The Winds of Change

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Annabelle was too alive to sleep tonight. Every gust of the cool night air coming through her window, every touch against her skin, felt like a benediction. The moon was full tonight. She gazed out her window, full of passion, embracing the sensation of life.

She sat at her desk, poised to write her university assignment. The assignment was too boring for a night like this.

Leaving the desk without a backward glance, Annabelle stole over to her bedroom door and turned the handle slowly, careful not to make a noise and wake her housemates. She left the hallway light off and closed her door behind her, leaving her engulfed in darkness. She felt her way along the hallway, her hand brushing against the wall. Gradually the blackness turned into different shades of grey and she could sense the familiar objects around her, there the television, there the sofa.

She was headed for the kitchen when she became aware of another presence in the hall with her. It was large, person-sized, and Annabelle stopped in fear.

Her heart was pounding in her throat and she irrationally closed her eyes, a childish resort yes but one that helped. She drew in shallow breaths. Was it a monster? A robber? Was she just letting her imagination get carried away with her yet again? Still keeping her eyes tightly shut she felt the being move towards her, silently.

She had just made up her mind to open her eyes and confront her fears, but then the cool night breeze blew through the hallway, carrying his familiar scent to her and she knew it was him.

“Annabelle?” Jason whispered into the stillness and she almost cried out with relief.

“Jason… god you scared me.” She breathed and he chuckled softly. He reached out and held her hand, making her feel safe. He led her through the hallway, out the back door and down into his studio.

She stayed silent as they walked, not wanting to ask questions, enjoying the feel of his hand in hers. Her crush on her friend had never gone away, and on the rare times he touched her, she relished it.

When they were in his studio, surrounded by his canvasses and easels, Jason turned on the lamp, illuminating them in a soft glow. She smiled at him uncertainly and he smiled back. He led her over to his faded green couch and they sat down.

“Now we can talk without worrying about waking everyone else.” He said and Annabelle nodded.

“Why are you awake?” She asked him curiously.

“Why are you?” He responded, as usual deflecting her questions. By now Annabelle was used to his evasive nature and only sighed and rolled her eyes at him. He grinned.

“I felt too alive to sleep.” She looked him in the eye and knew he would understand what she meant. He was the only one who was ever on her level, the only one she felt understood her.

“That’s good, Belle, I love that feeling.” He said.

“Yeah, bahis firmaları so do I” She said softly, feeling the stillness of the night gathering around them, in their own private world.

They sat in companionable silence for a little while, both enjoying the moment. At last Jason spoke.

“Belle, can I ask you a question?” He began seriously.

“Yes, of course you can, Jason. You can ask me anything.”

Jason smiled a little at that. “Hrm, can I really?” He looked at her and their gazes locked, his cool blue eyes meeting her earthy green ones. She held his gaze, searching, wondering what he was so reluctant to ask her, it was unlike him to be nervous.

“Jason, what is it? What do you want to say?”

He looked down at the ground and thought for a moment.

“You know… Belle…” He began slowly, raising his eyes to gaze at her.

“Yes?” she whispered,

“I’ve always believed actions speak louder than words.” He said, and his lips met hers and they kissed for the first time.

It was beauty. It was lightning. It was a joining, mingling of tongues, lips and souls. He kissed her deeply, drawing her in, making her feel like she was melting, sinking into the flow of their passion. He tasted of cigarettes and wine. He tasted of love.

He reached out a hand and caressed her neck, grabbing her hair in his hand as he held her, trapped her to him.

They broke apart for air, his hand still holding her head, not letting her go.

“Jason…” She whispered, allowing her voice to show all her years of longing, of aching for this moment. This moment was divine.

“Annabelle.” He kissed her neck, nipping at it lightly, making her gasp. She was lost in the sensations of his mouth on her neck, licking, sucking, nibbling, kissing. She moaned, a fleeting memory of his eyes gleaming secretively that time she’d told him her most erogenous zone was her neck. She had thought he hadn’t remembered that particular conversation. The knowing chuckle that answered her moans told her she had been wrong.

His hands were roaming over her breasts, fingers toying with her sensitive nipples. She bit her lip, wondering if he would… He did. His fingers tightened around her nipples, hurting them gently, and she let out a soft cry.

“Like this?” he whispered, voice thick with desire. She could only nod helplessly as he pinched them harder. She could feel herself growing wet under his touch. He released her gently, looking deep into her eyes to check if she was okay. She saw the uncertainty in his eyes and smiled languidly at him.

She moved off the couch and got on her knees in front of him. She undid the zipper of his pants and released his straining cock. She bent her head down, but his hand lifted her chin to make eye contact.

“You don’t have to do that.” He said, looking at her to kaçak iddaa make sure she understood that he didn’t want to push her.

Annabelle let out a moan of frustrated desire.

“But I want to.”

And she took him into her mouth, slowly. Licking his cock up and down as she slid her lips over him, teasing the underside of his tip with small circles of her tongue. She heard him gasp in pleasure and grew even wetter. She got off on pleasing men, and this man in particular… well.

She stroked him in and out of her mouth, using her hands to draw him in deeper, caressing his balls as she swirled her tongue around the length of him. She took a deep breath then inched him in slowly till he was all the way in her throat. He was so large, larger than she’d ever deep-throated before, but the surprised moan of his pleasure, made it well worth the effort.

“Holy fuck, Belle.” was all he could say before she closed her mouth around him and started to suck him, his hard cock pounding all the way down her throat, his balls slapping against her lips as he fucked her mouth. He raised a hand to her head, gently moving her head up and down the length of him and she moaned around his cock at the authority of his touch. The vibrations of her moaning urged him on and he shoved himself deep inside her mouth, forcing her up and down on his cock, her tongue rippling around him as she sucked him eagerly.

“Enough” he spoke roughly, and pulled his cock out of her mouth.

She sat up on her knees and kissed a line from his cock up his belly, snuggling her body against his legs. He grabbed the hem of her blue satin nightie and lifted it above her head, she raised her arms to allow him to remove it and he tossed it on the floor. She was naked and kneeling in front of him, and he felt he had never seen a more beautiful sight in all his life.

She lowered his pants down his legs till they lay crumpled at his feet. Sliding her hands over his chest she raised herself up to unbutton his shirt, kissing each inch of skin that was slowly unveiled. He stroked her hair softly as she kissed all over his chest, worshipping his body with her tongue.

He caught her wrists with his hands and pulled her up till she was on the couch, forcing her body down, parting her thighs with his hands as she lay there whimpering helplessly. He bent over her, hands seeking inside the folds of her shaved cunt, finding her clit soaked with her juices.

He rubbed her pleasure nub, circling it with his fingers, enjoying the moans she made beneath him. Her hips slid up to meet his hand, and he teased her clit. He lowered his head to her cunt and licked her clit. She gasped as he fastened his mouth around her clit, sucking at it, flicking it with his tongue as he swirled it around. Her juices filled his mouth and she tasted sweet, like honey and cream. He shoved kaçak bahis two fingers into her cunt, forcing them inside, feeling her fuck his fingers with abandon. He sucked her clit hard, knowing she liked a little pain, and felt her climaxing around his tongue, her moans and gasps music to his ears. Her thighs twitched as she came, until she fell back against the couch, replete.

He moved up her body, licking her breasts, biting at her neck. His lips fastened to hers and they kissed. She could taste her juices on his tongue and it turned her on. His tongue swirled hers and she moaned into his mouth.

His cock was rubbing hard against her stomach and he reached a hand down to position him at her entrance. She felt the tip of his cock nudging the folds of her pussy and he pushed himself into her with one hard thrust. They both gasped at the intimate contact, savoring the feel of him hard and large inside her tight wet hole. Belle looked deep into Jason’s eyes and saw her emotions reflected in his face. Love. Lust. Passion. There was no need for words.

He began to move inside her, slowly, his cock deep inside her, stretching her on his dick. She felt tight and wet and warm around him, He thrust his hard cock into her, pummeling into her over and over. He drove himself deeper into her, hearing her pant against his ear as he took her.

She felt his flesh piercing hers, and felt filled with his cock. Their bodies were joined, moving in a sacred rhythm as he fucked her hard against the couch, driving himself into her, his passion for her filling his soul as he fucked her hard, fast.

She was trapped beneath him as he fucked her, his big cock filling her hole. He bit her neck, and she cried out as she came around his cock, her juices slick on him, making him fuck her faster. His mouth was fastened on her neck, biting her like a vampire out of her darkest fantasies and she whimpered in pleasure, feeling the savage maleness of him pumping in and out of her cunt.

She was soft and yielding beneath him, he grabbed her hands with his arms and held them above her head, pinning her down against the couch as he fucked her relentlessly. Over and over his cock rammed into her cunt, till she was writhing beneath him in pleasure, in pain as he pinched her nipples. She could feel every inch of his cock inside her, every ridge and vein as he filled her. She felt his balls tense up against her cunt lips and his seed shot deep in her as he came, moaning her name into the night.

He brushed her hair our of her face and framed her lovely face with his hands as he kissed her, deeply savoring the taste of her lips. She snuggled up beneath him as he pulled his cock out of her, wrapping her arms around his back. He held her in his arms gently, kissing her forehead as they lay together on his couch.

The both lay like that till they fell asleep. The night breeze blew in through the window and their hair twisted together, dark tangled against fair, locked together. They slept peacefully.

Somewhere, in the silence of the early morning, Fate smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32