Together Again

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You are pinned against the wall as I lean in close to your face, tension building as the space between us diminishes. My hands roam across your body, feeling their way down to your hips where I stop to grip them tightly. As I hold you firmly, I stare into your eyes, silently letting you know I want you, as if it wasn’t already clear. I lean in further and kiss your cheek softly, my lips just brushing against your soft skin, tingling with anticipation. I hold you here for a bit as my lips begin to wander, moving down your neck, stopping briefly to nibble your earlobe, then continuing their exploration. You lift your head slightly with a longing sigh, loving the feeling of our bodies pressed together, taking in my attention like it’s the last time you will ever receive it.

I’m excited now and move a hand up to pull your shirt aside, exposing the upper part of your pale breast. I immediately put my mouth there and kiss it as my other hand no longer holds your hip but pulls you towards me. To strengthen my grip, I move my hand to your ass, taking as much of it into my grasp as I can in an effort to bring you closer to me. You moan softly as your body becomes my plaything and your head tilts back as you subconsciously submit to my advances. My kissing alternates between your chest and neck and quickly intensifies as I begin biting and licking your flesh, enjoying the taste of your skin.

We both decide your shirt must go and I quickly pull it over your head and discard it, your bra follows moments later once I’ve finished fumbling around with the strap. You chuckle at my crude attempts to undress you, but I don’t take notice as my attention is locked onto the perfect mounds of flesh that bounce free from their confinement. They hang from your chest in all their splendor, the soft pale skin settling on your body as they adjust to their freedom. They seem to glow with excitement as the darker nipples harden and look back at me with delight. I take each into my hand and grope them gently, sliding my fingers to your hardening nipples, pinching them slightly just to get you going. You bite your lip and moan again, unable to hide your excitement as I play with you. You love being mine, even though you’ll never admit it.

I kiss your breasts gently once more, controlling myself for the moment as I decide how best to enjoy them. The doughy skin molds into my hands perfectly, unable to hold up against my grasp. I start to be a bit rougher with them, biting the skin and moving quickly from one place to the next, squeezing them closer to my face and digging my nails into the wanting flesh. You hold my back in part to stabilize yourself as your reel from my assault on your chest, and to pull me closer so I can have my way with you. I get annoyed by the angle and decide to lead you over to the bed, then I toss you on your back and climb on top of you to continue my raid on your exposed body.

My hands pull your malleable bust as it happily conforms to my desires. I bring your left nipple into my mouth and swirl my tongue around, eliciting a low moan of pleasure from you. Encouraged, I nibble the rest of your breast a bit illegal bahis before moving on to the other nipple and repeating my motions. After enjoying this for a bit, I find a spot on your upper left chest that I like and bite down hard on it. I suck and bite repeatedly on your flesh, determined to mark you as mine. The sensations of pain and pleasure electrify your body as I blemish your skin, but you put up no resistance, wanting the hickey as a reminder of my mastery over you. You’ll wear it proudly, and your tight grip on my body lets me know how bad you want it – how bad you want to be mine.

As I finish bruising you, I begin to think about what to do next. You have so much body to enjoy, and we haven’t even removed your pants yet. On the one hand, my throbbing cock wants nothing more than to pound away at your exposed cunt, but I decide to ignore my desires and continue to play with you. I straighten up and remove my shirt, eliciting a soft hum of approval from you as you gaze at my slim pale figure. I grab your lovely tits once again, massaging them gently for a moment before slowly sliding my hands across your body and to your pants. As I start to undo them, you adjust yourself so I can pull them off. It takes a couple tries, but eventually I manage to free your lower body, revealing your shapely legs to my view. I run my hands up and down them a few times, then lean over and kiss your chest softly, taking in the scent of my saliva and moving from place to place as I enjoy your soft skin.

You whine that my pants are still on, but I ignore you and move my attention towards your stomach. You moan softly again as your body ripples with excitement and anticipation. I plant a few more soft kisses on your belly as my hands rest on your thighs. Then my interest moves lower and I kiss your pelvis through the fabric of your panties. Continuing my descent, I kiss the pair of lips hiding behind your moistening underwear then move to your thighs to plant soft kisses on each leg. The anticipation is driving you insane as you wait for me to reveal the last of your body, knowing I’m taking my time just to tease you. Finally satisfied, I hook my fingers in the sides of your panties and pull them from your body, exposing the last of you to my gaze.

As my hands grip your thighs tightly and message them a bit, my face moves between your open legs to kiss your labia, the scent of your desire permeating the space around me. You draw in a breath sharply as I gently move your outer lips aside with my tongue, probing the soft, wet flesh inside for your enjoyment. I slowly drag my tongue from the bottom of your vulva only to stop just before your clit as your juices flow steadily from within you. Begging for my attention, you whine softly as I explore your most intimate parts with my mouth, sliding my tongue around from one spot to the next to build your excitement to new heights. Your legs writhe under my touch, unsure of how to respond to the pleasure that reverberates through them. Your whole body tingles with delight as I orally pleasure you, convulsing and turning as your senses are overwhelmed with the thrill of my attention.

We illegal bahis siteleri enjoy this for a long time, my face is covered in your sweet nectar as it caresses your most sensitive parts in ways only I know you want. You writhe, moan, and whine as your hands grab my head unsure of how to respond to the thrilling sensations electrifying your naked form as it enjoys my expert touch. You moan loudly and finally decide you can’t take it any more, begging me to fuck you already. I love it when you beg me, so beset by desire that you can hardly speak; you spit the words violently from your mouth as your feelings overtake you. The smart young lady I know is gone, pushed aside by the cock hungry slut whose thoughts revolve solely on the pleasure I give her.

I suck your clit deep into my mouth and drag my tongue up against it, drawing a low moan from you as your back arches and your toes curl with overawing pleasure. Finally I stand and in one swift motion remove my pants and underwear, presenting my fully erect cock to your wanting body.

Your eyes shine with excitement as I crawl on top of you, resting my body over yours. You look at me intently, your eyes demanding that I take you, but I plan to enjoy this. I tell you to say please, a simple request for providing the ultimate pleasure you seek, but you stubbornly refuse and demand again that I skewer you. I don’t give in, simply stating that if you want me you know what you need to do, then I start to kiss your neck – but you won’t allow us to go back a step. Your body turns and your arms reach for me before I pin them to the bed right above your head, your writhe and twist trying to escape my grasp but we both know you won’t escape. You’re not even sure what you plan to accomplish with all this twisting and turning, but you know you want to feel me inside you and you believe you won’t submit to get it. I chuckle a bit before going back to giving you kisses, but you struggle more, determined to break free and demand I fuck you. If only you could learn to submit, I would fulfill every desire you had. But you struggle for a few moments, delaying the inevitable. Despite your defiance, I still shower you with positive attention, nuzzling your face and planting soft kisses across your cheeks and upper chest. Finally you say please, and I’m ready to reward you for your good behavior.

I lean in right next to your ear and whisper “good girl…” letting you know of my approval. This doesn’t make you feel better about it, but your body has learned what it means to give in to me, and you instantly get wetter knowing what’s to come. I slowly drag my cock down your outer labia before lining it up with your entrance. You forget your frustration as you look into my eyes with overwhelming desire. I probe past your lips once before sliding my cock deep inside you. Your back arches, your eyes roll back, and you nearly scream from the pleasure coursing through your body. You grip my back with your nails as I begin a steady pace of thrusting. I go deep and hard each time, maximizing the sensations you feel, and judging by how much my back hurts, my efforts canlı bahis siteleri are paying off. You are unable to focus on anything but the feeling of pleasure building inside you, your body does its best to pull me closer to it, begging me to own it as you beg me not to stop. You don’t want me to cum yet, and I have no intention of ending this anytime soon, so I keep the slow steady pace, watching the agonized expression eat away at you. Your body is overwhelmed by the sensations pulsating from within you.

You finally manage to open your eyes and focus enough to look at my face. Your eyes say it all. You love this, you love being under me, at my mercy, being used for my pleasure. I know how to make you feel good and I’m willing to give you whatever you want just as long as you’re good to me. I smile down at you and move a hand to caress your soft face. You get lost in my gaze and lift your head just a bit, silently letting me know you want a kiss. I meet you halfway and lock my lips with yours, they dance around each other for some time as we both lose ourselves in embrace. There is only us and this moment we share together as all else fades from our minds.

We finally end the kiss and lock eyes once more, and it’s clear to me what you want. I demand you say please and you consider arguing, but decide you want this bad enough to comply with my demands. You softly ask please and I smile and withdraw from you, rolling over to lay my back on the bed. You quickly get on top of me, not wanting to waste any time, and position yourself carefully over my up-right shaft. You look at me for approval and I give it to you without a second thought. You lower yourself onto me, making sure we’re both comfortable, before you start a rhythm of pleasure all your own.

My hand wraps around and grabs handfuls of your ass; I love the feeling of it flexing and bouncing as you ride me. You lay atop me and keep me close, focused on what you’re doing, but doing it for my pleasure. We both love it when you ride me. You love knowing you can please me, and I love having you work for me. Your focus remains on the shaft you’re moving on even as my hands roam around your backside, gripping your thighs, hips, and ass, pulling and pinching all over. You moan a bit as the pleasure emanates across your body, you close your eyes and try not to be carried away by the sensations, trying to focus on your mission, trying to focus on me.

The sensations start to overwhelm you and you pick up your pace, determined to feel release. Your eyes roll back in your head and you gasp for air as your body bucks wildly against mine. I grip your ass tight as my cock stiffens inside you, ready to explode. You cry out in pleasure as the orgasm hits you, your mind struck dizzy from the powerful sensations coursing through you. You instinctively continue milking me for ever drop I’ll give you, and breathe deeply as I spill my load deep inside your womb. We start to slow and your head hangs just barely over me. I kiss your forehead and put my hands on your back. You finally collapse on me, exhausted, and hold me close in post coital bliss.

We both lay with eyes closed and smiles wide as the orgasms subside. We hold each other close and intertwine our legs, tired from our play time. But the break is only temporary, soon enough we’ll be back at it again, but for now we lay here, perfectly content.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32