TOP COP Ch. 04

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This is the fourth part of fictitious story of Melissa, a young female rookie police officer selected to participate in an undercover assignment assigned to a federal task force. Her FTO will serve as her guardian angel and security back up. They are getting to know each other both in and out of the bedroom. LB, formerly known as FBB, my former love and still a soul mate is the coauthor and editor.


Gene helped Melissa to her feet and wrapped his arms around her. Lightly kissing her face, he started to pull away, “Melissa, are you ready for some dinner?” Nodding yes, Gene led her inside the house and upstairs to the master bath. Starting the water, he kissed her again and said he would start the grill and be back in a few minutes. Melissa stepped into the shower and, soaping her breasts, noticed the small bite marks that Gene had left on the top of her breast. Rubbing her breast she thought about the day and how it had unfolded. Running her hands over her body she thought, “This is too good to be true…” and hoped she was wrong’.

Deep in thought, she heard Gene climbing the stairs and waited for him to join her under the warm water; she again thought how much she wanted this to never end. Gene stepped into the shower and immediately took in the view of his partner covered in soapsuds. He picked up the body wash and started cleaning the pool chlorine from his body while Melissa stepped out of the shower and began drying off with a bath towel that was toasty warm, “This guy knows how to treat lady!” Wearing the robe he left on the bed, she went downstairs and waited for him in the great room off the kitchen.

Gene put on a pair of shorts and polo shirt and went down the steps to find his new lover. Spotting her in the great room, he quietly approached her from her blind side and planted a kiss on her neck. Melissa, ever at the ready, reached up, put Gene in a chock hold, and pulled him over the top of the chair and onto the floor. “Okay, I don’t guess I will do that again.” Gene muttered not expecting a response from his lover / assailant. Moving quickly she put her foot across his exposed throat and took the pose of a trained fighter. “Okay, okay, I give…” Gene shouted as he grabbed her foot and threw her backwards on to the couch. Melissa relaxed and put her arms illegal bahis out and took Gene into her arms. Looking into his eyes she said, “Truce?” Gene thought to himself, “Test 4 passed!”

Gene kissed her and went to the refrigerator. He pulled the steaks that the maid had put into a special marinade that Gene stole from a ship’s cook when he was diving in the Caribbean. Motioning her to join him, he went outside to the grill that was now at the perfect temperature for grilling meat. Arranging the meat he added the veggies, which the maid had also prepped for him then turned his attention to Melissa. She was sitting on a lounger, sipping a glass of merlot. “How would you like your steak?” Melissa answered, “Like any red-blooded Marine, rare!” Gene again thought to himself, “Test 5 passed!”

Gene speared the food and placed it on the plates. They moved to a table next to the pool where they could eat more comfortably, Gene refilled their glasses with the merlot and looked to Melissa, “What do we need to do tomorrow?”

“Well, I need to drop off the things for the seamstress to adapt with the bugs, finish my check in with the prescient or is that OBE, (overcome by events) and eventually I need to touch base with my folks. Is that permissible?” “Tell me about them.” Gene responded as he stuck a piece of perfectly grilled steak into his mouth.

“My dad retired from the Corps, as a colonel at Special Operations Command and my Mom taught school but then became the proverbial “June Cleaver” housewife, why?” Trying not to show any emotion or give away what he was thinking Gene put it together; the Corps, Melissa’s last name, and her attitude. Melissa was the daughter of his battalion commander when the Corps recalled him. The Colonel was in Gene’s eyes one of the most professional special operators he had worked with; smart, a leader, and not about to send his Marines on stupid missions! There had been a disagreement between the Colonel and an Army general, Gene figured the incident had likely cost the Colonel his chance to make general but probably saved Gene’s team. Gene thought to himself, “Damn and I have been sleeping with his daughter!” Gene responded to Melissa, “Yeah just tell him it is “close hold” and not to tell anyone that might call looking for you, okay? He will illegal bahis siteleri understand.”

Not long after the sun settled over the horizon, the evening cooled. Melissa asked, “Are you taking me home or am I here for the night?”

“Ladies choice.” Gene replied, hoping that she would stay since he would enjoy her in his bed but also after a few merlots, he didn’t really want to drive.

“Take me to bed or loose me forever…” Gene couldn’t believe she was quoting lines from the movie “Top Gun.” Following her directions he took her hand, extinguished the tiki torches as they walked hand in hand into the house.

Walking into the bedroom, she slipped out of the thick robe and under the covers while Gene set the alarms on the house and shut off the unneeded lights. Moving the comforter to the side, he slid under the covers, lying in his bed with his sexy partner for the second night. Gene held her in his arms as she fondled his cock; however, the day had taken its toll and soon they were both sound asleep.

Gene woke with the first rays of sunshine breaking through the curtains and blinds that he failed to close the previous night, he looked over to the angelic face of Melissa thinking that her safety was now his responsibility and he would do everything to make sure she remained safe and in his bed. As he rustled under the covers, Melissa rolled over and opened her eyes with a light smile she said, “Good morning Superman!” She raised her face to his and placed her lips lightly against his muttering, “So what do we do today?”

Gene wrapped his arms around her, held her tight, and feeling his cock growing he maneuvered Melissa’s lithe body until she was sitting on him with her legs around his waist. Melissa knew what she wanted and reached behind her to guide Gene’s cock into her waiting pussy. “Come on baby put it in me! Yeah that is what I want, fuck me, fuck me… oh god you are making me cum baby!” They continued fucking, sweat rolled down their toned and tanned bodies, they grew closer to both of them exploding in unison. Melissa pushed him back, remounted herself on his cock with her hips slapping against him.

“Cum for me Superman! I want your cum in my body, plant your seed my lover…!” Gene felt the pressure building in his balls tightening as canlı bahis siteleri the tremors began moving through their bodies. She moved faster and faster, put her mouth to his shoulder, and bit down leaving fresh marks on his shoulder. “Baby what are you doing to me?”

Lying together, kissing and feeling the heat of each other’s bodies Gene finally ended their bliss and suggested they had better get a move on. Checking his email, he saw a message that they should have their personal items ready that afternoon to have the boxes moved to the condominiums. Gene suggested, since Melissa would need to move more things that they return to her townhouse and prepare for the moving van.

Just like the previous morning they both jumped into the shower. Feeling the hot water running over each other’s bodies, they began soaping and feeling the hardness of the muscles as well as the softness of the areas that were supposed to be, like her pert breast. Climbing out together, they both dried each other and slowly started doing all the things that two adults do to prepare for the day.

Gene tossed some bagels into the toaster and started preparing the coffee. He waited for his lover to come down the stairs. Looking at the morning “Press” he saw a story of their target on the front page along with a picture of him with a much younger lady as the opening of a new development. Gene smiled and thought about how it was going to feel to put the cuffs on this mutt!

Dressed in the clothes from yesterday, Melissa took mugs sitting next to the coffee maker and poured both of them their coffee. Being the lady, she prepared Gene’s bagel for him while he cut thin slices of smoked salmon, onions and cappers for her to add to the crisp bread.

“Nice story on the front page.” Gene said and tossed the first section of the metro’s morning paper to Melissa. “I’ll start building a file of this kind of stuff for background and it will be over in the office of my condominium.”

Grabbing their weapons and Melissa refilling their coffee, they headed to the garage; Gene activated the house alarms then hit the button to unlock the Range Rover. Melissa stepped on the running board to more easily climb into the SUV and put her coffee in the cup holder, adjusted the seatbelt, and waited for Gene to start the engine. Leaning over, as the engine started, Gene placed a kiss on her lips and almost slipped and said the fatal words.

Steering the SUV down his drive Gene again reflected on the last few days, “Damn I am fucking the Colonel’s daughter!”

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