The Limo Driver Ch. 29

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Mid morning, the Limo Driver, known to his friends as Mike, slipped quietly out of his side of the bed. It was late for him to be rising but it had been a big night with Tiffany. The last thing he remembered was her lying on the bed with her legs drawn up and spread wide open as he fucked her chubby cunt hard with his long thick cock, driving it deep into her until she came loudly enough to wake the whole house.

“Where are you going?” Tiffany asked, stirring naked in their bed, her slippery cunt still full of his stale cum.

“We have a job and there is no-one else to do it.” he told her. The night before, Claire had told him they had a new rich client but everyone was too busy to service her. Reluctantly he had agreed to do the job.

“That’s nice.” Tiffany said. “I’m not allowed to join in your weekly sex party when you all get together, but you can go off and fuck another woman just because you are short staffed. Seems like double standards to me.” He could tell she was angry and realised she was right, it was double a double standard.

“You know.” she continued. “It’s not like I want to go off and spend the night with someone else. When they all get to fucking out there on the patio, I get aroused too.”

“You’re right.” Mike told her. “You can join in if you want. It’s just that I wanted to keep us special.”

“I know you do.” she said, looking at him adoringly. “Just because I might fuck someone in front of you, doesn’t mean I don’t love you, and I would never do it behind your back, you know that.”

“Tomorrow is the weekly get together. If you need to join in, it’s fine with me.” he told her. “As long as you are mine.”

“You know I am.” Tiffany said. “Now go fuck the shit out of your new client.” she said smiling.

“Will do.” he said laughing as he walked towards the ensuite. Fuck he loved her. By the time he had showered and dried off, Tiffany had laid his clothes out on the bed for him. The clothes she had laid out were very classy and in keeping with the image they would want to project onto a new client.

“A girl likes to be fucked by a well dressed man.” Tiffany said, smiling as he stood looking at her selection.

Claire was downstairs in the kitchen drinking coffee in her housecoat as he appeared dressed to seduce. Pouring himself a cup, he sat at the table with her.

“You look nice, off to fuck someone are you?” she asked, smiling.

“Where the fuck is Steve, he shoukd be doing this.” he said, picking up a croissant and dunking it in his coffee.

“He said he wasn’t feeling well.” Claire lied. Steve was still passed out in her bed after numerous drinks and lashings of her insatiable cunt. That’s exactly where she wanted him to be. She wasn’t finished with him yet. His breakfast done, Mike drained the last of his coffee, picked up the keys to the Audi and left. Claire got up and made her way back to her bedroom. Closing the door, she slipped off her housecoat and walked naked around to her side of the bed. Slipping under the covers, she snuggled up to Steve and reaching down, slowly began to stroke his soft cock. Rousing from his sleep, he groaned and spread his legs as Claire pulled him to his full size, her hand running up and down his thick erect shaft. As Mike pulled out of the driveway, Steve rolled over between Claire’s open legs and pushed his hard cock inside her. She groaned with pleasure as his hard shaft slid deep inside her eager waiting cunt.

“Yes, that’s it, fuck me.” Claire moaned, stretching her legs wide and pushing her wet cunt up to meet his hard thrusting cock. Incensed by the feel of her warm cunt, Steve, rammed his cock inside her, fucking the wet cunt for all he was worth.

” Oh fuck!” Claire cried out as Steve’s cock filled her completely and brought her to the edge of orgasm. Steve thrust into her hard and she climaxed, writhing and shaking on his cock as she came. Quickly he pulled out of her, not wanting to cum yet. He assumed they had all morning and he was going to make the most of it.

Mike pulled into the drive of the address Claire had given him, got out of the car and approached the front door. It opened and he was greeted by the sight of a woman in her thirties clad only in a see-through pair of panties and a matching bra. Scarlett was a high-flying executive with her own company was what Claire had told him but he wasn’t expecting this. A young woman with a body men would kill to fuck. Her tits were large and round in the bra that barely covered her nipples and the see-through panties showed just enough of her closely trimmed cunt to have a man crawling over shattered glass just to get to it.

“Right on time.” she said smiling. “Come in.”

“So, you are the stud Claire raved to me about.” Scarlett said. “Let’s see if she was right.” she said, running a hand up the front of his pants. Mike’s cock was quick to respond with the flesh on display and was soon hard under her massaging hand.

“Oh yes, this will do just fine.” kaçak iddaa Scarlett purred, squeezing the hard shaft through his pants. “Come with me.” she said. Taking Mike by the hand, Scarlett led him inside and downstairs to her playroom. It was littered with toys and devices for pleasure and bondage.

“Welcome to my dungeon.” she said. “Take off your clothes.” Not in any way distracted by the surroundings and eager for the delectable cunt inside those see-through panties, Mike quickly disrobed leaving his clothes in a heap on the floor that Tiffany would have disapproved of. Moving up against him, Scarlett reached down and started to gently stroke his cock, walking him backwards at the same time. His mind on the hand caressing his hard cock, Mike didn’t care where she was leading him. When they got to where Scarlett wanted, she stopped, took his hand, raised it above his head and locked it into a manicle. Letting her take his other hand Mike watched as she manbicled that one above his head too, Now he was just where Scarlett wanted him, naked and helpless in the middle of the room with a nice fat hard cock.

“Hmm.” she said moving beside him, “What a lovely hard cock.” she purred as she rubbed his ass cheeks with one hand and the underside of his rigid cock with the other.

“Would you like to see my tits?” she asked, unhooking her bra and releasing her huge round breasts. It just made him harder. He wanted her cunt badly and she could tell.

“Oh, you want my cunt do you?” she teased. “Here it is.” she said, pulling the front of her panties down. Mike moaned at the sight of her moist pink slightly parted slit. Fuck he wanted it. Sliding a chair in front of him, Scarlett pulled down her panties and sat in it.

“Do you want this cunt.” she asked, opening her legs wide to reveal her parted wet slit. Mike strained against his bindings, his thick long hard cock rigid and wanting her cunt. Getting up off the chair, Scarlett moved in front of him, turned around and bent over. Taking his cock in her hand, she tapped the head of it against her wet slit and then rubbed it up and down between her saturated lips. Mike groaned with frustration. He wanted his cock inside her. Standing up, Scarlett turned around and smiled at him. He watched as she slid her finger up inside her wet slit. Taking it out, she rubbed the wetness under his nose and let him suck her finger.

“You want my cunt dont you.” she said, still stroking him gently. Trapped in the chains, he could only whimper in frustration with the smell and taste of her cunt on him.

“If I let you out, promise me you wont fuck me until I say.” she said. Yes he nodded. Scarlett released his hands and immediately one of them started to rub his aching cock.

“Now chain me up.” Scarlett told him. Doing as instructed, he placed Scarlett in the manacles he had just been released from. Smiling in pleasure, she dangled from them and her legs parted.

“Lick my cunt.” she ordered him. Smiling, he ignored her and rubbed her nipples. Bending forward, he sucked each one. Scarlett groaned with pleasure.

“I said lick me.” she yelled in frustration. Slowly, Mike determined on payback, licked at her hard nipple and then kissed down her body, over her stomach to just above her eager waiting slit.

“Oh fuck, lick me.” Scarlett cried out, needing his tongue on her clit. Her punishment over, he lapped at her hard clit and licked between her soft parted wet lips. She was writhing on her chains, aching to cum and almost there. Knowing she was on the verge of cumming, he stood up and watched her dangling in her chains with her legs quivering and her cunt trying to cum. He smiled as her whole body lurched and juddered in denied orgasm and his hard cock jerked in the air with the excitement of it all.

“Let me out.” she cried, desperate to be free to fuck his hard cock. Mike let her loose and immediately she was on the chair, her legs spread wide, each one resting on the arm rests desperately waiting for him to fuck her. Crouching in between her legs, Mike pushed the slippery precum covered head of his cock against her opening and then thrust hard inside her.

“Oh fuck!” Scarlett cried out as his hard cock filled her cunt.

“Yes, fuck me.” she moaned as Mike started to thrust inside her, ramming every inch of his hard cock deep in her wet eager cunt. Desperate to cum, she rubbed frantically at her clit as he rammed his cock in and out of her.

“Oh God, yes, fuck!” she cried out as she came, thrusting her cunt up hard on his cock. Mike watched her cum and pushed even deeper inside her. Fuck she looked good cumming. As he pulled his hard cock out of her cumming cunt, she grabbed it and ran the swollen head of it all over her face. Sucking it a few times, she lounged back in the chair smiling.

“Let’s go get a drink.” she panted. “Then we can go somewhere a little more comfortable.” Reigning in his urge to pull his aching cock and cum all over her, Mike agreed and helped kaçak bahis her out of the chair.

“What seems to be the problem?” Dr Paula said as she entered the room dressed in a white lab coat.

“It’s my cock doctor.” Norman said. “It didn’t work last night.”

“You better get your clothes off then.” Dr Paula told him, “We’ll give you a full physical.” she said. Claire had told her Norman was into role play but this was the best. She was going to have so much fun with it.

“Let’s check your vitals.” Dr Paula improvised, remembering a TV show she had watched. She put a stethoscope to his chest and held his wrist.

“They al, seem good.” she said. “Let me try something else.” Softly, she started to massage Norman’s balls and pull his flaccid cock. As she stroked him, he seemed to get harder but slowly.

“I don’t do this for all my patients,” Dr Paula said, unbuttoning her lab coat to reveal her large naked breasts. Norman’s cock started hardening, Unbuttoning her coat all the way, she showed him her pussy by pulling her panties away from her cunt. Norman’s cock grew instantly harder in her hand.

“That’s good Norman. You can get hard but can you stay hard enough to fuck cunt. Get on the bed for me,”

Eager to be inside her, Norman laid on the bed, his stiff cock lying just above him. Dr Paula slid her panties off, climbed onto the bed and straddled him with her lab coat open. She shrugged it off and tossed it onto the floor. Naked, she reached down and took hold of his cock. Pulling it slowly, she positioned herself above it. Norman almost groaned with the anticipation of being inside her. Dr Paula maneuvered the head of his cock between her cunt lips and pressed it to her wet opening. She was just as excited as he was. Staring into his eyes, she lowered herself onto him. This time Norman did groan as he felt his cock slide inside her moist cunt. Fuck it felt good, her tight cunt gripping his cock.

Slowly Dr Paula started to rise and fall on him, forcing his hard cock deep inside her. Norman pushed up, desperate to fuck her harder. She thrust down on him hard, fucking his cock, driving it deep into her cunt. Norman was gasping, close to orgasm. Just as he was about to cum, Dr Paula wrenched herself off his cock, leaving it jerking in the air unable to cum. Norman groaned in frustration, unable to spray his cum inside her. Smiling, she once again took hold of his cock, gently sliding her fingers up and down the rigid shaft covered in her glistening cunt juice.

“Ooh, you are doing so good Norman.” she told him. “Still nice and hard for my cunt. Why dont you try fucking me now.” she said, climbing off him onto her hands and knees. Bending forward, she showed him her wet parted cunt from behind. In a flash, Norman was up and on his knees behind her. Breathing hard with excitement, he thrust his cock into her waiting cunt. The sudden rush of hard cock filling her cunt almost took her breath away. Norman was so fucking hard and frantic for her cunt. She pushed back as he slammed against her ass, fucking her as hard and fast as he could in his need to cum. Groaning, Norman’s thrusting became even more frantic and with a gasp, he froze inside her, his cock pumping cum deep in her saturated cunt.

Spent and starting to soften, Norman slid his cum covered cock out of Dr Paula and watched as a stream of cum leaked out of her glistening opening. Fuck, had he put that much inside her. He knew he was excited but fuck that was a lot of cum.

Rather than a break for a nice cold drink, Scarlett had turned it into a session of mutual arousal. Sitting opposite each other in the living room naked, they watched each other as she rubbed at her clit and he stroked his long thick cock. The aim was to arouse each other without cumming. Scarlett lost. Overcome by the sensations between her legs, she rubbed her cunt to a leg shaking orgasm. Mike had immediately released his cock before he came himself. He wanted to save his cum so he could cover the little dominatrix with it. Show her who the real boss was. In his mind, he pictured himself spraying her face with thick cum.

Resisting the urge to jump out of her chair and impale herself on his hard cock, Scarlett instead, pulled Mike off the couch and dragged him to the bedroom. Pulling him towards her, Scarlet laid across the bed and drew her open legs up, opening her cunt up for him. Aroused and hard with the thought of fucking her, Determined to take her hard, Mike plunged his hard long thick cock inside her. Scarlett gasped at the sheer size of his cock invading her cunt.

“Yes fuck me!” she cried out as he rammed his hard cock deep in her aroused cunt. She drew her legs up and gripped his arms as he thrust himself hard inside her, desperate to put his cum in her cunt.

Scarlett came, her cunt bucking up against him. With a loud moan, Mike reefed his cock out of her cunt and groaning sprayed her with thick ropes od cum. All over her stomach and tits. Smiling illegal bahis up at him, she rubbed his cum all over body and started to rub her clit again. In what seemed like seconds, she was cumming again, thrusting her cunt up against her fingers. Caught up in the moment, he slipped his half hard cock back in her wet cunt so she could feel him inside her as she made her swollen clit cum again.

“Come over here.” Scarlett tempted him as she laid on the bed proper, her hand gripping his long thick cock. Wanting her cunt, he slid onto the bed next to her, his mouth enveloping her hard nipple as his hand reached between her open legs. As she pulled his cock, he rubbed at her parted slit and erect clit.

“Fuck me.” Scarlett cried out, thrusting her cunt up onto his rubbing fingers. Rolling on top of her, he pushed his renewed hard cock into her opening and thrust it deep inside her wet throbbing cunt. Scarlet rammed her cunt up to meet him. Her only thought to cum with his hard cock inside her. Ramming his cock deep in her cunt, Mike let out a loud growl and thrust every inch inside her, his cock cumming deep inside her body.

“So when’s the next check up.” Claire asked laughing the next day as they sat around the patio for their weekly get together.

“I told him to come back next week.” Paula said, smiling. “It’s expensive but I’m a specialist.” she laughed.

“So what happened to you yesterday?” Mike asked Steve, “I had to fill in for you.” Everyone giggled at his unintentional pun.

“Sorry boss, I came down with a dose of something.” Steve told him.

“More like a dose of Claire.” Mike said. “We could hear you two all the way down the hall.” It was true Tiffany recalled. Listening to them banging had made her cunt throb and that’s how she and Mike had ended up fucking all night. Just thinking about it had her cunt wet and aroused again. Taking Mike at his word, she surveyed the scene, wondering who she was going to pick to fuck her or make her cum. Man or woman, it didn’t matter, her cunt just wanted release.

“I feel like swimming.” Claire said, standing up and starting to peel off her clothes. As her cunt came into view, Tiffany, aroused by the sight of it, decided to join her. Standing up, she pulled off her skirt and top and slid down her panties. Bill and Steve couldn’t help but stare. It was the first time they had seen Tiffany’s cunt and fuck it looked nice. All three men watched as the two women walked down to the pool, their nice round ass cheeks bouncing as they walked.

In the water, Claire stared lustfully at Tiffany’s perfect shaved cunt as Tiffany sat on the edge with her legs open. “That looks good enough to eat.” she told Tiffany.

Already aroused, Tiffany looked at her and smiled. “You can if you want.” she said, opening her legs even wider. Claire needed no second invitation. Stroking across the pool, she reached the side between Tiffany’s legs. Tiffany slid closer, her parted cunt right on the edge for Claire’s eager mouth.

Her pulse racing, Claire pressed her mouth between Tiffany’s legs and started to slowly lick at her wet slit, her tongue slipping between Tiffany’s soft wet parted lips. Fuck she tasted good.

“Oh yes, lick me.” Tiffany cried out, growing more and more aroused by the second as Claire lapped at her aching wet cunt. Under the water, Claire rubbed at her own hard aroused clit as she devoured the delicious parted slit between Tiffany’s legs.

“Fuck!” Tiffany yelled as she came, her legs quivering and jerking in orgasm with Claire’s face pressed between them. Below the surface, Claire’s legs pressed together tightly as her own clit erupted. Both women remained still, panting as their orgasms subsided. Now all each of them needed was a nice hard cock to fill their still aroused cunts.

Anya had joined Bill, Steve and Paula by the time Tiffany and Claire strode back to the table, dripping wet, their shaved cunts on display to one and all. No matter how often Bill and Steve had seen Claire’s bare cunt, it was always a thrill, not to mention Tiffany’s glorious shaved slit. It was to die for.

“Who wants to fuck me.” Tiffany said, looking at Steve and Bill. Both had their pants down in seconds, their hard cocks leaving no doubt as to their intentions.

“You.” Tiffany said to Bill, admiring his hard cock. Bill went straight to her, his eager hard cock waving in front of him. She looked so fucking gorgeous and he couldn’t wait to be inside her. Squirting lube on her hand, she rubbed it between her legs and all over his straining cock, her hand massaging his swollen head and the rigid thick shaft below it. Bending over she offered up her ass and cunt to him. “Not my cunt.” she said.

Rigid with excitement, Bill pressed the head of his cock to her ass and slowly worked his cock inside her. Looking on from her chair with her legs wide open and Steve licking her aroused slick cunt, Claire watched Bill push his hard cock deep into Tiffany’s ass. Kneeling behind Steve, Anya with her hand between his legs, pulled his cock, just like a milkmaid wanting him to squirt cum into a bucket. Bill started thrusting into Tiffany’s ass, driving his cock deep between her cheeks

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