Thursday Fireworks

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This is my first submission so all constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Thank you to my best friend, sister, and the best editor a girl could ask for ivy99sunshine.

This is a copyrighted work by the author ginisasin07. All rights reserved.


Just as I suspected. Another text from a guy saying “You are nice but…I’m just letting you know that I am seeing someone.” Like I give a shit. I wasn’t upset in the least because Jake’s dick was the size of my middle finger. But I was nice and wanted to get to know him as a person so I gave him a chance. We ended up not having sex, thank God.

It’s Thursday, two days before the 4th of July and I am getting ready for another night of watching Mad Men and eating ice cream covered in chocolate syrup. Yummy for now but I feel guilty after spending almost two hours in the gym this morning. As I’m watching TV I decide to scroll through my messages from the dating website I have been on for a few weeks. I’ve managed to give three guys my number this week and two of them ended up being dicks. The other one I just haven’t heard from.

“Why the fuck do I keep doing this to myself?”

It’s because it’s been almost two years since I have felt anything close to real sex. Two years since I have felt an emotional connection with my partner. Two years since I have enjoyed the experience. But then again, who needs dick when you have an 80 dollar vibrator (her name is Kendra) with 15 different speeds and vibration settings? “I’m good.” My phone vibrates and I dread even looking at it.

Speaking of beautiful, how’s your day panning out? 😉

Germany. He and I have seen each other at the gym a few times, and he found me on that God-awful dating website. I asked him for his number and he just happens to be the person I haven’t heard from. I have to admit that his text did make me smile a bit. “Quit that shit, Haiti.” I illegal bahis tell myself. I send him a text back telling him how sweet he is and ask him how his day went. .

Germany: im trying to figure out what im going to do tonight since I don’t have to work tomorrow

Me: you should treat yourself to dinner and a drink! im awful with ideas lol

Germany: I think its a great idea. I like the way you think, Id even say you should join me if its not too short of notice 😉

Did he just ask me on a date?

Well Haiti, what exactly do you have to lose here? If you have a terrible time you can always just go back home and Kendra will be there to take all of the pain away. Okay. I’ll go.

As 8 o’clock comes around I find myself parking next to a hole in the wall bar. I pull out my phone and send the text. Here goes nothing.

Me: im here

Out he walks with a perfectly fit grey shirt and jeans on. I look into his eyes. Wait…are they grey or blue? Fuck, they are beautiful. I give him a hug and the smell of him takes over my whole body.

Damn he smells good…

We walk in, have a seat, and order our drinks. We both pack cigarettes; I light one and take a drag and stare as he lights up.

His pink lips…so plump…

His hair…his beard…both a salt and pepper color…

His neck looks so delicious…

Oh my God…I’m getting wet.

As the night goes on I start to get to know Germany more and more. I like him. His personality is great. He makes me laugh. A few drinks in and sex becomes the topic. The jack and coke are making words come out of my mouth that should only be said in private.

He likes it.

We get closer to each other and before I know it he leans in for a kiss. Then and there I think to myself “I want to go home with him tonight.” The next few hours we drink, sing karaoke, and dance like we’ve known each other for illegal bahis siteleri years. At 1:30 he comes closer to my ear and asks me if I’m ready to go. A five minute drive behind his car was too long the way I was feeling.

We get into his room and lie on his bed and just talk for an hour because our heads are spinning. As I am talking he climbs on top of me and kisses my neck.

I just lost my thought.

Those lips feel so nice. I take off my shirt and he unhooks my bra with one hand. Damn he’s experienced. His tongue rolls around my nipple and I feel my pussy soak my panties. Germany takes off my clothes and stares at my naked body. His tongue slides up my thighs and on to my clit. It feels so good. His beard tickles. I don’t let him do that too long; my dominant personality won’t let me. I roll him over on his back and take off his boxers. His cock is still a little soft, time for me to work my magic. I slide my tongue ring from the tip of his cock down to his balls. The moans coming from his lips makes me quiver. I slide his dick in my mouth and feel it start to get hard. It’s growing. A lot.

Holy shit his cock is huge.

At this point I can barely get half of it to the back of my throat so I decide to use my hands. The more he moans, the more I feel my clit start to swell from all of the excitement. He sits up and looks deep into my eyes while he lays me on my back. I knew just by the way he looked at me that he wants to be in control. I’ll let him for now. He slides his cock into and for a moment time stood still. Was this really happening to me? He starts immediately with hard, fast strokes and I feel the burning coming from my pussy. This first time is painful but I don’t care. With every thrust we moan in each others’ ear. My hands grip the sheets. My legs are shaking.

Me: baby im gonna cum

Germany starts thrusting harder. Faster. I can’t take canlı bahis siteleri it anymore. I dig my nails into his back and scream out his name as I cum all over his cock. He pulls out, sits up, and looks at me.

Germany: rub your pussy baby

I start rubbing my clit and grab my nipple. Germany strokes his cock as he watches me. I bite my lip. He’s so turned on he starts stroking his cock faster.

Germany: damn your pussy is so wet. Will you bend over for me baby?

I roll onto my knees and he grabs my thighs as he rams his cock inside. He starts going so hard and fast I am full on screaming. He grabs my hair and whispers in my ear

Germany: you like my cock baby?

Me: yes daddy I like it a lot

Germany: mmmm I like it when you call me daddy baby.

He pulls out, turns me back over, and lifts my legs to my head. He slides in so deep and starts going again. Harder. Faster.

Germany: baby im gonna cum…can I cum in your pussy?

Me: yes daddy

Germany: that’s what I wanna hear baby

A few more thrusts and he moans louder than I’ve ever heard a man moan in my life. As he came Germany dragged his nails down my back. It was so hot. He collapses on top of me breathing heavily. He’s still inside of me. Germany kisses my neck and rubs my thighs. As he slides out of me he grabs the blanket and covers both of us. I go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. I expect to see someone different, this was such a surreal experience it must have changed me somehow. I can’t believe how good it felt. I go back into the room and slide on my panties.

Germany: where are you going?

Me: you don’t want me to go home?

Germany: of course not! Come back to bed.

Me: *smiling* okay

He covers me up and falls asleep with his arm around me. Why do I feel so safe? This was so unexpected. I didn’t mean to have fun with him. But I did. And he spent the night making me feel like I was in a dream. Like I was the only one that mattered. The next morning before I opened my eyes he was awake rubbing his hands up and down my body, kissing my back. I thought to myself…I could get used to this.

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