The Naughty Garbage Man

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To all the readers, please be kind, This is my first written story admission to Literotica : ) There are so many amazing writers sharing their stories on here. I’m just a piece of stardust, amongst all these stars : )

I hope you will enjoy …Thank you.

Niki – DKmermaid


Saturday afternoon, I arrived in the village of Marielyst, Denmark. I had driven from Copenhagen. Some good friends of mine were letting me stay at their vacation house, all they asked of me was to cut the grass. I needed this week to myself, work had been so stressful lately.

It was end of August, schools had started again, so the big crowds with kids had left the vacation house area which was nice, much more pleasant and quiet. The weather was a bit cold over the weekend, so I just stayed indoors reading books and magazines, went for walks by the beach, and in the village for some grocery shopping, and checking out the little gift shops.


Monday morning, the bedroom was already bright at 6 in the morning, I woke up from needing to pee, as I sat on the toilet, I could hear loud noises from far away. Oh! the garbage truck, I had a big full trash bag sitting in the kitchen. I quickly scooted out in the kitchen grabbing the bag, and went out through the front terrace door, halfway down the yard I remembered I was completely naked. I ran a bit faster, hoping I could just make it down to the trash bin and back, before the truck got to this house. It sounded like I would make it, I could hear the truck further down the street.

Just as I reached the bin I heard a man’s voice.

“Good morning beautiful.”

I got so startled, I almost dropped the bag. A tall handsome man in neon green overalls and blue t-shirt came walking right up to the bin. I held the bag up in front of me trying to cover my naked breasts and sex.

My face blushed hot red while I said “good morning” back to him.

“Do you wanna keep that trash, or do you want me to take it?” he asked with a teasing voice.

I stood speechless.

“I can turn around if you want me to?” he said politely.

“Oh no, that’s okay, I’m used to this, I go nude swimming all the time,” I answered with a forced confident voice.

Which was a big fat lie, I had never swam naked, not even a skinny dip. On the inside I was shaking my head at my answer, blushing even more. I reached the bag over to him, he had big gloves on, my hands touched his arms, he felt warm and a bit sweaty. I felt my nipples tightening.

“Thank you” I said and quickly turned around to walk back up to the house.

This was so embarrassing, he was going to see my butt, there was no way I was going to run or sprint up to the house, even though I was dying to, that would look even more foolish.

“You’re welcome, have a continuously nice day” I heard him say behind me.

I looked over my shoulder and gave a little wave and a smiled, he smiled back still standing in the same spot watching me. Why did he have to be so good looking, that just made the situation more embarrassing, thank goodness I wasn’t going to see him again.

As soon as I got inside I felt relief, I walked out to the bathroom again, needed to splash some cold water on my face. I saw myself in the mirror, argh!! … my hair! Now I didn’t know what was more embarrassing? That he had seen me naked, or that he had seen my crazy morning hair.

After that experience I snuggled back under the cover, pulled it all the way over my head, so it became dark. I couldn’t get his face out of my mind, his eyes, the way he canlı bahis had kept his stare on me, very sensuous.

I let one hand glide down over my stomach to my mound, slowly rubbing my clit, and the other up to caress and squeeze my breasts. I started to fantasize about him all warm and sweaty, touching me with his gloves on. Wondering how it would feel having the ruff fabric rubbing my body. I fingered myself to an orgasm thinking about that.


Tuesday around noon I decided to bike down to the beach, the weather was sunny and warm. I enjoyed the warm breeze hitting my face and blowing up under my loose skirt as I pedaled. While biking through the little streets I took deep breaths of new cut grass and pine tree scents. I parked and locked the bike at the end of a tiny trail, where the beach began, and started to look for a nice sand dune I could lay in. I found a nice secluded spot, spread my towel out, took my book and large straw hat out of the basket.

After about an hour of laying in the sun, my body was in need of cooling down. The ocean water felt cool and refreshing against my heated skin, I walked out deeper so the water was at my waist, I began to swim along the coastline, it was a long stretch of beach, so there was far in between people sunbathing and in the water. I got curious about how it would feel being completely naked in the water. I had to try it, this was my chance, nobody close by. I untied the back of my top and the sides of the stringy bottoms. Wow! It felt amazing, the water hugging my breasts. I walked up to the beach and threw the bikini onto the sand, and then quickly back out in the water to get covered by the little waves, swimming back and forward, not getting too far away from my spot on the beach.

A large piece of seaweed stock itself to my stomach and hips, so I stood up to remove it. I noticed someone jogging along the water. Male in shorts and no shirt. I decided I would stay in the water until he would pass, my body was getting shivery and I wanted to get back up and lay on my warm towel. As the jogger got closer I recognized him, it was the garbage man, I could feel my cheeks blushing even in this cold water.

He saw me, and his right hand came up for a wave.

“Hi there, I see you are out on one of your nude swims,” he yelled teasingly.

I lifted my arm and hand a little above the water for a wave back, keeping the rest of my body covered by the water.

“Yes I am, it’s very refreshing,” I yelled back.

With concern he yelled “Don’t get to cold out there.”

“I won’t, I was just about to get out of the water,” I yelled back with a smile.

“And don’t you sweat too much,” I mumbled to myself.

His abs muscles was glistening, making me ashamed that I had not done any sit-ups in a very long time.

He stopped jogging in the same spot, walked a bit up to the dryer sand and sat down. I was thinking … what is he doing? Why didn’t he keep jogging? I could feel my lips turning blue so I had to get out of the water. I slowly walked through the water towards the shore.

He leaned back on his elbows, and I could see him smiling cheeky. The nerves of him, he was just gonna lay there and watch me. My body was covered in goosebumps as I got out of the water, my nipples rock hard. I walked passed my bikini, didn’t wanna bend over in front of him. Just passed him real quick and got up to my spot, grabbed my towel and wrapped it around me. I could hear his foot steps in the sand coming up to me.

“Is there a chance you have any cold drinks with you?” bahis siteleri he asked with a slight heavy breath and holding my bikini.

I answered “yes I do, and I can see you need it more than I,” while checking out his sweaty chest, waking up all my sexual needs.

I bend over to take a bottle of water out of my basket.

As I handed him the bottle I said “I’m Kathrine by the way” I reached my hand out to him.

He laughed “I’m Peter,” he took my hand in his, it was warm and soft with strong palms.

“And you forgot this,” he said smiling and handed the bikini over to me.

“Oh yes, thank you.”

“I will let you get back to your tanning,” he said charming, “thanks for the water.”

I saw him taking one more good look at me before he turned around to go back down near the water to finish his jogging.


Friday afternoon I biked down to the local supermarket. I wanted to make a nice dinner for myself, some steak and red wine. After getting fruits, vegetables, meat and a chocolate mousse, I walked to the wine and liquor aisle, reading the bottle labels which looked the prettiest.

“It’s a shame you don’t do your shopping naked” someone said with a low voice close to my ear.

I jumped surprised by the sudden sneak up attack behind me. It was the garbage man ….

“You have to stop stalking me Peter,” I replied with my heart racing.

“Hmm … are you having guests for dinner?” he asked while glaring over my shoulder to se what was in my basket.

“No, just dinner for me, myself and I,” I said smiling.

He reached for a bottle in front of me.

“Here … this wine is much better, a bit sweet but I’m sure you will like the flavor.”

“Thanks for your recommendation, I’m not a big wine expert,” I said.

He winked at me while replying, “me neither, that is just the one I usually buy.”

“Lets do this, give me your shopping basket, I will buy this food and cook you your dinner tonight,” he said very firmly.

I was just about to decline his generous offer …

“I insist, don’t argue with me, I promise you will have a great time.”

I stared into his mesmerizing blue eyes, while I was thinking what to say, the chemistry was undeniable between us, and after a whole week of being alone, it would be nice being in someone else’s company.

“Okay, deal, what time should I come over?” I asked blushingly.

“Let say seven, and let me give you my address, I don’t live far from here,” he said while taking a receipt paper from his pocket.

And I already digging for a pen in my handbag.


Friday evening, I rang the door bell, taking deep breaths. I had not been on a dinner date for a very long time. I nervously ran my hands down over the front of my white short summer dress.

I could hear him coming to the door, he opened it. As soon as I saw him, he made me laugh, there he stood all naked, only covered by a small red waist apron.

“Well … I like cooking naked,” he said kinky and jokingly rolling his eyes at me.

“Come on in, feel at home, dinner is ready,” he said while turning sideways and swaying his hand and arm to welcome me inside.

I got a quick glimpse of his butt cheeks, it was hilarious.

“Hey stop checking out my ass and follow me, you naughty woman.”

“Me? naughty? … I think you are the naughty one,” I replied.

I laughed again as he walked in front of me and gave his butt cheeks little wiggly moves by tightening his muscles.

“Okay now you are just showing off,” I said giggling bahis şirketleri while following him out into the kitchen.

The food he had cooked was delicious and we sipped on the sweet wine. Our conversation was exciting and cheerful during the dinner. We were sitting close at a small wooden dining table, our eyes passionately looking at each other. So many dirty thoughts ran through my mind, and I was pretty sure the same for him.

He stood up and went to the fridge. I studied him quietly as he took out the cup of chocolate mousse. My hands were prickling from wanting to touch him. He pealed off the foil lid and got a teaspoon from a drawer, he came back to his chair and sat down.

“May I ask you to come sit on my lap and eat dessert?”

My tipsiness made me brave, I pushed my chair back, and walked over to him. I just wanted to surrender to my desires. I stopped right in front of him, I let my hands crawl under my skirt and slipped out off my panties, both of our breathing became heavier.

“I want to give you your dessert, while you feed me,” I said very naughty while leaning over to lift his waist apron up, his cock pulsing with readiness for me.

“You are so sexy” he said smiling at me.

He helped me over his lap, and I slowly lowered my extremely moist pussy onto his stiff cock. All the way down to the root, till my cheeks rested on his thighs. My head leaned back and we both moaned. His left arm and hand wrapped around my curvy waist to support me. We just sat there with his delicious cock up inside of me. He was twitching and I was tightening my vagina muscles. With his right hand he got a spoonful of chocolate mousse up to my mouth, I opened up and tasted the mousse, licking my lips. We started to kiss, and I shared the mousse flavor with him. I now slowly rode his cock, as our tongues played. My big soft breasts rubbing against his lean muscular chest.

Sitting on the chair was getting uncomfortable, so we stopped and he guided me into his bedroom. Standing by his bed, we kissed more, while letting our hands glide up and down along our sides, hips and around to the butt cheeks. I just wanted to melt into his body.

“Lay on the bed, and spread your legs,” he ordered me with a smile.

“Yes Mr. Garbage man, anything you say, ” I replied with a cute voice.

I crawled up on the mattress, pushing some covers to the end of the bed, laid on my back, bend my knees and made access for him. He leaned over and wrapped his arms underneath my thighs, he lowered his head down to my mound. I closed my eyes and moaned in pleasure, when I felt his teasing tongue on my throbbing clit. I grabbed the back of his head when his licking tongue moved to my lips and inside my pussy, I was getting really close to a climax.

He pulled back, I looked at him, he now crawled onto the bed and sat on his knees right between my thighs, his rock hard cock was pointing straight to my needing cave.

“I’m gonna go animalistic on you right now, I hope you don’t mind,” he said with a sexy grin.

“Mmm … yes please … I don’t mind, just fuck me,” I whimpered.

He grabbed his cock and and slowly slid it inside, as he entered deeper, he laid his body onto mine, pinning me with his weight. I wrapped my legs and arms around him, holding on, as he began to fuck me.

We both started to moan louder and louder. I squeezed him tighter as he plunged his cock in me, over and over with such passion, that both of us started to climax, we moaned out our orgasms by each others ears. His body relaxed on mine, as our breathing slowly went back to normal. He rolled off me, and we laid close, just enjoying each others scents and caresses.

Just before falling asleep, I was thinking, I had to ask him in the morning to put on his work gloves.

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