The Mind of a Teenager

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Authors note: Every character included in this story is over the age of 18. This story may become part of a series or remain a short story. It includes mind control, incest and sometimes, reluctance and non consensual sex. If this bothers you, then please do not read on. If you are intrigued by this kind of story then please read on.

Kyle Mohran stood at the foot of his big sisters bed. She had a firm hold of his journal and she raised it high into the air and out of his reach.

“Give it back!” He clawed at her bare leg as she stood beside him on the bed.

“Ew! You have a crush on me! That’s so gross, Kyle! I’m your sister!” She yelled.

“Quite! Somebody will hear you! Please, Lindsay!”

Kyle tried to snatch it once more from her grasps but she was too quick. She pulled her hand away and only laughed louder. If she read any more he would be in big trouble. Kyle had been fantasising about his older sister for months. Most teenage guys go through that sort of phase.

They see breasts and they get a hard on. It just so happened that his sister sported large perky C-cups and he thought of them 24/7! He knew that he had to do something.

Kyle took a few deep breaths and with all his might he clotheslined his sisters legs from underneath her. Lindsay had caught her words in her throat as she’d suddenly gone airborne. Her legs went up and her head went down.

She hit the bed with a thud and Kyle seized the opportunity to grab his journal from her hand. He ripped it free from her pried fingers and fled her room.

“Kyle, I’m gonna kill you!” Was all he heard as he escaped across the hall and into his room.

Moments later Lindsay came bounding into the room. This time, Kyle was up on his bed in a defensive posture. His sister was much bigger than him and he didn’t think he could hold her off, not when her temper was flaring.

Lindsay marched over to the bed and tried to tug at the sheets beneath his feet. When this didn’t work she tried to tug at his leg but she couldn’t reach.

“Come on, I want to read more about my big tits.” She teased.

“Go away!” Kyle kicked out at her.

His foot connected with her left breast and she squealed. “Why you little!”

“Enough!” Their mother had made their way upstairs to see what the racket was all about and she’d caught them red handed.

“Fighting! Again?” She asked.

His younger sister, cara, was stood behind their mother trying to peer in at what all the commotion was about.

“Lindsay read my journal!” He yelled.

“He wrote about my tits!” She yelled back.

“ENOUGH!” Their mother roared.

Immediately, Lindsay and Kyle stopped throwing punches. When their mother used this tone of voice, they listened.

“I want you out of his room this instant, Lindsay…” Maria calmed herself. She hated shouting at them.

“But mom!?” Lindsay began.

“Now!” She raised her voice again. “As for you, there will be no more writing about anyone’s breasts or other body parts. Do you hear me?”

Kyle simply nodded.

“Or else ill seize that thing and lock it away!” Maria continued.

Kyle didn’t dare speak. His mom was as scary as a ferocious lioness when she got going. Not even their father stood a chance against her temper.

One by one the women of the house exited Kyles room.

Cara gave him a very judging look as she was the last to leave. Feeling rather embarrassed, Kyle sat down and tore out page after page of his journal. He’d written about his secret fantasy of his own sister and now she’d read it. He couldn’t look her in the eye ever again after this.

He glanced over at the alarm clock and realised that in the midst of their fight, they’d forgotten about the school bus.

“Oh, shoot!” He said.

Kyle grabbed at his bag and fled the house. He’d just about missed the bus as begun to pull away a few yards down from his house. He chased it down and the driver shook his head at him as he let him on.

“Hey, Kyle?” Chris Thompson said as he got on.

“Hey.” He said, sadly.

“What’s up with you?”

Kyle didn’t know if he could tell his best buddy about what he’d written in his journal.

“My sister read my journal this morning.” He said.

“Oh… was it bad?” Chris asked.

“Yeah, really bad.” Kyle admitted.

“You mean Lindsay? And not cara?”

“Yeah, Lindsay. Although, I’m not sure what would have been worse.”

“Nothing I can do for you there I’m afraid.” Chris said.

That bus journey was the longest of his life. What made it worse was in his hurry he’d forgotten his homework for Mrs Johnston’s class. It was the third time in a row his homework would have been late and he knew he was in for it this time.

Kyle sat down at his desk and kept his head low as Mrs Johnston appeared through the classroom door. She wore a knee high grey skirt with a black shirt and grey blazer. Kyle had always fancied her. She was the type of teacher that you were scared of but wanted to be around as often as possible. The one teacher that you really wanted to mamak escort be liked by.

She usually wore her hair in a soft ponytail. However, today she opted for tying it up into a tight bun. Her eyeglasses sat upon a straight nose that were situated above her soft, full lips. Sometimes he caught himself staring at her during class, sometimes she caught him staring too. It was without any doubt that she’d most likely give him detention for this. He had guaranteed that it would be in on time.

“Kyle, do you have the homework?”

He heard the question, he just didn’t see it coming. He stuttered for a moment as he was trying to find the words to say to her.


“I…um, I forgot it, Mrs Johnston.” He sunk deeper into his chair.

Mrs Johnston could read the look on the boys face. It appeared to her that perhaps he was actually telling the truth for once. She only needed one look at the him for her to know that he was having a bad day.

“Wait behind for me after class today please. I want a word.” Was all she said.

Chris looked at Kyle as if to say that he was off the hook but Kyle wasn’t so sure. After class the students filtered out the classroom leaving only Mrs Johnston and Kyle remaining inside.

“I want to be honest with you Kyle. But you’ll need to be honest with me. Sound fair?” She asked.

Kyle only nodded.

“I can see that today may not be a very good day, so only on this one occasion will I let it slide.”

Kyles face lit up.

“But… if you bring me your homework late one more time, I promise it will be the last thing you do in this class.”

“Yes, Mrs Johnston.”

“Good. Now, I want you to tell me what’s wrong with you. Why are you looking so down?” She asked.

“I was just worried about detention is all.” He lied.

“Well, I do need to send you to the principle, she told me that the last time you were late I were to send you to her. Let her know I’ve given you a last chance. You better hope she does the same.” Mrs Johnston instructed him.

Kyle hated the headmistress. She was even scarier than Mrs Johnston and lot less kind. Without any more words, Mrs Johnston left him in the silence of the classroom. He took a minute to compose himself before heading down the halls towards the head teachers office.

There, he knocked upon the door and waited. The clicking of high heels could be heard on the other side of the door. They grew louder and louder until the door aggressively swung open. Mrs Jackman was the schools head mistress and a fearsome woman at that.

She wore her bleach blonde hair scrapped back into a long ponytail. She was of ages with his mother and in a lot of ways she reminded him of her. They had the same exact tone of voice and an ice cold touch. She placed a cold hand on the back of his sweatshirt and nudged him inside without saying a word.

He stood in the middle of her office as she walked in a circle towards her desk. Mrs Jackson sat down slowly as she kept her gaze on him.

“Your mother phoned. You forgot the homework for Mrs Johnston’s class, am I right?” She asked.

“Yes.” He said, shyly.

“And this is the third time in a row, correct?”

He nodded.

“Then you know what is coming to you.” She tutted at him.

“Please miss, I didn’t mean to, I just forgot-“

“You know the score! Hands! Out!.”

Kyle placed one hand over the other and stretched out his arms so that his palms were facing upward. Mrs Jackman had her secret punishments. Students were never allowed to speak of them. Only the kids that were punished inside of her office knew of the many wicked ways she used to punish her students.

Rumour had it that one kid had to strip naked in her office while she took pictures and threatened to leak them online. She was a cruel woman that Kyle feared very much.

“Close your eyes.” She demanded.

Kyle screwed his eyes shut and waited for the blow. A few seconds had past and then it came. The ruler slapped against his skin hard and he whined at the throbbing pain in his palms.

“Hold them out! You get two whacks for this.” She smirked.

Reluctantly, Kyle held out his palms that were now red hot to the touch. Again she brought he ruler upwards and high above her head, before slamming it down on his fingers this time. Kyle held them tight to his stomach as if to protect them for any more possible blows.

She sat him down in the chair as he grimaced in pain and she sat back down in her own chair.

“I want you to know that if you do this again it will be much worse for you. Do you hear me?”

“Yes.” He sniffled.

“I want you to go to the library and finish your homework. Go.” She demanded.

Kyle did not argue, he fled the office as quickly as he could. Without hesitation he headed towards the library. He’d hoped he’d have avoided other students in the halls but it was impossible. Students were everywhere and suddenly everyone was looking at him.

Tyler, the school bully, had quickly noticed mamak escort bayan how Kyle clutched at his hands. He walked awkwardly alongside a tall row of lockers.

“Look everyone! Kyles taken another beating from Mrs Jackson!” Tyler, pointed.

A roar of laughter erupted from the large crowds around him.

“You got a booboo?” Maddison asked, as she laughed with her friends.

Kyle ignored her. She was the hottest girl in school and Kyle hated her. Everyone else seemed to adore her, but not Kyle. They’d been friends long ago. Way before the days of highschool drama and trendsetting. He tried to make his way through the library’s double doors when he bumped into Kayla. She was the girl he crushed on, the only girl to ever pay him any attention.

“What’s wrong Kyle?” She asked.

Kyle took one look at her face and he felt a tidal wave of embarrassment crash down upon him.

“Nothing! Leave me alone!”

This was the worst day of his life. He couldn’t take the embarrassment any more and he sunk himself into a lonely seat at the corner of the school library. He browsed some old shelves and pulled out stack of books related to his homework topic. One by one he took notes. His hands throbbed as he held the pencil weakly in his hand.

He was about to finish up the very rushed report that he’d written when he stubbled across a large dirty old book sitting in the pile that he’d taken down come the shelf.

Power of the mind. It read.

Kyle felt a strange, warm feeling inside, something was telling him to open it, so he did. Kyle turned the large page of the book and blew away the dust that had gathered there. It’s thick pages were like sheets of stone.

The ink that spread across the pages looked to be written with a feather. The thin ink couldn’t have been printed, it must have been written by hand. He read a few lines and he didn’t really understand what the passages were referring to.

Magic of the mind and Ultimate control.

Ancient magic, sources powerful mind tricks that are said to be able to freeze time, control once’s ability of thoughts and actions.

Kyle couldn’t understand why a book like this would be rotting away inside the school library. It must have been here for years and years by the look of it. He held it in his hands and it felt extremely heavy.

He turned a few more of its crusted pages and read about incantations and spells. Someone must have been really into their medieval fantasy back in the day. He narrowed his eyes upon a small quote written in sparkly gold ink and read;

Psychosis compulsis

Suddenly Kyle felt a strange popping inside of his head. It was as if there were a million balloons popping in his mind. The popping Increased until Kyle could hear nothing but pops and snaps. Feeling quite anxious, he slammed the book shut with a thunderous thud.

Suddenly the popping stopped. The library was as quiet as it always was and students paid no mind to him at all. It was late now, he’d stayed behind for at least a few hours. He stuffed the ancient looking book into his bag and made his way back to Mrs Johnston’s office where he left the paperwork on her desk.

By the time he got home he could smell the familiar scent of his mother’s cooking. When he entered, his mother was currently working hard at stirring a bowl of soup, while Cara helped her by pulling a roast from the oven.

“How come you are so late?” His mother asked.

“Don’t you know? I forgot my homework this morning.”

“No, I definitely know. I found this on your desk.” She slapped the his homework down onto the dinner table.

“I had to phone the head mistress to let her know you were coming in without it.” She said with one hand on her hip as her other hand slammed his homework down onto the dining table.

“Why does everybody have it out for me today? Just back off!”

Cara and Lindsay couldn’t believe he’d said it. They half expecting their mother to march him up the stairs to his room. But she didn’t. In fact, she didn’t do anything at all. Instead, she closed her mouth shut, turned back around and carried on stirring the soup.

Kyle thought it was weird too, his mom would never have let that slide. He figured that maybe she was just giving him a break. After all, he did just have the day from hell. Together they all sat down at the dinner table and ate in silence.

“Where’s dad?” Lindsay asked.

“Working late.” Maria said as she sipped at her soup.

Lindsay thought that their mother was acting a little strange. She could tell that she wanted to shout at Kyle but it was as if she couldn’t. Something was stopping her, holding her back.

“Lindsay, pass me that salt.” Kyle said.

Normally Lindsay would have asked for the magic word, or completely ignored him. But without hesitation, she took hold of the salt and handed it to him from across the table.

“Thanks… I think.” He said.

After dinner, Kyle returned to his room. He set down his things and took one deep escort mamak breath.

What a day. He thought.

It seemed everyone had been against him from the word go. No matter how hard he’d tried, the day just seemed to be getting worse and worse. He stared out of his window and up towards the moonlit sky. Stars speckled above as he gazed up into the black abyss of space.

That was until the next door neighbours dog caught him peering out of the window. The Labrador came bounding out of its dog house barking all the way. That dog made such a racket and Kyle had just about had enough of people tormenting him today.

“Will you stop barking!” He yelled.

Immediately the dogs mouth shut and it did not bark again.

That was weird. He thought.

He had a weird feeling in his head. It was similar to a headache but different. It didn’t hurt anywhere near as much and it kinda felt like a sort of numbness.

“Lie down.” He ordered.

The dog lay down.

“Sit up.”

The dog did that too.

“Chase your tail.”

It was as if the dog knew exactly what he was saying. The dog suddenly spun around in circles chasing his tail like instructed. Something was up. Why was everyone doing as he said? He thought back to the book that he’d read in the library. Could it be real?

Compulsion. He’d read.

Could he really have the ability to make people do things against their will. He remembered back to how he’d told his mother to back off and how she’d done just that. She did not say another word.

Kyle knew he had to put it to the test. He opened his bedroom door and marched down the hall towards Lindsay’s bedroom. Without knocking he burst into the room. Her room was much larger than his. She had a king sized, four poster bed. The room was scented with candles and fragrances that he did not know the name of.

Lindsay was seated at her makeup desk with her headphones on. She hadn’t even noticed his abrupt entrance into the room. She was far too busy jamming out to whatever music it was that she listened to. From her reflection in the mirror it was clear to see that she didn’t have much clothes on at all.

She wore a small purple bralet that was laced across her chest. Her bare stomach was open to see, as were her hips. The small and skimpy tennis shorts she wore didn’t hide much. Her thick thighs curled underneath her chair as she swung her legs back and forth whilst listening to the music.

Kyle strutted over and removed the headphones from her head.

“What the?… Kyle!” She yelled.

“Be quiet.” He instructed.

Suddenly her mouth shut. The confused look on Lindsay’s face said it all. She tried to scream and shout but nothing would come out. Had it really worked? Could he really control peoples minds?

“You can only say nice things to me from now on.” Kyle said, as he quickly grew in confidence.

Lindsay did not speak.

“I want you to say nice things to me, now.” He said again.

“You have nice hair.” She said.

“Anything else?”

Lindsay didn’t say a thing.

Kyle had a few ideas on his mind of what he could make her do. He thought of making her undress, but if he really could control his sisters mind, he wanted to enjoy it.

“Kiss my hand.” Kyle ordered, as he extended his wrist up to her mouth.

He watched his sister lean in towards his fingers where she placed a soft and delicate kiss on the back side of his hand. He felt a chilling sensation run through his body as his sister delicately kissed him.

“Keep doing it, until I say stop.”

Lindsay did not wait around. She held his hand in hers and planted multiple kisses all over it. She kissed his palm, his fingers, his nails. Anywhere that she could get her lips, she kissed.

It was an odd sight to say the least. Here was his older sister, kissing away at his hand, all because he told her to so. Lindsay had always been the bully in the family. Deep down he knew that she cared for him but she didn’t show it very often.

With her being a good 6 years older than him at 24, most of the time Kyle looked up to her. She always had her shit straight and she never seemed to be out of control of her life.

She’d spent the last few years at home working to save up for a mortgage. She worked at the bank and she made good money too. Kyle liked to watch her leave in her formal attire. A blue skin-tight skirt and blazer. Though He’d never ever seen her quite like this.

Kyle stared down at her breasts. They were barely covered by the small bralet. The purple satin stretched across her tits barely containing them inside. They rounded together perfectly to create a thin cleavage line between them.

“Stand up.”

She did as she was asked. Lindsay stood up and faced her brother. She looked terrified. Kyle supposed it must have been scary to feel your body move and act out without your own permission. She was under some sort of magical compulsion and whatever he said, she did.

“Don’t be afraid.” He said to her kindly.

With that, the scared look on Lindsays face washed away. Her breathing settled and she now stood calm as ever. He let his eyes run up and down her body. She was taller than him by quite a few inches, that was something that Kyle hated very much.

“I want to apologise for what I wrote about you in my diary. You were never meant to read it.”

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