The Funeral

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( author’s note. A special thanks to volunteer editor Sammy who cleaned things up for me.)

When I got the call that she had passed away, I knew I had to attend the funeral.

The service was finished, the burial over and like sheep, we all flocked to the room that the family had reserved in the town’s only hotel. She stood across the room with her brother and his two children. I casually watched her talking with her nephews. I wondered where her sister was. Like me, she had moved away years ago. I had thought about this moment for a long time and still had not decided what to say. Twenty years is a long time, and these were not the best circumstances for a reunion. I walked around saying “hi” to people I had known so long ago.

I was still wondering how to approach her when a voice behind me said, “Just go and talk to her, it will be all right.”

Without even glancing at her, I replied, “Hello, Elizabeth.”

As usual, Elizabeth had me figured out. Even after 20 years this little girl could read my mind. I turned to look at her and was about to say something smart but I was dumb-struck. Elizabeth was no longer that 17 year old younger sister of my first ever love. Standing in her place was a beautiful blond-haired woman with deep blue eyes and perfect teeth.

“Cat got your tongue?” she said to me.

I couldn’t help but look her over my eyes drinking in the beautiful face, tits that could stop a truck and a lithe swimmer or runners body.

“Obviously I made a big mistake kicking you out of my car,” I said. “You look amazing”

“Why thank you,” she said with a smile. “I was wondering if you remembered that.”

“Remember it? How could I ever forget it? I think about it all the time. Depending on my mood it was either the smartest thing I have ever done or the stupidest.”

She laughed and said, “Well, I’m glad to have left a lasting impression.”

I couldn’t help but admire her. Not only was she gorgeous, but she was very confident and I was impressed. Thinking back, I remembered that I always liked her. The girl had spunk. Smiling I reached out and took her hand and said, “Come on, I need help with the ice queen.” A hint of disappointment crossed her face but she quickly put it behind her and broke out in a smile.

“This should be interesting, let’s go.”

So, the great canlı bahis reunion meeting started. At first it was very polite and everything seemed like it was going along fine. It wasn’t long before we fell into old patterns. Elizabeth and I were verbally sparring with each other while Kathy looked on slightly disapprovingly. Elizabeth and I were clearly enjoying each other’s company.

Finally, Kathy said to Elizabeth, “Don’t you think you should tone it down a bit, after all this is mother’s funeral.”

Never one to miss an opportunity I added, “Yeah, show a little respect…bitch.” The boys laughed.

Once again Kathy gave me a dirty look and Elizabeth just smiled. We continued to talk about the town and the old days. It wasn’t long before I realized that the ice queen and I didn’t click at all and I wondered why I had been pining for this girl for so long. At one point, I casually stepped back and looked at her ass to see if I could see the corn cob that must be lodged up there. She hadn’t had a kind thing to say about anyone during the whole conversation. Finally, Kathy excused herself and went off seeking more stimulating conversation. I thanked Elizabeth for her help and told her again how beautiful she had become. I headed off to the bar in search of some aiming fluid. I was truly confused now. The times that I wondered what would happen when we met, the number of times I had planned out the conversation and it was over just like that.

Elizabeth seemed to know I needed some space and wandered off as well. As I watched her walk away, I remembered the last time I saw her. I had just turned 19. Kathy dumped me. It was devastating; I had been in love with her since I was 12. I took solace in the party crowd and decided to drink away my broken heart. It was a Friday night at yet another house party. I was drinking but not yet drunk when Elizabeth came up and grabbed me. She dragged me out onto the deck and we danced for about four songs before a slow song came along.

Her body molded into mine as we danced together and my hands seemed to have a mind of their own. It wasn’t until she kissed me that I realized she was drunk. She never said a word but took my hand and led me off into the darkness. She pushed me backwards until I came up against a tree and we kissed. At first our kisses were slow and sensual, and bahis siteleri then as they became more heated I started to feel her tits through her shirt. She responded by pushing me back and then pulling her shirt up over head and removing it completely. We started kissing again, this time with me trying to remover her bra. I unclasped her bra and looked in wonder at her breasts. They were much nicer than her sister’s. It must have been the thought of her sister, but I realized that what we were doing was wrong. I stopped. Elizabeth tried to get us restarted but I held her arms and kept her at arms length.

“This is wrong. We can’t do this,” I turned and left heading for my car. She caught up with me and got in the passenger side. Her shirt was back on but she was braless. I couldn’t help but notice her nipples standing at attention. I was uncomfortable about the whole situation and I vowed to keep control of my emotions. Nothing would please me more to bang that perfect body but nothing good could possibly come from it. So we talked a real ho nest and down to earth talk. She told me that she was glad her sister had dumped me and one day I would realize how lucky I was not to get stuck with her sister the ‘ice queen”. We talked for hours; she told me that she had had a crush on me for a long time and knew that her sister was not the girl for me. I told her she was crazy. We ended up kissing again for a while and cuddling up in the car but I refused to let things progress from there. Finally in the wee hours of the morning, I drove her home. As she was about to get out of the car she leaned over and kissed me again. We could both see her mother looking out the window.

“I am not sorry that this happened, and I don’t care who knows either. One day you will see.”

I left town the next day and never saw either the ice queen or her sister again. At least until today. My head was swimming, I felt confused and all alone in the world. I decided to get some fresh air. I left the bar and went to my room on the 3rd floor. I wanted to get out of my suit and take a walk around town before dinner. I got as far as the bathroom. The thought of a hot shower after standing around all day was too much to resist. The walk could wait. The steam was billowing out of the shower and my hair was covered in shampoo when I noticed the air change bahis şirketleri in the room. Someone had opened the bathroom door. I stopped and was about to call out when the shower=2 0curtain opened and a very naked Elizabeth stepped into the shower.

“Unless you think I am a lobster do you think we could turn the temperature down a bit?”

I think I was in shock. I couldn’t speak; all I could do was look at her.

“John, if you don’t kiss me right now I am going to scream.” My brain had finally jump started and I replied

“Where exactly would you like to be kissed?”

“Everywhere, but I think you should start right here as she touched her lips to mine.” We kissed. It took our mouths and tongues seconds to get reacquainted. Twenty years melted away in twenty seconds and once again our bodies blended together like they were meant for each other. Never breaking contact with her lips I started to rub her clit with my index finger until I had one finger inside her. I drew long strokes with my finger starting high up on the inside wall where the g spot is and finishing the stroke on the hood of her clit. She was becoming more aroused and I dropped to me knees so I could lick her. By now I had two fingers inside her and I was finger fucking her while I used my tongue to focus on her clit. She shuttered, gasped and grabbed my hair as she started to grind her pussy against my mouth. Finally she yelped out a little scream and came. Still holding my hair she pulled me up and started kissing me again. She grabbed my cock pulling me towards her as she ar ched her back toward the wall. All foreplay was put aside for now as I entered her and went a deep as I could. The position proved more awkward than we thought so we exchanged positions and I arched my back to the wall as she turned around and I entered her from behind. The vein on the lower side of my penis was afire with pleasure as I slowly went in and out trying to use as much shaft as I could. I was doing everything I could think of trying not to cum too quickly but I was fighting a losing battle. I felt her vaginal muscles contracting and I knew I was about to loose control. I sped up and was pounding her as fast as I could and I could feel she was going over the edge. I was grunting and she was panting as we both came. I came so hard I started to get dizzy. Breathlessly we stood under the hot water and held each other until our breathing came back to normal.

The two of us were drying off when the thought came to me. “How did you know where I was and how did you get into my room?”

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