The New Housemate

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I had just moved cities following my rather dramatic change of career. Because it was almost impossible to arrange permanent prior accommodation I stayed in a delightful quaint bed and breakfast for a couple of weeks while I searched for a new home. The housing market was very tight! Who knew finding a house could be a full time job!

Funnily enough I spent most of my time online scouting for a house and using google maps to calculate distance from my new work place to any potential new home. On most days I would wake up and have a hot shower which was very soothing given the dreadful winter weather before going down for a big breakfast. On some days the feeling of the hot water jets hitting my pubic area aroused my latent horniness – my Cock would stiffen. I’d close my eyes and grip my rock hard Dick in a loose fist and begin to stroke it up and down, eyes shut, bliss.

I methodically worked thorough my list of potential houses visiting some of them to view. A couple of weeks later I had settled on a house I liked. The landlord and I came to an agreement about rent and stuff like that. We then settled on bahis firmaları a date to move in whereupon the landlord, who would be away on business, shared the WhatsApp number of my future housemate so that she could give me the key to my room. That’s the first time I ‘met’ her, we exchanged pleasantries and confirmed the date and time I’d move in. She was going to be at the house that day, a Saturday morning. As the days wore on, I found myself wondering what she looked like; she seemed nice over the WhatsApp messages.

I arrived on Saturday morning, knocked on the door a few minutes before the agreed time. No response. I tried again and again no response. I then whipped out my phone and called her to inform her that I was outside. This is the first time I heard her voice and a few moments later the door opened and there she was.

“You must be Veronica,” I said as I offered her my hand smiling.

“You must be Ian,” she replied shaking my hand firmly while apologising for not hearing me knock because of the noisy dryer which I could hear too.

Her hand was small and soft, she was about 5’5” kaçak iddaa and I was nearly 6′ tall. She had bright blue eyes, brown hair and she was plump but not in a distasteful way. I guessed she was just older than I was – in her mid-thirties. I brought my stuff from the car into the living room while she continued in the kitchen doing her laundry. When I was done I went into the kitchen to ask for the key to my room. Since we hadn’t really gotten acquainted, the dryer was now off, we started introducing ourselves. I sat at the kitchen table while she stood leaning at the kitchen counter. For some bizarre reason I found myself admiring her hips. Unexpectedly she sat down in the other kitchen chair across from me and we started chatting. Chatting about where we were from, our lives and soon we were laughing and joking like old buddies. I was taken aback because I was really enjoying our conversation and I was really attracted to her. We must have been chatting for almost an hour when I politely mentioned the key, not because I wanted to stop chatting with Veronica, but because I was afraid it would seem like I’m hitting kaçak bahis on her. I wasn’t sure if she was feeling the same way I was, REALLY TURNED ON.

I was up and down the stairs, moving my stuff and unpacking when she came upstairs and volunteered to show me how the heater in my room worked. I got the sense she was feeling what I was feeling and I imagined us getting tangled up in bed right there and then. But I was cautious…That evening we had dinner together in the kitchen and we must have spoken until well after midnight. While in bed later on I so much wanted to cross the hall and knock at her door – I wanted her so badly. Love or is it lust at first sight?

The next morning as I showered, I could only think of undressing Veronica slowly, suckling on her beautiful boobs and rolling her nipples with my fingers, kissing her soft lips and caressing her lovely face. As these carnal thoughts hit me, my Cock was at attention. I began stroking it while grunting and moaning with hopefully the electric shower muffling me. Secretly I wished Veronica would hear me, I wondered if she had last night felt her pussy lips moisten at the thought of us being together. I wondered if she felt as HORNY for me as I was for her. Rubbing her clitty for me…calling my name…

Do you want to be my housemate? Please drop me a line 😉

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