The Man Behind the Glasses

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It’s lonely sitting at the airport, even though you are surrounded by hundreds of people. I tried not to think about seeing my daughter off on her flight but the bleakness of the day stretched before me. Once again I was alone.

I had no energy to move. I felt weighed down, heavy. Glancing around, I noticed a stream of people walking by me. Suddenly, my whole body shivered, as if caught in the cold. Looking across from me, through the hordes of people, I caught a glimpse of a man staring at me. At least I thought he was staring. Hard to tell as he was wearing dark sunglasses.

A quiver of fear ran through me. The feeling of being stared at didn’t go away. Flustered, I gathered my purse and stood up. Turning to leave, he was standing there.

” Wow….you scared me!”

Even standing close to me, I could not see his eyes. It was disturbing, yet a thrill went through me. He was a handsome man, graying hair, a mustache that unquestionably would tickle this girls fancy and lips so sensual, I got lost looking at them.

Gathering my wits before me, I moved around him, excusing myself. I had to get a grip on myself.

As my hand brushed against him, he was that close, I felt his fingers take mine, turning to walk with me. Turning towards him, he saw the question in my eyes. He reached up, his fingers gently brushing my lips.

“Sssshhhh,” he said. “My name is David. Lets go.”

Stunned and shocked, not so much as for what was happening, but for how hot this was making me, I started walking. With no thought in my mind but this stranger next to me, I lead him out the airport, to my car. Realizing where I was and who I was with, a complete stranger, named David, I once again looked at him, trying to see behind those dark glasses, see the mystery.

“Keys?” he questioned.

Logic told me to run. My eyes searching, seeing a small smile on his lips, as if daring me to run, I knew logic did not stand a chance. I clumsily searched for my keys and as they found them, his hand reached out, taking bahis firmaları them from me. The spark of energy I felt coursed through my body. He took me by the elbow, steering me around the car, opened the door and ushered me in. Sitting in the car alone, reality came rushing in.

“I don’t know this man! What am I doing?” I frantically thought.

My heart racing, I watched him walk around the car. That swagger was sexy as hell. He had that bad boy image that I had fantasized about on many lonely nights.

My thoughts a mess, I heard him unlock the door and from the corner of my eye, I could see him getting into the car.

“Who is this man?”

As if he could read my mind, he reached towards me, his hand on the back of my neck, pulling me close to him,

“I’m David,” he whispered into my mouth.

His lips greedily took mine, tasting and feeling. His tongue pried my mouth open, taking my breath away. His lips trailed down my neck, his breath hot. He was melting me. Every nerve ending was on fire. His hand reached up caressed my already hard nipple. A moan of pure pleasure escaped from my lips.

Abruptly, he stopped. Left me laying half in the seat, limp and dazed. I looked at him in amazement as he started the car and drove us out of the airport, not once did he say a word. Once again I came to my senses yet even then my body betrays me. I could feel the wetness between my legs, was I ever ready for this man!

Once we hit the highway, I thought I heard him say something.

“Excuse me?”

“I said, take off your shirt,” he repeated.

Still flushed from the last hot encounter, I could feel the blush creep up my face. Dream-like, my hands reached for the buttons on my shirt and with trembling fingers, I undid them. I could tell he was watching. Here I was, in broad daylight going 80 mph on the freeway, stripping for this stranger. The feeling was like none I had ever experienced.

Sitting there, half naked, I didn’t know what to do or even think.

“Please!” I begged, kaçak iddaa not knowing exactly what it was I was begging for.

His hand came from the steering wheel, reaching for me, he flicked his finger over my erect nipple and for the first time, I saw a smile on his face.

“You are one beautiful lady.”

Blushing, embarrassed and hot at the same time, I noticed he had taken an exit. Even I didn’t know where we were. He pulled onto a dirt road, dust flying behind us when up ahead I noticed a small building. He slowed down and I saw a grove of trees. Stopping near the trees, he turned off the car, turned towards me and gently took both nipples in his fingers, twisting and pulling.

I couldn’t breath. I was completely turned on. Leaning close to me, his hidden eyes before mine, all I wanted was this wonderful stranger to take me totally.

He hopped out of the car. I felt deprived. Unsatisfied. Quickly, he was opening my door , pulling me out. We walked over to the trees, the ground layered with soft green grass. He sat down with his back against the tree and looking at me,

“Take them all off,” he whispered in the quiet of the day.

Without missing a beat, I undressed. Standing there, watching him watch me, I was overcome with desire. Still sitting below me, he undid his pants, lifting up his butt to pull them off then pulling his shirt off. Soft gray hair on his chest and dark hair below fit, he was made for touching.

Holding his hand out, I reached for him. Pulling me towards him, his face inches from my hot pussy, already oozing with juices, he inhaled deeply. Gently he kissed my shaved pussy. His breathe hot. Taking my other hand in his, holding me tight, I could feel his tongue probing, searching for my hot wet button. With in seconds, he found it, making me gasp with delight.

Looking down, I could see he still had his glasses on. I began to wonder if he would ever take them off.

Pulling me closer, he devoured me. Eating , teasing, licking and probing until it was impossible kaçak bahis for me to hold still. I wanted to grind myself in his face.

Abruptly, he pulled me down so I was squatting over him. I could feel his hot manhood inches from my wet pussy. His hands on my face, his lips covered with my pussy juice, he kissed me. Pulling me down, I could feel him probing, easily find my love hole.

Whispering into my mouth, ” Sit on me.” he said.

Slowly I lowered myself, his hardness filling me up as his tongue danced with mine. His hands roamed my body bringing every nerve ending alive. My legs wrapped around him, pulling him in even more. I wanted all of this man.

Pushing me slightly back, so my tender breasts were revealed to him, his lips ravished my nipples. Sucking, licking, gently biting.

Not even know when, I had started to grind myself on his maleness. He pulled me close, as we rocked to our own music. He watched me through those glasses. With half closed eyes, I tried to see behind them. I was breathing fast, knowing it wouldn’t be much longer before I came. Soft moans were escaping from him, I knew he was ready.

He gripped me tighter as my pussy walls started to contract, my juices flowing over him, and as I started to come, I could feel him tense. The feeling was so pure, lights flashing behind my closed eyes, I came, over and over. When he shot hot sperm, I came again gripping him tight, milking ever last drop.

We collapsed against one another. Both spent. We sat like that for what seemed eternity. Yet all too soon, he was pulling me off him, getting dressed. I took the cue and did the same.

As he headed towards the car, I quickly followed. As he got in the drivers side, I hastily ran around and got in. Without a word, he started the car and drove us straight back to the airport. Once inside the parking garage, he pulled over.

Again, he pulled me close, glasses still on and kissed me. Pulling back, he opened the door. But before he got out of the car, he leaned close to me once more,

“Remember, my name is David,” he said.

He got out of the car and walked to the elevator, not once looking back.

There I was, sitting in the car, at the airport, alone again.

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