The Somer’s Sisters Ch. 02

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Pam and Jane called each other daily, partly reassuring each other and partly making sure that this modeling was not going to change them as to who they were morally. The money was good but Jane had to keep the feeling that she was not a woman whose character was being altered or jaded. The odd thing, too was that she was also so excited about posing knowing guys would be getting off looking at images of her.

Mark called Jane and explained that he had arranged a photo shoot for her, Pam, Michael, and himself for the following week. He was wondering if she could take some time off from work, and she told him she still had vacation time, so next week would not be a problem. Pam was also going to be off and Michael had to see if he could get a week off as well. Both Jane and Pam went shopping for bikini’s that they thought would work for photo shoots and also bought short skirts and white blouses that had a school girl look to them. Later, after lunch, they both talked and approached the subject of doing lesbian scenes and both women felt fine as long as it was with each other.

Wednesday night Mark called Jane and said he got a call from a photographer named Sandy Sime. He knew her work and they met once at a convention.

“She does all the photo and video shoots for a major Adult website and she was wondering if you could come in this Friday morning to do some solo shoots.”

Mark assured her that Sandy was very professional and she would be the only one present at the shoots. “The Website prefers that she do all the pics and video shoots from now on. She has opening for about three shoots”, Mark explained. “And as for money she was looking at paying you about $5,000 for Friday’s work.”

Jane thought about it and because Mark assured her about it not being a sleazy studio she agreed and Mark told her it was in Prospect, which was about 40 miles away. Jane could already feel herself getting excited just thinking about it. Jane told Mark ok, and she got directions and Sandy’s phone number as well.

Friday morning güvenilir bahis Jane arrived at Sandy Sime’s studio which was in a small commercial park like a thousand she drove by daily. Jane took a deep breath then walked in and saw standing at a desk, a tall thin brunette of about forty.

“Hi,” Sandy said and she held out her hand and shook Jane’s hand. “I saw the pictures Mark took of you but you are so much more attractive in person.”

They talked for a few minutes and Jane mentioned that she had brought a bikini and a schoolgirl outfit if that is alright. Sandy said they were going to do the bikini shoot and thanked her for bringing one along as well as the school girl outfit.

“We’ll start out with simple poses, then kind of open things up a bit,” and she smiled at Jane. Sandy led her into a waiting room where a young man of about nineteen was waiting and told her she had to get the lighting ready and she would just be a few minutes. Jane looked at the young man and introduced herself, and he said his name was Shawn. Jane couldn’t get over how much he looked like Tommy, her eighteen year old son.

“Are you here to do modeling too?” Jane asked Shawn. To her surprise he blushed and said, “I’m a sophomore at local college and trying to make money anyway I can so as not to have to get too many student loans.”

He said this was his first time and he felt kind of nervous. Jane realized she was getting wet just talking to young Shawn.

Sandy came in and asked Jane to come in and led her to a small changing room. Jane said how handsome Shawn looked and Sandy said that she did not think the female model was going to show up. “I think she got cold feet,” Sandy said.

Jane asked what they were going to shoot and Sandy told her they were going to do a short ten minute video of Shawn getting a handjob. Sandy looked at Jane and asked if she was interested in doing the video shoot after she does her picture shoots.

Jane thought about it a minute and said, “Why not”, and Sandy said she would pay $2500 türkçe bahis for the video rights.

“Why don’t we have Shawn watch the photo shoots and that should have him in the mood for the video,” Jane said. Jane could not believe how wet she was getting just thinking about posing in front of someone who was her son’s age.

“Good idea, I will go have Shawn come and join us,” Sandy said. Sandy got Shawn and explained that his model was not coming, but that Jane was going to be his partner now and she had to do a few photo shoots and then they could do the video. Sandy said there was a robe in the changing room and that he should go get undressed and put on the robe.


was all lit up, and Jane was amazed how warm the lights made the room. The bikini she had on was a micro mini and she was getting turned on just looking in the full length mirror. Shawn came in and looked so cute Jane thought to herself. Sandy came in and told Shawn to have a seat and enjoy the show.

Sandy directed Jane in posing for a few innocent poses then the top came off, showing Jane’s nipples sticking straight out. Shawn’s cock was rock hard by now as both women noticed. Next Jane took off the bottom and started posing wide open right at Shawn. She rubbed her pussy and licked her fingers, teasing him so badly. She got on her knees and spread her ass wide open for him and the camera to see.

After about ten minutes they finished and did the schoolgirl poses, but Jane could only think now about jerking young Shawn off. Sandy said what she had was great and that they could take a break and then do video shoot with Shawn.

Jane put on a robe and sat down next to Shawn. “I have a son your age so don’t be nervous,” Jane told him.

Sandy came in and said that she is going to do a massage video where Jane will rub Shawn’s back then he will turn over and do the front ending in a handjob and cum shot. Both women smiled to themselves as Shawn turned bright red when Sandy mentioned the cum shot.

“Maybe two,” Jane said and she and güvenilir bahis siteleri Sandy both laughed while Shawn was not sure why.

Shawn lay on his stomach and Jane started rubbing his calves and moved up to his thighs. She gently rubbed his inner thighs and reached up and rubs his balls which made him moan softly.

Jane moved so that she was standing at the head of the massage table and softly whispered in Shawn’s ear, “Did you like me posing so that you could look at my pussy? Are you going to shoot your cum into my hands Shawn?”

And then Sandy motioned Shawn to turn over and Jane looked down on his hard cock standing straight up. Jane thought how she had done this for her deceased husband many times so there was no acting now. She rubbed Shawn’s thighs and then stroked his cock with her hand a few times and continued massaging his chest returning to a few more strokes of his cock. Sandy motioned to the lotion and Jane knew that Sandy wanted a cum shot now.

Jane poured lotion on Shawn’s cock and started stroking him. In only a few strokes he shot all over his chest as Jane milked him dry.

“Good job guys,” Sandy said. “You two work well together, maybe we could do some more work another time.” Sandy added.

“I wouldn’t mind” Shawn said and added “I felt comfortable.”

Jane smiled and thought to herself that she is so horny right now that she might fuck him right here. Jane then asked Shawn if he had a girlfriend and he said that he had only been with one other person and that was last year.

Sandy could sense how turned on Jane was and said how she needed a blowjob scene and if they were interested she would make it worth her while.

“Lay back down Shawn,” Jane told him and for the next ten minutes she sucked his cock and he shot his load in her mouth as she rode his cock up and down her throat. Jane could feel her own climax coming and started rubbing her clit and brought herself to orgasm while Sandy kept shooting.

“That was not acting,” Sandy said, and Jane smiled as she unwound from her own climax. She got up and washed, then dressed and met Sandy at the door before leaving. She could feel chemistry with this woman and thought this situation may work well for them.

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