The Reconstruction of Loryn Ch. 01

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A mixture of blood and saliva slapped against the floor as she fell to her hands and knees. Another followed from her battered mouth before she could take another breath. She’d been here before, and vowed never to be here again…but the stain she was creating in the carpet proved otherwise.

“You little slut!”, he shouted as he kicked her in the ribs. Completely careless of who saw them. Even in public, he was determined to show her who was in charge.

“What the fuck,” she paused to inhale, “is your goddamn problem!” Loryn wheezed out.

“I told you never to speak with him again!” he lunged and knocked her over on her back. Loryn was completely defenseless; sprawled out, unable to find the strength to bring her arms up for protection.

A small crowd began to gather nearby. This turned out to be her saving grace because he seemed to suddenly become aware of his environment. He was standing over a bloody and beaten woman, and they saw everything that happened. Almost miraculously, two needles pierced him and leveled him with incredible electricity. A security guard dropped the man with his taser gun, and managed to get a large zip tie around his feet.

“Someone call 911!” he beckoned to the onlookers…as Loryn lost consciousness.

A short time later, she awoke surrounded by EMTs and police officers. The sound of police radios and medical jargon filled her ears. Her view was somewhat obstructed by the swelling below her left eye. She looked around, taking in the situation…then she heard a familiar voice.

“Yes, I know who she is. Her name is Loryn Masters. She’s one of my best friend’s little sister.” the voice spoke.

“Is your best friend able to come verify her?” the officer replied.

“Unfortunately, no. He moved away a few years ago. I’m not sure what other family she has around, as far as I knew, she was still in the area, but I haven’t seen her in awhile.”

“Sir, would you be willing to stick around for a bit to help us with her?” the officer requested.

“Sure, what can I do to help?”

After a bit of thinking, she recognized which of her brother’s best friends he was. His name was Bill. Bill and her brother had been friends since they were both able to walk. He was 7 years older than Loryn, and she knew she could trust him. He’d always taken care of her brother when he was in rough situations. As the ambulance doors closed, she felt a bit of panic when his voice was gone.

“This will help you with the pain.” the EMT said with comforting grip on her elbow. She felt the pinch of the IV on her wrist. She laid in the gurney, the sounds of the siren and engine began to phase out. Her mind started racing:

‘What a son of a bitch!’

‘I thought this one was going to be different…’

‘He was so mad over me just talking to an old friend…’

‘I really have to stop dating guys like that…’

That last thought echoed a few times, and then she was out. She awoke about an hour later in a hospital bed. The TV was on, it was football. She turned her head to see Bill in the seat by the corner.

“Bill?” Loryn asked.

“Oh, you’re awake. Be right back.” Bill sprang to his feet and walked out the door. He was tall, stood 6 foot 3 inches in height, and still had most of his muscular stature from high school. Within a minute, he returned with a nurse in tow.

“Loryn? Can you hear me alright?” the nurse questioned.

“Yes, I can hear you just fine.” she answered.

“Good, baby.” the 40-something year old nurse began to run over the basics. Checked her heart rate, adjusted her IV, checked her eyes, etc. There was a slight pain when the nurse touched certain canlı bahis places she’d been hit. “Alright, we’re going to keep you here tonight for observation. Assuming your stats look good, you can go home in the morning. If you need anything from us, just push the button on your bed here.” The nurse gestured at the button, “I’ll be back in a few minutes with some soup for your dinner.”

After the nurse left the room, Loryn motioned for Bill to come over to her. “That’s going to be a problem…”

“What’s that,” Bill queried, “the soup?”

“No,” she hesitated, “I lived with Mark. I’m pretty sure he’ll be in jail tonight after his tirade, and he would never let me have a key.”

“No key? How long have you two lived together?”

“A year, give or take a month…”

“He wouldn’t give you a key after a year of living together??” Bill said surprised.

“He didn’t think I needed one, didn’t think I needed to be there when he wasn’t.”

“Umm, well ok.” Bill scratched his head, “that’s pretty weird, don’t you think?”

“I seem to know how to pick them!” Loryn smirked as the nurse returned with her meal. She could feel the steam from the hot soup on her nose, but couldn’t smell it. The nurse set her up to eat and again left the room.

“Ok, well here is your cell phone.” Bill pulled it from her purse and put it on the bed within arm’s reach. “Here’s my number, call me in the morning, and I’ll pick you up, alright?”

“Hey! Don’t go through my purse!” Loryn fumed.

“Relax, I had to go in there anyways to get your ID for the hospital. I’m going home for the night, just call me and I’ll come pick you up. Try to get some sleep, you’ll be safe in here.”

“Alright…thank you Bill.”

“No problem, Lor. See you tomorrow.” Bill said on his way out.

At least someone she knew was walking by when that happened. Here she was in her early twenties, being beaten by another boyfriend. That makes 3 in a row. He’d hit her before, but never this bad. Her mind went over the last year of her life: she was forced to quit her job because he wouldn’t let her drive anywhere without him. Her family had moved to another state, and she chose to stay for this clown. She was forced to cook, clean, and do whatever he said in fear of being hit again. What a life! How do I keep finding these losers? I really need to get my shit together.

The next morning, she had checked out of the hospital. Pills and papers in hand, she climbed into Bill’s car. “I really appreciate you doing this for me, Bill.”

“No worries, I’m just glad I was walking by when all of that went down.”, he replied.

“I was thinking that last night, neither my brother’s or my mother’s number is in my cell phone. That would have pretty much meant I was screwed.”, she laughed.

“So where to?”, Bill questioned.

“I, uh, don’t really have any friends anymore. They all pretty much disowned me because of Mark.”

“Well, I have a spare bedroom I guess. Do we need to go get your car?”

“Don’t have that anymore either. Mark made me sell it.”

Bill shook his head with an raised-brow smirk, “sounds like a real winner…”

“Yeah, I sure know how to pick them.” Loryn scoffed.

“What about work?” he continued.

“Made me quit,” Loryn nodded her head sarcastically, “didn’t like the idea of having to take me to work. Besides, I had to clean up his shithole apartment every day.”

Loryn continued pouring out her story to Bill. The picture was clear, she was in an abusive relationship. Beaten, defeated, and no self-confidence. Mark, and pretty much every guy before him had broken her. She was nothing more than a body, personality bahis siteleri stripped away.

They pulled into Bill’s driveway. He opened the front door to his house, exposing a middle class, standard size house. It was nothing special…Bill seemed to fit the stereotype of a man his age. Big TV, big speakers, video games, the norm.

“This is where you’ll be sleeping,” he walked her into his spare room.

“Alright, I’ve already got someone getting my clothes and stuff from Mark’s place. Funny isn’t it? He’ll give his friend a key to his apartment, but not me.”

“Not really, that’s pretty shitty if you ask me.” Bill retorted. “Here’s a spare key to the house…” Bill hesitated letting her take the key from his hand, “I’m really really trusting you here, don’t make me regret it.”

“I owe you a lot, Bill.” Loryn assured him, “I won’t violate that trust, I promise.”

“I have to go to work, I’ll be back after five. Help yourself if you get hungry.”

She locked the door after he’d gone. In the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror; at the cuts, bruises, and swelling on her shoulder and cheek. It was an epiphanic moment of clarity, like she’d suddenly awaken from a coma. That was it. She had to concentrate on bettering herself. She had to improve her life…she’d hit rock bottom.

She took a towel from the closet and closed the bathroom door. The shower looked so inviting, she couldn’t resist. Piece by piece, she shed her dirty clothes. The mirror took up most of the wall. It had been a good while since she’d had a good look at her entire body as a whole. She’d developed a bit of a tummy, her hair was scraggly and uneven when it was down. Aside from the swollen cheek, this was the first time in a long time that she’d seen a glimmer of beauty in her face. She posed and flaunted a little in the mirror as the water warmed up. She needed a bit of work, but she could make herself feel beautiful again.

After her shower, she dried and realized she only had her dirty clothes to change back into. She pulled the door open slowly and peeked out with a sneaky, bit-lipped grin. She made her way into Bill’s room and in ruffled through his drawers. Finding a short-sleeved shirt and lounging shorts to wear. She enjoyed the feeling of mens clothes on her body, even if they were really big on her. Hell, just being bra-less made the freedom feeling better! She ate, watched TV and took a nap.

“Loryn?” Bill’s voice rang out from the opening door.

“In here!” Loryn called from her room.

“Doing alright?”

“Yes, thanks. I hope you don’t mind me wearing these. I had nothing to change into.”

They talked throughout the evening about each others lives, where and how they’d been since they’d last spoken. Loryn had told her mother and brother about what had happened, and who she was with now. She informed Bill that she really wanted to turn things around in her life.

“So you keep saying that you really know how to pick them.” Bill mused.

“Yeah, seems like every guy I go out with is a loser, or wants to beat me up.”

“That’s probably because you set your sights too low. Whether it’s because you think you deserve it or whatever.”

“You’re right,” Loryn continued, “I usually get that feeling that I’m settling when I agree to stay with someone, and I always regret it.”

“That’s a warning you shouldn’t ignore. Keep that in mind next time.”

“Oh I will! So…what’s your story? What happened with your wife?”

“She cheated on me.” Bill smirked May have been half my fault as well, I was working a lot and building a career. But hey, it is what it is! I’ve learned that life is going to bahis şirketleri throw all sorts of things at you, you have to make the best of the situations it gives.”

As the evening progressed, they shared more an more of their lives with each other. Loryn’s clothes arrived. They retired to their respective rooms for the night.

As Loryn closed her eyes, she could hear sound from Bill’s room. It sounded like a woman moaning. She didn’t hear anyone come in the house, and wondered what was going on. She quietly opened her door and tip-toed to Bill’s door. Putting her ear on the door, she could hear the moaning more clearly. When her ear touched the door, it moved a little. The door wasn’t closed! The light was out behind her so she peeked through the sliver of view she got from the door being cracked open. He was laying on his back, stroking a dick that was over twice the length of his fist! His head was back as he began to cum, six thick shots coated his shirt as he tried to moan quietly.

Loryn was momentarily stunned by the entire picture before her. She’s known Bill for so long, and had a fantasy or two in her thoughts over the years. But she never knew he was hiding something like that! She regained her senses and slithered back into her bed. The scene replayed over and over in her mind, until she found her hand in her pants…the orgasm that followed was very pleasing. She relaxed for another hour or so, and fell asleep to the sounds of the TV.

She woke to the sounds of the living room television. After a quick trip to the bathroom, she shuffled into the kitchen. From the counter, she could see Bill on the couch eating some waffles over the coffee table. Thoughts of what she saw last night instantly flooded her mind. As outspoken as she was, she contemplating calling him out. However, losing this place to stay would be catastrophic at this point. Instead, she grabbed a bowl, a box of cereal, the milk and settled in on the other end of the couch with a sly grin.

“Morning.” Bill mumbled between bites, “sleep well?”

‘Not as well as you did, I’m sure…’ Loryn thought. “Yep, sure did. How about you?”

“Yep, slept good.”

‘I’m sure you did’, Loryn mused in her mind.

She found her eyes darting towards the crotch of his shorts, hoping to catch an outline, or something. She wanted to see it again. She’d never really been a size queen, or overly obsessed with penises…but she really wanted to see it again.

“Do you want some?” Bill asked.

‘Damn skippy!’ Loryn thought.

“I can make more waffles if you want some…” Bill responded.

“What? Waffles? Um..” Loryn stumbled over her own tongue. A brief moment of silence as she gained her composure. “Uh, no I’ll be fine with this.”

“Alright.” Bill chewed another bite. “Here’s the remote, put on whatever you want. I’m really not watching anything.”

He set the remote next to her leg, grazing her thigh with his fingers. TORTURE! Even though she’d rubbed one out the night before, she was still thinking about SEX! She didn’t care that he was her brother’s best friend…she wanted to be fucked, right here, right now. Alas, the TV entertained them both for the next few minutes until he stood and washed his dishes in the sink. As he washed, she swung beside him and dropped her bowl in.

‘Just a grab…a quick grab. But how the hell would I explain that? Damn, I need a shower.’ she thought.

“Mind if I grab a shower real fast?” Loryn inquired.

“Go ahead. You know where the towels are, right?”


“After you’re done, we’ll go shopping to get you some stuff you’ll need. I wasn’t really equipped to have a female guest. Sound good?”

“Absolutely, thank you!” she replied on her way to the bathroom. Her mind has taken over. She’s going to need to douse this fire before she could think straight again.

Stay tuned for Ch. 02

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