The Mistress Ch. 12

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Aug 9, it was raining when I woke up. I so loved to fuck when it’s raining. Emman texted that he’s coming in an hour. I hopped in the shower and bathed with Pink Chance Chanel shower gel, put on Pink Chance Chanel lotion, and spritzed a bit of Pink Chance Chanel perfume. Emman loved this scent on me. This was my signature scent with him. He didn’t want me to wear any other scent. I went back to bed naked, turned on the TV and waited for him to come. I knew he’d want to have sex before breakfast.

He came in and I pretended to be asleep. I laid on my side with my back facing him. I could tell that he’s taking off his clothes. He laid beside me and wrapped his arms around me while kissing my nape. The weight of his arms was always comforting. I held his arms and scooched back as close as I could to him. Ah…security.

“Let’s have breakfast…” I whispered.

“I’d rather have you for breakfast, Joy. Hmm…you smell so good…you smell so good…” He whispered back licking my nape and shoulder.

He was rubbing my side while tightening his other arm around me still kissing and licking me. I pushed my rear against his crotch and he grinded back. His other hand quickly moved down in front of me in between my legs trying to find my pussy. He started humping my backside while kissing whatever his lips could kiss, his cock sliding in and out of my crack. I mimicked his motions and placed his other hand on my left nipple. He started massaging and pinching it making it hard. I reached back and took his dick in my hand. I pumped it a few times and then he squirted.

Pre-ejaculation…we had not even started kissing on the mouth yet…

“I’m sorry, Joy, your scent aroused me so much…”

I laid on my back, spread my legs, placed a hand on the back of his head, and shoved his face into my warm and wet pussy. I began to grind his face while he pushed his tongue forward.

I let out a little moan while grinding his face harder against me. I was so aroused. I looked down at him; our eyes interlocked as I was fucking his mouth. My juice began to drip down as each movement of my hips forced his tongue in and out of me. He could tell by the way I held his head that I was cumming.

We laid beside each other kissing, caressing, and cuddling, while talking about our schedule for the day. We’re going to Rexall Center after breakfast to watch Rogers Cup Tennis. It’s a whole day event so it meant that he’d be with me longer.

We bathed together…we were soaping each other’s bodies…he spent time massaging my breasts while I was masturbating him. We rinsed and continued pleasuring each other…he was sucking both of my boobs while fingering me as I continued masturbating him…

I knelt down and massaged his balls and cock, rubbed it against my cheek, kissed every inch of it…from the tip to the base…and then began licking his shaft…

“I want to cum inside you, hon…”

He made me turn around and I took the position I learned so well. He’d just place his cock right to where my cunt would meet him. No need for him to go on tiptoes or scrunch down. He rubbed my back with his two hands and rubbing my butt cheeks as he went. He pumped and he pumped until I could feel that he was about to cum. He held my hips tight as he shuddered.

We rinsed, dried ourselves, and got off the tub.

“We have not even started our day yet and you made me weak on the knees already, Joy.”

“Go ahead and rest, Emman. I’ll still dry my hair and lotion my whole body. I’m going to take a while.”

We kissed and he got out of the bathroom. One thing I loved about Emman, he never rushed me.

When I was done and ready, we held hands as we went out of our room. We kissed on the elevator and made our way to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

We were holding hands while driving to Rexall Center with our love songs playing on the CD.

We parked at the designated area while we waited for the shuttle bus to take us to the venue.

He reached for my hand and in a possessive but gentle manner, pulled me into his arms and gave me what can only be described as a “fuck me now” kiss. I kissed back as good as I got. When we pulled away, we were staring into each other’s eyes and after several moments, we did not even say a word…we just moved to the back of the van…

He bahis firmaları cupped my face in his hands and while softly caressing my cheeks with his fingertips…

“I had been waiting for this, Joy…to be with you again…specially now that it’s raining…I so want to fuck you again and again and again…”

He made me lean on his shoulder as he slowly moved his fingertips down the sides of my neck and worked them around my nape and gently, but with firm pressure, gave it a massage as we kissed. My eyes were closed. I snuck a peek and saw that his eyes were also closed.

He worked his hands to my shoulder and down my arm and on to my hand. He broke our kiss to suck each of my fingers from the base to the tip. He worked his way to my wrist kissing it lightly and licking it in small slow circles.

He moved his hand to my chest…lifted my shirt…pulled down my bra…and gently squeezed my nipples. He wanted to undo my bra, but our surrounding was getting loud. People started coming around where we parked as the shuttle bus had arrived.

We fixed ourselves and made our way to the bus as well. He brought an umbrella and a camera. We were so excited. It’s our first time to watch our favorite players live in person. The VIP tickets that we got included a meet and greet. We roamed around the venue, went into different tents where different events were happening. We joined in the little games that the sponsors were holding. We bought matching navy blue Rogers Cup t-shirts for souvenirs. We took pictures of each other and asked others to take photos of us. He was holding an umbrella over me as we toured around the venue. While sharing a burger during lunch, we heard over the PA system that there wouldn’t be any games for the day because of the rain. We were asked to retrieve our free tickets for the next day’s games.

A funny thing happened while we were eating. I struggled folding the umbrella since we’d be eating at a covered area. For some reason, when I was finally able to close it, the handle automatically released hitting me on my stomach so hard. Emman kept on laughing.

“Joy, that’s Lorna’s umbrella…”

“Oh, that’s why it has a mind of its own trying to hurt me.”

We hopped on the shuttle bus to take us back to where we parked. Realizing that there’s just the two of us other than the driver, we didn’t miss a chance pleasuring each other. His hand made its way to my short skorts and through my panties. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and pulled his briefs to take out his penis. We were masturbating each other along the way. The thrill of doing it in public excited him so much that he cummed on my hand.

On our way back to the hotel…

“Joy, thank you for the sexcapades that we share together…I’ll never forget this day…so much happiness when I’m with you…thanks for this day…even if it’s rainy…holding hands at Rexall Center…”

We shared a very tight embrace and a very hard kiss before he left me for the day.

Aug 10, I wanted to break from the routine. Instead of waiting in my room for his arrival, I waited for him by the elevator and scared him once it opened. He almost fainted.

We kissed and held hands going back to our bedroom.

I undid each button on his shirt until I could expose his nipples to my tongue. I licked each of them alternately dragging my tongue back and forth. I knelt in front of him and started to reach for his belt. I pretended to fumble with the belt and teasingly rubbed my fingers over his manhood. I unfastened the buckle and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. He was squirming.

I lowered his jeans with his briefs and he lifted his foot one after the other to take them both off. He then sat back on the sofa and closed his eyes. I wrapped my lips on his already wet penis and gently slid my lips down his shaft and very slowly slid them back up to the tip. His soft moans urged me on. I licked my lips and applied their moistness to his cock. Slowly, then gaining speed and adding just a little more pressure, I worked my mouth, lips, and tongue up and down. His hands gently moved my hair away from my face. I used my wet tongue to draw swirls around and around his manhood. His body kept rhythm with my tongue. I didn’t want to move from this spot, ever.

My fingertips glided up and down kaçak iddaa his shaft. I gathered saliva in my mouth and let the droplets fall from my mouth onto his penis as he muttered soothing words…

“Keep at it, Joy…”

My tongue, lips, and hands all slick with my saliva continued on…

I was getting wetter by the second…I wanted his hands all over my body…

But I didn’t want to stop as I wanted him to cum in my mouth…

He must have read my mind as he started to slip my shirt over my head and unhooked my bra. My nipples were hard and erect. I wanted his mouth on them. He took off my pants and my panties and started fingering me. I was slowly losing my mind.

I stood and straddled him in between my legs. Even though I was giving him a head for quite a while already, he did not get stiff. I just started rubbing his manhood with my very wet vagina while offering my nipples to him by pushing them on his face. As he suckled and bit on them alternately, I started panting. I lifted myself slightly, ran my middle finger in and out of my pussy and offered the same finger to him to lick. I watched him get more excited.

We went to bed, but when I tried to position myself between his legs to continue giving him a blowjob, he gently rolled me onto my back and leaned down to kiss me softly on my lips. I increased the pressure of the kiss, our tongues sparing as we clung to each other. I started grinding my throbbing cunt against him as he reached down and started stroking my wetness harder and harder. I was rubbing against his hand matching him stroke for stroke. His hands were very skillful. I reached down to his penis and matched his strokes with my hand. We petted and ground our bodies into each other for a really long time.

He gently pulled away and moved down my body while kissing my nakedness. He noticed the very big bruise on my stomach.

“What is this, Joy?”

“It’s from Lorna’s umbrella.”

“I’m sorry, hon, I’m sorry…I didn’t know it really hit you hard.” He kept on kissing it.

He continued moving down until he reached my pussy. I closed my eyes and raised my arms over my head and lost myself in the joy he was giving me. I quivered as I came.

I lowered my hands to his shoulders and told him that I needed him inside me. He pulled me into a sitting position, turned me over, and gently pushed my head into the bedsheet so that my ass was in the air and he could enter me from behind. I was moaning in rapture and his powerful thrusts were sending me over insanity. Fast and hard, he plunged into me. His thrusts became faster and harder, his hold on my hips tightened. He pulled out his penis and while massaging it…

“In your mouth, Joy…in your mouth…suck me hard as I cum…”

I obliged. I sucked his dick while cumming and swallowed everything up to the last drop giving him what he called a “mind blowing, hair pulling, and eye popping sexual experience of his life.”

We took a bath together and shared a kiss while soaping each other’s bodies. We rinsed and dried up. He blow-dried my hair as I lotioned my body. We wore our matching navy blue Rogers Cup t-shirts.

Holding hands, we got out of our room and kissed on the elevator as we made our way to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

Going to Rexall Center, we drove all the way there without using the shuttle bus with our love songs playing in the background. It was still drizzling that’s why he thought that the games were still suspended. He said that we’d just watch a movie instead. I asked him if we could just take a peek at least. We did. Oh boy! The games had already started.

We videotaped whatever was left of the third round match between Gasquet and Berdych. It’s good that we’re able to watch and videotape the entirety of Djokovic and Querrey match. Emman and I took pictures of each other during game break and asked others to take photos of us.

Since our free tickets were only good for the third round matches that we missed the day before because of the rain, we were asked to leave the venue after the Djokovic-Querrey match.

We ordered take out from Spoon and Fork Eglinton on our way back to the hotel – fresh mango salad, Thai platter, pho seafood, and Thai style spicy eggplant.

We held hands going up to our hotel room while sharing kaçak bahis a kiss in the elevator.

I noticed that it’s always a challenge for him to use a key card to open our door only to find out that he could not wait to fuck me.

He kicked the door shut behind us, let go of our stuff on the floor, and pressed me to the wall. We kissed and before I knew it, I was out of my clothes and he was turning me around to face the wall. I heard him unzip his pants. I spread my legs as he stood between them and I leaned forward as he pressed his cock to my pussy.

He started pumping furiously. We were moaning loudly as he fucked me from behind. We were making all sorts of noises and grunts as he pumped wildly.

He pulled out of me and half dragged me to bed. He tossed me on the bed and stripped out of his clothes. He pulled me to him by my ankles and turned me on to my belly. I got on my hands and knees and he climbed up behind me. He grabbed my hips and thrust into me so hard.

He started fucking me again with total abandon. He was slamming into me and I could hear his balls slapping against my clit. He pulled his cock out, made me turn around, and pointed his penis near my mouth.

“Suck me off, Joy…”

I greedily licked my juice off his dick and wrapped my lips around his throbbing cock. He thrust his hips and began fucking my mouth slowly while I rolled my tongue around his penis. He continued to slide in and out of my mouth. I loved it! He cummed inside my mouth and I sucked everything up to the last drop, giving him a hair pulling, eye popping, mind blowing sex experience of his life once again.

He was so spent that he collapsed beside me.

“That was so great, Joy!” He said panting.

He put his arm across my back and started stroking my hair. I leaned over and kissed his lips.

“You’re so amazing, hon! He said.

We kissed, cuddled, and stroked each other until thirst and hunger forced us to eat.

We were feeding each other while sharing jokes and watching the tennis match that we videotaped.

After cleaning up and brushing our teeth, he leaned closer and kissed me. I parted my lips as he slipped his tongue into my mouth. I sucked on his tongue and soon we were making out like two teenagers. Our hands roamed all over our naked bodies.

“I need to feel you again.” He said between kisses.

We went to bed and continued kissing. I ran my hands over his body and stopped when I reached his cock.

I stroked him slowly and he moaned as he lowered his head to my breasts. He sucked and bit each nipple till I was dripping wet and he was leaking with pre-cum. He climbed on top of me and I spread my legs. He entered me quickly and began pumping me hard. He abruptly pulled out of me.

“Let me see your pussy, Joy.”

I spread my legs wide and he slid down my body. He buried his face in my vagina and began licking and sucking up my juices. He was moaning as he slurped up the fluid running out of me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I came and he growled like an animal as my juices flooded his mouth. When he was done, he laid next to me and kissed me. His chin was wet and his mouth tasted like my pussy.

“Get on top of me, Joy.”

I sat up and was going to straddle his cock, but he motioned for me to turn around. I turned and faced his feet and he pulled my hips to his face.

“Sit on my face, hon.”

I straddled his head and he pulled me down to his waiting mouth. I moaned loudly with pleasure as he slid his tongue inside me and began to fuck me with his tongue and fingers. I leaned down to take his cock into my mouth. I wrapped my lips around him and began to suck him off while he performed the most amazing oral sex I had ever experienced.

He pushed my pussy off his face gently and scooted out from under me. I reluctantly released his cock and turned to look at him. We kissed. It was a long, slow, and very wet kiss. As we kissed, he laid me down on my back and he positioned himself in between me. He slid down inside me as we continued to kiss. He’s sliding in and out of my pussy slowly…feeling each thrust… he got faster and faster…until he climaxed. I felt him throb inside me. He continued to pump stream after stream of hot cum inside me…it slid down my butt and on to the bed sheets.

We caressed, cuddled, and kissed, while resting until he had to leave me again.

Wrapped in sheets, I watched him by the window.

“Look up, Emman, please look up.” I talked to myself.

He looked up and waved goodbye before driving away.

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