The French Maid Act 01 Scene 03

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Oct. 25,


Thanks for getting me hot and bothered all day while I’m trying to get some work done. I think you should take off my apron next since I’ve had such a long day at work. Also, I wanted to let you know a little secret – underneath my dress I’m wearing a sexy black garter belt with garters hooked to my fishnet stockings, and a beautiful black lace bustier. I’ll be waiting in anticipation for the next scene…


Oct. 26,

Mon Amoureux:

Act I, Scene III

Gwenevere: Merci, monsieur, for helping mes with my headband. But now I thinks I needs ‘elp taking off my apron, as etz is sooo duuurty.

I lift you slightly so that you’re kneeling straight up and wrap my arms around your waist. The position puts my face close to your neck. I can smell your perfume and I have an uncontrollable desire to bury my face there, to live with your smell forever, and to feel the softness of your body pressed against mine. You arch your neck to the side as I move closer, hoping I would take advantage of this opportunity to do… what? Should I allow my lips to dance softly across your neck, then trace the line of your collarbone from your shoulder down toward the base of your neck? Maybe I should be more forceful, planting a mix of firm kisses and tiny bites as I travel the path from your shoulders downward to your chest, my teeth and lips setting off hot sparks of pain and pleasure shooting though your body. I hope that you feel the same desire and passion for me as I do for you.


He pulls me closer to him and as his face moves closer to my neck I find myself trying to press my body nearer to his. My lips are yearning for the taste of his skin that is so close. But he is all business-like, keeping me just a few inches away from him. His chin rests between illegal bahis my neck and shoulder — I can feel the burn from his stubble on my skin — and it sets off an itch that starts moving from the top of my head to the center of my body.

His hands move right to the string of my apron. They don’t move down my back. No caresses or massages. He is very business-like in his motions. With the exception of his chin resting on my shoulder — for support or to see what he is doing, perhaps — he is very formal from just a few moments ago. It is almost as if my boss is taking off my apron, you think, as he unites the bow and tosses the apron on the couch, near his bag of tricks.

He pauses for a moment that seems like minutes, and then his hands return to the small of my back. He presses me closer, our chests are touching and his lips start to glide down my shoulder, across my collarbone to my neck. So soft and gentle, my heart beats faster as his reaches my neck and the lacy collar I’m wearing. He is such a baaad boss, but he knows just the right places to turn me on. His kisses travel up my neck toward my chin as he unclasps the collar and tosses that somewhere behind me. Those fingers then trace the outline where the collar was — light feathery touches all over my neck and to the top of my chest. His lips are so close to mine, I’m moving my head to try to search his out, but I keep missing.

My hands are on his back, softly rubbing him, and then moving up to the back of his neck. His mouth moves to my ear lob and his gently pulls it with his lips, an ever-so-slight nip that turns me on so much. His heat and passion are returning again, and I close my eyes as I allow him to take control. The position puts my face closer to his ear and neck, and I take the opportunity to return a few illegal bahis siteleri kisses, but it only lasts for a moment. I feel his finger nails lightly scratching down my arms, and he pulls off the lacey wristbands, placing them on the couch beside us. My arms are still around him, but he pulls my hair back so that again we’re staring into each other’s eyes.

The Lord of the Manor: Mademoiselle, I am not happy with your performance today.

Gwen: (Shocked): Buts monsieur, I deed evereeting you asks me. I duuusted, I picks up zee paipers bending ats my waists sos you can sees up my tiny leetle skirt.

I try batting my eyelids at him and flash a little pout.

TLotM: But you did not practice your accent. Say “monsieur.”

Gwen: Monsewer…monsour…

TLotM: One last time: “meh…”

Gwen: Meh.

TLotM: “Seuer.”

Gwen: Sour.

TLotM: Never mind. Stand up.

My legs are a little wobbly from kneeling (and excitement), and I stand before him.

TLotM: Turn around.

Confused, I turn around. He takes my hands, puts my wrists together and slips one of the lacey wrist bands over them. My arms are trapped behind me. He has me lie across his thighs, my hair flows down as I’m staring at the floor. I feel helpless and, with my butt up in the air, very exposed. He moves the skirt up, and I feel his fingers softly caressing my exposed ass cheeks.

Then…nothing. I sense his hand move away then suddenly he smacks me, hard, on my right cheek. Of all the times we’ve been together I never expected this! The force sends my hips sharper on his thighs, and a bolt of lightening shoots from ass, across my crotch, up my spine to the top of my head. I can feel the erection he has for me – and I would touch him – but my hands are tied.

His hand rubs canlı bahis siteleri my ass again, a little more forcefully, grinding me on his thigh. His motions make my thong move across my lips, and I know I’m already wet with desire. His hand leaves, and another slap on my ass, then a massage of my cheeks — sometimes light and barely there, other times forceful kneading. He repeats this several times, and each time as the smack of his hand echoes in the room I feel sparks shoot though my body and I try to find a way to get more pressure on my clit as it is pressed against his thigh. Please, don’t let me cum this way. This would be embarrassing! His hand moves back, to spank me again, but this time it returns for just a light touch. My mind is screaming in anticipation. Then he spreads my legs slightly, and a finger tip gently traces the line of my thong. Oh my God! Please, just a touch. Put your finger in me, just for second. I need to feel you!

His fingers tease me, dancing across the area between my pussy and the inside of my legs. He pulls my thong up, and I feel cool air on my burning lips, but the movement causes the fabric to rub against my clit, and I let out a moan. How much longer is he going to keep this up? I press my side firmer into his hard on, hoping he would get a clue about what I want — what I need now. But I’m tied up, lying across his legs, at his mercy.

He allows the thong to snap back into place, and his hands lightly caress my ass. They feel red and are burning, just a little. He slips the wrist band off me and pulls me off his legs. I kneel next to him, not sure if I’m ready to sit just yet.

TLotM: So, now will you keep practicing your accent, or we I have to punish you again?

Gwen: (Lying to TLotM) Oui, monsieur. I weel keep practicing. I don’t wants another spanking!

TLotM: Good. Now, what shall we remove from you next?

Gwen: Monsieur, I tink des bodice ez too tight. Could you ‘elp me take it off?

Au revior, mon cheri.

Until tomorrow…

The Lord of the Manor

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