The Neighbor Boy

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Big Tits

I had been living next door to Phillip for a year and he moved away. I always wanted to kiss him he was hot as hell. 5’9, green eyes, sexy glasses, and he had a nipple ring in each nipple.

I had already fooled around with his roommate and his roommate best friend. (What can I say; I have a thing for the neighbor boys!) Anyway last night was my last night at college. Phillip wanted to come over and say goodbye. Well I had packing to do and he offered to help me. Of course I had to drink while packing because it is more fun.

We eat some dinner and I am all flirty with him. It is how I am with guys normally. We get done packing and he invites me out to a bar with his buddies. So I head out and have a long island iced tea. Topped with 5 beers lets say I was past buzzing. I wanted to leave but he was going to stay longer. So I call up his old roommate, who has a tongue ring and knows how to use it oh so well, to pick me up.

Todd shows up takes me bahis firmaları back to our friends who live downstairs from me. I am lying on the bud, cuddling up with Todd when who should appear but Phillip. Todd went to go get more beer. Somehow I dared Phillip to strip. He decided to do just that and jumps on top of me and puts his balls on my forehead.

I am laughing so hard at this point. I tell him I can’t believe he really just did that. He says there are a lot of things you would be surprised to know about me. And he holds my arms down and plants a kiss on my lips. It lasted for a few seconds when I pulled away, for fear others would see us, and told him I wanted to go back to my apartment. We say our goodbyes and head upstairs.

I shut the door and pull Philip close to me. We start making out. Just standing up and kissing was one of the most erotic things I have done in awhile. He starts gently nibbling my neck and then back to my lips. I kaçak iddaa start doing the same to him. He pulls me closer and I can feel his hard cock pressing against his jeans. My fingers are running through his hair and our kisses get more passionate. He pushes me toward my bed and then goes to change the music.

I decide to lie on my stomach and he gets on my back and starts massaging me. I tell him it would be better with my shirt and bra off so he takes them off of me. His hands are rolling up and down my back and my breathing is getting heavier and heavier. He leans up off me so I can turn around and we start kissing again.

Since I have no shirt he decides to have his lips travel to my nipples. He starts lightly sucking them, then gently biting. Being that I am so horny this is turning me on so bad. Then he decides to get a little rough with me.

Phillip starts to tug on my nipples with his teeth. Biting harder and harder. The mixture of the kaçak bahis pain and pleasure was too much. He is grinding his cock against my panties and I can feel the wetness soaking through. He then decides to start pulling my hair. For some reason he didn’t venture his hand toward my pussy.

So I took matters into my own hands. I start to rub my clit furiously. I rub hard enough to get me close to cumming and then I slow it down. Meanwhile Phillip is watching this and smiling. He sees me looking and heads back to sucking and tugging on my nipples. Finally when I think I can’t take it anymore I start to cum. Not one of my hardest. But good enough that I could barely speak.

Phillip just holds me for awhile, I then decide I am going to suck his cock. Unfortunately for me he is one of those guys who doesn’t get hard from oral sex. So I just stuck with playing with his nipple rings and letting him play with me.

Being that it was late and we were drunk perhaps led to his inability. But he plans on seeing me over Christmas break. And maybe then we can take our time. Because I love to give head and definitely plan on having more then one warm cock in my mouth over break.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32