The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 11

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A little later in the day, but not so very far away, a small car skidded to a halt outside the Spencer family garage. Mackenzie got out of her Mini Cooper. It was freshly washed to perfection and waxed. She had checked all the fluids, including the brake fluid, and checked the tires. She had just stopped on the way home and filled the gas tank. She was ready for her weekend to begin. All she had to do was take a shower and call Nicole. Mac had waited all week to have some more time with her friend. It was Saturday which meant family time and friend time. She smiled contently as she let herself into her home with a key, dropping her small backpack to the floor as she walked through the living room.

Music was playing somewhere in the house. Sounded like it was emanating from down the hall towards her dad’s room. Curious, she walked quietly down the hall. He never listens to music.

She found a ‘Hooters’ tee shirt laying on the floor in the hall outside her dad’s bedroom. She picked it up and smelled it, Yep, definitely Tammy. What the fuck, it is the weekend?! This is family time. My time with him.

Stopping outside the room, she couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. It was muffled and urgent. Mac peeked carefully around the door frame.

It is one thing to hear your father and his lady friend banging away with the squeaky bed and wall- thumping thing. It is one thing to see him pass your room on the way to get protection. It is another thing entirely to walk in on them ‘in flagrante delicto’, the act itself in all its blazing glory. In a single glance, MacKenzie tried to take it all in. Spencer was on his back and Tammy was above him sitting on her knees, trapping his face between her thighs with her head back. The only things moving were her hips and MacKenzie’s dad’s tongue.

She’s beautiful, but I still hate her.

Mac looked at her body and had to admire her dad’s taste in women. Tammy’s body was tan enough to have tan lines. I hate you even more! Whatever she wore when she tanned wasn’t very big, that was for sure. She wasn’t petite, but Tammy had big tits, not huge tits, and a great butt. Her pussy was shaved bare.

You shave your pussy. Why would a grown woman shave it smoothe there? It ain’t going to make you any younger! Maybe for your bikini? Yeah, that has to be it.

Spencer was lying on his back in the bed. It looked like he had been sitting on the edge and just laid back because his knees were still on the bed’s edge. Tammy sitting was on Spence’s face. What she was doing there was obvious as Mac saw his tongue slide up out of the slit of her sex and slowly lick back across her as her hips shook violently. He had his hands wrapped around her thighs near her hips, holding her down on his mouth. Tammy was fondling her own breasts, lifting them, cupping one in each hand.

More than a handful. I so hate you!

Mac could see her dad’s jaw move and knew he was eating Tammy with his tongue. She shivered, watching Tammy move her hips back and forth. With her head drawn back, she was clearly having a great time. Daddy must be really good at doing that!

MacKenzie smiled and filed another secret away. So, that’s why you shave it. Men like it smoothe. My dad likes it smoothe. Is that one secret or two? Definitely two!

MacKenzie was mesmerized by her dad’s erection. It was almost fully erect, pointing straight up from his groin. Hooter’s Girl wasn’t even touching it, and it just stood there like it was straining to get even bigger. Mac could see it throb. Well, seeing it like this is certainly not like getting a peek when he goes to the bathroom.

Mac glanced at the floor spotting a pair of orange shorts, then a bra, a pair of torn panties, and finally a pair of white tennis shoes. Inventory complete, she looked up only to find ‘Hooters Girl’ looking back at her.

Caught in the act, Mac damn-near passed out. Oh please, dear God, don’t let her tell Daddy! He’ll think I’m sneaking around, spying on him. Please, God, I’m begging you. Please … pretty please?

Yet, despite the fact she was shaken, she never moved; she didn’t even take a step. She couldn’t; she was glued to the spot, fascinated by what was happening between Tammy and her father. The rawness of it, the passion of it sent waves of pure adrenaline coursing through her body.

A blush spread across Tammy’s cheeks then over her neck, her breasts and down her stomach. Just as she blushed, Mac saw her dad’s tongue come out and lick Tammy’s sex again, splitting her lips and lifting her hips with its tip before she settled onto his face again.

Mac’s very being was overwhelmed. I never knew … never guessed that’s what it would look like. A man and woman together. It’s incredibly hot! How does it feel, being with a man like that? Like my dad?

Tammy watched Spencer’s daughter, pendik escort not sure what to do at first. Then, she saw MacKenzie’s eyes. They were lit by a kind of wildness and smoldering heat that meant Mac was turned-on in spite of being caught. She followed Mac’s gaze down to Spencer’s cock. MacKenzie licked her lips. It was a natural reaction, but a damningly revealing one. Christ, Spencer, you are huge tonight!

She watched MacKenzie’s face as she asked, “How do you like my shaved pussy, Spence?”

Mac heard her dad laugh. “It’s like eating a teenage girl.”

Mac shivered. A teenage girl? I am a teenage girl, Daddy!

“All men like it smoothe, huh, Spence?” Tammy asked.

“FUCK yes, smoothe little pussy.” Then he went back to eating her. There isn’t a man alive that doesn’t like hairless teenage pussy, if he’ll admit it!

“Damn, Tammy, use that little-girl mouth on me,” Spence begged.

Tammy leaned forward, keeping his face covered with her bare pussy. Tammy leaned onto the bed, her arms rigidly straight, making a tripod over Spencer’s cock. Her hair hung down as she looked at Mac. Spence’s cock stuck straight up, just inches below her mouth. Tammy wrapped one hand around it.

“Yeah fist me, baby; jerk my meat like a teenage girl would.” Spencer speared his hips into her hands, trying to get Tammy to tug on his cock.

“Okay, Daddy!” She smiled when she saw Mac’s jaw drop. You didn’t know your dad thought about girls like this, did you?

She heard her dad groan into Tammy’s pussy. Mac couldn’t look away. On some level, she understood that Tammy was watching to see her reaction. When Mac finally tried to turn her head, Tammy just shook her head, No! Then she placed a finger upright across her lips, making sure MacKenzie understood not to make a sound. Shhh!

Beckoning, Tammy crooked a finger at her. Come closer! Come here!

MacKenzie couldn’t help herself. Her feet took the first few steps on their own as she watched Tammy handle his cock. When a secret beckons, when it whispers, ‘Learn me!’ or, when it simply crooks a finger at you, you either accept the challenge or leave. You don’t learn secrets by running away because they’re scary!

Spence was going crazy, as Tammy teased his cock with her moving fingers. She bent it, twisted it, squeezed it as she stroked up and down the still hardening ebony shaft.

MacKenzie moved silently across the room, stepping in close to the edge of the bed between her dad’s open knees. Once Mac got close enough Tammy reached out, grabbed Mac’s hand, slowly forcing it downward. MacKenzie watched, disbelieving as Tammy wrapped it around Spencer’s dick. She watched her own molasses brown hand replace Tammy’s around her dad’s dark need. This is not happening! It’s not! It’s not!

“Spencer, why don’t you pretend it’s your daughter’s hand touching you?” Tammy suggested. “Shut your eyes and make believe it’s MacKenzie’s hand wrapped around that big black dick of yours.” All dads have a daughter fantasy! Even if they won’t admit it. Do you?

Spence groaned at the lewdness. He played along. “Oh, fuck yeah! Stroke it, MacKenzie! Stroke that big black fucker. I know you want to.” I should not be even be pretending this, much less role playing it with my girlfriend. But fuck, this is really hot!

Curious, Tammy let go of MacKenzie’s hand. Mac nearly released her hold on Spencer as she felt it expand, stiffening inside her hand when he commanded, “Stroke it, Mac!” To her utter surprise, Mac looked down at the cock in her fist and slowly stroked it from base to tip then all the way back down.

Tammy was a bit startled, It was halting and unsure, but that definitely was a full stroke.

He pistoned his hips. Spence’s waist lifted up off the bed, and he swore, “Holy fucking shit, Tammy! Your hand feels just like a teenager’s. It was like you didn’t know what I like. It felt like this was the first time you ever touched a man whose cock was hard just for you. How do you fucking do that?”

Mac adjusted her hand, examining her dad’s cock as it surged up and down through her fist. He was only partially erect now, so it bent and flexed as she tugged on it. The dark meat was filling fast. He pleaded, “Jesus! Lick it, baby.”

As Mac timidly jacked her dad’s cock, Tammy leaned forward. She turned her head so Mac could see her extend her tongue and sweep it languidly over the head.

“Oh fuck yeah, that’s good, but that’s not the mouth of a teenage girl, ” he chided her.

“Oh, do I know too much, Father?” Tammy asked. “Can you can tell your innocent daughter already knows how to lick a dick?”

“Yeah, baby, I didn’t teach you that did I?”

“No, Daddy!” Tammy answered. MacKenzie’s breathing was irregular, ragged and kind of fast. She was trembling. But, she never stopped stroking the shaft in her hand. MacKenzie simply didn’t know maltepe escort how to stop herself. All wrapped in new feelings, new thoughts, new insights into her dad, she was being swept along in the power of the forbidden fantasy. Incest! This is almost incest! Almost, my ass, this is incest!

Tammy watched the taboo sensuality between dad and daughter. For Spencer, this is only a fantasy. But, for you, MacKenzie Dawn Phillips, it’s real. You know exactly who you’re doing! You have Daddy issues, little girl!

Embarrassed, MacKenzie kept tugging on the length of black meat in her hand. Fascinated, she watched it flex and grow as her hand flew up and down its length. I can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m holding my Dad’s dick! ‘Holding?’ Girl, you are beating your Dad’s meat! That’s what you are doing.

Tammy’s head lifted from Spence’s meat; precum dripped from her lips. She reached out and put a hand behind MacKenzie’s head, pulling her in for a very unexpected kiss. Taste me! Taste him!

Surprised, MacKezie was caught totally unprepared as Tammy pushed her tongue needfully into her mouth. She’s kissing me! I know she’s no lesbian. Why is she kissing me?

Tammy tastes salty. She has just been sucking my dad. Shit, that is the taste of him! He tastes salty, too. Finally, Mac kissed back.

For just a moment, MacKenzie forgot to pull on the shaft until he moaned. She jumped, tugging firmly on him again. Sorry, Daddy!

Breaking the kiss and breathing hard, Tammy pressed Mac’s head downward. Realizing what she was urging her to do, Mac didn’t just hesitate, she outright balked. Wild-eyed, she shook her head. No!

“Put your mouth back on me, baby. Just lick it, Mac. Show daddy what his little girl can do.”

Tammy tightened her hand behind MacKenzie’s neck, forcing her head lower. Listen to your Father.

It’s almost like he really is talking to me. MacKenzie closed her eyes. Her lips touched her dad’s erection. She cautiously licked the head, tasting him. Tammy pushed more forcefully, using her hand to rub the knob back-and-forth across his daughter’s lips. Spence’s dick shoved his only child’s lips slowly apart, entering her mouth. Yep, salty.

MacKenzie was shaking so hard she nearly didn’t hear her dad say, “Good God Almighty! You feel like a teenager, all trembling and indecisive.” Mac tentatively swirled her tongue across and then around the head of her dad’s cock.

He groaned, “Oh Yeah! Jesus, fuck ….” He rolled his hips, pushing his feet down into the carpet, lifting his ass up from the edge of the bed in need. With Tammy holding her head down, there was only one place for his cock to go. It hit the back of MacKenzie’s throat. Spence groaned into Tammy’s sex, eating her like it was his own daughter’s bare little pussy. Then for a second, he smiled. Shit, I don’t actually know if MacKenzie’s pussy is bare or not!

The mouth on his dick was driving him nuts. “Damn, Tammy, you’re good at this. It’s almost like you really don’t know what to do. It feels like you really can’t get it all in your mouth.”

Tammy grinned as Mac closed her eyes, swirling her tongue across the head of her dad’s cock. Watching that little act of daughterly naughtiness, it suddenly dawned on her that Spencer wasn’t the first man to enjoy MacKenzie’s mouth. This is not your first time sucking a cock is it, little girl? But, judging from the difficulty you’re having with it, it’s probably your biggest cock yet.

Mac jacked her dad, covering the head with her mouth at the same time. It is a technique every girl learns before she figures out how to deal with a man with a larger than average dick. Her fist flew up and down the length of Spencer’s erection, jacking him off into her waiting mouth.

Tammy leaned forward, murmuring into Mac’s ear, “Here, baby, let me show you how.” You need to learn to suck on more than the head, baby girl!

As she lifted her mouth off her dad’s cock, Tammy’s mouth took its place. MacKenzie was still jacking her dad as Tammy lowered her head. Tammy’s mouth took almost half of her dad as Mac watched. Spence moaned, taking his face from Tammy’s pussy long enough to say, “Show daddy what a good daughter you are. Take all of me, Mac. Take me all the way to my nut-sack. Swallow your daddy whole, baby.”

God damn, this is fucking hot.

Spence was fascinated that Tammy was encouraging him play out this particular fantasy; he was also really getting into pretending she was his teenage daughter. Tammy accepted more and more of the ebony shaft, deeper and deeper into her throat.

Mac reached up with her free hand and pushed Tammy’s head downward onto her dad’s meat. Finally, unbelievably, MacKenzie saw her dad’s balls resting against Tammy’s stretched lips. That is impossible!

Mac pulled up gently on Tammy’s hair lifting her from her dad’s cock. Tammy came up kartal escort off Spence only to find Mac covering her mouth with her own, kissing her, tasting her dad on Tammy. Then as Spence groaned, Mac broke the kiss and forced Tammy’s mouth back onto the cock. She watched closely, learning as Tammy throated her dad. Well, maybe it’s not impossible. Maybe, I can do that! I did that to Uncle Jack. His cock wasn’t as big, but I can do that!

Mac jumped as Spence brought a hand down, taking Tammy by the hair and holding her head. He started to thrust up from the bed sheets, driving his cock deep into a surprised girlfriend as his daughter looked-on.

Tammy choked. Spencer simply said, “What’s the matter, MacKenzie, is Daddy too big for his little girl? Maybe, I should bed a big girl next time.”

Mac watched, fascinated as her dad started with slow strokes gradually lengthening them till he was deep-stroking the blonde’s open mouth. Tammy was taking him all the way to his nuts with each thrust. She could see the saliva on his cock each time he withdrew it. A little more of the shaft was wet each time he drew back. Finally, even the base was wet. She could see Tammy concentrate; her eyes were closed and her forehead wrinkled as she fought not to gag. Is he fucking her mouth? Is this a blow job or is he fucking her mouth?

Spence went faster and faster, feeling his girlfriend’s throat expand to take the girth of his cock. That’s right, open up for Daddy’s big black dick!

He felt her choke a little around him and sped up. MacKenzie could see the rhythm. It is just like fucking, only he’s using her mouth and throat. All of her throat!

Spence pulled his mouth from her smoothe blond pussy long enough to grunt out a question, “Tammy, have you ever thought about doing this with your dad?”

Mac watched as Tammy opened her eyes and looked up, her throat full of hot black meat. Have you?

Tammy slowly nodded her head, Yes, around him. Jesus, Spence, of all the questions to ask!

“No shit! That’s fucking wild. Have you ever actually done anything like this with your dad?”

Again a head shake, Yes.

“Does he know you like big black cock?”

Tammy closed her eyes and shook her head, Yes, again. She felt her face heat up in the burn of embarrassment as Mac watched her. God, what she must think of me. She can’t possibly understand.

Spence just moaned, “God damn, that is really fucking hot!” and went back to eating her.

She opened her eyes again, looking up at Mac. MacKenzie quietly mouthed the words, You did your own dad?

Still full of Spencer’s cock, Tammy hesitated for just a second. Then she lifted her face, winked at MacKenzie and smiled, mouthing a single word, No! MacKenzie almost laughed out loud when Tammy proceeded to cross her eyes and stick her tongue out the side of her mouth, while tilting her head slightly to the side. MacKenzie learned a secret. Between girls, this was the universal sign language for ‘a man with a hard-on will believe anything’.

“Tammy?” Spence asked. “Suck me like you sucked your dad. Come on, baby, show me how you did your daddy.”

As Mac watched, Tammy wrapped both hands around Spence jacking him into her mouth as she throated his cock. Both hands stroking, then full deep throat. Both hands then throat.

“Fucking Christ, your dad is one lucky son-of-a-bitch. Did he teach you to fuck like you do, too?”

Tammy hesitated. Well, this fantasy is getting more than a little awkward with MacKenzie listening to every answer.

“Come on, baby, you can tell me. I am an attorney. You can claim attorney-client privilege. I can’t tell anyone. No one will ever know! You don’t even have to say it. Just nod. I will understand.”

Tammy blushed. Mac saw it. But as she watched, Tammy nodded around her dad’s meat.

“How old were you the first time?” Spence asked.

She lifted her head off his cock, breathing hard, saliva drooling from her lips. She tried to catch her breath. She tried to think. Looking at MacKenzie, she slowly said, “Eighteen.”

“Jesus, MacKenzie is eighteen.”

Tammy taunted him. “Is that a turn-on for you, Spencer?”

Mac held her breath, waiting for the answer. I wonder, Daddy, is it?

Spencer thought for a second then stopped eating Tammy long enough to say, “I try not to think of her like that. I could never tell her this, but yeah that fuckable little butt of hers makes my dick hard in spite of all my good intentions.” Yeah, I guess it is a fantasy for me. Shit!

Tammy signaled Mac closer again, taking her hands and placing them one above the other around Spencer’s shaft. She moved Mac’s hands up and down just like she had been doing to Spence.

He moaned. “Jesus, is that how you jacked him? With both hands?”

“Uh-huh,” Tammy said. “He’s a little big for just one hand.”

Her hands held MacKenzie’s as Mac jacked her dad off.

Spence grunted. “How did you guys start? Was he your first?”

Tammy smiled, moving Mac’s hands up and down the ebony shaft of her dad’s need. “He started me off by letting me jack him off, like this. “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32