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Big Tits

The following is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons living or deceased is purely coincidental. This story depicts sexual situations between minor males, including incest, and if reading such is illegal where you reside, or you are not at least 18 years of age, please read at your own risk. This work is the property of the author, Kewl Dad, and should not be reposted or reproduced without his permission.

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The Reynolds Twins

By: Kewl Dad
A picture is worth a thousand words

Chapter 42

The last day of summer break, the group convened at The Green”s and were gathered in the game room for one last get-together. Isaac and Greg were engaged in a spirited game of pool, while Aidan and Jaden battled it out on the air hockey table. Jeremy and Dee were cuddling on the sofa talking about their plans for the new school year, while Zak and Jimmy both sat in chairs on the opposite side of the room.

Zak was checking his social media and watching the new videos Aidan had posted on their YouTube channel, while Jimmy was vegging out. He hadn”t been sleeping well lately, but he was yet to contribute his restlessness to any one particular thing.

He and Jaden were getting along well, despite his having a brief fling with Lars, a handsome boy back in Germany, and he”d finally accepted that Jaden loved him for who he was, and that he was worthy of that love.

Before returning to the States he”d been hell bent on finding a way to end his relationship with the handsome rock star twin, but now he realized just how stupid he”d been. He loved Jaden with all his heart and soul, and had finally accepted that Jaden felt the same.

Suddenly, Jimmy”s phone alerted him to a text and he fumbled it out of his pocket and turned it on. A text message accompanied by a file appeared in the window, and Jimmy looked around to see if it was from one of those in the room, perhaps someone playing a trick on him. It was from someone who called themselves L488.

L488: In case you”ve forgotten me, here”s a little reminder

Jimmy frowned as he read the message, then opened the accompanying file to find a picture of a hard penis only inches from the camera. The penis looked familiar, but he still hadn”t made the connection yet.

Another text and an attachment appeared then.

L488: This one is just for you

This time Jimmy had no problem identifying the person in the picture. It was Lars looking up at the camera, his legs spread wide and his rock hard penis bobbing as someone pounded his ass. The person pounding his ass was Jimmy, and this pic was a still from one of the videos they”d shot when they were together that day in Germany.

Why are you sending these? Jimmy typed back.

L488: So you won”t forget what we meant to each other.

It was just a one time thing, you knew that.

L488: Tell my heart that. Anyway, I”ll let you go for now, but I”ll be in touch.

Wait. Jimmy typed, but after five minutes when there was no reply he put his phone away.

He was a nervous wreck when a few minutes later Jaden finished his game of air hockey and came over to sit by him on the arm of the chair.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, umm…fine. Who won?”

“Me, of course,” Jaden gloated, “want a soda or something?” Jaden offered as he leaned in to kiss his BF.

“Yeah, sure…whatever you”re having,” Jimmy said, returning Jaden”s kiss.

When he returned a few minutes later, he had Jimmy stand and he took his place in the chair then pulled Jimmy down in his lap, “There, got my baby in my lap now.”

“I can”t believe we go back to school tomorrow,” Jimmy said, trying to get his mind off the disturbing texts.

“Yeah, one more year, then it”s off to College. I am going to enjoy the freedom when we move away, how about you?”

“Anywhere I go is fine as long as you”re there,” Jimmy said, putting his arms around his lover”s neck and kissing the top of his head.

“I feel the same way. We”ll find a nice place to rent off campus and the four of us can live together, and it”ll be just like old times.”

“Yeah, and Greg and Isaac will be nearby, and so will Jeremy and Dee.”

“Too bad we can”t find a place big enough for all of us,” Jaden laughed, “but that would be like the size of a motel or something.”

“I think this is best,” Jimmy said, “it might get too noisy with that many people under one roof. Besides, Isaac and Greg are a year ahead of us and run with a different crowd at school.”

“Yeah, we”ll be pretty busy ourselves, what with classes, and music and stuff, but we”ll still find time for fun.”

“Yeah, fun,” Jimmy said.

“You sure you”re okay?”

“Yeah, just thinking about this summer and how much fun we had.”

“You seem happier lately,” Jaden dared to say, “I mean considering all the crap that happened on the tour and all.”

“I just needed to sort things out in my head, that”s all. Once I did, everything was okay,” Jimmy said, then kissing Jaden once again he went on, “I”m really sorry I acted like such an idiot before, and…you know, about that other boy.”

“That”s all history,” Jaden assured him, “I am so over that stuff. We have our whole lives ahead of us, and I can”t wait till we”re married and start a life together.”

“Married?” Jimmy laughed, “Really? You”ve never mentioned marriage before.”

“I haven”t?” Jaden said blushing, “Well, I”ve thought about it a lot, especially lately. I know it”s an outdated institution and all, but I think it can still mean something between two people, especially two guys like us. For me, it”s like the difference between just being with someone, and committing to someone. Couples come and go, but unless there”s some kind of bond between them, why even bother?”

“Wait, slow down. I agree with you. I think being married to you would be the most wonderful thing in the world, but shouldn”t we get engaged first, or at least go steady?”

“You”re right,” Jaden said, hugging Jimmy to him, “I”m getting a little ahead of myself here, but I”ll fix it. I”ll do things right.”

“Okaaaay,” Jimmy chuckled, wondering what Jaden had in mind.

“Now, I am starved. Let”s see about getting some pizza ordered.”

There were no more texts that evening, and Jimmy managed to enjoy his time together with his friends. He was hoping that Lars was just bored, or maybe horny, and that that was the last of him, but deep inside he worried that this was only the beginning.

Later, as Jaden drove Jimmy home in his white Mustang convertible, Jimmy thought about what Jaden had said about marriage. It certainly wasn”t something Jimmy had given much thought to before falling in love with Jaden, but now that Jaden had brought the subject up, he found the idea intriguing. After all, same sex marriage was a privilege that a lot of people had fought and died for, and he and Jaden were in love, so why not make it official.

“I”ll pick you up at 7:30 tomorrow, okay?” Jaden said suddenly, pulling Jimmy out of his thoughts.

“Yeah, that”s good. I can”t believe we have four classes together,” Jimmy said happily. They”d compared their schedules as soon as they”d picked them up that week, and were delighted to find that they shared classes not only with each other, but with the others as well.

“This year will be a lot of fun,” Jaden predicted, “but it will be kind of sad too. I mean, we”ve made a lot of memories here, not to mention a lot of friends. I think I”ll even miss the teachers.”

“Yeah, the last few years have been pretty good, but before that I really didn”t like school that much.”

“Well, that was the old Jimmy,” Jaden said, patting his leg, “once you decided to be yourself things got better.”

“I wonder what my dad would think if he saw his faggot son now?” Jimmy laughed bitterly.

“You should be proud of who you”ve become,” Jaden said soothingly, “I know I am.”

“Thanks,” Jimmy said giving his BF a soft look, “I have you and Aidan and all our friends to thank for that.”

“It”s still you that took the initiative and made the changes. If it hadn”t been us it would have been someone else, but I”m sure glad it was me. Hey, all this talk has got me feeling kind of romantic. Want to come in for a while?”

They”d reached the neighborhood by then and Jaden”s house was on the way to Jimmy”s. Ahead, they could see Aidan”s matching convertible parked in the wide drive, but Aidan was nowhere in sight.

“Sure, okay…if your folks don”t mind.”

“Oh, I think they”ll be okay with it,” Jaden said grinning, “especially if they don”t know. They”re probably asleep by now. The twins wear them out pretty fast.”

“So twins must run in your family huh?”

“Yeah, after Chris and Chrissy were born I did some checking. There are four sets of twins on Dad”s side of the family.”

“Cool, so if you ever got a girl pregnant…”

“Probably not gonna happen, unless it was just so we could have some kids of our own, you and me. We could hire a surrogate or something.”

“Yeah, but we”ve only just started talking marriage, so let”s not rush it.”

“Yeah, we have to think about our education first.”

They quietly entered the Reynolds home through the door off the back hall and slipped off their shoes to cut down on the noise. Then silently tiptoeing upstairs, they emerged into the upper hallway and ran smack into Mr. Reynolds.

“Sneaking your boyfriend in after lights out?” Mr. Reynolds chuckled, “I always thought it would be a girl you”d be slipping in. How was the party?”

“Not really a party, but nice. I, um…had something I needed to show Jimmy before I took him home.”

“I don”t think I want to know what it is that you need to show him,” Mr. Reynolds laughed, “but don”t stay up too late. You have school tomorrow.”

“We won”t dad, and thanks,” Jaden said hugging his father warmly.

“Don”t I get a hug from you too?” Mr. Reynolds said, holding out his arms for Jimmy.

“Absolutely dad,” Jimmy said smiling warmly, “and thanks, thanks for treating me like I belong.”

“You do son, you do,” Mr. Reynolds said squeezing Jimmy tight, “after all, you”re gonna be my son-in-law someday,” he added with a smile, “Goodnight boys.”

“Night,” they echoed as they slipped over to Jaden”s room.

“No fair,” Aidan said when he saw Jimmy with his brother, “I didn”t know we could have a sleepover or I”d have brought Zak home too.”

“Relax bro, he”s not spending the night. We just needed a little more time together. We”ll try not to keep you awake,” Jaden chuckled.

“Don”t worry, I”m beat. My eyes were drooping all the way home. Night you guys, see you in the morning.”

“Night little bro,” Jaden said, then turning to Jimmy, he pulled him into a kiss and began undressing him.

Despite being tired, Aidan felt himself growing aroused as he listened to the two make out, and couldn”t resist the urge to roll over and watch the two lovers as their ardor grew.

Soon both were naked and as they tumbled into bed, Aidan threw back the covers to reveal he was also naked, and began stroking himself as he watched the two. Soon Jaden noticed him and motioned for him to come over.

“You sure?” Aidan said, looking at first one then the other.

“Yeah, come on,” Jimmy said grinning, “nothing like having two good looking guys to make out with.

“You don”t have to ask me twice,” Aidan said, jumping up and bounding the short distance to Jaden”s bed.

“Get in the middle love,” Jaden said to Jimmy, “and we”ll show you how the Reynolds twins do it.”

“Mmm…” Jimmy moaned as the two began making love to his body. All thoughts of Lars, his insecurity, and the coming school year disappeared as he lost himself in the pleasure of being loved by these two beautiful brothers, and suddenly all was right with the world.


“You get any sleep?” Jimmy asked as he slid in beside Jaden.

“Yeah, as soon as I got back home I crashed. A was already snoring by the time I got back.”

“Yeah, I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. Last night was awesome though.”

“Yeah, it was. Are you ready to do this thing?” Jaden asked as they headed toward the high school.

“I think so. It”s funny, back in middle school I never worried about what high school would be like, cause I figured I”d never make it that far. I figured as soon as I was old enough, I”d drop out and get a job or something. Funny how things change.”

“And now you have college to look forward to, and a good life.”

“Yeah, but first we gotta get through today,” Jimmy chuckled, “I used to hate the first day of school with vengeance when I was younger, but today I”m just a little nervous, that”s all.”

“Don”t worry, it”s the same goofy bunch of kids we”ve been going to school with the last two years. All our friends are there, I”m actually looking forward to seeing some of them again.”

At lunch they met up with the rest of the gang, who fortunately had the same lunch period. There was a lot of talk about the classes they”d had so far, and the teachers, as well as which classes they shared with common friends.

“Remember that kid, Rodney Elmore?” Dee said suddenly.

“The nerdy little kid that lives over on Fairmont?” Jaden said, looking up with half interest.

“Well, he”s not nerdy anymore. I guess over the summer he found a new clique. Look over there by the window, kid in black.”

“No way,” Jaden laughed, “he actually looks cool. I love that jacket.”

“Probably hand tore every rip on it, and look at all the safety pins he has stuck in it.”

“Is that a nose ring?” Jeremy laughed.

“Yeah, and I bet he has other piercings too, some we can”t see,” Jaden laughed.

“Like what?” Zak asked, looking interested.

“Like nipple rings, or a belly button piercing.”

“Oh, yeah…” Zak said, “probably.”

“What were you thinking?” Aidan laughed, “a PA?”

“No,” Zak said blushing, but that was exactly what he”d envisioned.

“Ugh, no one is getting near my dick and balls with anything sharp,” Jaden said shivering.

“I agree, but I think a belly button ring would be cool,” Aidan admitted.

“I could do it for you,” Jaden offered.

“No thanks, if I did it I”d go to a professional.”

“So Rodney is an Emo now? Cool,” Jimmy said, glancing his way and catching the boy”s eye, “I thought he wore glasses. I wonder if he got contacts?”

“Lasik, ” Dee offered. His dad paid for laser surgery and now he doesn”t need glasses.”

“Maybe that”s what changed his whole outlook on things,” Jaden offered, “maybe he realized he could be cool now.”

“I think it was more than that, look who he”s sitting with, kid on the right.”

“Brandon Fuller? But he”s not Emo, he”s like in choral club and drama club.”

“He”s also in a band, an Indie Band called Twisted Nipples.”

“Apparently they met up at band camp this summer and hit it off. Rumor has it, they”re a thrupple with Lisa Morgan, who is also in the band.”

“Wait, thrupple? What the hell is a thrupple?” Jimmy asked, looking confused.

“It”s three people who are in a relationship, sort of like a three way, only it”s not just sex, it”s romance too,” Dee explained.

“Wow, cool,” Jimmy said, “I wonder if that really works, or if someone always feels left out?”

“I think with the right three people it can work,” Jaden offered, “look how easily all of us share, and no one ever gets jealous, or feels left out.”

“Yeah, that”s true, but we”re closer than most friends.”

“And, are we close because of the fact that we share, our do we share cause we”re close?” Jaden quarried.

“Good question, anyway, it sounds cool if it works.”

“I wonder how you go from nerd to cool in one summer though,” Jaden said watching the boy closely, “from glasses to eye shadow.”

“Sounds like the name of a book,” Aidan teased.

The talk turned to other things, and soon it was time to dump their trays and head back to class. Jimmy and Jaden had next period together and were even able to find seats next to each other since the teacher didn”t assign seating.

By the end of the day, both boys had a feel of what the school year was going to be like, and the initial nervousness they”d felt was long gone. In fact it seemed like their senior year would be smooth sailing, but sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

After dropping Jimmy off at his house, Jaden sped to the Mall to make a special purchase. Parking near the door on this slow afternoon, he walked in and took the escalator to the second floor and spied his destination to his right.

Smiling, he hurried that way and didn”t stop till he was inside Silvermans Jewlery Store.

“What can I do for you sir?” A middle aged man in slacks and a pullover asked as he approached.

“I”d like to look at some engagement rings.”

“Ah, this way,” the man said smiling, “I”m Steve, and I”ll be glad to help you with your selection, we also offer free engraving.”

“Perfect. Now, my question is: do you have any rings specifically for same sex couples?”

Steve smiled, it was always nice to help someone who played for the same team.

“Of course we do,” he said becoming quite animated now, “my husband George and I picked out a very nice set here four years ago. Were you thinking gold, or silver, diamonds, or plain?”

With Steve”s help, Jaden picked out a pair of solid gold bands with a single diamond on top that retailed for just over a thousand dollars for the set. Jaden knew just what he wanted the engraving to say, and Steve promised him the rings would be ready by Friday. Paying with his American Express card, Jaden thanked the man and was on his way.

All the way home he thought about what he”d just done, and he hoped he was doing the right thing. Sure he and Jimmy had talked about marriage, but did he have the right to spring this on him in public and not in private? And was buying the rings without Jimmy there the right way to go? Should he have let Jimmy have some input in the selection as well? If they”d been a regular mixed couple wasn”t this what the guy would have done? Still, he didn”t think of Jimmy as the girl, but he did seem to take the submissive role most times, while Jaden took the dominant role. He supposed he could talk to Aidan about it, but in the end he decided to go with his gut instincts and forge ahead. First though, he had a party to plan.

“Mom, dad,” Jaden began, “I was wondering if it would be okay if I had a little party here on Saturday for the gang and their folks?”

“Any special reason son?” Mr. Reynolds asked, giving his son a curious look.

“Yes, but unless it”s a condition of having the party, I”d like to keep that reason a surprise till then.”

“I see,” he chuckled, “What do you think dear, can we stand the suspense for a whole week?”

“I”m going to guess this has something to do with the band, or with one or more of the members,” she guessed.

“Yes, to part of that,” Jaden said, “but I can”t say exactly what or who.”

“Now, we”ll have to say yes, or we”ll die of suspense. Just tell us what we need to do.”

“Nothing, I”m going to cater the entire thing, but if they need an adult”s signature or anything, than I may need one of you. I”m hoping my American Express card will be enough to persuade them that I”m for real.”

“Not to mention that you”re a semi-famous rock star,” Mr. Reynolds reminded him.

“Yeah, that too. Since it”s still warm enough, I was thinking we”d make it a back yard party. I”ll have canopy”s erected, and there will even be a dance floor, and a DJ, and the band might play a couple of numbers.”

“How many people?” Mrs. Reynolds asked, getting very interested now.

“Around 50 I think, there are some friends from school that I want to invite, as well as all the gang”s families.”

“50 should be manageable, but what about parking?” Mr. Reynolds said, always the one to sweat the details.

“I was thinking, what if we used the parking lot at the park and shuttled folks up here in a van? I can rent an Uber for the evening or something.”

“That”s…an excellent idea,” Mr. Reynolds conceded, “it appears you”ve been thinking about this a while.”

“Pretty much since we got back from the tour, but I had to be sure I was doing the right thing.”

“Ah, the mystery deepens,” his dad laughed, “you know your mother will go crazy trying to figure all this out?”

“No more than you dear,” his wife reminded him.

“And I appreciate the fact that you won”t nag me,” Jaden said, “Saturday all shall be revealed.”

“Meanwhile, maybe I can help with those arrangements to keep my mind off things,” Mrs. Reynolds suggested.

“I would welcome your help mom,” Jaden assured her, “but right now I have some calls to make. Is A upstairs?”

“No, he called and he”s having dinner at Zak”s. They”re going over some project they volunteered for at school.”

“One day, and A”s already volunteering for extra work. Let me guess, it has something to do with music?”

“Yes, a talent show, and your brother and Zak are going to organize it.”

“Figures, okay. I”m gonna go start making my calls. Wish me luck.”

“Luck,” Mrs. Reynolds said as Jaden started upstairs. Her brain was already in the planning mode, and she had a few calls to make herself.

By dinner time, Jaden had gotten RSVPs from over half of his list, including the rest of the group and their families. He was surprised that he didn”t get as many questions thrown at him as he”d expected, but he promised that everything would be revealed at the party.

“Mrs. Green called,” Mrs. Reynold said at the dinner table, “she tried to pump me for information, but I assured her I knew as much as she did.”

“I istanbul travesti thought she was letting me off too easy, she was planning on going behind my back the whole time,” Jaden laughed.

“I think in the end she was just happy to be included. This doesn”t have anything to do with Jeremy and Dee does it?”

“Mom…you promised,” Jaden reminded her.

“Sorry, I know,” she laughed.

“And you have five more days to keep her at bay,” Mr. Reynolds laughed, “Good luck with that.”

“Maybe I should spend the week at Jimmy”s,” Jaden joked.

“Well, let”s hope it doesn”t come to that,” she said, passing the scalloped potatoes to Jaden.

“Look, I know this is asking a lot,” Jaden said frowning, “but it”s very important to me that it be a complete surprise to everyone involved.”

“All right, I promise I won”t ask any more questions about what all this is about. Instead I”ll put my energy into the details and help make it the best party ever.”

“Cool, oh, and mom…can you buy a case of champagne?”

“Well, sounds like there will be some celebrating,” Mr. Reynolds said, “as long as it”s no more than a half glass for the minors, I”d say that would be fine.”

“Sometimes I think the Europeans have the right idea about alcohol. They teach their children to drink responsibly, and there are fewer alcoholics there. Wine with a meal is as natural there as soda is here.”

“Yes dear, I agree. I”ll leave the wine up to you though, I”m more of a beer man,” Mr. Reynolds said.

“Awesome, one more thing to cross off the list.”

Aidan returned around 9 and found Jaden lounging in their room sprawled out on his bed.

“How was dinner?”

“Great, Zak”s mom is a good cook. It”s hard to believe this is the same woman who used to think TV dinners were gourmet meals.”

“Mel had a lot to do with that. He made her feel like she was someone special, and guess what? She turned out to prove him right.”

“Jason said to say hey, and thanks for the invite. He”s gonna ask Mark tomorrow, but he said he was pretty sure he”d say yes. And while we”re on the subject, what”s this party all about?”

“Unless you can read my mind, you”re gonna have to wait till Saturday to find out, just like everyone else.”

“Can I guess?”

“You can, but I won”t answer.”

“Okay, okay, but I know it”s not about the band. The CD isn”t due out till October, and basically we”re in hiatus till Spring break.”

“La la la,” Jaden said, holding his ears and ignoring his brother.

“Asshat,” Aidan said, “I could just tickle it out of you,” he laughed.

“Nope, sorry. I”d die first.”

Aidan sat down next to Jaden and rubbed  his chest playfully, “maybe I”m going about this the wrong way,” he cooed, “feeling frisky big boy?”

Jaden laughed, “Nope, not at all. I beat off in the shower earlier. I”m ready for some sleep. Sorry bro, you”re on your own.”

“I”m good, Zak and I didn”t spend all our time planning,” Aidan confessed, “I guess I”ll just have to wait like everyone else.”

“Bro, you”ll be glad you waited when you hear what this is all about,” Jaden assured him, “and maybe a little jealous,” he teased.

“All right, need any help with the party plans?”

“Yeah, probably, maybe help me make some calls and stuff. Mom and dad are helping too, but that”s mostly to keep mom occupied.”

“Yeah, I bet she”s going nuts.”

“Not as bad as I”d feared, but it”s early. I”m hoping the preparations will keep her busy and out of my hair.


It was indeed a long week, and not only was it hard keeping his mom at bay, but a few of the gang, especially Dee, tried to press  him for details. Oddly though, Jimmy seemed to be happy to wait for the surprise, but as far as Jaden could tell, he had no clue what it was all about. Little did he know that Jimmy had other worries on his mind.

Since that first night, Jimmy had received four more texts and pictures, and two emails with short video clips of the two of them having sex. Jimmy considered deleting them, but in the end he hid them in a password protected file, hoping that he never had to show them to Jaden or anyone else. However, if Lars didn”t let up, he knew that eventually he would have to tell Jaden what was going on before Lars contacted him directly.

One of the texts even suggested that Lars was coming to the US, and would look Jimmy up, and they could pick up where they left off. Jimmy sent him back a scathing reply, telling him that he wanted nothing to do with him, ever again, and that he would call the police if he showed up.

Lars didn”t respond right away, but when he did there were more pics and a warning of sorts. I will have you or no one will, it had said.

Jimmy shook with anger and fear as he read the text, but his attempts to reply to the text went unanswered and after a while he gave up. He was a nervous wreck by Friday, but he was doing his best to keep his feelings hidden from Jaden and the others.

“Babe, are you okay?” Jaden asked, figuring that Jimmy might have figured out what the party was for, and that he was nervous about what was going to happen.

“Fine, can”t wait for the party,” Jimmy said, trying to sound excited, “Will you dance with me?”

“You know I will,” Jaden said snaking his hands around Jimmy”s waist. They were outside in the commons area and no teachers were around, so he decided a little PDA was in order.

Jimmy looked around, but no one seemed to be watching at the moment and he relaxed. It was hard to resist Jaden”s advances as it was, but he didn”t want to get into trouble the first week of school.

That was a far cry from the way the old Jimmy thought. There had been a time when he had a “screw you” attitude and could have cared less what the faculty or student body felt about anything he did. The new Jimmy had learned that conforming didn”t have to mean giving up who he was, and he was now well adjusted and balanced both in his private and public life.

“Three more hours and we have the weekend to enjoy,” Jaden whispered as he nuzzled Jimmy”s ear.

“I can”t wait.”

“Tonight will be just you and me, then tomorrow night all our friends will be there and we”ll have a blast. This will be the best party ever.”

“Well, having my folks there isn”t exactly my idea of a wild party, but as long as you”re there it will be fun.”

“It”s important that they be there, you”ll see,” Jaden said mysteriously.

“What are you up to?” Jimmy laughed, “NO! Don”t answer that,” Jimmy said, placing his fingers on Jaden”s lips, “I won”t nag like the others. I know it”s going to be great, and I can wait to see what it”s all about.”

“The bell rang then, and they hurried off to class, but not before a quick kiss. As they entered the building they almost ran down Rodney Elmore, the former nerd, now Emo boy, and Jaden was first to recover.

“Sorry dude,” Jaden said, “hey, I”ve been meaning to talk to you about something, “I”ll catch up with you Jimmy,” Jaden said then, and Jimmy nodded and headed off to his locker, his thoughts already a million miles away.

“What”s up?” the boy asked, looking at Jaden with a mixture of awe and fear. Everyone knew the Twins and that they were big rock stars, but mostly very popular, and everyone pretty much cowed down to them.

“I”m having a party tomorrow night at my house, and I was wondering if you”d like to come. You can bring a friend if you want.”

“What kind of party?” Rodney asked frowning.

“Well, it”s sort of hard to explain,” Jaden said, not really sure how much he could reveal, “There will be some rents there, and some of my friends, and of course the band. We”re going to have a DJ and dancing, and lots of eats, and at the end we”re going to have a Champagne celebration.”

“Sounds interesting,” Rodney said, “but why me? Until today you”ve never even spoken a word to me?”

Jaden sighed, “I know, and I”m sorry. I”m not one of those stuck up kids that only hang out with their own crowd, it”s just that, well…there are a lot of kids in this school, and I guess our paths just never crossed before.”

“But now I”m cool, right?” Rodney chuckled.

“You were probably cool before,” Jaden said, “Look, if you don”t feel comfortable coming, I understand. I just thought…”

“Oh, I”ll be there,” Rodney said at last, “I”m just bustin” your balls man. Loosen up,” he laughed, offering his fist to bump.

“Cool, got your phone with ya”?”


After swapping numbers, they hurried off to class and Jimmy was already seated when Jaden walked in. Jaden expected Jimmy to question him about his encounter with Rodney, but he seemed to have other things on his mind and they didn”t have a chance to talk till after class.

“I invited Rodney and I told him he could bring someone.”

“Cool, I wonder who he”ll bring.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot he”s a part of a thrupple. I should text him and tell him he can bring both of them. Only how do I do that without letting him know that I know his business?”

“Just say he can bring a couple friends or something,” Jimmy suggested.

“Good call, thanks,” Jaden said, hammering out a text and sending it.

A second later a reply came back, but it wasn”t at all what Jaden had expected.

“He says he”ll be coming alone. Maybe the rumors are all wrong about him.”

“Hmm, maybe,” Jimmy said, but he didn”t really sound that interested.

They split up after grabbing their books for next period and then met up at the end of the school day at Jaden”s car.

“How was the rest of your day?”

“Boring, but at least this week is over. I”m ready for some down time. Let”s get my stuff and head to your house.”

“Yeah. Hey, want to go out to dinner tonight, just us two?”

“Yeah, that sounds good. Like what were you thinking, burgers or pizza?”

“How about Italian? We could go to Mama Leon”s. My folks and I eat there a lot and it”s awesome.”

“Sounds kind of fancy,” Jimmy laughed, “is this a special occasion or something?”

“Every day with you is special boyfriend,” Jaden said, rubbing Jimmy”s leg, “afterwards we can drive up to the point and make out while we gaze down on the city.”

“Just like two teenagers in love,” Jimmy laughed, “sounds great.

“I”ve never been, but I hear it”s pretty busy on the weekend.”

“Cool, think the heteros will mind?”

“Nah, they”ll be too busy fogging up the windows.”

“Then let”s do it. Who cares what they think anyway?”

“I sure don”t, but I have to admit, I think most of the kids at school are pretty cool with us and with the other gay boys and girls. The GSA has helped a lot. We”ve even got football players and cheerleaders attending now.”

“Yeah, I wonder if there”s a place like that at college?”

“You kidding? The whole place is like that. College life is so different. I think when kids get away from their parents they start to think on their own more, and little things like, who someone sleeps with, just doesn”t seem as important any more.”

“I guess,” Jimmy said. They”d arrived at Jimmy”s house by then and both boys went inside.

Jimmy”s stepdad was still at work, but Jimmy”s mom was busy in the kitchen and popped out to greet them when they entered.

“Oh, hi boys. How was school?”

“Awful, they beat us and made us stand in the corner all afternoon,” Jimmy teased.

“That”s good,” she said grinning, “that”ll build character.”

“Seriously, you”re okay with corporal punishment?” Jimmy said, shaking his head in dismay, “come on Jaden, let”s grab my stuff and get out of here before she starts beating us too.”

“Your mom seems like she”s in a good mood.”

“Probably been drinking,” Jimmy said, “she thinks I don”t know about the bottle she keeps in the pantry.”

“Is it serious?”

“Nah, she doesn”t get drunk, as far as I can tell, but sometimes I think she gets to thinking about dad and all that crap and she needs to numb the pain a little.”

“What about your new dad? Are things okay between them now?”

“Yeah, after they had that falling out over my being gay and all, I think they finally worked things out. It took him a while to accept me, but we”re cool now.”

“Good,” Jaden was glad to hear that considering what was about to go down at the party, since the last thing he wanted was for Jimmy”s dad to throw a fit or walk out.

“What should I bring to wear for the party?”

“Hmm,” Jaden said going through Jimmy”s closet, “these, and oh…this shirt. It looks hot on you. Maybe some jeans and a tee for Sunday,” Jaden added, pulling out some black jeans and a tee with the band”s logo on it.”

“Fine, now my boyfriend is dressing me,” Jimmy teased, “shall I bring underwear or go commando?”

“Underwear for sure, those sexy bikinis, but of course once we go to bed you”ll be naked.”

Jimmy chuckled as he threw some socks and underwear in his bag, then took the things Jaden had picked out and folded them before placing them inside as well.

“Well, that”s that. Shall we go?”

“Yeah, I”m ready. Oh, almost forgot. You”ll need these,” he said pulling a pair of Doc Marten”s from the floor of Jimmy”s closet, “for the party.”

“Wow, all dressed up. This must be a special occasion.”

“It is. Okay, let”s roll.”

They paused at the door long enough to tell Jimmy”s mom goodbye, and to tell her that they”d see her tomorrow night at the party, then they were off to Jaden”s house.

Aidan and Zak were just pulling up in the drive as Jaden parked beside them, and the four walked to the house together. Jaden quickly outlined his and Jimmy”s plans for the evening, but for once he didn”t invite them along.

“It”s going to be date night for me and Jimmy. Dinner at Mama Leon”s, then making out at the point.”

“Ah, young love,” Aidan swooned, “well, Zak and I are going bowling, so eat your heart out.”

“Uh, sounds fun, NOT!” Jaden joked, “you sound more like an old married couple.”

“We”re just comfortable around each other, and we enjoy doing fun stuff together. We”ll have time for romance later.”

“Whatever, I need to check with mom and make sure everything is ready for tomorrow. Could you be a dear and take Jimmy up to our room and keep him company?”

“Sure, come on Jimmy. Jaden may be busy for a while.”

“Mom, did you get the Champagne?”

“Yes son, two cases, of the good stuff, I might add.”

“Excellent, and you called the caterers?”

“Yes, they will be here at six to set up, the DJ will around at 5:30, and the shuttle van will run from six until the last guest has been ferried back to their car. The Greens are picking up Dee”s mom, and Dee and Isaac, Greg, Jeremy and Dee are coming together. Zak”s folks are bringing Jason and Tommy, and of course Zak and Jimmy will already be here. Your father is picking up Jimmy”s folks as you requested. Everyone else has been instructed to use the parking lot at the park and to ride the shuttle here.”

“Perfect. Oh, I almost forgot, did I get a package today?”

“Yes, in a plain brown wrapper I might add,” she chuckled, “this isn”t what I think it is, is it?” she said grabbing the package from her hiding place in the kitchen.

“No mom, it”s not a sex toy,” Jaden laughed, “it”s a surprise. You”ll see tomorrow and it will all make sense. I”ll just take this and stash it in a safe place for now.”

“I can hardly wait to see what this is all about. You”d think someone was getting married or something,” she chuckled, then seeing the look on Jaden”s face she gasped, “Jaden, is that what this is all about? Is it Dee and Jeremy?” she asked excitedly.

“No, now, no more questions. I have to go rescue Jimmy from Aidan and Zak before they drag him off to go bowling or something. By the way, we”re going out for dinner, so we won”t be eating with you and dad.”

“All right,” Mrs. Reynolds sighed. She was still thinking about her suspicions when it suddenly occurred to her that she might have the event right, but be wrong about the two people involved. She considered all the possibilities then, and though she was no closer to the truth, she decided that no matter what the outcome, she would be happy any way it went down.

Before stashing the package, Jaden opened it to make sure it was the right package and that the rings had been engraved as he”d asked. Satisfied that everything was just as he wanted it, he stashed the package in the garage and went up to find Jimmy.

After showering together, Jaden and Jimmy got dressed and headed to the restaurant. Unknown to Jimmy, Jaden had booked reservations the night before, and they were escorted to a table near the back as soon as they checked in.

“Wow, this place is nice.”

“Yeah, and the food is to die for. If you want I”ll order for us both.”

“Yeah, that would be good since I don”t know what to get.”

The  waitress brought bread sticks and dipping sauce, and took their drink order, and when she returned she brought salads as well. Since Jaden was ready to order, she waited while he did so and then was off again to the kitchen.

A half hour later the waitress brought out three platters of food, one with lasagna, one with Veal Parmesan, and one with Chicken Alfredo, as well as a basket of Garlic bread. She refilled their drinks and offered more salad, but the boys passed on the salad and chose to dig into the entr�es. Filling the plates the waitress had brought, they dug into the food, and were quiet for a while as they ate.

“This is awesome food,” Jimmy said, “we should eat here more often.”

“Yeah, it can sort of be our place,” Jaden said, reaching across to take Jimmy”s hand.

Jimmy squeezed Jaden”s hand and smiled, “That”s very romantic. I feel like I”m in a Tom Hank”s movie or something.”

Jaden laughed, “Yeah, I guess it is kind of lame, but you bring out the romance in me. I never used to understand those movies that my mom made us watch, but now I get it. Romance is cool, but it”s something for lovers to share, and the rest of the world may not get it. You have to be in love to understand it, or be a chick I guess,” he added laughing.

“I get it, I have for a while now,” Jimmy assured him, “but I never thought it would last this long, or we”d get this far.”

“Why”s that?”

“I don”t know. At first I couldn”t understand why you would be interested in someone like me, then even when I finally accepted that you were for real, I had so many doubts about myself and being worthy and all. Then, it was like my eyes were finally opened, and I realized that if I didn”t stop acting that way I was going to ruin my only chance for happiness.”

“I”m glad you finally figured things out,” Jaden said, staring into Jimmy”s eyes, “I love you so much.”

“Everything okay?” the waitress said, then seeing the two holding hands and gazing into each others eyes she blushed, “Oh, sorry…just let me know if you need anything.”

“We”re fine,” Jaden assured her, “we”re in love, and things just couldn”t be any better.”

The waitress smiled and trotted off to another table, envious of the two, but totally understanding what they were sharing.

“Shall we get a doggie bag?” Jaden said after they”d polished off about half the food.”

“Yes, I”m stuffed. I don”t want to barf on you while we”re making out later.”

“I appreciate that,” Jaden laughed, waving the waitress over.

“Can we get a doggie bag for this?”

“Of course. Oh, I was wondering, aren”t you Jaden Reynolds?”

“Yes, guilty as charged, and this stud over here is my boyfriend Jimmy.”

“Oh, I know…I know. I love your band, and I follow you on Facebook, and I subscribed to your YouTube channel.”

“Cool, if you give me your number I”ll make sure you get one of our new CD”s when it comes out in October. It”s a live CD recorded on our European tour.”

“Thank you so much,” she said excitedly, scribbling her name and number on a blank receipt.

“All right Lori, if we can get that to go box now…”

“Yes, right away,” she said hurrying off.

Jimmy grinned at Jaden and shook his head, “Can”t take you anywhere without you attracting attention.”

“Sorry, it goes with the territory. Hopefully we won”t have that problem up at The Point.”

“God, I hope not. Don”t want anyone knocking on the fogged up windows as we get it on.”

Jaden laughed, “Good thing I have dark tint on the windows.”

“Yeah, but that car stands out like a sore thumb.”

“True, hey, we could borrow mom”s minivan,” Jaden teased.

“Nah, I”ll risk it. I”d rather not be seen in a soccer mom mobile.”

Jaden paid the check and left a nice tip for Lori, then the two piled into Jaden”s car and headed toward the outskirts of town and The Point. The road wound around slowly till they reached the pinnacle, then Jaden pulled into the big grassy lot and they found a nice spot overlooking the town below. From here they could see the high school and the park they”d be shuttling their guests from for the Party.

There were already four or five cars scattered about, despite the fact that it wasn”t quite dark yet, but no one seemed to be paying them any attention at the moment.

“Sometimes I wish I had a bench seat,” Jaden said reaching over to pat Jimmy”s leg.

“We could take a walk or something.”

“Good idea,” Jaden said, leaning in to kiss Jimmy on the lips, “I think there”s a little trail leading down the side of the hill.”

“Yeah, there is,” Jimmy said as they climbed out and joined hands, “I was here once before with Patty Morgan in 5th grade.”

“Patty Morgan? Do I know her?”

“No, this was before we ever met. She was my best friend”s sister and a year older than me. I came up here with her, and this older kid and his girlfriend.”

“Did you make out?” Jaden asked, trying not to sound jealous.

kadıköy travesti “No, we held hands and she kissed me on the cheek, that”s all. The older kids locked us out of the car and wouldn”t let us back in till they were done making out. So Patty and I walked around, and that”s how I know the trail is there. There”s a little bridge too.”

“Wow, cool. Lead the way then.”

The fall air was cool, but not cold, and the two huddled together as they walked, hands entwined, and occasionally they shared a kiss. The little bridge was halfway down the hill and overlooked a mostly dry stream bed, and they stopped here to admire the view.

“This is nice,” Jaden said, pulling Jimmy against him and encircling his waist with his arms.

“Mmm, the air smells nice. It”s so peaceful here.”

“I wonder what stories this bridge could tell if it could talk?”

 “I don”t know, I guess we could leave it a story of our own to tell.”

“Excellent idea,” Jaden said, reaching down to rub the bulge in Jimmy”s jeans.

“Mmm…careful,” Jimmy moaned.

“Don”t worry, I have no intention of wasting that precious load of yours,” Jaden said, spinning Jimmy around and pulling him against him as they kissed wetly.

As their tongues dueled in each others mouths, their hands roamed each others body desperately, and soon they had each others fly open and were working each others hard tool.

“Mmm, I want to taste you,” Jimmy growled as he slid to his knees and began licking Jaden”s hard uncut cock.

“Oh god, that feels so good,” Jaden gasped.

Jimmy moaned  his approval as he began to lick and suck on Jaden”s tasty cock, savoring the taste, and smell, and feel of the boy he loved so desperately. He was so engrossed in his pleasure that he did not see our hear the dark figures approaching, but suddenly he pulled away when he heard their voices.

“Holy shit, it”s a couple of fags,” one of them spat out, “ain”t nothing sacred anymore, not even Makeout Point.”

Jimmy stood up then and began fastening his jeans over his rapidly shrinking cock.

“Evening guys,” Jaden said calmly as he zipped up.

“Fucking fag. Oh, shit, it”s one of those Reynolds fags. Bet the twins fuck each other, what you want to bet Brad?” the one boy said to the other.

“Let”s just go Doug,” the one called Brad said.

“Hell no, we gotta make sure this shit don”t happen here again. We”re gonna fuck these two up and send a message to all fags, that they”re not allowed here.”

“You”re gonna fuck us up?” Jaden laughed, “You and who else, your buddy here? He”s practically peeing himself as he stands there.”

“I don”t need him faggot,” Doug barked as he reached into his jacket and pulled out something shiny.

“What the fuck?” Jaden said, pushing Jimmy behind him as the boy started toward them.

“I”m gonna cut your balls off faggot. Then I”m gonna cut your boyfriend”s balls off, and you two won”t be able to queer around any more.”

“Fuck you,” Jaden said defiantly, “put that damn knife away before I seriously kick your sorry redneck ass.”

“Ha, you act pretty tough for a guy who sucks cock. But I know what you are, you”re nothing but a little pussy boy, and you like getting it up the ass and sucking cock.”

“You make that sound like a bad thing,” Jaden taunted, “could it be you”re jealous? Maybe you like cock too, maybe you wish someone would plant a fat cock up your ass and make you squeal like a little girl. Is that it Doug, are you a homophobe cause you”re really a homo?”

“I”ll kill you for that,” the boy said, making a sudden lunge for Jaden, but Jaden was ready and he feigned right, then went left, and managed to throw the boy over the side of the bridge.

The kid dropped with a thud, but the fall was no more than four feet and he wasn”t hurt, just stunned. As Jaden gazed over the railing and into the near darkness he suddenly noticed a dark spot forming on the wooden plank at his feet. Frowning in confusion, he suddenly felt a pain in his side and reached down to find his shirt was torn and that his hand came away wet.

“Oh my God, Jaden, you”re hurt,” Jimmy wailed as he ran to his lover. Then throwing his arms around him, he looked at the other boy and screamed, “call 911, your stupid friend stabbed my boyfriend.”

The ambulance arrived within minutes but the ambulance driver would not allow Jimmy to ride to the hospital with them. Jaden seemed perfectly calm as he handed Jimmy his keys and told him to drive his car to the hospital and that he”d meet him there.

“Call mom and dad, but keep it calm and don”t make out like I”m dying or anything.”

“I will, I”m so sorry,” Jimmy cried, “it”s all my fault.”

“How is it your fault?” Jaden said, shaking his head, “I was the one playing super hero. Besides, the guy was wacko.”

“They arrested his ass,” Jimmy said, with some satisfaction, “his buddy told the cops everything that happened and they took him to jail.”

At the hospital, Jimmy joined the Reynolds who were already there. Aidan had been called and was on the way, and he and Zak arrived a short time later.

“What happened?” Aidan said, tears stinging his eyes, “I knew something was wrong, I could feel it,” he added as he collapsed against Jimmy.

“It happened so fast,” Jimmy said shaking his head, “the kid came at Jaden, and Jaden avoided him and threw him over the railing, but I guess he must”ve managed to cut him in the process.”

“Who was this guy, and why was he after Jaden?”

“Some guy named Doug,” Jimmy said rubbing his eyes, “there was another kid too, but he didn”t do anything. In fact, he told the cops what the other kid did, and they arrested him on the spot.”

Mr. Reynolds approached them then and Aidan hugged him tight, “Dad, is he gonna be okay?”

“Your mother is with him right now, but I don”t think it”s serious.  A few stitches and he”ll be fine. Have a bad ass scar to impress people with from now on,” he teased.

“So much for being alike,” Aidan joked, “but that”s one difference I don”t think I”ll miss.”

Eventually Mrs. Reynolds appeared from the back with Jaden in tow, who looked at the others and shrugged.

“Sorry to cause such drama,” Jaden said, “but it”s just a scratch, didn”t even need stitches, just some butterfly band aids.”

“We”re going to have a long discussion about this when we get home,” Mr. Reynold said looking serious, “this could have been much worse than it was, and I want to make sure it doesn”t happen again.”

“It wasn”t our fault,” Jimmy whined, “we were just…nothing,” he said, blushing at what he had almost said.

“Yes, I understand, but we still need to find out what prompted this and make sure there is no repeat of it. Soon you boys will be going off to college and we won”t be there to protect you, and I need to know that you are being safe.”

“Yes sir,” Jaden said softly, “can we just go home, suddenly I”m very tired.”

“Come on son,” Mrs. Reynolds said, taking her son”s arm, “the inquisition can wait till Jaden has rested.”

Jimmy fought hard to hold back the tears as Jaden drove them to his house, but Jaden seemed upbeat and actually joked about the incident.  Jimmy eventually calmed down a bit, and by the time they arrived he was ready to face the others.

Of course everyone wanted to see Jaden”s cut and his bandages, and despite the fact that the injury wasn”t life threatening, they were still concerned about the circumstances that brought about the injury and what could have happened.

“I guess that guy doesn”t like gays, that”s all,” Jaden said, trying to explain things without going into too much detail.

“Were you doing something to provoke him,” Mr. Reynolds said, not satisfied with Jaden”s trite answers.

“Well, we might have been…making out a little,” Jaden offered, “but in our defense, we thought we were alone.”

“I see, so these boys just happened upon you two, and the one boy started harassing you, and you exchanged words, and then he attacked you?”

“That”s pretty much it,” Jaden said, “same thing I told the cops at the hospital.”

“Yes, a Lt. Richards talked to me,” Mr. Reynolds said, “they”re holding that boy overnight, but his father is an attorney and he”ll most likely make bail tomorrow.”

“Big deal, his buddy ratted him out, right?”

“Yes, but they”re both minors, so a lot of things can happen with this case.”

“You mean he might get away with this crap?” Jimmy asked, looking horrified.

“No, I don”t think so, but since he”s a minor he may get off with a fine, and perhaps some community service. He probably won”t do any jail time, and when he turns 18 his record will be expunged.”

“What does that mean?” Jimmy asked.

“It means he won”t have a criminal record,” Aidan volunteered.

“That sucks, it”s totally unfair. The guy is a criminal. He said, he said he was going to cut our nuts off and that we wouldn”t be doing gay stuff anymore.”

“Did you tell the officers that?” Mr. Reynolds asked Jaden.

“Yeah, isn”t that like a hate crime or something?” Jaden asked.

“Yes, and I think I”m going to talk to an attorney friend of mine and see what our options are as far as making sure this boy gets what”s coming to him.”

“Way to go dad,” Aidan said.

“Look, I know everyone is all upset about this right now, but I”m really beat, I need to get some sleep,” Jaden said looking exhausted.

“Of course son,” Mr. Reynolds said, “hugging his son and kissing the top of his head, “I love you son, and I”m sorry you had to see the ugly side of life for a change.

“I”ll help you get undressed,” Jimmy said when they reached Jaden”s room. Aidan and Zak were sharing the spare room next door for the night to give them some privacy, but they had both checked on Jaden first to make sure he was okay and to give him a hug and kiss.

“Thanks babe, sorry the night didn”t turn out to be quite as romantic as I”d planned.”

“I”m the one who suggested we take a walk, we”d have been fine if we”d stayed in your car.”

“Yeah, maybe. Hey, you know, I”ve been wondering, what were those two guys doing at a make out spot without girls anyway. Were they there looking for trouble? Or maybe they were gonna do some making out of their own.”

“I can”t imagine that one guy being the least bit gay, but his friend didn”t seem like such a bad guy.”

“Hmm…interesting. I wonder if we”ll ever know the real truth. Oh well, we”ll just have to see how all this turns out.”

“You know, I can”t help but think that at one time I could”ve been just like that guy,” Jimmy said frowning, “I hated gays, but I was gay myself. I”d been force fed all that crap about gays being evil and sick from my dad, and the whole time I was just trying to cover up my own feelings.”

“Yeah, maybe this Doug guy has the same problem. I hope if that”s the case he finally gets some help. Maybe this will be a wake up call for him and his folks.”

Jimmy had Jaden down to his boxers by then, and he quickly stripped off his own clothes and joined him in bed.

“Does it hurt much?”

“Nah, hardly at all. It”s more like a scratch than a cut. I”m fine,” he said, reaching for Jimmy and pulling him in for a kiss, “Now maybe we can finish what we started back there at the bridge.”

“Okay, but let me do all the work,” Jimmy said, reaching down to fondle Jaden”s hard leaking cock.

“Okay, I guess I could use some pampering,” Jaden sighed.

Jimmy tugged off Jaden”s boxer briefs and moved down between his legs and began tongue bathing his baby makers as Jaden moaned appreciably.

“Nice,” Jaden gasped, “you do that so good baby.”

“I love your balls, and your cock. I love all of you,” Jimmy cooed, “you taste so good,” he added after licking the pre-cum from Jaden”s exposed cockhead.

Jimmy worked on Jaden for about fifteen minutes before finally moving up to kiss him, then work on his nipples and upper body. Running his tongue down the center of Jaden”s well defined chest to his washboard stomach, he sighed in satisfaction.

“God you are so sexy.”

“You can call me Jaden in bed,” the twin joked.

Jimmy giggled, though he”d heard the joke a time or two before. He was just so happy to be with Jaden, and so turned on, that his own cock was throbbing in time to Jaden”s heart beat.

Finally arriving at Jaden”s well trimmed pubic patch, he tugged at it gently with his teeth and growled playfully, “I”m gonna eat you alive boyfriend.”

“Just don”t bite,” Jaden teased, “I”ve lost enough blood tonight.”

“I don”t bite, just lick and suck,” Jimmy assured him, “and drink all your juice down.”

“Oh man…” Jaden gasped as Jimmy began licking up and down his hard pole, “that feels so good.”

Jimmy took his good slow time bringing Jaden to orgasm, sucking and licking, deep-throating at times, then backing off to leave Jaden on the edge before resuming. Finally Jaden could take no more edging and begged Jimmy to allow him release.

“Okay, here goes, make some yummy pudding for me,” Jimmy giggled, and then plunging down on Jaden”s cock he swallowed it to the hilt.

As his throat milked Jaden”s cock, Jimmy”s hands milked his cum-filled balls, and suddenly Jaden cried out and began to unload. The first shot went straight down Jimmy”s throat, but he was able to pull up before the second volley so he could roll it around in his mouth and taste it. Three more blasts filled Jimmy”s mouth almost to overflowing before Jaden”s cock settled down to just an ooze, and only then did Jimmy swallow part of it.

When Jaden was finally drained, Jimmy moved up and began kissing him, sharing the rest of his cum with him in the process. They continued to kiss for a long time, rubbing around on each other until Jaden had recovered from his intense orgasm.

“Okay babe, your turn,” Jaden said at last.

“Are you sure?” Jimmy said, “you need to rest.”

“I”m fine, and I want you. Now lay back and relax, I”m going to make you feel so good.”

Jaden was just as enthusiastic as he made love to Jimmy”s body, and soon he had him panting and moaning with pleasure. Emulating Jimmy”s style, Jaden brought him to the edge repeatedly before finally letting him come. He was rewarded by a tasty load of creamy boy batter which he generously shared with his lover, soon to be fiance.

“That was incredible,” Jimmy panted as Jaden moved up to lay beside him.

“Yeah, I still got my touch,” Jaden said grinning, “you know, sex with you just gets better every day?”

“Yeah, we”re so in tune with each other. It”s like I can almost feel what you feel.”

“Now you sound like Aidan,” Jaden chuckled, “that twin connection thing.”

“I guess it”s possible when two people spend so much time together that they form that kind of psychic bond.”

“Like a lot of married couples do. Whatever it is, it”s wonderful and I am looking forward to getting closer as our lives together continue.”

“I was so worried tonight,” Jimmy said, snuggling into Jaden, “I don”t know what I would do without you.”

“Let”s hope you never have to find out,” Jaden teased, “but it”ll take more than an idiot with a boy scout knife to get rid of me.”

“My hero,” Jimmy laughed, then turning serious he added, “when you pushed me behind you, that was so…so brave. I have never loved you as much as I do right now.”

“I will always protect you,” Jaden said, kissing Jimmy gently, “you are my world. Nothing else matters, the fame, the money, nothing. As long as I have you I have everything I need.”

“I don”t deserve you,” Jimmy sobbed.

“Yes, you do, and I deserve you. We were meant to be together.”

“Hold me,” Jimmy whispered, “hold me close and never let me go.”

“I will, I love you so much,” Jaden said, placing kisses all over his lover”s face, “just rest now. Tomorrow is a big day.”

“Mmm…goodnight babe,” Jimmy mumbled as he drifted off to sleep.

Jaden stroked his hair and kissed his lover”s face as a smile filled his face, “Tomorrow my love, tomorrow you will be mine forever,” he whispered.


The next day Jaden was up early, and while the others slept he made a trip to the bakery for pastries. There would be no time for breakfast today since there was so much to do to get ready for the party.

“Wake up, wake up,” Jaden said, going from room to room, “I have donuts, muffins, bagels, and other goodies for breakfast.”

A sleepy Jimmy stumbled out of Jaden”s bedroom rubbing his eyes and yawning. He”d donned his boxer briefs, but was naked otherwise, his morning wood prominent.

“Oh, nice,” Jaden said pulling Jimmy into a kiss, then squeezing the lump in his underwear.

“Gotta go pee,” Jimmy mumbled, “but hold that thought.”

Meanwhile, Aidan and Zak had gotten dressed and joined Jaden in the hallway. Fortunately they”d already taken care of their morning wood and were ready for some food.

Their parents appeared then, each carrying a twin and looking at Jaden as if he had three heads.

“Is that our son?” Mr. Reynolds teased, “up before noon and providing for his family?”

“It”s a big day,” Mrs. Reynolds observed, “and apparently Jaden wants to get an early start on things.”

“Yep, no time to cook,” Jaden reminded them, “come on everyone, the tent guys will be here in an hour and we need to decide where to have them set up.”

After a breakfast of pastries and fruit, washed down with coffee, milk, or juice, Jaden led everyone to the backyard where he excitedly ran around pointing out the various areas of placement.

“The dance floor will be over the pool,” Jaden said excitedly, “it”s a special plexiglass floor that they slide together to fit whatever size pool it goes over. There are cool lights embedded in it and they pulse with the music. It”s so cool. I can show you online what it looks like,” he said grabbing his phone.

After everyone had viewed the pics of the dance floor, Jaden went off to make some calls while they waited for the tent people to show up. A half hour later Jaden met them at the gate and led them to the backyard. He was busy for the next few minutes going over the plans, then he left the men to do their job as he wandered around supervising the party decorators who were hanging lights and hauling in the panels for the dance floor.

It took several hours to get everything set up, and after making sure the lights all worked and the power outlets were live, Jaden relaxed at last.

“The DJ will be here around 5 or 5:30 to set up, but the music won”t start till 6. We”ll have dinner around 7, and afterwards we”ll play two numbers, and then I make my big announcement.”

“Which is…?” Aidan asked, hoping for an answer this time.

“Which is something you will find out when everyone else does,” Jaden laughed.

“I had to try,” Aidan laughed, “meanwhile, what do we do? How about some pizza, guys? Those donuts didn”t last long.”

“No, I have a plan for that too, Subs are on the way from the Deli, but don”t overeat, there will be so much food tonight and I don”t want any of it to go to waste.”

Around 3, they ate subs and sipped sodas, and while Jaden fussed around in the backyard making sure everything was set, the others played video games or watched TV.

Around 5, Jaden pulled Jimmy upstairs and they showered together and got dressed for the party. Aidan and Zak followed their lead, and by the time the caterers and DJ showed up, everyone had on their party clothes. The twins were fresh from a nap and running around checking everything out as the others dogged after them.

Jaden was busy running around talking to the caterer and the DJ, and working himself into a frenzy in the process. By the time the guests started arriving, Jaden was ready to assume the role of host, and for the time being he left the professionals to do their jobs.

The DJ began playing the mix Jaden had provided him, and as darkness began to fall, the lights filled the back yard with color. The dance floor over the pool pulsed with the music and the night took on a magical air.

“Hey Rodney, glad you came dude,” Jaden said as he bumped fists with the Emo boy.

“Thanks for inviting me. It”s been a while since I been to a party this awesome, well…actually I”ve never been to a party this awesome.”

“Well, grab something to drink, eats will be served as soon as everyone gets here. Have fun, and make yourself at home. If you dance, feel free to ask anyone that catches your eye. Especially the moms, they eat that stuff up.”

“Not much of a dancer, but thanks. Got any energy drinks?”

“Yeah, over there, everything you can think of.”

While Rodney wandered off to find something to drink, Jaden met with more new arrivals, and soon the last of them were present and the party began in earnest.

“Hi everyone,” Jaden said, using the mic at the DJ booth, “Thanks for coming tonight. In a little while we”re gonna open the buffet, and I hope by now everyone has something to drink. Sorry there”s no alcohol,” he said getting a laugh from the group, “but there will be Champagne later to celebrate why we”re here tonight. More on that later. Right now, we have a great DJ, give it up for Roy D,” he said, and the crowd gave Roy a round of applause and catcalls, “thanks Roy, great job. A little later the band and I will play a couple numbers and then…ta ta ta ta, the main event. Feel free to dance on the amazing lighted dance floor over the pool and have a good time. That”s what this is all about. Sort of a last fling before the school year really gets going, but I sort of have an ulterior motive, which we will get to later. But right now, eat, drink, dance, have fun, and enjoy.”

The crowd applauded, then went back to visiting among themselves and a few even took to the dance floor. Jaden noticed Rodney was pretty much keeping to himself as he sipped a Monster Energy drink, and he gathered up Jimmy and went over to talk to him.

“Hey, you know Jimmy, right?” Jaden bakırköy travesti said as they approached.

“Yeah, hi. Nice party,” Rodney said looking bored.

“Come on, I want to introduce you to the rest of the gang,” Jaden said, slipping an arm around Rodney”s slender shoulders.

Soon he had everyone gathered together, and he made the introductions and Rodney seemed to warm up to the others well, especially Jason and Mark. Before long the three wandered off talking about things they had in common, and Jaden felt free to go mingle some more.

He kept Jimmy with him the whole time as he made sure everyone felt welcome and had a drink in hand, and soon it was time for the food to be served. A huge buffet had been set up with everything from chicken to tacos, roast beef to pizza, and the hungry crowd lined up to fill their plates, especially the teenage eating machines.

The servers had arranged the tables so the crowd could go down both sides of the line, and soon everyone had a plate or two of food. A separate table with desserts, including a chocolate fountain, were set up near the drink table, and some folks were getting an early start on  dessert.

The twins were being fed by Mrs. Reynolds with a little help from Dee”s mom and Mrs. Green. The two women doted on the two toddlers, and being around them brought out the mothering instincts in them. Both were looking forward to someday having grand kids when Jeremy and Dee finally got married, but in the meantime they were happy to help with the twins

Jaden was too nervous to eat as much as he usually did, but he managed to put enough food in his stomach to keep from barfing. As hard as he”d worked for this moment, he was beginning to wonder if he shouldn”t have ran the whole thing past Jimmy first. But it was too late, and there was no going back now.

When the band took the stage, the crowd gathered around and were reminded once again just how talented the group of teens were. The second song was one Jaden had picked especially for Jimmy, All of Me, by John Legend. It was one of Jimmy”s favorite songs, and while Jeremy played keyboards, Jaden sang it as if he were singing it only for his lover, finally coming down off the stage and standing before Jimmy, who was mesmerized by Jaden”s voice.

When the song ended, the applause brought Jaden out of the trance he always entered while performing, and he took a quick bow before calming the audience down.

“Thanks, thanks everyone,” he said as he waited for them to settle down, “I know some of you are wondering about the big surprise I”ve been talking about all week, and why I really threw this kick-ass party. Well, I think it”s finally about time to let you all in on my little secret. As most of you know, Jimmy and I have been a couple for a while now. Come on over here babe,” Jaden said,  holding his hands out for Jimmy to take. Jimmy blushed, but took Jaden”s hands in his and gave him a shy smile.

“Those of you who know us well, know we have a strange history,” Jaden chuckled, “we weren”t always friends, in fact, at one time we were enemies.” There were some head shaking and a few chuckles from those who knew the whole story.

“But we worked things out, and somewhere along the way, we realized that we were crazy mad, head over heels in love with each other,” he said grinning, “and now, just look at us,” he said leaning in to kiss Jimmy”s cheek.

“Our folks must”ve thought we were crazy way back when all this stuff began, but they never gave up on us, and supported us, and encouraged us, and now, well…we”re all like family.”

“Which brings me to why we”re here tonight, and what this is all about. I know we”re still young, not quite of age yet, but we”re not kids anymore. We know what we want, and what we want is to be together. We”re lucky that we”ve both been accepted to State, and we”re gonna get to have the college experience together. In fact we”re gonna be sharing an apartment while we attend school.”

“We”ve talked about this, Jimmy and I, and we both agree that eventually we want to take things to the next level, yeah, get married,” he chuckled, “but first we need to finish our education. But that doesn”t mean we can”t commit to each other in another way, and that”s what this is all about.”

All eyes were on the two, and suddenly it was so quiet you could have literally heard a pin drop. The only sound was the beating of two hearts, two hearts beating as one.

“Jimmy, my love,” Jaden said, dropping to one knee as some gasped and clutched their hearts at the tenderness of the moment, “will you marry me, not today, not tomorrow, but when we both agree it”s time?”

“Yessss,” Jimmy stuttered, “yes, yes, yes,” he said as tears ran down his cheeks.

“Then accept this ring as a token of our commitment and the promise of what is to come,” Jaden said, slipping one of the gold bands on Jimmy”s finger, then taking the other ring he handed it to Jimmy and held out his hand. Jimmy understood immediately, and taking the ring with shaky hands, he slipped it on Jaden”s finger.

“These rings shall be a symbol of our love, and as long as we wear them, we will know that we are one, and destined to be together always,” Jaden said as tears clouded his eyes.

“Yes,” Jimmy said, “always,” he whispered as he pulled Jaden to his feet and embraced him, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too,” Jaden said as they kissed. The crowd went crazy then, cheering, wolf whistling, applauding, and some of their closest friends, making lewd comments.

Jaden had to shout to be heard over the din of the crowd, but he managed to make himself heard, “And when we finally tie the knot, I want each and everyone of you to be there. You all have a standing invitation to our wedding.”

More applause, then the crowd rushed forward to slap the two on the back and congratulate them. Their parents held back, waiting for the crowd to dissipate, but finally they moved forward and added their congratulations, however one parent was missing, Jimmy”s step dad.

As soon as the announcement had been made, the man managed to slip away and head to the bathroom. As he stood before the mirror splashing water on his face, he shook his head in consternation. It wasn”t that he had a problem with gays in general, he just wished that his step son could keep that part of his life private. He”d had a bad feeling about the party from the get go, and his gut feeling had been right. Of course Jimmy”s mom had convinced him that they should go, and he”d gone along with her just to keep the peace. He just couldn”t face those people now though, face Jimmy, Jimmy”s mom, or that boy Jaden. Sure, the kid was handsome and popular, and rich, but that didn”t give him the right to flaunt his perverted sexual lifestyle in front of everyone.

“Where”s dad?” Jimmy said, realizing his step dad was missing.

“I…I”m not sure. Probably the bathroom, you know how weak his bladder is,” Jimmy”s mom said, hoping she was right, and that he hadn”t bolted.

“He”s okay with us, right?”

“Of course, you know we”ve had this talk before,” Jimmy”s mom assured him, “I”m sure he”ll be along shortly.”

Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds were ecstatic over the news, hugging both boys, then welcoming Jimmy into the family. Of course, as far as they were both concerned, Jimmy was already a part of their family, and this only made it official.

“Hey, everyone!” Jaden cried out at last, “there”s bubbly for everyone, so everyone line up and get a glass. Sorry, but if you”re under 21 you only get half a glass, but the rest of you drink all you want.”

The caterers were busy lining up glasses of Champagne, and soon everyone had a glass in hand.

“I want to propose a toast to the new couple,” Aidan shouted above the din, “to Jaden and Jimmy, and to their love. May their love and happiness last a lifetime.”

Eventually Jimmy”s step dad reappeared and grabbing a glass of Champagne he found his wife and pretended everything was okay.

“Where were you?” she scolded, “your son just got engaged and you couldn”t be bothered to congratulate him?”

“I”m sorry, I had to get a way for a minute, but I”m okay now. This is all a bit much for me. I know we talked about all this, but it still takes some getting used to.”

“Well, get over it, because I don”t want our son to suffer because of your insecurities or preconceived notions. Jimmy and Jaden are in love, and they are committed to one another now. They are both fine young men, though I”ll confess Jimmy wasn”t always that way, and we have Jaden and his family and friends to thank for the man he”s become.”

“I know, I know. I said I”m sorry.”

“Well, go tell your son that, and while you”re at it give him a hug.”

“Maybe after another glass of this,” he said, sighing as he held up his glass, “this is really good Champagne. I will say this, they certainly went all out for this party.”

After securing another glass of Champagne, Jimmy”s dad sought him and Jaden out and put on his best happy face.

“There you guys are,” he said smiling a fake, but fairly believable smile, “Congrats you two. Any idea when you”ll make it official?”

“Well, not for at least two years, right Jimmy?”

“Yeah, at least. Uh, dad where were you?”

“In the toilet, sorry. Not to be gross, but I couldn”t wait. Anyway, all those other people were pushing and shoving, this way I didn”t have to get my toes stepped on,” he joked.

Jimmy nodded, but he could sense that something was wrong, and even when he gave him a loose bro hug, he wasn”t convinced that his step dad was happy about things.

Eventually he wandered back over to his wife, and Jimmy pulled Jaden aside on the pretense of getting more to drink.

“I don”t think he”s happy about the news. I think he left intentionally so he wouldn”t have to face us.”

“Why would he care? I thought him and  your mom worked all this out?”

“They did, but this is too real for him I guess. It”s one thing for us to be boyfriends, but getting married is a whole other ballgame.”

“Well, I love your mom, and your stepdad is okay, but if has a problem with us then that”s his problem, not ours. We don”t need his approval. As long as he doesn”t give us any shit, things will be okay.”

“I know, I”ll actually be glad when we move in together next fall. I love my mom, but the sooner I”m out of there the better.”

“Don”t let this spoil our evening, okay?” Jaden said lifting Jimmy”s chin with a finger and kissing him on the lips.

“I won”t, this is the second happiest day of my life.”

“Second happiest? And pray tell, what was the first?”

“The day I realized that I didn”t hate you anymore,” he laughed.

“Oh, yeah…that was a biggie. Come on, I want to dance with my fiance.”

Later, several dances they went in search of their friends, but Aidan found them first.

“Hey bro,” Aidan said, grabbing Jaden from behind and pulling him into a hug, “I knew you were up to something, but this was a complete shock to me.”

“What happened to our psychic connection?”

“I guess it shorted out on that one, but in my defense, I did sense you were in distress last night when you were having your knife fight,” Aidan chuckled.

“It wasn”t a real knife, it wasn”t even a fight. He rushed me, I kicked his ass and got a scratch in the process.”

“Whatever bro, but hey…look at you two, engaged now. I”m so happy for you two. Makes me want to put a ring on Zak”s finger too, but I don”t want to take the spotlight off you.”

“Hey, don”t worry about us, I”ll even go help you pick out the ring.”

“Shhh…here comes Zak, I want to keep this between us three for now.”

“K bro, my lips are sealed,” Jaden said grinning.

Zak threw himself at Jaden then, kissing him warmly and adding his congratulations, “God I am so jealous,” he said hugging Jimmy next, “let me see that ring.”

Aidan and Zak weren”t the only jealous friends there, and soon Jeremy and Dee joined the gang.

“You guys, why didn”t you tell us you were gonna get engaged?” Dee asked after hugging the two, “Let me see your rings,”

Jaden pulled his ring off and handed it to Dee who turned it around so she could read the inscription inside, “J+J in a heart, and Love Forever below it, oh how romantic.” she cooed.

“They both say the same thing,” Jimmy added, “cool that both our names begin with a J, right?”

Handing the ring back to Jaden, Dee sighed, “You realize you”re starting something here?” he said looking at Jeremy suggestively, “But I”m glad you were the first. You guys deserve to be happy.”

“Yeah,” Jimmy said looking thoughtful. Would he and Jaden have that happily ever, or would there always be something getting in the way? He thought about Hans warning that if he couldn”t have him that no one could, and he shivered. Why did things always have to be so complicated? His life had been one shit storm after another till he met Jaden and fell in love. Then his own insecurities had almost lost him everything.

The kidnapping had been a direct result of those insecurities, and though he”d never feared for his life, things could have turned out much worse than they did. Then there was Lars. What was he thinking? He wondered. It wasn”t about sex, that was for sure. He already had the handsomest, sexiest boy in the world for a boyfriend, one who loved him without ceasing and provided everything for him. Of course that was part of his problem. He felt unworthy of such love, and resented being taken care of. Then, after the thing with Lars, he”d had an epiphany. He”d suddenly realized that he was worthy of love, that he returned that love ten fold, and that it didn”t matter who provided for them as long as they were together.

He”d feared that he”d lost everything by giving in to his baser instincts, then Jaden had been so understanding, so forgiving, and now this. It was if Jimmy could do no wrong in Jaden”s eyes. Well, he wouldn”t have to worry about that from now on, he decided, he was going to be everything Jaden desired him to be, loving, devoted, and yes…someday his husband. He”d just have to hope that this infatuation that Lars had for him was short lived and that he wouldn”t do anything crazy. However, he”d already resigned himself to the fact that he had to tell Jaden about the texts and emails and the pictures and videos. But now was not the time. Tonight was a time of celebration, a time for sharing their love with their friends and family. Tonight was theirs, and he embraced it with open arms.


It was well past midnight and everyone except Zak and Jimmy were gone. The four sat at one of the open tables on the patio, sipping Champagne and chatting quietly. Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds had gone to bed an hour or so earlier, leaving the boys to deal with the party guests and lock up when everyone was gone.

“Did anyone else notice that Rodney left with Jason and Mark?” Aidan said, stifling a yawn.

“Yeah, what”s up with that? They don”t know each other, do they? I mean Rodney is our age.”

“I don”t know, but they sure seemed chummy,” Aidan noted, “maybe they have some things in common.”

“Yeah, like piercings?” Zak giggled, “in case you don”t know, Jason has his nipples pierced, and so does Mark.”

“What, really?” Jaden chuckled, “Cool! I guess those two are getting serious if they have matching piercings. What”s next, they get each others name tattooed on their chest?”

“So far, no tattoos,” Zak said.

“So, where do you think they went when they left here,” Jaden wondered.

“I don”t know, Mark has his own apartment now, so they might have gone there for some fun,” Zak suggested.

“Wow, Rodney sure has changed. I never got any gay vibes from him,” Jaden said, “I guess it might be part of the Emo thing. Fluid sexuality and all that. I mean, you said there was rumors about him being in a thrupple.”

“Yeah, I expected him to bring the other two,” Aidan said, “maybe they were busy.”

Eventually they tired of talking about Rodney and decided to go on to bed, and hand in hand the two couples wandered upstairs. As before, Aidan and Zak chose to use the spare room to give Jaden and Jimmy some private time.

“Thanks guys,” Jaden said hugging the two, “I hope you understand, but I really need to be alone with my fiance,” Jaden said, raising and eyebrow comically.

“Totally bro, you guys deserve some time alone to do some lovin”. You lucky stiff, I wish you all the happiness in the world. I love both of you so much,” Aidan said, squeezing Jaden, then Jimmy tight. See you guys in the morning, You can sleep in and we”ll come get ya” when breakfast is ready.”

“Thanks bro,” Jaden said grinning, “I think it”s gonna be a long night.”

Once they were in bed and naked, Jimmy laid his hand on Jaden”s stomach just above his dressing, “You sure you”re okay?”

“Yes, mom changed the dressing today and it”s already started scabbing over.”

“Gross, but good to know, I guess,” Jimmy laughed.

“So if you”re thinking you gotta take it easy with me, forget it. I don”t want you to pamper me. I want you to make love to me like today is our last day on earth.”

Jimmy laughed, “Ooookay, will do, but you know me, I”m a worrier.”

“Were a worrier,” Jaden corrected, “from now on, leave the worrying behind, because babe, from now on we”ve both got it made.”

Jimmy hoped Jaden was right, but there was still this thing with Lars. However, he wasn”t about to let it ruin things tonight. Tonight he and Jaden would leave the world behind and celebrate their love and their engagement.

End Chapter 42

 Will Lars spoil everything for the newly engaged couple, or will Jaden and Jimmy work through this crisis together and become stronger for it? As the last year of High School plays out for the twins and their friends, there will be more angst and more drama unfold.

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