The Massage

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After talking with him a few times and looking at his simple web page, I decided to go ahead and treat myself to a massage. He was trying to drum up business, and in the hopes of doing so, the first massage was on the house. How could I turn it down? After all, it had been a stressful week, and I was tense, right?

Never having had a “real” massage, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or what was considered appropriate dress for such a thing. “What do I wear,” I asked, feeling shy and embarrassed. He told me just a robe would be fine, but I could also wear panties if it made me more comfortable. He was very polite and completely respectful of the fact that I was nervous, as I had blushingly admitted my reserve about this experience.

He was to come to my house and do the massage there, which was a comfort as I would be on my own turf and, therefore, a little more relaxed. I showered and let the hot water run down my body, trying to calm my nerves. I was about to let a man I’d never met see me almost completely undressed, to put his hands on my body. As I thought about it, the water pounding on my body, steam rising, soaping my breasts, my hands trailing down my stomach, and lower, to the inside of my thighs, I began to feel the buds of desire in my belly. “Stop it, it’s just a massage,” I reminded myself sharply, and quickly finished with my shower.

As the appointed time drew nearer I again began to feel nervous about letting this stranger see me and touch me. I drew on my light purple silk robe and sat for a moment, pondering what kind of panties I should adorn. I finally decided on a matching purple silky thong, not knowing if he would need access to massage my ass. “Better to be safe than sorry,” I thought, grinning a bit.

I looked at the clock and realized he was due to arrive in about ten minutes. I quietly sat in the living room reading, trying to get my mind off what was about to take place, hoping I wouldn’t appear to be a nervous ninny when he got there. There was a knock on the door a few minutes later, “Right on time,” I thought to myself, relieved that he seemed professional in this small matter.

I opened the door and quickly took in the man that was about to massage me. He was of medium height, his body proportioned well, and even through the casual warm up suit that hung so well on him, I could tell he took good care of himself. He was clean cut and not a bad looking man at all. I stepped aside and introduced myself allowing him into my home. He stepped inside carrying a small duffel bag. I glanced at it and wondered what was inside. “Probably just the oil and perhaps a towel,” I thought.

I showed him to the kitchen so he could warm up his oil in the microwave. As he quickly went about his work, we chatted for a bit, easing my nerves. I then showed him to my bedroom, where we had agreed would be the best place for a massage, the bed being so wonderfully comfy already. I had lit a few candles and turned on some soft music, setting a mood for relaxation. Although, I must admit bahis firmaları the candles had an ulterior motive. I had thought about doing it with the lights on, but my shyness getting the better of me, I had lit the candles to dim his view of my body, afraid that he would find the flaws.

I sat down on the bed not sure what to do with myself and waited for his instructions. I was looking down at my hands, nervously studying them as if they were some strange and new thing I had never seen before. With the same efficient movements he had demonstrated while preparing his oil, he quickly placed a blindfold over my head. I was shocked, but figured it was to help me relax. If I couldn’t see anything, I would concentrate more on the sensations of the tension being rubbed out of me and perhaps, without my vision, I would begin to forget that he was seeing, therefore easing my worry of what he would think of my body. “Yes, that’s exactly why he’s done this” I told myself. What a clever idea.

He took me by the wrists and led me over to the only open wall space in the room, a full mirrored closet. He put my hands above my head, spread apart, and taking one calve, spread my legs apart a bit so I was in a “book ‘em” position. This made me a little nervous as I could not see how I was supposed to relax standing up, but then, having never had a massage, I didn’t question it, figuring I would sound silly.

I began to relax as I felt the warm oil dripping down the backs of my thighs, realizing he was just going to massage me and I had nothing to worry about. I felt his hands begin to rub the oil all over my legs, starting at midthigh, and working down to my calves and ankles. It felt delicious. He poured a little more oil down my thighs, and began to work up them, using those same quick and efficient movements. As he was working the tops of my thighs, I felt the back of his hand lightly brushing across my pussy through my panties. “Just incidental contact,” I thought to myself. Yet somehow those few quick strokes had made me feel…

Again I reminded myself that this was a professional and I had to control my reactions to his contact with my body. It had been a few months since I had last been with a man, and that must be the reason I reacted so easily to such a small thing. His hands began to move up to my ass, kneading and rubbing. He worked there for a few minutes and I loved every minute of it. Knowing that I was starting to get a little moist, I tried to calm myself, hoping he wouldn’t notice so I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed at my lack of control.

He poured more oil into his hands and moved around to the front of me, positioning himself on his knees between me and the mirrored closet door. With one swift tug of the belt of my robe, it was open. I could feel his warm breath on my belly as he rubbed oil into it, moving slowly around to my hips, his hands following the soft curve up my sides. Still working in a brisk fashion, his hands began to rub oil into my tits. I wasn’t sure if this was standard protocol, kaçak iddaa so I again kept my mouth shut as I felt him knead the oil into my size 36D’s.

I was sure with his head being so close to my chest that he would hear my heart pounding. Concentrating on my breathing, so it wouldn’t come out ragged and wanton, I desperately fought for control of my body’s responses to this man’s touch. It was a battle I was losing in great fashion.

He began to rise from his knees and he took my arms down as he did so, placing them at my sides. He slid his slick fingers under the thin material of my robe and brought his hands up to my shoulders, the silk sliding off me as his hands rounded my shoulders, I felt the robe fall to the floor. He grabbed me by the hips and spun me around, guiding me by my hips towards the bed. As my knees felt the material of the comforter brush them, I felt his had move up to my back, and firmly push me down to the bed, so I was bent over, feet on the floor, upper body lying on the bed. He slid one foot in between mine and kicked my legs apart, so I was again spread eagle, ass in the air. I thought about the fact that had I not worn panties, at this point I would have been completely exposed to this man in the most intimate way.

I felt the warm oil drip along my spine as he poured it onto my back. He again began to knead. I felt the tension in the muscles in my back dissolve as he did his handy work, starting with the shoulders and working his way down, down, down…..

He was again at my ass, kneading and massaging. I felt the sting at the same instant that I heard the sound “thwack” of his hand slapping my ass. Before I could stop myself, my lips parted and a moan escaped them. This was the point in my massage that I completely gave up control of my body to him. I know longer cared what was appropriate, but only what felt good, these sensations, how could I fight them?

Three sharp spanks in quick succession and I knew that if he checked he would find a large moist spot in my panties. I could feel the redness that had risen to the surface of my cheeks from his slaps as he began to rub my ass. I felt his fingers slide under the thin strip of material in my crack. Slowly sliding his fingers all the way up and down, I quivered with delight as I felt his finger slowly circling my tight hole.

I felt his hands slide to my hips, my entire body slick with his oil, he flipped me over so I was facing him, grabbed my ass, and lifted me up so I was laying on my back on the bed, legs spread wide open on either side of him. His hands moved over my stomach to my breasts again, pinching the nipples, twisting them, making me moan again with pleasure. Those hands, those beautiful, firm, wonderful hands, sliding down to the tops of my inner thighs….

I feel him begin to massage my pussy, rubbing my outer lips, making me squirm. His thumbs begin to massage my clit. My hips moving, grinding against his hand, completely of their own accord. He ran his fingers slowly up and down my wet slit. Finally, kaçak bahis when I couldn’t take anymore, he slid two fingers into my dripping pussy, massaging my inner walls, and all I can think of is how GREAT it feels. Not wanting to deal with the nuisance of the panties, he quickly yanks them off of me.

“Do you have any toys?” he asks in a bit of a husky voice. I direct him to the drawer my eager beaver is kept in. He goes, pulls the vibe out of its hiding place, returns to the bed and very deliberately slams it into my pussy. What escapes my lips this time is much more than a moan, almost a scream of pleasure.

He begins to fuck my pussy with the vibe, turning it on, and letting the clit stimulator that juts off the base slam into my ass as the vibe pounds my dripping cunt. My hips rise to meet his thrusts, wanting to take it in me as deeply as possible. I reach up and begin to pull, pinch and twist my nipples, and suddenly feel the need to please this man. I reach up and pull the blindfold off, turning to get my bearings.

I’m lying on the bed and he is standing there next to me fucking me with the vibe, his cock so close to my face. I reach out and grab his ass, pulling him to me. I yank down his drawstring pants, and reach for his gorgeous cock, while he continues to fuck me hard with the vibe. He’s already hard, and I suddenly realize I want nothing more than to taste this man.

I wrap my lips around his stiff cock and begin to stroke it with my tongue, sucking hard and fast, taking him all the way into my mouth, his cock hitting the back of my throat, his balls slapping my chin as he begins to lose control of himself as well, and he starts to fuck my mouth in earnest. Both of us moving against the other, my hips against his hand, his cock against my mouth. Battling for release on both ends, both coming very close to the point of no return.

Our pace quickens, and finally I can’t wait any longer for release, letting his cock slide out of my mouth I scream with pleasure as my body quivers, wracked with the earth shaking orgasm that is running through it. I feel my pussy spasm around the vibe, gripping it and pulling it in deeper, and ride the wave of pleasure straight into the next one as he continues to pound the toy into my pussy, my juices running out of me and dripping down the crack of my ass.

I recover quickly and take his cock back into my mouth, he’s already almost there so it’s not long before he releases his hot sticky load into my mouth. It comes faster than I can swallow it all, so a little bit drips out of the corner of my mouth and down my chin. I continue to suck and milk every drop out of him, swallowing his tasty cum. He pulls back and drops to the bed, and as I look at him, enjoying the view, I take my finger and wipe the remaining drip of cum off my chin, licking my fingers.

After I showed him out I thought long and hard about the last hour and a half and realized something. It occurred to me that when I was looking at his web page I saw something there that now makes me smile every time I think of it. A little piece of advice for anyone who wants it, any time you see the word specialty in front of another word (ie: massages), make sure you ask what’s so special about it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32