The Principal

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Big Dicks

As a middle school principal, I’d rather be single. There are a lot of hot mothers waiting to be fucked out there so that might be wishful thinking but then being married might not be an obstacle. At the age of 48, I’d rather be 38 but then we need to make the best of our station in life and that’s what I did.

There are mothers then there are Yummy Mummys and MILFs. In my mind, there is an important distinction between the two. Both are sexually attractive, many with succulent bodies. The Yummy Mummy is a touch more reserved while the MILF makes no secret that they want to be fucked and fucked early and often. This does not mean that Yummy Mummys don’t like fucking but they advertise the fact with a little more subtlety. In our school, that could be because most Yummy Mummys are thirty or younger while MILF’s are mostly over 30. Anyway, that’s what I see when mothers come to my office to volunteer, ask favors or more often, complain.

Mrs. Eris is a Yummy Mummy that asked for special favors. Her son, Paul Eris, is in Miss Holland’s fifth grade. Miss Holland is an excellent teacher but a no nonsense lady that favors hard work and discipline. Mrs. Eris and her son are free spirits so it didn’t take long before she was in my office asking for a teacher change. We had met at a PTO meeting two weeks earlier so I quickly recognized her. You don’t forget a body like Mrs. Eris’.

Mrs. Eris came into my office on a perfectly fine fall day showing more than the usual display of cleavage surrounded by two ample tits. Two pointy nipples poking through her white lacy blouse suggested she wore no bra. Her skirt was on the short side making her slender legs appear to be half of her statuesque body. As she crossed her long legs on the chair in front of my desk, she showed me a generous view of her thighs, just short of exposing her private place, reminding me of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.

“What can I do for you this afternoon, Mrs. Eris,” I so eloquently asked trying not to stare.

“Oh, please call me Erica.”

“Fine, Erica, if you call me Tom,” That was me trying to be friendly and put her at ease.

Pulling back a wisp of her long blond hair from a petite face, she said, “Well, Tom, Paul is not happy in Mrs. Holland’s room. I’d like to request a change.”

We talked for about a quarter of an hour as I only half listened to her story. Having been distracted by her sexuality, I was mainly thinking of how to get her back in the office. Finally I said, “Why don’t we see what can be done. Can you come back next week?”

“OK, but not on Thursday. My ex and I have some legal papers to finalize at the lawyer’s office.”

“Make it on Friday then … about four?” I suggested.

“That will be fine.” Turning to leave she said, “I really appreciate your help on this, Tom.”

So, I was puzzled. Was she flirting with me or is Erica a cock teaser in order to get her way? My fantasy was that she was seducing me looking to get laid? It was hard to tell but I was to find out on Friday.

Four o’clock Friday arrived none too soon. My secretary, Jane, had left early for a dentist appointment and the teachers had fled the building for the weekend. It was only me and the janitor. At 4:05, a knock came on the office door. It was Harry, the janitor.

“Come on in, Harry. What’s up?”

“Sir, there is a lady here to see you”

“Fine. Please let her in.”

A moment later, Erica waltzed into my office looking like your typical soccer mom. She wore her hair tied back into a pony tail that fit nicely through the loop in the back of her baseball cap. Her t-shirt fit snuggly over her lovely boobs. In black bold print over a pink heart it said, “I love Dick.” The short denim shorts she wore showed off her firm round ass to complete a perfectly sensual ensemble. In a word, she was HOT.

“Hello Mrs. Eris! Good to see you again.”

“Erica, remember?” she scolded me. “How are you Tom?”

“I’m fine Erica but I’m totally spent. It’s been a long week.” My tie sat on the desk with a few top buttons on my shirt undone. I must have looked pretty rough.

“Looks like you need a drink,” she said with a hint of a wink.

“Yeah, any ideas? I replied with a chuckle. Wait,” I said. “I gotta tell you right off that we’ve got some bad news about getting Paul in another classroom.”

“Well, Tom, I was afraid of that. Can we go somewhere and talk about this? My house is only six blocks from here and I’ll fix you a drink. Do you drink martinis?”

“Sounds really good about now!”

“Yeah, I need a good stiff one too,” she purred.

“Look, I’ll meet you there in a half hour if you give me your address.”

Erica wrote down “1345 W. Payton Place.” I looked at her with a smile and said, “You’re pullin’ my leg, right?”

“A lot of people think it’s a joke but somebody decided to spice up the neighborhood when they named our street. There are only three houses on our block and we all laugh about it.”

“OK, I’ll see ya there. I need to close up the office and tell Harry I’m outta here.”

“See ya in a few,” and off she went.

Once in Erica’s house, I looked around to find her son Paul. Erica was in the kitchen canlı bahis fixing drinks so I poked my head in the kitchen door and asked, “Where’s Paul?”

“He’s with his dad. Paul is with his dad this weekend.”

Holding two dry martinis, she handed me one and chirped, “Bottoms up!”

That first sip was delicious. Erica motioned for me to join her on the sofa. “Could we talk about getting Paul another teacher?” she suggested.

“Let me relax a minute and enjoy this wonderful drink, OK? Hey, that’s quite a t-shirt!”

Laughing with a twinkle in her eye she explained, “My ex’s name is Richard and some friends bought it for me as a joke.”

By the time I had finished my first drink, I felt a wonderful buzz coming over me with blood rushing to my head. I’m not really much of a drinker.

“Time for a second?” she offered.

“Sure, let’s live it up!”

She was back with two more martinis and sat surprisingly close to me when handing me the glass. I could feel her ass touching mine and her perfume was intoxicating.

“Ooops! I’m so sorry,” as I bumped her hand spilling the martini all over her front. Now it was like wet t-shirt day and her perky nipples stood out like two juicy strawberries straining to pop through the fabric. I felt a second rush of blood race to my head in excitement.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you Tom? That’s OK. I love it when you blush.” At that moment, she did something totally unexpected and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. That’s when I lost it! I grabbed her head locking our tongues in a deeply passionate kiss. She responded with all the emotions of a woman that hadn’t had romance in a very long time.

“God Tom, I needed that. I haven’t gotten laid in over six months and badly need a man. I was so damn horny when I saw you last week in the office and today just didn’t come fast enough. I just hoped you felt the same.”

“Erica, I’m hungry for a good fuck if you are?”

At that point she gently placed her delicate fingers between my legs as if to check if I was telling the truth.” I kept thinking how fortunate that I had shaved my balls and cock the night before in hopes of getting lucky.

“Feels good, hard and ready, Tom,” as she unzipped my pants while I unbuckled myself. Pulling down my pants, she could see my rock hard cock bulging through my shorts.

“We need to do something about that, Tom,” she said slyly.

Erica helped me out of my shorts. My cock sprang out like a jack-in-the-box and stood at full attention as if to say, “Be my guest!” Just as Erica went down on me, I slipped her t-shirt over her head revealing a perfectly matched pair. They were what every man dreams about in a woman’s perfectly shaped body, firm and round with erect nipples looking to be suckled.

Once her lips touched the head of my straining cock, I let out an appreciative groan. I was more than good, hard and ready. Her hand gently encircled my fat cock while she began to lick the pre-cum that was slowly oozing out of its tiny eye. I heard Erica’s voice murmur, “yummy” while stroking my long pulsing cock like she was one of those eight maidens a-milking. She looked up straight into my eyes to say, “I just love the taste of cum. Can you fill my mouth with your creamy semen?”

I could only nod my head as I spread my legs wider so that she would have full access to my hard joystick.. The thickness of my cock stretched her lips but she was able to take me to the back of her throat while tenderly messaging my recently shaved balls. I reached down to take hold of her tits, pinching and pulling them until they looked like thimbles jutting out from her amply endowed breasts. Erica’s rhythm quickened encouraging me to spill my load into that soft hot mouth. The martinis had taken effect so although I was terribly horny and overly turned on, I could hold my ejaculation for few minutes longer as Erica took such loving care of my manhood. As she heard my guttural animalistic sounds, Erica began sucking and humming just before I exploded once, twice, three times …then a little delay, followed by two more shots. Erica was not kidding. She loved cum. She let it linger in her mouth then used her fingers to put the white liquid that seeped over her lips back into her mouth. After a swallowing every last drop, she smiled at me and said, “Yum! Tom, that was so delicious! Now I want you to fuck me in my bedroom.”

I left my clothes in the living room as we both headed for the bedroom. She had brought me to a fever pitch that I had never experienced before! The temptation to grab her tits was overwhelming as I walked behind her. I had to have them in my hands. Wrapping my arms around her gorgeous body, I held her tightly squeezing both of those marvelous jugs while pinching her erect nipples.

“I love that,” she cried. Before even getting into the bedroom she pulled down her shorts and panties and bent over as if to touch her toes. “Spank me, spank me,” she begged. “I’ve been a very bad girl. Make my ass rosy.”

A guy does what a guy has to do and that is doing what a woman asks. A few healthy thwacks were all she needed while I got a great view of a very swollen and inviting pussy. bahis siteleri “Oh Tom, I need your cock in me. Fuck me good and hard!” Erica was in heat and ready for a good reaming!

The bedroom was bright although the shades were drawn. The light came from skylights above. Her bed was a king and the covers were drawn as if she had prepared for us to be together on her lavender silk sheets. She looked so very lovely nude. Erica slipped into bed lying on her back, slowly opening her long sensuous legs. I could now see she had clean shaven her pussy that looked so inviting.

“Eat me out, Tom. You can be my sex slave for a little while before you fill my pussy with your cum.”

My cock was still recovering from the blow job on the living room sofa so licking her cunt was just fine with me. Cunt juices act like an aphrodisiac for me. Her pussy was already wet and the sweet smell of her sex started my dick to harden again. She spread her legs far apart so I had easy access to her pussy. I placed my lips just above her clit. First kissing her flat belly, I then moved to her inner thighs as she squirmed begging me to lick her pussy. Teasing her a bit with my tongue, I ran it the full length of her swollen slit and then back up to reach her clit. Pulling aside her pussy lips, I found her pink love button straining to meet my tongue. All the time she kept moaning and twisting as I licked her clitty. Her gyrating hips made it hard to keep my lips around her enlarged organ. Once I had started serious sucking on her little knob, she seemed to fall into a dreamlike state. She put both legs over my shoulders closing her eyes as I left her clit to caress her pussy lips. I spread her pussy lips further apart to explore her inner secrets with my tongue. Erica was on the edge of an explosive climax being fucked by my tongue.

“God that feels good. Finger fuck my pussy. I’m getting ready to cum. Do it, do it,” she demanded. One finger is good but two is better as I let them slide in and out of her drenched love box. “Harder, harder,” Erica pleaded until she had the long awaited release she had so badly needed. I could see her tummy muscles contract over and over again as if she was trying to expel all of the wetness inside her vagina. Seeing her juices trickle down toward her ass, a distinctive slurping sound was evident as I licked her clean.

After she began breathing normally again, she whispered, “That was great Tom. Your fingers and lips and tongue felt so good and I loved those sexy sounds of you licking me. Are you ready to fuck me and fuck me good?” I had regained my strength or at least my prick had regained its fullness so indeed I was ready to exchange our bodily fluids.. We didn’t need a lot of foreplay. Following a few moments of passionate kissing and romantic hugging, she took hold of my cock to feel its strength. She stroked me as I rubbed her clit. Quickly I mounted her and slammed my hard meat into Erica’s tight slippery hole.

Our bodies pressed together with continued urgency. Two sweaty bodies became one. Each

powerful stroke followed another. Erica’s long legs were spread far apart and high in the air. Her squeals and cries of passion told me I had found her g-spot. She wanted even more. Erica couldn’t stop yelling, “Harder, Tom, harder,” while I pounded like a jack hammer into her pussy. Suddenly she whispered in a hoarse voice, “I want to be on top. I like it best when I’m on top.”

We reversed positions with me on my back and Erica straddling my hips, then fitting my plump pole into her already dripping pussy. I loved seeing her tits bounce as she rode me cowgirl. Again I slapped her ass giving her added enthusiasm for the ride. After some serious rodeo action, she turned and rode reverse. I could see my cock slip and slide easily in and out of her well lubricated snatch until she turned again, facing me saying, “I’m ready, Tom. I’m cumming, cumming, ooooh … it’s good, it’s good, it’s sooooo good!” I returned her cries with sounds of my own. Like a dam bursting, Erica and I exploded together with a gusher-like force! Her orgasm mixed with my cum combined for a river of fluid sloshing around inside her love tunnel.

“Tom, I want you to taste your delicious cum,” as she crawled to sit on my face. Placing her pink puffy cunt over my lips, she began squeezing her kegels forcing out gobs of cum onto my tongue and into my mouth. The slimy salty drink was new to me but a wonderful erotic adventure. Just as it appeared there were no more juices to drink, Erica begged to have my tongue inside her slit again. I obliged sticking my tongue deep in her cunt but she was not through and had one little trick in mind. Erica turned and gave me a deep kiss saying, “I wanted a little taste of the leftovers!”

We both were exhausted. Apparently I dozed off because the next thing I heard was voices. Seeing no one, I looked up at the bedroom TV to see two guys fucking a blond. It looked like one of those homemade cam things you see on the Internet. I smelled Erica’s sex as she sat on the bed next me. “Do you like the video?” she inquired.

“Yes, it’s interesting,” I replied. “She looks a little bit like you.”

“It is me!” bahis şirketleri she said with a chuckle.

“How come? I mean what got you into doing a porn video?”

“It’s a long story.” she said. “Richard and I were at a party one night and we all had lots to drink. I got a little drunk and started flirting with Richard’s golf buddy, Doug. The next thing I knew, the three of us were in the car driving home. We had a few more drinks and the guys dared me to do a strip. I had always fantasized about stripping for men but never got the nerve to do it. It sounded like harmless fun so I slowly removed my clothes teasing both Richard and Doug as I went along. Finally I was down to my thong and did some lap dancing for the guys. I could tell that Doug had an enormous cock because I could feel it rubbing against my ass while he cupped my breasts. You can probably tell what happened next. Doug reached into my wet thong and started to finger fuck me and Richard came over and slipped them to the floor. I was totally nude. It really wasn’t in the plan but I got so excited, I really didn’t mind. They picked me up and brought me to this bed. By the time I realized what they had in mind, both had their cocks in my face. Richard had taken out our camcorder and started filming as Doug stuck his dick in my mouth. I wasn’t in a position to object and anyway, Doug’s erection was the thickest and longest I’d ever seen. I just felt like a movie star! I just kinda got into it at that point. Doug took the camera as Richard gave me head and when I was all wet, he fucked me as Doug videoed. They switched again with Richard taping and Doug and me fucking. You can see the best part on the TV now.”

I looked up at the screen watching both men plunging their cocks into Erica’s two holes. She sat on Richard’s cock getting fucked in the ass with her tits bouncing while Doug was above boring in on her slick pussy.

“I tried to do anal with Doug but he was just too big. Anyway, the cam batteries died so we couldn’t film the guys cumming all over my face and tits. It really was an experience! The truth is, it was the first time I had two cocks inside me at the same time and I really loved it.”

By this time my sex organ was stiff. Erica noticed. She said with a sexy smile, “Looks like you’re ready for another round.” At that point I might have been a little too rough when pushing her down onto the bed.

“Lay on your back with your head over the edge.” I said rather forcefully. “I’m ready for some deep throat action.” She moved to follow my directions. I added, “You got a toy or should I go get a banana?” In the dresser drawer, she pulled out a glass dildo 8 inches long. Her pleasure toy was slightly curved and beaded looking like something that obviously had given her hours of solitary joy. She handed it to me without knowing what I had in mind.

With her head looking up at me and over the edge of the bed, I approached her spreading my legs so my thighs were on either side of her head. This put her head between my legs. “Lick my balls,” I demanded in a gruff voice. She took hold of my stiff cock and began licking and sucking, then engulfing my smooth balls into her juicy mouth. Erica was very experienced at this. She had either seen a lot of porn flicks or had fucked a lot of guys.

“Suck my cock,” I instructed. As she put my engorged member into her waiting mouth, I reached between her legs and inserted the glass toy into her slippery twat. At first she was tentative about swallowing a piece of meat as large as mine but soon my cock reached the back of her throat. Pushing in harder hoping to force my cock down her throat, she began gagging, gasping for breath, so I backed out. We tried again and this time with more luck. As she began to swallow my erection, I could see her neck beginning to swell. She needed to catch her breath again so I pulled back. Little by little she was getting familiar with the deep throat feeling and she was able to take me all the way down with only my balls hanging over her face. Meanwhile, I kept working her toy, slipping it in and out of her pussy. Erica was salivating all over my cock and balls so it was time for one more perversion. I had her stand at the edge of the bed bending over with her tits touching the silk sheets hoping to enter her asshole from the rear. As she bent over spreading her legs, I could see the glass toy still plugging her glory hole. First, a few of firm spanks on her ass cheeks to give them heat. She then accommodated me by spreading those rosy cheeks and held them apart so I could easily find the target. The head of my penis was still dripping from saliva as it began penetrating her tight round hole. Inch by solid inch my cock entered her secret passage way. The feeling of hardness from the glass in her neighboring tunnel was sensational Eventually I had worked my way all the way into her tiny ass moving slowly at first but then with a much more rapid motion. She squealed with delight as I rammed her without mercy while she took hold of her toy to pleasure herself. It seemed she was being fucked by two guys, just like in her video. Just as I was about to unload my spunk into her butt hole, I grabbed her tits and held them tightly while I emptied my creamy liquid deep inside her rectum. At that point she let out a blood curdling scream that made me think she was in pain but in fact, she had just finished another gigantic orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32