The Muse Ch. 02

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What were you thinking? You cannot even blame this on the drink – you were completely sober! Did you really think she would receive your affections without thinking you a fool? She would be right to think so! You ARE a fool!

Rafe sat on his small bed with his head in his hands, berating himself and imagining the look of pity that must have registered on the Princess’ face as he left the hall an hour ago. As he conjured up the image, his fingers clutched his hair on either side of his temple and he felt an overwhelming desire to rip it out, as though that would somehow tear out his shame at the root. He groaned at the realization that nothing he did would ever quell the shame he felt. He was nauseated that she now knew those drawings were of HER – those horribly shameful and vulgar drawings! Why did he ever put the stylus to paper and make real the images that swirled in his head when he was alone in bed at night?! Now, they were tangible things out there in the world… things that SHE saw and now knew about! They were incriminating proof of his ridiculous yearning… a craving so laughable, so feeble, so IDIOTIC… but God knew he could not help it! He had been admiring her from a distance for so many months and she had fast become the subject of his most private, lurid fantasies. He had allowed himself to indulge in them so often that it wasn’t long before she had become the sole object of his desire, and he could not help but compare every woman he met to her. He had become completely disinterested in courting anyone, for his lust for her completely blinded him from seeing the virtues of any other woman that showed him interest.

You are sick, and you have now revealed your sickness to her. You must leave this place at once, there’s no recovering from the shame you have brought down upon yourself. Even if she takes pity on you – which is worse than her scorn – the humiliation of having to perform in front of her and her father, the King – let us not forget THAT! – and to even TRY to pretend you don’t want her is too much to bear.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his chamber door.

“Mister Rafe Andrion de Beauchamp?” said a man’s voice on the other side of the door. “Is this the chamber of one Rafe Andrion de Beauchamp?”

“Yes, one moment please.” He leapt off his bed, hurriedly put on a dress shirt, and opened the door.

“You are Rafe Andrion de Beauchamp?” asked a very well-dressed, rotund old man in his autumn years.

“Yes Sir,” Rafe said.

“I am here to collect you for your scheduled music lesson for Princess Eudora,” the old man stated matter-of-factly.

Rafe was positive he had heard the man wrong. “I’m sorry, can you please repeat that Sir?”

“Your appointment with Princess Eudora for her music lesson.” The old man raised his eyebrows and lowered his head.

Rafe did not understand, he hadn’t made any appointments to tutor students in several weeks, and he had CERTAINLY not made any appointments to tutor HER. He felt his pulse quicken and panic begin to set in.

The old man read the look of panic on the young man’s face. “You DO remember having made this arrangement.” It was not a question, but a statement… a warning. Something unspoken silently passed between the two men, and Rafe understood that his recollection was of no consequence. This was a royal request and one simply did NOT make the mistake of failing to fulfill the request of a member of the royal household.

“Yes – yes, I do remember now. Allow me to… gather my lesson materials and I will come with you at once.” Dread overcame him. Not knowing which instrument was even to be the subject of this purported lesson, Rafe grabbed a handful of books and instructional materials and shoved them into his rucksack, hoping that at least one of them would be appropriate for the task that lie ahead of him. Rafe closed his door behind him, and the old man escorted him to a horse and carriage waiting outside. The old man signaled to Rafe to climb aboard.

Once seated, Rafe broke out into a sweat. He felt his stomach drop güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri and he felt an overwhelming urge to flee into the nearby forest. But he could not. That would be a breach of contract… had he ever signed a contract, which he hadn’t! He couldn’t think straight with all of the blood pumping through his ears.

It felt like seconds before they arrived at the castle gates. He exited the carriage and followed the old man down a dizzying labyrinth of halls. All told, he felt quite disoriented, physically and mentally. Before he knew where he was, the old man was knocking on a large door, saying, “Your Grace, your music tutor has arrived.”

“Thank you, you may enter,” said a woman’s voice on the other side of the door.

The old man swiftly opened the door before Rafe felt composed and prepared to face her, but there she was, all of a sudden standing mere feet in front of him. He realized he was at the door of Eudora’s private chambers.

“Your Grace,” Rafe exhaled, and knelt down on one knee, eyes fixed on her chamber floor.

“You may leave us,” Eudora said to the old man. He nodded and closed the door.

Eudora stayed in place and let several moments pass by. Finally, she said, “You may rise.”

Rafe stood up slowly, afraid to meet her gaze. He continued to look at the floor until she spoke.

“I have summoned you for a lesson,” Eudora said flatly. “I hear you’re among the best tutors in the kingdom.”

Rafe did not register her compliment and simply stated, “I am at your service, Your Grace.”

“Good. Shall we begin then? My harpsichord is over in this corner.” She gestured toward the instrument and his eyes followed the motion of her hand. She walked over to the harpsichord and he followed behind her at a safe distance. She sat down upon the small bench, glanced over her right shoulder up at Rafe and patted the seat beside her, motioning for him to sit beside her on the bench. Rafe lowered his head and walked cautiously to his side of the bench. As he gingerly took his seat on the narrow bench, he caught Eudora’s scent in the air. As it wafted into his nostrils, he felt his senses completely fog over and his body became warm and tingly all over. He blinked hard, inhaled quietly and attempted to steady himself, focusing on the keys in front of him, but his body… it had already begun to betray him.

He felt her upper body rotate to face him, and he lowered his eyes before shyly peeking up to meet her gaze. Eudora’s eyes were alive with fire and her lips formed a veiled, sinister half-smirk. She looked positively cunning. Rafe froze under her disarming stare, but his heart began to beat wildly, as if his ribcage contained a rabid animal attempting to thrash its way free.

Eudora leaned her face in closer to his, and in nearly a whisper said, “That piece you played tonight, the one with that incredible, rising crescendo at the end of it… will you play that one for me? I’d love to hear it again so that I might learn to play it for myself.” Her face was now the portrait of pure mischief.

Rafe struggled to maintain his composure in spite of an incredibly overpowering urge to tilt his face down to meet hers, take her head in both of his hands and kiss her passionately with all the force he could muster. Rafe’s face flushed scarlet and he unknowingly bit his lower lip gently. He nodded bashfully without breaking from her gaze.

Eudora smiled. “Good. I want to watch you play it one more time to familiarize myself with.” She stood up and faced Rafe and slowly passed between the harpsichord’s keys and Rafe, her body inches away from his touch. Rafe felt his cock twitch at the very thought of it, and fought the urge to stare at her breasts as she passed by. She then took her place a nearby settee facing the harpsichord. She made herself comfortable by leaning on her side and fixing her gaze on Rafe.

“Play,” Eudora implored.

Rafe inhaled sharply, clenched his jaw, and began playing the piece from memory. He played the opening notes of the piece and watched güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his own hands, normally so deft and sure of themselves, now trembling while he pressed the keys. Breathe, he thought to himself as he continued. He had never experienced performance anxiety quite like this before.

As he continued to play the piece, he heard a small muffled noise emanate from where Eudora was. His eyes quickly flickered to the right and he caught sight of Eudora’s index finger sliding out of her mouth, her eyes hungrily fixated on him. His breath caught and he froze with his fingertips on the keys, processing what was happening. He felt his cock pulse in his breeches.

“Don’t stop playing,” she purred, a devilish smile on her lips.

He glanced down quickly at the keys again, eyes wide, as though he had just seen something he wasn’t meant to see and had to deny its existence. Suddenly, he felt his senses light on fire. And she was within an arm’s reach, sucking on her finger. He closed his eyes and attempted to steady his breathing.

Despite the dizzying array of sensations affecting him, he managed to pick up at the spot in the composition where he had left off. His mind, however, had just been completely derailed. Was she testing him or simply using him as an easy mark for her own amusement?

He heard Eudora exhale softly. He blinked hard and could not resist glancing over to see what she was doing.

Eudora had the many layers of her dress pulled up to her thighs, and her hand had disappeared somewhere under the folds of the fabric. With her eyes closed, she moaned quietly, and as Rafe watched her forearm move slightly up and down, he felt his cock stiffening. Rafe knew that she was touching herself, but he could not see where. It looked as though she was rubbing her clit from the movement of her wrist. He continued to watch her and in seconds, his cock became completely hard. His heart was already racing at a frenzied pace. He didn’t realize he had stopped playing in order to watch her. His lips parted and his breathing became ragged.

Eudora slowly opened her eyes and smiled knowingly at him. Still pleasuring herself, she said, “Don’t stop playing.”

Hands shaking, he placed his fingers back on the keys and tried to pick it up again. He was watching himself fumble the notes when Eudora let out a loud, delicious moan of pleasure. He looked over to her again. Her head was thrown back to reveal her slender neck. Her mouth was open, and her forearm was at an angle that made it clear she had just entered herself. He watched captivated and as she thrust her fingers inside herself.

Rafe felt his cock struggle against his breeches. His body surged with a catastrophic wave of frenzied, lustful urgency and he gripped the top lip of the harpsichord and placed his forehead on his arms to ride out the yearning that was overpowering him. He could think of nothing but fucking plunging into her with as much violent force as possible. He clutched the harpsichord and expelled a desperate, helpless groan that broke his voice as his knuckles turned white.

“Don’t stop… Raaaaaaafe…” she purred.

Oh God.

His hands were shaking badly. He put his hands over his face before placing them on the keys again. His playing was so clumsy that he stopped to try and gather himself before proceeding.

Eudora groaned a long moan of pure ecstasy.

Oh Godddddddd.

He stopped, put his quaking hands on top of the harpsichord and buried his face in his arms. He closed his eyes and quietly whispered “fuck” to himself. In the darkness, he heard a succession of agonizing moans pour forth from Eudora. She was starting to get close. After a couple of torturous minutes, he could not withstand it any longer. His eyes peeked out from above his arms to watch her.

She had lifted the ruffles up to her hips and her sex was now fully exposed to him. He could see her downy hair and her fingers thrusting slowly in and out of her glistening pussy. He allowed his nose to peek out from him arms, and güvenilir bahis şirketleri her scent overwhelmed him at once. “Oh fuck,” he whispered again desperately, his voice breaking, reflecting his need. His cock pulsed hungrily. He wanted to fucking devour her. He squirmed in place as her pleasure grew.

“Raaafe – ahhhhhhhmm – come play -ahhhhahnnn,” Eudora whimpered.

Rafe cried out, “fuuu-uuuck!” He clutched the lip of the harpsichord so violently he thought he might crush it between his fingertips. He was beside himself with lust that raged through every muscle of his body. He wanted – needed – to run to her and fuck her with wild and reckless abandon, but she was a princess, it was high treason.

“Raaaaaafeeee – AHHHHHHHHH – come play me… Rafe!” Eudora cried.

Rafe shot up off the bench, unable to hold himself back any longer. He raced to the settee and was between Eudora’s legs in a flash. He removed her hand, and inserted his middle inside of her hot, slick center.

“OHHHHHHHHH!” Eudora gasped. His fingers were so much longer and thicker than her own. Rafe gently massaged the upper walls of her pussy with his finger and her muscles contracted in gratitude. “Moooorrrree,” Eudora demanded. “More fingers.”

Rafe was now on top of her, his own cock inches away from the work he was doing on her with his hand. He inserted his ring finger inside her soaking wet opening and was rewarded with a loud, guttural moan and violent shudder from Eudora. She wrapped her hand around his wrist, guiding him into her, as he thrust his fingers inside her and massaged her inner walls slightly faster.

The faster pace set Eudora off and she became completely unhinged and primal. She demanded, “Harder-FUCK! FASTER!! AHHHHH!”

Rafe complied and as he fingered her with all the vigor he could, he felt his cock flare angrily. He wanted to ram his cock inside of her with everything he had and fucking thrust and thrust into her, over and over again and fuck her raw and –

“AHHHHHHHAHHHHHH – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Eudora cried, muscles spasming and fiercely clutching Rafe’s fingers. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” A flood of warm come poured out of her; wave by wave, soaking Rafe’s hand and the settee underneath her. Rafe’s eyes rolled back in his head at the sensation and power of her orgasm, and his body simply could not take it anymore. Rafe exploded his seed into his breeches and his body quaked violently as Eudora continued to clutch his fingers inside of her. More intense orgasmic waves washed over her and she moaned animalistically as more and more come flooded out of her, drenching Rafe’s hand. Rafe spasmed again and moaned desperately before he felt his orgasm begin to subside. Eudora moaned one last time before she felt all the power drain from her body.

She exhaled quietly and closed her eyes, savouring the feeling of being spent, and Rafe buried his face in the upholstery beside Eudora’s neck. He said nothing, ashamed and embarrassed he had come without any stimulation from her. A moment of silence passed between them before Eudora whispered, “Did you come?”

Still with his face buried, Rafe quietly replied, “Yes.” He felt so completely humiliated, but he had gotten so aroused and when she began to come he could not help it.

Eudora grinned to herself and gingerly placed her hand on his head. She stroked his hair gently. “My little lamb, that is nothing to feel bashful about.”

Rafe squeezed his eyes shut and held onto her sweet reassurance for several moments. Very slowly, he turned his head ever so slightly to peek out at her with a tentative look on his face. “I’m so embarrassed, that’s never happened to me before,” Rafe admitted.

Eudora smiled softly at him and stroked his cheek. Rafe dreamily closed his eyes and basked in her affectionate touch. He wanted nothing more right now than to touch her face too, but he still needed her to tell him that it was okay to.

“Do you know how much pleasure you gave me?” Eudora asked.

Rafe smiled shyly and said, “Your pleasure is what set me off… the way you came – it was like nothing I’ve ever seen. It was… incredible.”

Eudora giggled.

Rafe shook his head is disbelief. “I can’t even believe that I’m with you right now,” Rafe said softly. He gazed upon Eudora with pure adoration.

Eudora smiled at Rafe tenderly and took his head in her hands…

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