Tonya’s Shower Party

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Tonya yawned and rubbed her eyes. She had been at a party last night, and because of the fact that she didn’t leave until late that night she had gotten very little sleep that night. In fact she had gone to bed at five in the morning and they gotten up again at six thirty that morning to get ready for school. She looked around the room and saw several of her friends in the room. They helped her feel better; she wasn’t the only tired person in the room. In fact she looked like she had had more sleep than all of the others people in her class that had been at the party. She smiled when her eyes fell on her boyfriend John. John was every girls dream, a six foot one inch California dream. He had a deep tan and well chiseled physique. There he was her boyfriend passed out cold and drooling on his desk. She giggled, and soon everyone else was looking at John too. The teacher woke John up abruptly. John was embarrassed especially when he noticed the small pool of drool in front of him.

Class ended early that day. The teacher simply didn’t feel like teaching. Tonya strolled over to her boyfriend and sat on his desk. She crossed her long slender legs to ensure that her miniskirt güvenilir bahis rode way up her hip. ” Hey sexy,” she said as she smiled seductively at him. “You have a nice sleep?” “It was okay.” He said “but it could have been better…”

Tonya asked him what he meant and he smiled and took her hand leading her out of the classroom and down stairs to the guys’ locker room. She giggled as he led her into the unoccupied room, and she asked him what he thought he was doing. He didn’t answer but instead kissed her deeply and swept her off her feet. She kissed him back hard sliding her tongue into his mouth. He carried her into the shower room and then laid her on the floor. He continue d to kiss her and began to slide his hands between her legs and up her shirt. She moaned softly and begged him to remove her clothes and fuck her like she needed so badly. He did not disappoint her as he removed her blouse and pants leaving her in her leopard thong and matching bra.

Her 36c tits pressed against the fabric of her bra, begging to be released and her thong was dripping with the juices of her excitement. Tonya hands fumbled with his shirt and then his pants and boxers, türkçe bahis but eventually she succeeded in undressing his perfectly muscular body and seven-inch cock. She loved the feeling of his hot hard cock pressed against her smooth flat stomach. Her began to kiss down her neck to her breasts. He tenderly removed her bra and began to gently suck on her perky half-inch long nipple s that quickly hardened under his hot breath. She moaned in pleasure and grabbed his cock stroking it to a fully erect state. Her free hand began to gently play with his large droopy nut sack.

He nibbled on her nipples causing her to inhale sharply. He slowly began to rub his hard cock up and down her still clothed slit. She cooed and scratched at his back with pure sexual energy. Slowly He begins to slide his hands down her body towards her soaking wet thong. She lifts her hips to allow him to easier remove it from her wet waiting cunt. He repositions himself between her legs and runs the head of his cock up and down her slick waiting fuck hole. She begs him to fuck her, but first he places her ankles behind his ears. He slowly slid the length of his hard thick cock into her waiting cunt. She güvenilir bahis siteleri coos in pleasure and begs him to fuck her harder. He refuses taking his sweet time with long deep strokes and driving her insane with ecstasy. His large droopy balls slapped with each thrust against her juice soaked ass, and she moaned each time his ample manhood slammed into her cunt.

He was getting closer and closer to orgasm with each passing thrust, and as he fucked her he began to pick up speed and power. His strokes became faster and more powerful, and Tonya found her head spinning from the sexual pleasure she was receiving. As his stokes became faster his breath s became heavier, and he began to tell her it was Cumming…Finally he screamed and pulled out shooting his hot cum all over her tight athletic belly.

Quickly Tonya moved herself out from under John and took his cum soaked cock into her mouth. She loved to drive his pleasure through the roof, and she loved the taste of her own cum, and sucking his freshly burst cock into her cum hungry mouth. She took the whole thing into her mouth cleaning every inch with her long sexy tongue. Then John pulls her to him. Their lips interlock and their tongues wrestle. The lovers gathered up their clothes, showered, and walked out of the locker room and back to class. Behind them, the scent of sex fills the locker room where they plan to meet again tomorrow…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32