Their Perfect Getaway

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“Maybe we should give this place a try,”

Sylvia was sitting across from her husband at breakfast. She was waiting for her Muesli to cool down as she perused the Times Travel section. Her husband was pecking at his walnut muffin, scribbling notes on his pad. Tim said he had all his best design ideas while asleep and needed to jot them down as soon as he woke up. During the first few years of their marriage, she had found this obsessive habit of his endearing. But, that was when they would fall asleep after hours of lovemaking, and wake up refreshed, but still drenched in each other’s juices and naked in each other’s arms. In those days, he would scribble these morning notes, in a frantic hurry, as she would ease her body down his and take his morning hardness in her mouth arousing his fiery passions. She loved his taste in the mornings and always swallowed his cum, a morning ritual that was part of her nutritious breakfast. Then they would shower together, where he would bring her off with his fingers, his tongue, the soap …anything her could touch her with.

Today, it had been 5 months since they last made love, and nearly 5 years since she took him in her mouth. He spent hours on his morning notes before showering, alone of course, and dashing off to his office to spend a 14-hour workday. She would climb into her BMW an hour later and drive off to her college campus where she was a respected and well-liked botany lecturer. Recently she had noticed some of her male students staring at her legs and well-toned ass. She had started wearing clothes that accentuated these and, of course, her heavy breasts. Some of the boys had started some innocent flirtations with her and she had enjoyed it, but she knew nothing would come of it. But the flirting had made her horny, and at nights, before he came home, she would often lie in bed, her legs splayed open and would tug on her nipples and rub her clit until she experienced a frustratingly small, nearly dry orgasm.

They had discussed their lack of sexuality, but neither had the time or energy to make something of it. But this morning an article in the Times had caught her eye. The bit on romantic getaways in the Yucatan had reminded her of a discussion weeks earlier she had overheard on a flight to Dallas for a conference. The woman across the aisle from her had been conducting a loud conversation with her seatmate about her recent vacation in Mexico.

“It was just great …the sun, the food, even the people,” she had dipped her volume, but only a bit, quite unable to truly lower her shrill voice, “even the people there were nice. Yeah, I was surprised …I mean the Mexicans here, I mean no disrespect,” something most people say just before they launch into some offensive diatribe, “well, you know how they are here, with all those babies, and no work …but down there, well they are really friendly.”

Her seatmate had clearly then asked her for more information because she pressed on, “well, you know how Bud and I have been …well, you know, not romantic for a while,” she suppressed a girlish giggle, “well, that place we were at just got his motor going …4-5 times a night, I’m not kidding. I swear, honey, he must have added a few inches you-know-where, and you know he was never small anyhow,” she burst into peels of laughter.

“They have these massages there,” she continued after more questions from unseen seatmate, “makes you horny as hell, and we could never get enough of each other. Hell, some days we did not even make it to the beach, we were so busy …and …” now her voice became conspiratorial, but still audible enough, “I don’t mind telling you that some of those Mexican masseurs were hot with a capital H, and I would have gladly let a few of those guys into my thong bikini, if you catch my drift.”

Her seatmate, and most of the economy section did.

“I think this place sounds perfect for us,” she pushed the paper toward Tim, “I think we could use a little time away from work and pressure, just us.”

Tim had indeed been scribbling on his writing pad, but his mind had not been on his work. He had noticed his wife’s clothes recently, the way the skirts tightly wrapped her ass, the way the slits seemed to allow just the right amount of luscious thigh to peak out, for weeks now her had wanted to grab her ass and thrust himself into her. But he knew how busy she was and how tired she was by the time he got home, and he did not want to make demands on her or risk overtures she may reject. In the mornings he found himself staring through her thin nightdress at her milky boobs, her large pink nipples pouting against the fabric. He wanted to rub his dick against her tits, fantasizing about losing his cock in her plunging cleavage, and cumming all over her white skin. Most mornings, he spent an extra few minutes in the shower yanking his tool while imagining it between Sylvia’s creamy tits, her hot lips or deep inside her once-juicy cunt, until he felt the release building up and spewing güvenilir bahis his load down the drain.

“That sounds great,” Tim said, looking at the pictures of couples frolicking on the beach, already imagining his voluptuous wife in a skimpy bikini, her boobs bouncing as she runs across the sand to him, wraps her shapely legs around his ass as they kiss each other, tongues exploring hard, deep, wet, …

“I’m serious, Tim,” Sylvia was disturbed by how distracted Tim seemed these morning; it was as if she was not even there. He hardly looked into her eyes, looking at some place near her neckline instead.

‘Me too,” he replied, staring at the faint glimmer of nipple under her pink negligee, “I’ll make the flight bookings if you look into the hotel. How about next weekend?” he looked at the picture of another couple enjoying a massage while lying next to each other. The blonde woman appeared to have Sylvia’s build. His cock began to rise at the thought of rubbing oil on his wife’s back, down to her ass, between her ass, her puckered ass hole, further to her pussy lips and inside …he gulped, “We both have that four-day weekend coming up,”

Sylvia could hardly believe her ears. She thought she would have to argue with him to convince him. She would have liked to have discussed the plans with him more, but Tim stood up and walked to his shower. She could not be sure, but it looked like he was hiding an erection from her as he rushed off.

They landed in Cancun on Saturday morning, picked up their rental and headed south toward the resort. Sylvia had worn her yellow sundress and Tim had spent the entire flight controlling his desire to reach his hands up her dress, up her smooth thighs to her crotch. Instead he satisfied himself with the view of her creamy, deep cleavage as she sat next to him reading the in-flight magazine.

Sylvia had deliberately worn this dress. She knew it accentuated her tits and ass best and was hoping to get Tim’s attention. In the past few weeks she had noticed him looking at her with what she thought might be desire, maybe even lust. In the mornings she noticed his erection as he woke up and was amazed at how large his cock could become. She had nearly forgotten how he used to stretch her cunt open with his shaft when he entered her. And just last week she had sneaked into the bath while he was showering to get a glimpse of his full naked body. She had found him standing there, eyes closed as the water streamed over his muscles, grabbing his own dick, pulling it harder than she had ever, his right hand moving rapidly along it so that she could see his glowing red cock head appear and disappear with every tug. He had soaped his hands and cock for maximum lubrication, and to her surprise he was playing with his scrotum, dangling obscenely between his spread legs. She knew he was going to come soon, because his mouth was twisted and he was moaning audibly. Just before he exploded, he allowed one soapy finger from his left hand to drift to his asshole and inserted inside. She saw him tense up with his own finger teasing his rear, and then one jet of milk-white semen flew out of his cock onto the shower walls. He kept his eyes closed as more cum dribbled out of his dick. Sylvia knew that Tim could shoot like a porn star, repeated ribbons of cum that she had once upon their marriage caught in her mouth, on her chin, her hair, and her nose and on her tits.

She rushed out of the bathroom before he discovered her, so she did not hear him moan her name as he collapsed against the shower walls. She had no idea what he had been thinking of, but she found herself wet, juicy and ready for her own finger on her clit.

Now, days later, they both drove in the rented convertible cabriolet, she wondered if the magic of Mexico would work so that she could feel those jets of cum explode inside her wet pussy. The image of his cock orgasming in his hand a few days earlier was still fresh and she moaned softly as she squirmed in her car seat, feeling her pussy become slick.

Tim looked over, “you OK, honey? Not getting car sick, are you?” he asked, placing his hand on her thigh. It was warm, slightly damp from the late morning humidity.

“I’m fine, maybe a little tired from the flight,” she placed her hand on his and smiled at him. Tim began to remember the woman he had fallen in love with and married. He gently eased his hand up her thigh, and was surprised that she did not stop him. He did not realize that this simple action had made her begin to secrete even more of her love juices into her thin panties.

He was about to move his hand higher when they saw the sign for their resort just ahead. They were both almost disappointed to have reached so soon. Tim withdrew his hand from Sylvia’s thigh, but he caught a slight whiff of her rich aroma. More than anything, he wanted her cunt, he wanted to stick his face deep inside the source of this perfume and eat her.

Sylvia felt her juices flow out of her pussy into türkçe bahis her already soaked panties as they walked to the reception. She wondered if other men could smell her cunt secretions as she walked past them. She did notice them all turn to look at her ass as she walked by them. Right now, she had only one thought, to get Tim’s cock, which she could see was painfully erect under his jeans, into her sopping pussy. If only the could check in quickly and find themselves alone in their room, she knew they would rip each other’s clothes off and fuck like wild animals.

“I am so sorry senor,” she heard the young receptionist woman say to Tim, “but your rooms are not ready yet. Check-in time is not for another hour.” Damn! Why had she forgotten this when she had made the hotel bookings? How on earth could they wait an hour when they were both so in heat?

Tim was also disappointed, “What can we do for that hour?” he asked reasonably.

The attractive receptionist was clearly used to this happening, “May I suggest you leave your bags with us and we will have them placed in your room as soon as it is ready. Meanwhile, why don’t you let me call the spa and see if they can take care of you right now.”

This sounded promising, Sylvia thought, momentarily forgetting her need for her husband’s throbbing cock. She heard the receptionist continue, “they have special bath treatments for travelers who have just arrived in Mexico, and maybe the madam would like a private, rejuvenating cream massage?” She picked up the phone, and a few minutes later she was accompanying them to the spa that was adjacent to the bright blue Carribean.

“Please enter the changing rooms and put on the spa robes that you will find inside. Someone will come and get you for your respective treatments,” she smiled at Tim, then turned and and winked at Sylvia, “I know you will both enjoy it.”

The couple smiled at each other, blew each other a light kiss and entered the respective changing rooms. Tim watched as his wife walked into the women’s room.

“Por favor, walk this way,” he heard a gentle, accented female voice behind him. He turned around and saw a young woman, maybe 20, dressed in a silk robe with the hotel logo on it. The robe barely covered her ass as she turned around and led him to the men’s changing room, revealing tapered, tanned legs. Her hips swayed enticingly as she walked in front of him. She had glistening, jet black hair that curled past her shoulders. When the reached the door, she walked in with him and showed him where his robe was hanging.

“My name is Ana. I run the bath for you. You can change here and then please join me in that room past the door on your right. You can leave your clothes here”

Tim changed out of his travel clothes, noticing that he had left a big, wet stain in his boxers from when he had been aroused by Sylvia’s thighs and perfume during the drive. He folded his clothes and left them on the bench, walked into the next room and inhaled the soothing, fruity smells of the bath Ana was running for him. She was slightly bent over so that he had a great view of her ass. The herbal aromas Ana had added to the bath, along with the sight of her delightful figure had Tim feeling like his cock was going to explode.

“You can get in now Senor,” she said, turning around and straightening up. She grinned as she walked past him. She was gorgeous, black eyes shining, pearly white teeth gleaming in her friendly smile. The robe concealed two small but perkily youthful tits.

As soon as she was out of the room, Tim stripped off his robe, and eased himself into the large bath. The water was refreshingly cool, and the fruits and herbs were quick to relax him. Tim found himself lying back and closing his eyes. He remembered Ana’s ass as she bent over the bath the robe failing to cover the bottom halves of her shapely, womanly ass.

His cock was soon coming to life and as he touched it, he brought the other hand to his face and recognized the aroma from his wife’s thighs. He kept his eyes shut and thought of her wet panties, the outline of her fleshy labia. His cock throbbed at the memory of her shaved pussy, her creamy-white tits. His cock soon reached its full length and was sticking out of the bath like the mast on a sinking ship. He ran his hand around the smooth and slippery head. The head was completely exposed and red. He groped his weighty scrotum before running a slippery hand up and down its length and saw a pearl of precum appear out of the slit.

‘Would you like a drink, senor?” Tim turned to hear Ana’s voice right next to him. She was holding a margarita in her hand. She looked down to where his hand was still holding onto his hard prick. Her eyes went wide. He quickly moved both hands to cover his erection

She opened her mouth and he saw her pink tongue appear as she licked her lips. She reached over to place the glass behind his head. This brought her body directly over Tim’s face. The robe güvenilir bahis siteleri opened to reveal her youthful cleavage. Lower down, the fabric was pulled up so that he could see the tiny triangle of her white panties.

She kneeled beside the bath and placed her hands in the water, moving them slowly up and down his chest, before touching the hand he still was covering his cock with.

“Oh …senor, you are so …muy grande,” she said as she removed his hands, “Puedo? May I touch you?” she asked, but did not wait for his reply. Her soft fingers grasped his thick boner and held him for a brief while before beginning to imitate his own actions. For a brief second Tim thought of protesting, but it had been so long since his cock had felt anything other than his own hands. He lay back, placed his hands behind his head and watched this gorgeous latina jerk him off in the bath. She gently moved the skin below his head up and down, holding him only with her thumb and two fingers.

She let go of his dick and stood up, climbing into the bath. She placed her feet on either side of his waist in the shallow water, giving him a perfect view of her slim legs and her panties. She grabbed the cord holding her robe on and yanked it dramatically. She let it open, revealing her perfectly round, perky and sag less tits. Tim gaped as she dropped the robe onto the floor. Her breasts, while small were capped by huge, nearly black nipples that had grown to the size of cherries. They pointed unbelievably to the ceiling. Ana ran her hand around her tits before pinching them. Tim felt his pecker twitch as she grabbed her panties and shucked them off, her brief, but intense, striptease complete. Her pussy hair was thick, dark and he could not help himself as he sat up and placed his mouth under her. She ran her fingers through her pubic jungle, before grabbing her fleshy labia and opening them, revealing a bright pink cunt. He stuck his tongue out and immediately her earthy flavors filled his mouth and her cunt perfume entered his nose – sweaty, sexual. He began licking her inside, but before he could go further she had grabbed his head, pushed him back and squatted so that her wide open, dripping wet, young pussy was centimeters from his swollen cock.

“Come inside me, mi amor, fuck me please,” she pleaded, lowering herself onto his shaft. He thrust up as she sat down. They both screamed.

“Aaaaaaaaaay, si, si, …yes, yes, don’t stop,” she moaned, lapsing into her own tongue, “que sabroso, que bueno …mi amor, que grande eres!”

Tim moaned as she continued to thrust up into her, he knew he would not last long. Her tits rubbed delectably over his face as he fucked her. She had a beautiful mouth, juicy lips, slightly down turned, and teeth that wanted to bite him.

“Chupame, suck me, baby” she cried as he grabbed her nipples in his teeth. Unbelievably, her nipples became even bigger in his mouth. He licked the length of her nipple as if it was a lollypop, before taking her fruity tits into his mouth and sucking.

She started moving even faster, and he felt her cunt walls contracting hard, around him. She threw her head back and wailed, as he realized she was cumming.

She pushed his head away from her beautiful breasts and kissed him, hard, almost savagely, biting his lips until her orgasm died away.

“Now it is my turn to suck you,” she said lifting her wet pussy off his cock with an audible squelching sound. She moved her body down his, before taking his cock head in her warm mouth, between those luscious lips. She took him deeper inside, slowly taking his whole length in so that he could feel the back of her throat against his cock head. Her lips were lost in his pubic hair. He felt her throat contract around his penis, and then her tongue started moving, while keeping him in her mouth. She then eased his cock out of her mouth until only the head was between her thick, juicy lips, then she dived back for more, keeping up this action while sucking and licking him. Her teeth grazed the length of his shaft. She cupped his balls in one hand, massaging each nut in turn. He could feel the cum brewing in his sack, ready to shoot out.

“You are making me cum …soon …now,” he hissed feeling the impending orgasm. She took his cock out of his mouth, licked the throbbing head a few more times, before yanking him to his explosive release. Her fingers formed a ring around his cock head, moving it up and down, as she tongued the head.

Tim felt the first ribbon of cum fly out of his cock onto her face. She tried to catch it with her waiting tongue, but the power of the jet had forced his cock to jerk upward and it flew over her lips and cheek. She shrieked as a second, equally powerful jet shot out and hit her hair. The sight of his white cream on her jet-black hair and brown skin made him throb more. She never stopped moving her fingers and he shot out some more spurts of cum which she this time successfully collected on her tongue. She continued to lick his head and shaft, savoring the taste of his cock until it went soft.

She stood up and put on her robe, “now you must relax and enjoy the bath,” and walked out. Tim wondered if his wife was enjoying her massage as much.

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