The Three R’s Ch. 02

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Aimee Ryan

“I followed mom,” she began. Her rush into the house earlier, the obvious anger and frustration on her face had had nothing to do with her ex-boyfriend. I now knew she had discovered who my wife’s lover was, though I once again immediately headed her off.

“I told you Stacy, I don’t want to know.”

“Fine. I won’t tell you who then – but I will tell you this. Aunt Susan’s in on it. I followed mom to her place, obviously she’s offered her home as a place for the two of them to meet. And to be honest with you daddy, I wouldn’t doubt that she’s not involved with the two of them herself!”

The fact that Maxine had gone over to her sister’s place, instead of where she was supposed to be, at her weekly book club, said it all. Even then, I didn’t want to hear any more, didn’t want to actually be confronted with the truth. I’d just fucked my own daughter, and at the moment I was still trying to come to terms with that.

Though Stacy had continued to kneel on the floor between my legs, her hand still lightly wrapped around my prick, it had wilted like a flower after a first frost. Though suspecting my wife’s infidelity was one thing, actually having it confirmed still sliced into me like a knife. The fact I had just fucked my own daughter didn’t help matters much either. If anything, I saw it as only complicating the entire situation, making it even worse. I half wished as I sat there that I’d taken Brenda up on her offer and met her at the motel. Had I done that, then perhaps none of this would have happened. Though I also realized, Stacy would have found away to tell me about her discovery even then. Only she wouldn’t be naked, kneeling on the floor still fondling my dick perhaps.

“I’ll deal with your Aunt Susan at a later time,” I informed her. “If she is involved, and if she has indeed been allowing your mother and her lover to use her place for their rendezvous, then that’s something she’s going to be held accountable for. But like I said honey, until your mom and I can agree to sit down and discuss all this rationally, until then…I don’t want to drag everyone else into this and make it even worse. Bad enough that…”

“I know what you’re going to say…but don’t,” she told me suddenly standing up. “I fucked you because I wanted to. And not because I wanted to get even with mom for what she’s doing. Believe it or not daddy, I came to this decision some time ago. I knew you and mom were having problems long before I even began to suspect she was sleeping with anyone. I saw the hurt in your eyes every time she left the house without kissing you good-bye. Or the way she suddenly started dressing sexy again…but obviously not for you. That’s when I made up my mind to sleep with you myself, and would have before now. Only I knew that had I approached you, you’d never have allowed this to happen. I had to find the right moment, the right time to do this.”

As much as I had admittedly enjoyed it, the Three R’s were wracking my emotions considerably. “Regardless of what just happened Stacy, it still doesn’t make it right, or even make it the right time. It wasn’t, we shouldn’t have…”

Once again Stacy headed me off. “Didn’t you enjoy it?” She asked standing there in front of me looking down. It was hard talking to her, looking at her as she stood there. A grown woman now…more woman than I’d been with in a while anyway, with a near flawless body that she’d been only too happy to share with me. And only too happy to allow me to continue to look at as well. Though there was really no other place to avert my eyes at the moment either. My hormones and emotions already processing this new stimulating information, though I myself hadn’t as yet realized that. Her beautiful bare breasts hanging there against her ribcage, nipples still hard, pointed and inviting. The taut swell of her tummy, the smoothness of her skin as I allowed myself to briefly glance once again down between her legs. Her lips, still a bit puffy, swollen from our recent fucking. And then I felt my prick throb. She glanced down seeing it, smiling once again.

“You did didn’t you! So why don’t you just admit that you did?”

“Ok, I admit it. I enjoyed it. It was nice. Fuck Stacy…it was better than nice, it was fucking unbelievable. There! I said it. But just because it was…”

“You’re still going to fuck me again,” she said holding out her arm towards me.”

“Stacy no.”

I heard myself saying, speaking the words. But I felt my prick twitch once again. Stacy knew I was struggling, and she knew damn well what I was struggling against.

“I’ll give you three new R’s to fight back against the three you’re dealing with,” she told me. “Revenge…” she said grinning. And…and… ah, Randiness,” she added looking down at my rapidly stiffening cock. Though she now struggled for a third one to come up with. Her eyes suddenly opening wide as she lifted up her hands, cupping her own breasts, grinning down lustfully towards me. “And really…really, nice tits!”

Her ataşehir escort effort made me laugh, I couldn’t help myself. Her boldness was typical Stacy, though seeing her standing there in front of me in the nude was a bit bolder than I would have preferred. Still, she had in one swift moment lightened the mood, though standing there cupping her own breasts, now fingering her taut hard nipples had caught me momentarily off balance.

And then the phone rang.

I reached over grabbing it off the end table. “Hello?”

“Brad? Just wanted to call you and tell you I’ll be home late. We’re enjoying the book we’re currently reading, and decided to extend our discussion for a couple of hours. So…don’t wait up for me.”

She didn’t even bother waiting for a response. “Good-bye,” she then said. And the phone went dead in my hand. I looked up at my daughter. The frown had returned to her face.

“That was your mother. She said she’ll be home late,” I told her. “Their book review, it would seem…is real interesting.”

“I’ll bet,” Stacy said now crossing her arms over the front of her breasts. “I bet mom and Aunt Susan are reviewing it in depth right now in fact,” she told me looking at me sternly.

I stood up, replacing the phone back in its cradle. I then turned towards her, my belt already undone, zipper down. It was easy to allow my pants to fall down around my ankles a second later. Stacy’s eyes lit up, the smile returning to her face.

“Lay down baby girl. Daddy’s going to fuck you silly.”


Both Thursday and Friday came and went without further incidents, though that was partially due to work, school schedules and the like. Both Jared as well as Stacy had part-time jobs, so that left the evenings alone for both Max and I. As usual, we sat silently through dinner, and then watching TV. After the news, as was typical of late, Maxine excused herself and wandered upstairs to bed. As was also usual for me, I remained behind watching the Tonight Show, though my thoughts were elsewhere.

I had indeed fucked my daughter again. Twice later on that night downstairs in my den. I had already determined that the mistake had been made, “So might as well enjoy it since I have,” I had thought. Reality would sink in soon enough the following day, after which, I’d put my foot down and not allow things to get out of hand again the way that they had.

But I couldn’t help sitting there remembering either. Stacy had the silkiest, slickest, creamy-good pussy I’d ever fucked before. She had indeed spread herself out down on the couch, one leg propped up on the back rest, the other wrapped around my torso as I drove into her repeatedly. I had literally fucked her three-ways to Sunday, and then back again. We had ended the evening with me going down on my daughter, licking that sweet tasting pussy of hers, sucking the juice out of her cunt until she exploded with an ear-shattering climax that for a moment I thought might burst out the windows.

Like a rag doll, I had carried her upstairs afterwards to her bedroom and slipped her into bed, tucking her in just like I used to do when she was little. She had the same beautiful smile on her face that I remembered seeing back then. As I started to stand up again, Stacy threw her arm around my neck, drawing me back down, giving me an affectionate kiss. Though this too was a bit more intimate than I had ever shared with her.

“Good night daddy. Sweet dreams. I know I will!”

And with that, I turned around, still naked…and walked from her room.

I had of course been a bit nervous, and agitated the following day. I was worried about what Stacy might do or say, though I had pleaded with her to do nothing and let me eventually handle it. Reluctantly she had promised…not to “say” anything as she put it. But that was as far as she was willing to go. I knew my daughter however. So it was like waiting for the other shoe to drop. I knew that eventually in time…it would. But until then, all I could do was hope, and think about what I was soon going to have to do about all this.

The first thing however was to put out the small fire I had started at work. I had a much bigger fire at home to deal with now, and I didn’t need to spread myself thin trying to deal with all the additional stress. Needless to say, Brenda wasn’t too happy when I told her that I was sorry…but that I had had a moment of weakness, and that it just wasn’t a good idea for the two of us to continue on the way we had been.

I found myself missing our emails that afternoon as well as the following day. But, it was for the best under the circumstances.

Friday night I had climbed the stairs up to our bedroom. As was usually the case by now, Max was laying on her side facing away from my side of the bed. And as she’d begun doing a while back, I also noticed she was again wearing a pair of pajamas, something she didn’t used to do, sleeping naked even during the winter months.

I stood there looking kadıköy escort down at her, watching her breathe, wondering if she was in fact really asleep. A few months back I had found myself standing here just like I was now. Only then Maxine still slept naked, even though we hadn’t done much of anything for several weeks now. I was horny, though I’d approached her earlier in the evening, receiving a “Not tonight Brad, I’m too tired,” response from her. So…there I stood, looking down at my sexy wife, horny…cock in hand. I had carefully pulled back the covers in an effort not to wake her. Standing there staring down at her body. Unlike now however, she had slept on the opposite side of the bed from where she slept now. I stood there admiring her body, her smaller, but still wonderfully beautiful tits. I stood stroking my cock, jerking off, enjoying at least the pleasure of seeing my wife.

I guess the coolness of the night air, even though it was summer time had gradually wakened her. With a start, she opened her eyes, saw me standing next to the bed jacking off.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” She had asked me.

It was shortly after that, Maxine had started wearing pajamas to bed. I hadn’t seen her totally naked again since.

And…I was horny again. Images of my daughter still haunted my thoughts. As much as I had chastised myself for what had happened, the vows I’d already made to myself so that they wouldn’t happen again, still didn’t take away the delicious, sensual memories I now had. Mixed in with those, the past passionate times I had also enjoyed with my wife.

But I wasn’t about to stand there and make the same mistake I’d previously made either.

“Fuck this!” I said to myself silently, and then just as quietly, slipped into the bathroom to undress, throwing on my bathrobe, and then from there heading back down the stairs towards the den.


As an afterthought, I had grabbed the bottle of baby-oil from beneath the bathroom sink, taking it with me downstairs. Rather than shuffle through the few porn movies I had looking for one to immerse myself in, I turned on the TV, selected a cable channel that I knew would be showing hot erotic movies. I needed something I could lose myself, in, something I could sit there and look at, enjoy a much needed jerk off, and then hopefully after that, be relaxed enough to go to sleep.

Maybe it was fate, Karma, or whatever, but wouldn’t you know it? When the movie came on that was well under way, the first thing I saw was an older man, older than I was…but still older. Especially when you saw the very young looking woman who was currently riding his cock, her large breasts bouncing wildly as she looked into the camera. Her eyes had this sultry, wanton, decadent look to them. She was obviously enjoying the guy’s dick inside her as she rode it. For a millisecond, I thought about finding something else to watch, it was too close to home. But then as I’d already paid for it, it didn’t make much sense to go looking for something else. Besides, I didn’t plan on being here all that long. At least the young woman had blonde hair and didn’t look at all like my daughter. The problem was, watching them, reminded me of that, and I found myself thinking about that, seeing Stacy, even though I was staring at the TV.

I poured a liberal dose of baby-oil into the palm of my hand and then wrapped that around my hard stiff cock. It felt good…once again reminding me of Stacy’s sweet slick pussy. Though I was staring at the young blonde’s cunt as the older gentleman filled it with his thick fat cock, I was again seeing Stacy’s and not hers. I tried shaking the thought from my head, but the feel of my own hand sliding up and down my shaft, was too similar of a reminder to the way my daughter’s pussy had felt as I’d slid in and out of her, fucking there on the couch. Which I now looked at instead of the TV, once again lost in the memories of the previous night.

It was at that moment I caught a shadow of movement out of my peripheral vision. I thought in that instant that perhaps Maxine had gotten up out of bed and come down stairs for some reason. Already my hands moving towards the folds on my robe in order to close it, which is when I then heard the all too familiar giggle.

“Oh for heaven’s sakes daddy, don’t bother. Who’d you think it was? Mom?”

“Jesus Stacy!” I said once again, as this trick of hers, showing up out of nowhere was starting to get a bit spooky. “I wish you’d quit doing that!” I added though I let go of my robe and the effort to close it. After all, what was the point?

She laughed, now coming over to stand in front of the TV, effectively blocking my view though it wasn’t the TV I was worried about. At least she was dressed this time.

“Saw the flickering light from the TV through the window. Figured you were down here, and then figured what you were most likely doing this time of night too,” she added still giggling.

“Aren’t bostancı escort bayan you still supposed to be at work?” I asked. I glanced over at the clock next to the TV, it read just a little past midnight.

“Got off early tonight. Thought I’d come home, see if I couldn’t get off early here too,” she grinned. Her hands were already busy unbuttoning her blouse.

Suddenly it was de’ja’vu all over again. “Stacy…”

“Shhh…unless you want to wake mom,” she told me as her blouse came away in her hands.

“That’s the point,” I said unable to take my eyes off her as she now reached around behind herself as she began to undo her bra. A new one I noticed, black with delicate wisps of white lace around the cups. It looked sexy as hell on her, and she noticed my looking at it. She held off removing the bra, and now smiled.

“Like it? It’s one of the new one’s I got at Victoria Secret last weekend.”

“It’s very pretty,” I said coming to my senses. “But…”

Her hands went back behind herself. “No buts,” she told me. “The way I see it, you only have two options here. One…you can fuck me again. Though I do want you to lick my pussy like you did the other night first. Two? Well, if you don’t…or won’t, then I’ll march right up to mom’s bedroom, wake her up and tell her I know who it is she’s been sleeping with. So daddy…which one’s it going to be?”

I didn’t see that I really had much of a choice. And it was evident that the other shoe had now fallen. For the moment at least, I once again allowed myself to cave in to Stacy’s desires…and now my own. But it was a sudden reminder that this couldn’t continue to go on forever like this either. I was going to have to act, one way or the other…and soon.

“Well? So which one’s it going to be?” She asked once again as her bra now slipped down her arms. She tossed it casually off to one side. I made one last feeble attempt before I succumbed to what I already knew I was going to.

“What if your mother wakes up, comes down stairs and finds us?” I asked.

“I don’t care. In fact daddy…I actually hope she does. I’d love to see the look on her face!”

That was a look and a face, that I myself wouldn’t care to see.

“But I do care!” I now told her. “As much as that doesn’t make much sense right now Stacy, I really do care.”

“Well, until you decide to do whatever it is that you’re going to…that doesn’t change the here and now much does it? So…what’s it going to be daddy? Fuck me? Or I go up and wake mom, tell her everything I do know about what’s going on.”

My hand went back to my cock, and I stroked it. Watching me do that, she again grinned.

“That’s hot!” she then stated. “Keep doing that while I finish taking my clothes off!”

I now sat, continuing to slow-stroke my prick. Admittedly, it seemed damn fucking hard. Sitting there watching my daughter as she now turned her undressing into a bit of a strip-tease made it even more so. Stacy took her time removing her short, black, skirt. I didn’t mind though, it was sexy as hell. And I had to admit, I was now getting into it, watching my daughter strip, the TV behind her now no more than a distant memory. Adding a bit of erotic naughty sound perhaps to her strip-tease, as well as just enough lighting to see by. And then, she stood in nothing more than a black thong, similar to the white one I had seen her wearing while bent over looking into the refrigerator.

She pulled it tight, clasping her hands around the waistband synching it up. As she did that, she effectively forced the material to split her pussy-lips apart. In the next instant, they seemed to ooze around from the sides, once again red, swollen almost angry looking. She moaned, now letting go of the material though it remained tightly tucked between her split, and then pulling on it again. I knew then she was using the material of her own thong to tease herself with.

“Oh fuck, fuck!” She moaned hotly looking over towards me as I continued fisting my cock, still slowly working it up and down, though now I had added the added stimulus of smearing some precum fuck juice around my hard shiny helmet.

“God!” I moaned back at her in return, watching as she now began teasing one of her thick long hard nipples with one hand. The other, more directly now caressing her still hidden clit as she pressed her fingers against the outside of the material of her thong pleasuring herself.

“I want to see you spunk it daddy. I want to watch you spunk it for me, jerk it off…squirt your juice, shoot your wad. Whatever you want to call it. I want to see you cum!”

My hand was now flying up and down my shaft like a jackhammer. Even as I did that however, she walked over, still rubbing herself, playing with her tits. She got close enough to put her hand on the back of my head, forcing me to lean over.

“Lick it! Lick my clitty through my panties,” she told me hotly. I did so. I could smell her heat, and even through the material of her black thong, I could taste her juices as they smeared her tiny wisp of black material, just barely separating my tongue from the hard little knot I was now trying to suck. “That’s it! Suck it daddy! Suck it! Eat my pussy…taste my creamy wet fucking cunt!”

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