The Writer

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He was up against a deadline but she had other ideas.

This is entirely a work of fiction.


He sweated over the deadline. The publisher had finally lost patience and his agent was on his back so here he was, holed up in a beach house located in this deserted out of season resort.

He got up, he wrote, he snacked then wrote again, he went out to eat dinner, he drank moderately on his return and then fell into bed only to repeat the same process day after day. By now whether it was a Saturday or a Wednesday, or any other day of the week come to that, had become utterly meaningless. The only decisions to be made were where to eat and when to Email each completed chapter to his long suffering editor.

This isolation was actually no big deal for he had always been a solitary man. Gone were the days when aching balls and an erection would force him out to look for female company and long gone were the youthful days when a hard on seemed to be ever present.

He had been married once, for all of two years, but their individual needs had proved incompatible and resulted in an amicable parting. He had missed the companionship for a short time but soon reverted to his writing with the very occasional one night stand.

Now far away from temptation he got deeper and deeper into the novel.


The cab driver hauled the half dozen pieces of expensive matching luggage to the front porch and accepted the generous tip offered for his pains. She fiddled with the key in the darkness before eventually getting everything inside then finding the toilet. Later she collapsed on the bed seeking the oblivion she craved which annoyingly kept receding as her mind trawled unerringly over the stress of the last month or more.

However exhaustion eventually won out and she woke to full daylight having not thought to close the blinds. She lay prone feeling a mounting satisfaction at being away from her problems, of being free from the unbearable situation that had threatened to consume her completely, of being able at long last to please just herself.

By mid morning the weak winter sun had drawn her out onto the enclosed balcony. She was curious to see where she had ended up having picked the place from the realtor’s list and completely unseen. The white sand of the beach stretched in both directions as far as the eye could see with timber steps leading down from this and the other properties. These appeared to number a dozen in all each served in turn by the macadam road.

The luxury development had been built with generous space between the properties, each near enough to give a sense of security but far enough apart for privacy which was just as well for she was standing there naked as a jay bird. In the unheated space her nipples gradually hardened making her suddenly conscious of the temperature so she returned to the heated rooms and pulled on some exercise clothes before venturing once again to the veranda.

The whole settlement seemed to be shut up for the winter save for one beach house two doors away which had a travel stained 4×4 untidily parked out front. By craning out of an opened window she could see that the place had a similar enclosed balcony/terrace as her own but could detect no sign of movement.


He had returned from a visit to the local Mart and was unloading his bags when a flat bed truck drew up and the driver shouted over.

“I’m looking for No. 6?”

Felix straightened and turned in the direction of the voice apparently considering the matter carefully although his mind was actually elsewhere. He finally got it together and replied.

“This is No. 4 so try the next but one.”

The driver raised a hand in salute as the writer went indoors with guilt forcing him back to his laptop.


She was naked and in the middle of her morning exercise regime when the doorbell stopped her dead. She pulled on a dressing gown to answer the summons.

“Alicia Forest?”

“That’s me.”

“Delivery for you.”

She looked up to see her little foreign sports car perched on the back of the delivery truck and nodded in recognition.

“Sign here lady then if I can manage the stick shift I’ll get the Porche onto your drive.”

Later as she sat in her beloved drop head coupe she discovered in the glove box a reminder of the man who had made her life a living hell. But to her surprise it was less disturbing than might have been expected although she made a mental note to have the car professionally valeted to remove any possible reminders of the past.


It was inevitable that the occupiers of numbers 4 and 6 would at least became aware of each other during the ensuing weeks but it was also clear that neither had the least desire to acknowledge this fact nor even to strike up a conversation until one day they found themselves being sole diners in a local restaurant. He looked over from his table to see her concentrating hard on the menu probably equally embarrassed at the whole awkward situation.

“Will bedava bahis you join me?”

She looked up on hearing the educated English voice so he persevered.

“It seems silly for us both to eat alone.”

But did he really want to change the relationship? Did he even want female company? Could he be bothered to make small talk? Then he heard her reply and was immediately committed.

“Thank you. I will.”

He reckoned the woman was East Coast but not New York, maybe Boston, but she was certainly easy on the eye and not being remotely a misogynist his mood brightened as she crossed the room.

There was a hiatus as they ordered and decided on a wine to drink but then she initiated the conversation.

“Why are you here out of season?” He blinked at the directness of the question causing her to backtrack. “I’m sorry. That was intrusive.”

“No. There’s no secret.” He gathered his thoughts together in an effort not to ramble. “I’m a writer with a rapidly approaching dead line.”

He saw the obvious question appear in her eyes and replied before she could ask although fully expecting a blank reaction.

“I’m Felix Lancaster.”

Her face cleared when she obviously recognised the name.

“Oh my. I love your books but aren’t you just doing film scripts these days?”

Now of a sudden she had risen in his estimation.

“A bit of both, but what do I call you?”

“Alicia Forest.”

He stored that away and debated if he could risk trying to find out more for the closeness of this disturbing woman was beginning to give him ideas which did not bode well for his self imposed seclusion.

Better perhaps to just enjoy her company while they ate and let the future take care of itself but as if to deny such a safe solution his dormant libido chose that moment to wake from slumber. Now he had to cope with a raging erection which had risen to greet this sensual woman.

Conversation ceased for a time as they were served a starter until he became conscious of her frank gaze measuring him.

“So you’re finishing a novel?”

“Trying to, hence locking myself away from all temptation.”

“But you still have to eat?”

Eventually they drove home in their separate transport and without having made any arrangement to meet again.

He finally fell asleep imagining Alicia cradled in his arms and with fresh semen staining his boxers.


Don’t start she had thought to herself at one point there in the restaurant. Okay so he’s a bloody attractive man but ignore the messages being sent by your hormones. You don’t need any more trouble in your life. Just keep it casual.

But her sleep that night was disturbed and fragmentary ending in her pacing the floor with her mind racing.

“I am not obsessed with sex.”

Alicia had eventually shouted out in defiance of her disbelieving body.

“It must be four years since I’ve cum with a man in me so is it surprising that I feel deprived?”

The words echoed around the scantily furnished sitting room before she eventually found relief with a vibrator.


It was now a fortnight since she had eaten that meal with Felix and despite the occasional view of his figure in the distance they had not spoken again.

But her desire to know him better, which dated from that night, had not cooled. Given her reluctance to become involved it had increased, particularly after she had found some of his novels in the local bookstore and devoured them each at a single sitting.

Just the mere thought of him composing the words of the novel now open in her lap was enough to make the juices flow, but wait, if she took her daily walk along the beach then with luck she might even catch a glimpse of the author.


It was no good. He had been staring at the same sentence for ten minutes or more unable to progress any further. Alicia’s firm athletic body kept intruding into his thoughts, the line of her neck as he had helped her into a coat, the thrust of her breasts as she had risen from the table, the subtle waft of perfume which rose from her hair, and that backside enclosed in a tight skirt which had moved so voluptuously.

Abandoning work he went out to his glassed in terrace where serendipitously he caught sight of the woman who now filled his waking thoughts and breathlessly watched her progress along the water line.

She had obviously just retuned from a run, her daily purposeful trip which she made up and down the hard packed sand within the tide range. Now she had paused to sit on the steps which led up to her house where she was bent on removing each trainer in turn to tip out the sand before retying the laces.

“Oh god,” he cried out as he came hunched over his hand.


Now indoors and with her cheeks flushed from the exercise she was convinced she had caught sight of Felix as she was dealing with her shoe laces. It was only his head and shoulders but it was enough. She shucked off her clothes and bedava bonus while under the hot shower made a plan.

He answered at the fifth ring.


It was a moment before she could steady herself enough to reply as her hand moved purposely inside her panties.

“It’s Alicia. From number 6.”

“Oh Hi, how are you?”

“Okay thanks. How are you doing…err…err…with the deadline?”

Had he heard the uncontrolled catch in her voice as she orgasmed?

“I think I’m winning.”

“So are you eating out tonight?”

There was a long pause before he replied during which she nearly despaired.

“Why not? I’ll pick you up at seven.”

There was a click as he replaced the phone in it’s cradle.


The inside of his 4×4 was like a tip and she was forced to move discarded cartons and scrunched up paper to make room for her feet before gingerly depositing her backside on the seat fearful that her light coloured pants would be marked. He smiled at her nervousness although making no effort to apologise, but tonight she would forgive him anything.

He took her to the same place but this time there were two other tables already occupied.

“Even so,” she looked around graphically as they were being seated, “this place is hardly jumping.”


Later as they ate, and totally against his avowed intent, he grew curious.

“So what brought you to this out of the way place?”

She was silent for so long that he became convinced she had found the question intrusive but then opened up although keeping her eyes fixed on his as if to gauge his reaction.

“I was only very recently divorced. ‘Forest’ is my married name so I will revert to my own as soon as the papers are registered and everything has gone through.”

Impulsively he reached out and placed a hand over hers which interestingly she did not try to withdraw.

“I’m sorry to hear that. It must have been a difficult time for you.”

At this he saw a flash of pain cross her face but soon realised that he had entirely misunderstood the cause.

“Difficult yes but not for the reasons you might assume. In fact I divorced him just as soon as I had incontestable proof of infidelity.”

Silence reigned for a period as he digested this statement which although so flatly delivered must have caused if not regret then at least some disillusion.

“So did he fight his corner?”

“Oh boy didn’t he just, but the Prenup agreement thankfully proved watertight when the bastard had it tested.”

So she was the one with the money. He poured more wine for them both but then a new thought occurred to him.

“So what should I call you when the divorce is all signed and sealed?”

What was the matter with him? Was he thinking that there would be further contact between them?

“Alicia Carson.”

He was still regretting his question even as she gave her maiden name so the realisation of who this mystery woman actually took more than a minute to penetrate.

“Ah, of course, you must be the heir to “Carson Oil”. Petroleum and all that…Is that why he married you?

“Undoubtedly, but it took time for me to catch on.”

“Oh fuck. That explains everything.” This initial reaction was forced out of him before the cogs in his brain began turning again. “So you own that beach house?”

“Yes, well no, not quite yet. The papers are being exchanged as we speak.”

Silence fell until Felix couldn’t contain his curiosity.

“So it took a long time before you realised he was sleeping around.”

“I was too young, too foolish to realise what he really wanted and in the end not woman enough to retain his interest.”

Felix raised one eyebrow expressively at the suggestion that anyone might consider her ‘not woman enough’ and she grinned back.

“I just mean that he went elsewhere for his preferred form of sexual relief ignoring the fact that I was going up the wall with frustration. But even though that was bad enough he also spent my money like it was water. I was brought up to appreciate its value but not him. Anyway I eventually got up the nerve to rebel and now he’s gone from my life.”


Felix dropped her off then disappeared into his house. He was fleeing from the problems he could foresee if he was foolish enough to get involved with such a woman and got straight on the phone to his agent back in London.


The voice which eventually replied did not sound overly friendly.

“Belinda, it’s Felix. I’m sorry if I’ve messed up on the time difference.”

“It’s okay Felix. I’ve just got up. You know what I’m like before I’ve had a fix of caffeine.”

“Listen luv, I reckon four weeks max until I’ve knocked this book on the head and I can then get back to earning some real money.”

And no more flirting with Miss Moneybags was his secondary thought as he forlornly sought his bed.

“Get a grip of yourself,” he told himself but at least deneme bonusu had enough humour left to laugh at the accuracy of the remark as he fisted his erection.


The weather began to improve from then on although Felix scarcely noticed the change. By dint of fierce concentration during the daylight hours he was close to completing the text. No breaks were allowed until nightfall, just solid attention to his keyboard.


She welcomed the change in the weather which caused a lightening of her spirits. The increase in temperature widened her scope for exercise which had lately become better than an opiate. Equally pleasurable was having on more than one occasion successfully entered Felix”s house directly from the beach (he never thought to lock those doors) and, totally unseen by the toiling writer, vicariously watched him concentrating exclusively upon his computer screen.

Alicia pondered not only on her new and seemingly outlandish behaviour but also on her recent past. Life with her husband had been nothing but a long-running disappointment. At a time when her body was ripe for the attentions of a real man that had been denied for even when he had deigned to mount her it was “wham bam” and never a “thank you” leaving her totally frustrated. How she had been such a stupid cow as to marry him in the first place was a mystery but one from which she was now released.

Lately she had become increasingly confident that somewhere out there must be a man who would heal her hurt and now she became convinced that it was Felix Lancaster. After all he came with the great advantage of an educated brain allied to a body which effortlessly thrilled her to the very core, both of which augured well for any relationship.

But how to get Felix to commit?

Simple, she decided. Just take the bull by the horns.


He woke to discover his erection enveloped in a soft but greedy mouth. At first he thought he was having a wet dream and was savouring the moment but reality soon seeped in. He flicked on the light to discover a blond helmet moving between his legs.

“Alicia is that you?”

Understandably there was no reply.

“How did you get in?”

She merely continued on her self imposed mission.

“For god’s sake stop doing that and come up here.”

So saying he pulled her up beside him which was when she spoke for the first time.

“Do you like that, darling?”

“Of course I do. Who wouldn’t. But what are you doing here?”

“Well if you have to ask then I don’t hold out much hope for you as a writer.”

She giggled but he would not melt.

“I can’t afford to get involved with someone like you.”

Now he had come to the nitty-gritty but she seemed to have a ready answer.

“You are not getting involved in anything unless you really want to. For the moment can’t we just enjoy each other? You know you want to fuck me and god knows I want it just as much, so just shut up and get on with it.”

He groaned unable to resist and reached out for her ready body.

Much later they lay sated until he broke the peaceful mood.

“Did you call me ‘darling’?”

“I might have.”

She was now on the defensive but he blunted the attack.

“I liked being called that…providing you really meant it?”

“Trust me, I meant it.”

“Listen Alicia, I have a confession to make.”

“And me but you go first.”

“I’ve wanted to do this ever since we first met and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve masturbated while thinking of doing just this.”

“What a pair of fools we have been.”

She wriggled about beneath him only to react in surprise when his erection reappeared.

“So soon my darling?”

Then later when that bout was over she also confessed.

“I bet you didn’t masturbate as often as me. Women can cum far more often than any man”


It was morning when she woke to find that he had already brewed coffee for them both.

“Look I know you’ve got to finish the novel and I’ve got to fly East to sign a load of papers but can I come back and see you in a couple of weeks?”

She was clearly as near to pleading as any proud woman could but his reply delighted her.

“Yes please.”


Alicia turned into the private road fully expecting No. 4 to be closed up and his 4×4 gone but to her relief all was just as before. He even came out onto the porch before she was level with the house and his smile of greeting caused tears to sting her eyes.

The car was abandoned half across the road in her hurry to be in his arms and it was only very much later before she thought to retrieve it.

The sex which had been initiated almost before Alicia crossed the threshold had been even better than she had been anticipating during the long flight Westwards so she had to tear herself from his bed to open up her house again.


“Have you finished the novel?”

They were seated at the restaurant table which was now becoming familiar.

“Yup, all done and sent off for correcting.”

But how to frame the difficult question upon which all her hopes rested? Best to just go straight for it.

“So what’s next?”

“That depends entirely upon you.”

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