stables one of these days,” said Lady Constance with a wicked smile. “It’s been too long since I had some horseflesh between my legs.”

She winked at an astonished Jack, and got into the carriage. Thomas fussed around, tucking her travelling rug cosily around her legs. In a quiet voice, Lady Constance murmured to the butler, “See to it that Jack is on duty in the stables every morning this week. And keep the rest of the stable staff occupied and out of the way.”

“Of course, my Lady,” replied Thomas in an equally low voice.

“Ma’ma, what are you whispering about?” enquired Beatrice.

“And tell Jack that I’m to be addressed as ‘Your Ladyship’ not ‘Ma’m” said Lady Constance, in her normal voice, before she turned to Beatrice with a smile.

“Nothing to bother you about, my dear Jack, our driver, is new. He doesn’t yet know how to address his betters. Thomas will put him right.”

Lord Cockingham held his tongue, but the look on his wife’s face told him that he was going to be cuckolded again very soon. And with yet another of his servants. His little cock twitched in his trousers, and he gave it a surreptitious rub of sympathy.

When the carriage arrived at Mrs. Scarlet’s establishment, Jack pulled the horses up and leapt down to help Lady Cockingham and Miss Beatrice down. They both thanked him profusely, and he blushed again.

“Take the carriage into the yard, Jack,” said Lady Constance. “One of Mrs Scarlet’s serving girls will give you a tankard of ale whilst you wait, I’m sure. We will probably be quite some time.”

“Thank you, your Ladyship,” replied Jack gratefully.

“He’s a quick learner!” thought Lady Constance to herself, pleased to be addressed properly at last. “I hope he is as thorough in bed!”

Taking Beatrice’s arm, Lady Constance walked up to the entrance, where a liveried doorman doffed his top hat.

“Good morning, your Ladyship; Miss Beatrice,” he said with a smarmy smile. “Mrs. Scarlet is expecting you both.”

“Thank you, Bates,” replied Lady Constance. “I’ve brought my cuc… um, my husband and my son with me as well.”

Bates looked at Lord Cockingham and Cecil, both of whom he recognised immediately.

“Begging your pardon, your Ladyship,” he said apologetically. “Mrs. Scarlet’s rules are that cuckolds and trainees have to use the back entrance. I can’t make any exceptions.”

Lady Constance looked at her cuckold and her son and shrugged.

“You heard Bates,” she said. “You both have to use the back entrance. At least you’re used to it, Charles, and it will be good training for you, Cecil. The back entrance is all you’re both good for!”

She giggled to herself, and when Beatrice asked her what was so funny, Lady Constance explained. Beatrice looked at her mother in amazement.

“You mean Pa’pa likes to be taken from behind?” she asked in a shocked voice. “Like a woman being pleasured?”

“I don’t think he likes it, my dear, but when you’re not a real man, you have to do what you are told.”

The two women entered Mrs. Scarlet’s vast house. A scantily dressed servant welcomed bursa eskort them.

“Good morning ladies. Welcome to Mrs. Scarlet’s House of Pleasure, Pain and Perversion. What will be your pleasure today?”

“We are expected,” replied Lady Constance. “Kindly go and inform your Mistress that Lady Constance Cockingham and Miss Beatrice are here.”

The servant’s face fell at having not recognised so eminent a pair of guests, and with a word of apology, rushed off to inform Mrs. Scarlet that her guests had arrived.

“Ma’ma, that was a man dressed in a lady’s corset and bloomers!” whispered Beatrice in a shocked whisper. Lady Constance looked at her daughter sternly.

“Beatrice, you are a grown woman, about to be married and Coupled. Please don’t embarrass me or yourself by making asinine remarks. This is a House of Pleasure. All sorts of interests and fetishes are catered for here.”

“Why do you think I sent Cecil here to be trained properly? And your nominal father is used frequently by Mrs. Scarlet to entertain her guests. Please limit your conversation to the weather and our recent trip. Leave the rest to me!”

“Yes, Ma’ma” replied Beatrice meekly.

The transvestite returned, and apologised for keeping them waiting. The imprint of a hand could clearly be seen on his cheek.

“Mistress Scarlet will see you in her sitting room,” he informed them. “Please be so good as to follow me.”

They walked through the vast lobby and ascended the wide staircase at the far end, onto a large landing space, furnished with several large armchairs and a couple of comfortable looking settees.

Leading them along one of the corridors that led off the landing, their guide turned around and smiled at them.

“Nearly there,” he said, rounding a corner and coming to a stop in front of a pair of wooden doors with ornate carvings. “Here we are at last,” he smiled.

He knocked respectfully, and on hearing the command “Enter!”, he opened both doors and stood aside to allow Lady Constance and Beatrice to go in.

“Your guests, Mistress. Lady Cockingham and Miss Beatrice Cockingham,” he announced quietly.

“Ladies! Welcome. Lady Constance, it has been far too long since your last visit. And how lovely to meet you at last, Miss Beatrice.”

The speaker was a middle-aged woman, dressed in a beautiful red and black whale bone corset, which gathered in her waist as well as pushing her large tits together. The tops of these milk white mounds were unashamedly on display. Her wardrobe was completed with a pair of black stockings, held up by a black suspender belt, and to preserve what little modesty she felt necessary, a pair of the smallest silk panties that Beatrice had ever seen.

She thought their hostess looked magnificent. Her thoughts were interrupted as Mrs. Scarlet spoke again.

“Henrietta, get out of my sight!” she snapped. “I’ll deal with you later, slut!”

As the transvestite withdrew, closing the doors quietly behind him, Mrs. Scarlet became all sweetness and light again.

“Sit, ladies, please,” she purred, indicating a pair of armchairs opposite the one in which she was seated. “May I offer you some refreshment? Coffee? Tea? Sherry?”

Lady Constance beamed at her hostess.

“Sherry sounds very civilised, Mrs. Scarlett,” she said. “And maybe some champagne when our business is concluded.

“Oh come now, Lady Constance,” replied Mrs. Scarlet, “we’ve known each other for long enough now. It’s Olwen, please. No need for such formality between friends.”

She picked up a small bell from a coffee table at her side and gave it a shake. The tinkling had barely died away when a door behind her opened, and a young woman, naked except for a tiny frilly apron and a pair of short, heeled boots came in.

“You rang, Madam?” she asked with a curtsey.

“Sherry, please Ethel,” smiling at her maid. “And tell that imbecile Henrietta to put a magnum of champagne on ice. We will require it at the conclusion of our business.”

“Very good, Madam,” replied Ethel with another curtsey. She went out the way she had come in.

Olwen Scarlet rubbed her hands in a business-like manner and turned back to her guests.

“Now then,” she said enthusiastically, “down to business. I think you’ll find that I have rather good news for you, your Ladyship. And for you, too, Miss Beatrice.”

She broke off with a frown and an angry tut as a knock sounded on the big double doors.

“I thought I had made it perfectly clear that we weren’t to be disturbed,” she said angrily raising her voice to bark “Enter!” at whoever was the cause of this disturbance.

The doors opened slightly, and Henrietta sidled in nervously.

“Begging your pardon. Mistress,” he said in a quavering voice, “but I found Lord Cockingham and his son wandering about in the servant’s quarters. His Lordship insisted that I make you aware of his attendance.”

Lady Constance blushed and coughed gently to hide her embarrassment.

“I’m terribly sorry, Olwen,” she bursa escort apologised. “Bates sent my cuckold and my son around the back as per your instructions. I had totally forgotten about the pair of them.”

“Where are Lord Cockingham and Cecil now?” demanded Mrs. Scarlet of Henrietta.

“Outside, awaiting your instructions, Mistress,” replied her terrified transvestite servant.

Olwen Scarlet looked at Lady Constance, who nodded wordlessly.

“Bring them in here, and then get out of my sight,” instructed Mrs. Scarlet.

Henrietta announced the new arrivals formally, and withdrew. Lord Cockingham stood respectfully in front of the seated trio, saying nothing. Cecil stood by the doors, obviously overwhelmed by his surroundings.

“I suppose I must address you as Lord Charles in front of your Mistress and your daughter,” began Mrs. Scarlet. “Although I do prefer the name I gave you when you’re being a tart, and mincing around satisfying my gentlemen customers,” she continued with an evil grin.

“Don’t spare his blushes on our part, Olwen my dear,” smiled Lady Constance. “I’ve known about his little peculiarities ever since my Ma’ma arranged for me to take him on. And as Beatrice is about to embark down the route of marriage and Coupling, it’s high time she knew what type of man her father is.”

Olwen Scarlet raised her eyebrows at Lady Constance’s use of the word ‘father’, but she said nothing. She looked at Lord Cockingham with disdain.

“How are your buttocks after yesterday’s session with Colonel Pickering?” she asked with a smile. “Your Pa’pa was caned and then buggered yesterday by a very dear friend of mine, who always visits when he’s home on leave from his position in the army. Colonel Pickering is stationed in India, looking after that part of our glorious Empire,” Mrs Scarlet informed Beatrice.

“Your dear mother gave me carte blanche to use Lord Charles as I saw fit many years ago,” she continued. “But a lot of my gentlemen customers like their tarts to have feminine names. Your Pa’pa is known as Charlotte in this establishment. Does that shock or offend you, my dear?”

“Not at all, Mrs. Scarlet,” replied Beatrice warmly. “Ma’ma has always included me in Pa’pa’s training, even before I came of age. I know who my sire is, even though Ma’ma and he are no longer a couple. I look forward to the time when I can make my husband a cuckold, and I’m hoping that this meeting today will lead to me getting a lover to pleasure me and breed me, just like my Grandmere and my Ma’ma have done in the past.”

Olwen Scarlet beamed at Beatrice and remarked, “Both your grandmother and your mother are remarkable women, Miss Beatrice. I can see that you are a credit to them, and you will carry on the tradition of ruling your cuckold’s life as well as enjoying your own life.”

“Tell me, my dear,” she continued,” what sort of man would you be prepared to take on as your cuckold?”

“I want someone who is very similar to my Pa’pa,” replied Beatrice with a wicked grin at Lord Cockingham, who smiled proudly at his daughter.

“I intend to punish my cuckold regularly,” she continued unashamedly. “I know Pa’pa is sent here to be beaten. When my cuckold is punished, I not only want to see it, I want to administer it on occasions. I already have a personal maid in mind, whom I intend to train to whip my cuckold on the occasions I am too tired to do it myself.”

“Having heard that Pa’pa likes to be buggered, I’m only sorry that I don’t have a John Thomas of my own. I would imagine it is extremely pleasurable to slide a nice hard John Thomas up a cuckold’s back passage!”

Both Lady Constance and Mrs. Scarlet hooted with laughter. Lady Constance looked at her daughter with pride. How wrong she had been earlier to try and get Beatrice to limit her topics of conversation. Beatrice was proving to be a natural dominant woman. The money spent on her Grand Tour was obviously proving to be a worthwhile investment.

Mrs. Scarlet was speaking. Lady Constance stopped admiring her daughter and listened.

“…if I should mention this,” Olwen Scarlet was saying. “But Colonel Pickering has brought home with him from India, some ingenious contraptions. They come in a variety of sizes and are variously carved from a Bengal tiger’s canine tooth, a Water Buffalo’s horn or an elephant’s tusk.”

Both Lady Constance and Beatrice were fascinated by Mrs. Scarlet’s story. She continued,

“They have been whittled into the shape of what Miss Beatrice so daintily calls a John Thomas. By being attached ingeniously with a series of straps and buckles, a lady can wear this contraption, and hey presto! she has a John Thomas of her own.”

“Oh, Ma’ma can I have one, please?” implored Beatrice. “I can practice on Pa’pa and on Cecil, so that I will be proficient by the time I get married. Can I, please, Ma’ma?”

Lady Constance looked at her friend.

“I must say that does sound intriguing,” she admitted. “Do you think your Colonel Pickering bursa escort bayan could be persuaded to part with a couple of these gadgets?”

“Well he’s home on leave for a month,” said Olwen Scarlet, “and when he returns to India, I’m sure he would be delighted to oblige such a distinguished Lady and her daughter. I’ll send him a telegram and ask him if such an arrangement would be possible. Leave everything to me.”

Beatrice took hold of Olwen’s hand and kissed it.

“Thank you so much, Mrs. Scarlet ” she enthused. “I can’t wait to have my very own John Thomas!”

“Now, now, Beatrice,” said her mother reproachfully, “don’t distract Mrs. Scarlet from the main purpose of our visit. We need to see what is on offer for you. How shall we start, Olwen? Do we need to choose a lover or a cuckold first?”

“That is entirely up to you, Lady Constance,” replied Mrs. Scarlet. “None of the potential cuckolds will have a say in the matter if any one of them is chosen by Miss Beatrice. I have their mother’s pledge on that.”

“Then let’s get that out of the way first, then,” replied Lady Constance decisively. “My Ma’ma chose this one for me,” (here, Lady Constance nodded dismissively at Lord Cockingham) “and I Coupled with my choice of lover almost as soon as I was married. Am I remembering correctly, Charles?”

“Yes dear. As I recall, you made me take out your gentleman friend’s equipment and prepare it for pleasuring you during your initial Coupling. Your Ma’ma was a witness.”

“Grandmere watched you, Ma’ma?” said Beatrice in amazement. “And what did Pa’pa mean when he said that he prepared your gentleman for you?”

“Your daughter asked a question, cuckold,” spat Lady Constance angrily. “Answer her!”

“Um… well dear, it happened like this,” said Lord Cockingham in a quiet voice.

“Speak up, Charlotte,” said Mrs Scarlet with a wicked grin. “I’m getting hard of hearing in my old age!”

“It means my dear that I was required to…um…to take out your Ma’ma’s gentleman friend’s…um… er… his John Thomas, and to ensure that it was sufficiently rigid to ensure that Ma’ma was properly pleasured.”

“Oh Pa’pa,” said Beatrice, with exaggerated innocence, “how ever did you manage to ensure that?”

Lord Cockingham blushed a deep red.

“I…um… I…that is… I used my mouth, dear Beatrice.”

“You kissed Ma’ma’s friend’s John Thomas?”

Beatrice’s eyes were wide with amazement, although both Lady Constance and Mrs. Scarlet realised that the little minx was purposely teasing and humiliating her nominal father.

“No dearest,” replied Lord Cockingham. “Kissing it would not have been sufficient. I took the whole of it in my mouth, and sucked it as hard as I could. The gentleman was rigid in no time,” he concluded proudly.

“I’m of a mind to have you do the same for my gentleman on my wedding night,” said Beatrice with a giggle, but her mother shook her head.

“No, my dear. That is not your father’s job. Anyway, he will most probably be required to service some of the ceremony’s guests. You will need to instruct your husband to do that for you. Otherwise, how are you going to make him a cuckold?”

“Of course, Ma’ma,” replied Beatrice. “What was I thinking? But I do like the idea of seeing Pa’pa with a John Thomas in his mouth. Or even better, with one in his back passage!”

Mrs. Scarlet cleared her throat.

“I have these to show you, Miss Beatrice,” she said. “The first set of four are all potential husbands for you to cuckold. They are all aware of what lies in store for them.”

She handed over a small album which contained four Daguerreotype images, each with a short biography. Lady Constance and Beatrice studied each carefully.

“If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask,” smiled Mrs. Scarlet. “I am intimately connected with the mothers of all four of these men. Each woman is desperate to off-load her son onto a lady who will take over the discipline and training of the young man.”

Lady Constance and Beatrice murmured together quietly, and presently Lady Constance asked,

“This Bertram Pettigrew. What’s his breeding?”

Mrs. Scarlet smiled.

“He’s the result of a tryst between his mother, Lady Sybil of Pokington and a very well-endowed Yorkshire landowner. His nominal father is Lord Quentin. He owns vast swathes of Yorkshire.”

“Hmm! Much too Northern for Beatrice I fear,” replied Lady Constance decisively. “Do you have anyone more Southern?”

“Perhaps Miss Beatrice would consider number four in the album,” suggested Mrs. Scarlet. “Rupert Smallbone is the son of my dear friend Mrs. Lavinia Smallbone of Bagshot, Surrey.”

“Lavinia has trained her son beautifully. I know for a fact that he has excellent oral and manual skills, and she assures me that he will be virgin meat for Miss Beatrice’s gentleman, should he require such entertainment.”

Beatrice looked at the image on the page before her. She giggled.

“Oh, Ma’ma, he is quite a pretty boy, isn’t he? Look at how his mother has made him grow his hair. And his lips are very full. I’ll wager he could pleasure a nice firm John Thomas. Let’s see his statistics.”

She turned over the page eagerly, and began to read out loud.

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