The Pool

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She was lying on a bed, totally naked, face comfortably into a pillow. Her knees tucked comfortably into her chest so that her rear was slightly up in the air. Her skin was extremely sensitive and slippery, most of her body was covered in massage oil. He was real good at his job and he was damn good looking. Massaging and gently caressing her, spending what felt like hours just working out the stress and tensions, his hands felt as if they were constantly touching her everywhere, with the exception of one place. The lack of everyday stress long gone, she was beginning to feel a new form of tension. His hands were working magic everywhere, and the idea that his hands could perform equally as well in an area that generally gets neglected, was beginning to entice her. It did not help that his crotch was about at her body level, and she thought she could feel his bulge every time he reached across her. This was playing games in her mind and fueling her desire even more.

Every once in awhile, his hand would brush against her pubic hair, sending waves of anxiety throughout her body. When he rubbed her inner thigh, she dwelled on the idea of how close he was to touching her pussy. With all of this going on, it didn’t take long before she wanted to feel even the slightest orgasm. Every time he came close to touching her where she needed it the most, she would unconsciously slightly raise her butt up for him to gain access to her. But each time his hands would move away, teasing and frustrating her more in the process. (Can’t this guy take a hint?). Then, the anticipated moment was almost upon her, One of his hands went down her back, and over her nicely rounded butt cheeks while the other went under her belly toward her crotch. The anxiety was killing her as his hands slowly started working their way toward her…



Anne rolled over and shut off the alarm. The memories of the dream still fresh in her head, as if it were real. She shut her eyes and tried to go back to the place where she wanted to be. She wanted desperately to finish what has been started, but reality was beginning to set in. Out of frustration, Anne realized how horny she was, grabbed her pillow, placed it between her legs, and started to hump it. While it wasn’t anywhere near what she really needed, after awhile it did provide some form of relief.

Getting dressed, and going to work as usual, the dream was still in the back of her mind. It plagued her all day. Several times she started getting horny again and so she decided not to fight it anymore. She would plan on spending the rest of the day dwelling on a world rarely visited, and she would “take care of it” later when she got home. Anne tried to recall the details of the dream, but could not. And yet the effects of it were all too real.

Anne started to look around the office, and was playfully deciding in her mind who would be the most likely candidate that she might like to go to bed with, (if one existed). Who here could give her the attention she needed to feel? Who would be sensitive and gentile enough to fulfill her fantasies? As in most workplaces, there really wasn’t anyone who intrigued her enough, or if they did, they were not available. She toyed with the idea of a spontaneous rendezvous with the UPS guy in the copy room, or in the ladies room, but neither one was a real possibility. Besides, she didn’t need instant gratification, she wanted dedicated attention! Instant gratification was fun and had its place in life, but at best it’s only temporary. Anne needed something a lot more powerful and lasting. She was beginning to get slightly discouraged about the possibility of sharing the evening with someone else. But, there was always hope that she would work something out.

Still slightly horny, and very much into the idea of meeting someone “special”, canlı bahis Anne decided to go to the gym after work. After all, there are a lot of good-looking guys there. Perhaps she would meet someone and get “acquainted”. She still toyed with the ideas that have been running through her mind all day, and secretly hoped that somehow at least one of them could come true. She put on her cutest outfit, and joined some of her friends in a class. Unfortunately, even though she could get turned on by the hardbodies working out, they all seemed to be very unsociable and full of themselves. Things just weren’t going her way today.

After Anne got back home, she took a shower, the soap being rubbed all over her body reminded her of how slippery she was in her dream. Getting cozy, she poured herself some wine, set up some cheese and crackers, and started to watch a good movie. The movie turned out to be a real bummer, and she was very bored. About 01:00 AM, Anne decided to go for a swim. The apartment complex she was in didn’t really allow anyone in the pool after 9:00 PM, but right now she didn’t care much about rules. Being sexually excited most of the day, with no real relief, she was more than just frustrated by now. Besides, she had slipped into the pool many a night by herself just to get away from everyone else. It was almost guaranteed that nobody would ever know. She had even dared to skinny dip on occasion. Tonight would be no exception. If being at the gym made her feel self-consonance, skinny-dipping made her feel sexy and desirable. Anne put on a two piece bathing suit, grabbed her favorite beach towel, the wine, cheese and crackers, and headed for the pool.

The apartment complex had hired architects to design the pool to look like a tropical island. There were palm trees, beach sand, hammocks, various tropical plants and lots of bushes. It always seemed to be a place of refuge and tranquillity, especially when Anne was there alone in the middle of the night. When she got to the pool, knowing that the lock on the gate was only a deterrent and was easy enough to open, she sneaked inside and set her things down beside the edge of the pool. Testing the water with her foot for temperature, she was pleased to find that it wasn’t too hot or too cold.

With the full moon shining down on the water through the palm trees, and a slight breeze, Anne felt more relaxed now than at any other time of the day. She slipped into the water, and reached out for her glass of wine. Being totally absorbed in the moment, she tried to forget the day.

Then she saw a movement out of the corner of her eye. Suspecting to get into trouble for being there after hours, she started to get out of the pool. “Don’t go” she heard from the shadows.

“Who’s there?” she asked, not knowing if she should be afraid or defensive.

Swimming from out of the shadows came a striking figure of a man, or at least what she could tell from what little light there was. “Hi! My name is Ernie. I though I was the only one who came here this late at night.” Still being somewhat apprehensive, but slightly intrigued, Anne answered back, “I’m Anne. I come here once in awhile. Usually when I want to be alone”.

“Do you want to be alone now?”

Anne almost said ‘yes’, but decided to venture forward with this one just a little bit. Besides, he was getting better looking as he came more into the moonlight.

“Not really” Anne answered. “Would you like some wine?”


Ernie, as it turned out, was looking more and more like a real hunk! He had the physique that Anne only dreamed about and saw in magazines. Not too muscular, but muscular enough!

“I only have one glass,” Anne said.

“There are cups by the cabana over there. I’ll get one.”

When Ernie got out of the pool, Anne’s heart almost stopped. In the moonlight he looked like a god! (Perhaps bahis siteleri her roller coaster sexually frustrating day had enhanced his looks somewhat?) His skin was a golden tan and he was wearing a leopard skin bikini brief. He had a niceass! On his return trip to the pool, she could slightly make out the bulge in the front of his bathing suit. Starting to feel the “frustration” again, this time with the possibility of getting somewhere with it, Anne was thinking that perhaps she won’t be frustrated much longer, and decided to flirt with this man. She had had enough! She wanted to get laid all day, and this was her chance. She was going to do her best not to blow it! BUT, she did not want to rush into things either. With a little help from the wine, she felt “loose” enough to let things take their natural course!

They shared the wine and crackers and engaged in some conversation about the pool, and what they did for a living. How long each of them had lived there. It turned out that Ernie just moved in recently and held a promising career as a sportscaster. He had no close friends locally, male or female, and was hoping to get to know somebody.

Ernie was leaning against the wall of the pool sipping his wine when Anne, pretending to be chilled, turned her back to him and nuzzled up against him. Not knowing if he should, but wanting to with all of his heart, he pursued the moment. He reached around her with both arms and held her tight. Anne could obviously feel his ever-increasing bulge through the bathing suit, but she made no attempt to pull away. Unknowing to Ernie, Anne only wanted to go back into her world of pleasure and focus on that. Ernie was just starting to get the message.

Ernie put down his wine, and took Anne’s wine from her. He pulled her long beautiful hair away from her neck and started to massage her neck and shoulders. Anne could feel herself loosing touch with reality and drifting into the world of pleasure. His hands felt so good and warm against her skin. Then his lips felt good against her neck, sending little goose bumps up and down her spine. He slowly reached around, and cupped her breasts in each hand. Anne let out a sigh of relief. How long has she wanted this? How long before it gets “better”?

Not wanting to rush things, and unaware of her dream, Ernie started to rub her gently, and slowly all over her neck, shoulders, and torso. Anne was immediately transcended to what she had wanted to experience all day. Ernie seemed to know exactly what to do, and when to do it. He started to feel embarrassed about the raging hard on that he had, but just then, Anne reached around and started to grab his throbbing cock through his bathing suit. Anne, taken by surprise at the actual size of this mans “equipment”, inhaled sharply, then exhaled with a sigh of finding a valuable treasure. She never imagined he would be this well built!

Continuing to rub and hold onto his cock, she felt his hand slowly going under the waistband of her bikini bottoms. An instant later, Ernie was feeling her pubic hair and playing with it. Teasing his way down, she spread her legs enough to allow him easier access. This act alone told him that she was desperate for attention. Desperate to feel him touch her where few, if any, had ever gone before. Desperate to experience orgasm after orgasm. Desperate for him.

Now, perhaps, her “dream” will continue from where it was rudely interrupted!

Ernie reached down, and started to caress her vulva. He was, and wasn’t, surprised to find how hot she was, even under water. She was well lubricated, so he slid one finger into her anxious pussy. Her breathing increased in depth and tempo. She really loved the attention!

It wasn’t long before Ernie withdrew his hand, and turned her around. Grabbing her by the waist, he lifted her up onto the pool deck and gently set her down. bahis şirketleri While she was sitting up, he reached up and pulled her bikini bottoms off. Anne reached for her towel and spread it out so that she had a comfortable place to lay down.

Anne laid down on her back, and positioned herself where Ernie could access her entirely. She spread her legs, closed her eyes, and started to become completely absorbed into what was happening.

Ernie began to rub and lick her inner thighs. She felt so soft and tender. His tongue began working it’s magic all over her anxious pussy. It was unbelievable what he could do with his tongue and fingers. It seemed as if he was all over her. He allowed her to reach heights that she had only read about in magazines, and never believed were possible.

He continued to lick and suck for what seemed like an eternity! Never before had she ever had it this good!

Eventually, Anne started to think about his cock. She wanted to feel it in her mouth. The desire to suck on it and play with that magnificent toy was becoming overwhelming. More than what he was doing for her!

Anne sat up, slipped into the water, took Ernie by the hand, and led him over to the stairs at one end of the pool. While Ernie was standing on one of the steps, she reached up and pulled his leopard skin briefs down. His throbbing cock bounced straight up. He looked absolutely delicious standing there totally naked. His “package” was as perfect as he was.

She reached up, grabbed his cock, and slowly pulled him down so that he was sitting on one of the upper steps. She loved the way his cock stood up out of the water like a periscope, and his balls were sort of floating under the surface of the water. She began to suck, and massage the head of his cock. It was so smooth under her tongue and lips. She used her tongue to work every inch of this pleasure pole. She cupped his balls with one hand, and was stroking his cock as she played with its head in her mouth.

Soon, she couldn’t take it anymore. She just HAD to feel him deep inside of her.

Anne stood up, positioned herself above his penis, and slowly settled down. With one hand reached behind her, she grabbed his cock and guided it into her waiting hole. Slowly, Slowly, she lowered herself onto him. God! He was much longer than she expected, and went in real deep, but not too deep. He wasn’t so big that she was uncomfortable. In fact, he was just perfect!

Anne began to stroke his cock with her pussy. Slowly and purposefully at first, rocking back and forth. Then she began to go up and down its full length and thrust down on it harder and harder.

They both came in explosive orgasms. Better than either one had expected.

She could feel him cumming deep inside of her. His cum was so HOT!. Damn it felt so good! After a moment or two, Anne used the muscles in her pussy to squeeze Ernie’s still hot and hard cock. To Ernie, it felt like she was milking him for all he was worth! Never before had he felt anything like that!

They both separated, and lay down on her towel for awhile to cool down and regain some energy. They both looked at each other and smiled a lot! This is something that they would share forever!

After awhile, Anne suggested that it was time to go. Ernie agreed. Although it was technically Saturday morning, they were afraid they would be caught there when the sun came up.

Anne got up and wrapped herself in her towel. Ernie picked up the other stuff and carried it for her. Showing that he was a true gentleman, Ernie walked Anne home and carried all of her belongings. At the door they said their good-byes

Anne went inside and went to bed.

Several hours later, Anne woke up to a knock at the door. She felt refreshingly great! She was not frustrated or tense.

Wondering if last night had also been a dream, she went to go see who was at the door. There was nobody there. But there were flowers, a card and a small bag with something in it.

The card was a “thank you” card that read beautifully, and the bag contained her bikini bottoms!

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32