The List Ch. 01: Jolene

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This story uses italics to represent personal thoughts of characters.

***Author’s Note***

This story is the beginning of a series (length, yet to be determined). It is the first story I have written and obviously my first submission.

I would like to credit findingmyvoice with editing and proofreading my story. She not only did a great job making suggestions alongside of her edits, but gave me confidence that my story was worthy of being posted. Thank you findingmyvoice, for sharing your knowledge and editing skills.


Shane set his duffel bag down by the door and promptly removed his shoes. He just wanted to take a nice long shower after returning from the gym and then relax for the night from his busy work week. His job involved a lot of travelling, all across the country, spending a day here and two days there.

Shane was 38 and lived alone. There were a few women in his lifetime that he could see himself settling down with, but he couldn’t bring himself to commit to such a long-term relationship and chose to remain single. His mother was concerned that he didn’t want to have a wife and children. She would tell him frequently about the joy a child and a doting wife would bring to his humble life. To add to the turmoil, his father egged him on to get married and have a child in order to carry on the family name.

Reaching into his bag, Shane drew out his clothes that he had changed out of when he hit the gym after work. He threw the crumpled mass into the hamper as he reached the bedroom, and began to strip out of his workout attire. As he removed his clothes and placed them in the hamper, he looked at himself in the mirror. “You just keep getting better and better,” he told himself. Thoughts of Bruce Lee entered his head as he compared his ripped abs to the vision.

Shane stepped into his shower which seemed like an empty auditorium. The shower could easily fit six people comfortably. The price you pay for being an eligible bachelor who makes decent money, he quipped to himself. He turned the faucet on, and thanks to his instant hot water heater, walked into the steamy mist which immediately filled the glass enclosure.

While he was washing his face, he heard the familiar ring of his phone, which he had placed on the granite countertop. He tried to quickly rinse his face to answer the call, but was unable to grab his phone before it fell to the floor due to the vibration. “Thank God for Otter Box,” he said aloud as he quickly dried his hands before retrievinge his phone. He knew from the ring tone that it was his mother calling him. No matter how the conversation began, it always ended with his mother saying, “You need to find yourself a nice woman to settle down with.”

“Hey Mom. Sorry I didn’t answer right away. I was in the shower. Is something wrong? You usually don’t call me after dinner time.”

“No, honey. Nothing’s wrong. I received a piece of mail for you concerning your 20th high school reunion this weekend. I thought I would call and implore you to attend. Nothing would make me happier than to see my baby boy. It’s been nearly 5 years since you have been home.”

“Mom, we see each other more than once every 5 years,” Shane reminded her.

“Yes, I see you often, but it is never here in your home town, in our home. Please tell me you will consider it, at least for your mother’s sake?”

Shane reminisced briefly about all of the people he went to high school with. “You do realize one of the reasons I moved was to get away from all of those people, don’t you? I’m not on any of the social media sites just so I don’t have to be contacted by them. I’m not interested in catching up with people I hardly spoke to anyway. I keep in contact with a few friends I consider to be close from school.”

Shane’s mother countered, “You always got along with Steven, and I know you would want to see Miss Jenkins. You had a huge crush on her. You remember your senior English Literature teacher, right? I know for a fact she will be there.”

Suddenly, an image of a firm round ass came to mind. He remembered the way Miss Jenkins would bend over to pick up the dry erase marker whenever she dropped it while writing on the white board. Sometimes he thought she was doing it on purpose just to tease him, giving him a reason to run home and spend a few minutes jerking off. A sweet ass wasn’t her only asset. She had perfectly shaped breasts. Not too large, yet big enough to show her ample cleavage with her low cut blouses. He started to wonder what she looked like now, 20 years later. Maybe she got ugly and looks old. She was only six years older than him when she landed the teaching job just after graduating with a Master’s in English Literature. Maybe she’s still sexy as hell, he said to himself.

“I’ll tell you what. I will come home to visit you, but don’t expect me to go to the reunion. I haven’t made up my mind about that yet. Tell Dad I expect bahis firmaları a warm reception with a bottle of scotch and two shot glasses when I arrive tomorrow. I’ll probably get there just after lunch.”

“It’s a deal! I miss you dearly. Now tell me, have you met anyone yet?”

“You need to give up now mom. I’ll let you know just as soon as there is someone in the picture. I promise you will be the first to know.”

Shane hung up the phone and placed his head under the water raining down from the shower head. Thoughts of Miss Jenkins flashed before his eyes. He couldn’t help himself. “Once for old time sake,” he muttered. With that he started to stroke his semi-hard cock, bringing it to full attention. Lathering up some soap as lubrication, he jerked off in the shower until he shot a large volume of cum and watched it wash down the drain.

After arriving at his parent’s house the next day, Shane looked around at the neighborhood. Nothing seemed to change in this small town. He bet that old man Rafferty still sat on his porch with his shot gun full of rock salt, waiting to blast it at some kid’s ass for trespassing across his farm to reach the lake on the other side of the hill.

After his mother stopped mauling him, he took a seat next to his father on the back deck. One shot glass was full while the other only contained small droplets of scotch, indicating it had recently been emptied.

“Started without me I see.”

“I couldn’t wait all day for you,” his father said gruffly.

They all got caught up with what had happened in their lives since the last time they were together. Shane’s father had retired early this past year and spent most of his time in the flower beds, and keeping up the property. Mom did what she normally does. She spent her time volunteering for church functions, hanging out at the salon talking to the ‘girls’, and making sure her husband was well fed and appreciated.

As he was taking his things to his old room, his dad said he wanted to show him something after he got settled in. Shane returned downstairs to see a large box sitting on the table. “I found this box in the closet when we were doing some spring cleaning. It’s all your stuff from growing up that you left here. I thought, with the reunion and all, you might want to take a trip down memory lane or something. Besides, it’s time it gets out of my house and into yours…or the trash, whichever you decide,” his father joked.

“Thanks Dad. I’ll take it upstairs with me and rummage through it. I’m sure most of it is just little stuff I have outgrown.”

Shane set the box on the bed and began to pull items out, one at a time. Just as he thought, there were bowling trophies, some papers he wrote, and for whatever reason wanted to keep, and his senior high school year-book. Out of curiosity, he opened the book and laughed at how dorky some of his classmates looked, especially himself. He was by no means built and was rather scrawny. Shane wasn’t sickly looking, but he sure looked like a wimp compared to many of the other boys in school. A folded piece of paper dropped from within the pages of the year- book and landed on the bed. He immediately recognized it. “The List,” he reflected.

“The List” was a listing of all the girls he wanted to do certain things with. It included the names of certain girls, their best assets, and what exactly he wanted to do with them. He had started it when he just a mere 6 years old. Of course, at 6 his thoughts weren’t of big tits, tight asses, and beautiful cock sucking lips. He had added to the list as he grew up, expanding the asset interests along with the things to do with them.

Opening the list, he acknowledged a few of them had been crossed off, not in any particular order. Jolene was one of them. He could never forget her. Jolene was his first. They were introduced through his cousin’s girlfriend. Shane wasn’t alone that night when he lost his virginity. Shane’s cousin, Will, had fucked his girlfriend in the twin bed, next to the one he got his dick wet for the first time.

Jolene was beautiful, as beautiful as any girl could be. Her breasts were just enough to hold and fondle with long erect nipples to lick and tease. It was the first for a lot of things that night. Not only did he lose his virginity, it was the first time he got a taste of the sweet nectar, which flows from a woman’s nether regions.

Shane was so tired after travelling that he reclined back and dozed off, dreaming of that first time with Jolene. The room was in his cousin’s basement. There was no door, only a heavy curtain draped across the doorway. Two twin beds barely fit in the small room. One was pushed against the left wall and the other against the right.

There were no windows in the basement, which made for a very dark environment. Shane felt more comfortable being in the dark, considering he was about to have sex for the first time. Not only have sex, but have kaçak iddaa sex while his cousin pounded his girlfriend right next to him. What am I thinking?

Jolene had removed most of her clothes as soon as they entered the room, leaving only her bra and panties on. Shane followed suit and stripped himself down to nothing. He was nervous and excited at the same time. Jolene was obviously not a virgin. How could she be so calm while climbing onto the bed? Shane could hardly see anything, and as he followed her onto the bed he tripped over the metal bedframe. His face landed perfectly between her legs. Not wanting to admit to his blundering, he softly stroked her inner thigh.

Jolene let out a soft moan under his touch as Shane began to kiss her soft flesh about mid-thigh. Her skin was as smooth as a rose petal and smelled like ripened raspberries. He worked his way down her leg until he was nearly to her knee before switching sides and softly kissing up her other leg. Shane could feel the slight spasms of her muscles as he continued his exploration, flicking his tongue on her skin every so often. His stomach was in a knot and he felt like his hands were shaking. She’s going to think you’re a dork if you don’t control yourself, he scolded himself.

Gathering up his nerves, Shane finally made his way to her panties until his mouth was just centimeters away. He could feel the heat and somehow the warmth brought about a sense of easiness. Jolene had been moaning softly throughout his oral investigation of her lower extremities, but started to pant as he drew closer to the wet spot beginning to soak through her underwear. His forearm ran across the soft material when he reached up to place his palm on her slim stomach. Blood rushed through his veins as he roamed her abdomen with his hand, gliding it upward and then down to the edge of her panties.

Shane was already rock hard, to the point that it hurt. He couldn’t imagine getting any harder until he placed his mouth over her silken clad mound. He was no stranger to the feeling of his balls wanting to burst due to his lengthy masturbation sessions. He lay still for a few moments, waiting for the feeling to subside before he continued. His tongue reached out to push against Jolene’s swollen pussy, testing the thickness of silk between them. His first sampling of her wetness tasted sweet and inviting.

Jolene grabbed the back of his head with one of her hands and lightly pushed his head down further, while letting out another moan. Shane could smell the sweet aroma emanating from the spot where her inner thighs joined. Her scent filled his nostrils as he inhaled. It was the most amazing smell he had ever experienced. He had to have a taste directly from the source. Shane wrapped his arm under her right leg and grabbed at the elastic band that was nearly flush with her hip. With a gentle tug, he lowered her panties off her pelvis and pulled them toward her feet. Jolene responded by raising her bottom to reduce the effort Shane had to put in to relieve her of them.

He became aware of sounds from the left of him. In his euphoric state, he had completely forgotten that Will was in the next bed, getting ready to pound his girlfriend Monica. The sound of her moaning and him sighing only intensified the feeling Shane was experiencing for the first time. Concentrating on Jolene, the sounds next to him started to fade away. Shane could tell from the sound that Jolene was massaging one of her tits through her bra. Shane followed the contours of her exquisite thighs with his fingertips until he reached her curly pubes. Jolene jumped slightly. Shane wasn’t sure if he scared her or if she raised herself in excitement.

His thumb found its way to what he could only imagine was her clit, being that he had never felt one before. Her gasp assured him that he had hit the sweet spot. Rubbing his thumb lightly, he moved his mouth closer. Like a cartoon character following the wafting waves of aroma to an apple pie, his head continued to float as if on air toward the scent he so much wanted to taste. He used his free arm to grab Jolene’s waist and pulled her closer, quickening the pace at which his face closed the gap between them. Sticking his tongue out he found the lips of her moist pussy and he slowly began to lick her slit front to back. Jolene briefly clinched her legs together making sure he was not going to pull away while roughly grabbing his hand and placing it on her young supple breast. She guided his fingers to knead her soft flesh, much like a puppet master controls his marionette. Shane wondered, When did she take her bra off?

Shane darted his tongue in and out of her vagina, while continuing to rub her clit with his thumb.

“Oh, God that feels so good!” exclaimed Jolene.

His goal now was to make her climax with his mouth. He wanted to make sure she got hers before he got his.

“Fuck me! FUCK MEEEE!” resounded in the small room as Will slammed kaçak bahis his girlfriend.

Shane was brought back from his dream-like state at that moment which was the same moment he felt Jolene’s body start to spasm.

“I’m cumming! Oh my fucking God! I’m cuuumming!!” Jolene screamed as her pussy gushed fluid onto Shane’s tongue, running down his chin. He lapped it up as best he could. The taste was so enticing he started licking and sucking furiously, grabbing her clit between his teeth. Jolene continued to convulse and thrash on the bed as her orgasm only increased with intensity. After what seemed like several minutes, Jolene’s body relaxed and her death grip on Shane’s head released. Shane could hear Monica climaxing while Will was moaning, he was cumming.

“Holy Shit! That was better than any sex I have ever had and we haven’t even gotten to that yet!” Jolene pulled Shane up until his chest rested against hers. Shane softly kissed her neck and began to move down her collar bone until he found one of her erect nipples. He slipped the nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue over it while sucking ever so slightly. Jolene forcefully mashed his head into her bosom whispering, “Yes. That feels good. Suck on my tits!”

It was at this point that Shane noticed Will and Monica were breathing heavy and moving around gathering their clothes. They made their exit and Shane wondered if he might be doing something wrong. Should I already be done? I’ve never done this before. Oh well! Jolene seems to like it. Just focus on her you idiot, Shane thought. Releasing her nipple from his mouth with a small popping noise, he moved to the other one and circled it with his tongue before biting the protrusion gently. Jolene said, “Harder! Bite me harder!” Shane bit harder and Jolene let out a wail, but it wasn’t a wail of pain, more like a wail of piercing pleasure. She wrapped her legs around Shane’s waist and told him she wanted to feel his cock. She reached down and grabbed his engorged member.

“What the FUCK!” Jolene asked in a sharp tone nearly screaming it.

Shane immediately stopped what he was doing. His heart about leaped out of his throat for fear he had done something wrong, or maybe something was wrong with his dick. “What did I do?” he asked. “Did I do something wrong?” The nervous urgency could be heard in his voice. Jolene only replied, “Mmmmm, it’s sooo big!” while grabbing his cock harder and pulling it toward her tasty love hole. She rubbed the back of his neck to assure him he had done nothing wrong.

Shane’s mind raced, This is it! It’s going to finally happen! My cock is going to be buried in the sweet pussy that just came in my mouth! His heart returned to his chest and he willingly let her guide him in. Jolene stopped right at the entrance to her slit and rubbed the head of his dick up and down it, mixing her juices with the large amount of pre-cum that had collected at the tip. Slowly, he pushed. Jolene issued a surprised “OH!” just as the tip of his cock entered her.

“Mmmm. That’s it. Take it slow. I’ve only had two other dicks in me and yours is larger than both of those combined I think!”

“I’ll be gentle, just relax.” Shane wondered how he could tell her to relax when his nerves were on end. The feeling of her tight, warm slit surrounded the head of his cock and all he wanted was more. Jolene expertly started to push and pull him in and out of her with her hand, taking only a little bit at a time. It took several minutes for him to get nearly his full length in her. They lay there for a minute just getting used to each other. She was so tight he began to think that maybe he was too big for her. She relaxed more and said, “Okay. Start fucking me slowly. We’ll get a rhythm going.”

Shane was actually glad that she wasn’t a virgin. Even though she hadn’t had much experience, she had enough to help him through this milestone. With each thrust in and out, he felt like he would explode. Fighting back the urge, he focused on pleasing her. He twisted a bit once in a while to help adjust the pressure which allowed him to lessen his desire to cum. Jolene seemed to enjoy the random movement. They paired themselves in a synchronous rhythm, rocking and pushing against each other, matching the other’s speed and pressure.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before?! That feels amazing. Don’t stop. Fuck me harder! Harder! FASTER!”

Shane began to forcefully thrust into her, increasing his speed while she continued to match him stroke for stroke. He wasn’t going to last long doing this. He was comforted by her moans, gasps, and shrieks. He knew she was getting close again as he felt her body tense just as it had before. Furiously, he continued to pump his manhood in and out of her soaking wet cunt.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh my fucking GOD!! I’m going to cum again! Fuck me! Yes! Yes!!” she howled as her body began bucking up against him as if she was riding a bronco. Shane felt a river of her fluids coat his dick as she had another orgasm, this one being much larger than the first. He couldn’t hold out much longer.

“It’s ok! Cum in me! I want to feel your load burst inside of me!!”

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