The First Time with Vickie

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‘Why didn’t you fuck me last night?’ she asked sleepily, struggling to half sit up in bed as I handed her a mug of tea.

I waited until I’d walked around the bed, slipped out of my jeans and climbed in next to her, before replying.

‘Because you said we shouldn’t.’

When she’d reached for her tea, the covers had slipped down to expose a small, full breast, the nipple looking eminently kissable. She made no attempt to cover it.

‘That was before you got my panties off,’ she replied.

‘I don’t think it was, actually, but I thought the idea was that we just played with each other. If you wanted me to fuck you, why didn’t you say so?’

‘Girls aren’t supposed to ask for that sort of thing,’ she said, sounding regretful, ‘it makes them seem easy.’

‘So the guys are just supposed to ignore anything they say and fuck them regardless?’

‘If the girl is stark naked, lying on top of the guy who is also stark naked and she’s rubbing her clit against his dick while he’s reaching over her ass to finger her, I would have thought the guy would have realised it was okay to fuck her.’

‘Okay, but what if, while he was taking off her panties, she said it was only on the strict understanding that actual sex was a no-no?’

She gave me an old-fashioned look over the top of her mug.

‘I’m serious,’ I persisted. ‘For all I knew, if I’d fucked you last night you might have been really pissed-off with me this morning — and there’d be an irate husband to deal with.’

‘Why are men so dense?’ she sighed. ‘Do you really think a girl would climb into bed with a guy wearing only her panties, allow the guy to kiss her and fondle her breasts — while she kissed him and rubbed herself against his dick — let him take off her panties and finger her, unless she wanted him to fuck her?’

‘Okay, but when I went to bed last night you were either going to go home or find somewhere else to sleep. Instead I woke to find you curled up on the floor at the foot of the bed, wrapped in a rug and shivering like crazy. I had to coax you into the bed. What I’m saying is, if you had come to bed with me when I suggested it, I might have figured it out. But you didn’t and then later, when you did, you said I couldn’t fuck you.’

‘Well you should have fucked me anyway,’ she said firmly.

I sighed and thought back to the events that ended up with us where we were.

Dave and Julie had bought an old farmhouse out in the wilds and were in the process of doing it up. I arrived early for their party because they’d asked me to pick up a load of booze for them. Once I’d carried it all in from my car and had been offered a cup of coffee Julie smiled at me.

‘Thanks for that, Harry. Look, you don’t have to go home tonight if you don’t want to. There’s five bedrooms apart from ours so if you want to stake a claim on one of them . . . ‘

I chose a small room next to the bathroom, figuring if I woke up in a strange house and bedroom and needed the bathroom, it would be a lot easier if it was the next room to mine. Julie pinned a sign on the door with my name on it.

‘Maybe this time next year we’ll have put down a carpet,’ she said apologetically, gesturing at the bare floorboards.

‘It’ll be fine,’ I assured her.

It wasn’t a big room and, originally, it had probably been meant for a single bed and a few pieces of furniture. As it was, the double bed more or less filled the room leaving just enough room to get round it and, at the foot, there was space for a small rug and a simple chair.

It was good party. There was a nice mix of people and not so many that it became impossible to move about. I chatted to just about everyone but kept coming back to a tall, slim brunette who always seemed pleased to see me and proved it by laughing at most of my jokes. She was happy to be dragged into the room given over to dancing and, during some of the slower numbers allowed me to pull her close.

Shortly after midnight, people started to leave and when Vickie looked about to do the same, I pleaded with her to stay.

‘Have another drink or a cup of coffee or something,’ I suggested. ‘There’s no need to go rushing off. In fact, if you’re very good, I’ll let you share the bedroom I’ve reserved.’

She laughed at that and held up her left hand to show me the rings, which I had noticed but chose to ignore.

‘When men who have spent the evening chatting me up invite me to share a bedroom with them,’ she smiled, ‘it’s always for one reason. Don’t tell me you’re the exception that proves the rule.’

‘It’s true,’ I sighed, never really believing she would accept my offer. ‘I did have designs on your body. But now, alas, my hopes have been dashed.’

‘Well I’m very flattered,’ she grinned, resting her hand briefly illegal bahis on my arm, ‘and if I was looking for someone to share a bed with tonight, you’d be high on my list.’

‘Only, “high”?’ I frowned. ‘Not top?’

She pretended to give the matter some thought for a moment.

‘All right. Top. But as I’m not looking for a bed partner, it doesn’t really matter where you are on the list, does it?’

‘No, you’re right. But I’d rather be top than half-way down.’

‘Okay. Top. Definitely top. And I think will have another drink after all.’

I opted for coffee and we grabbed some space on a sofa to drink it.

‘So where is your other half tonight?’ I asked, looking regretfully at her rings.

She noticed my look and laughed.

‘He couldn’t make it. He had to go to his work’s do which I didn’t fancy going to at all — all those strangers getting drunk and talking shop. Julie’s party seemed a much better option and I’m glad I came.’

‘Me too. I’ve enjoyed talking to you. And dancing with you.’

‘Speaking of dancing — should we have a last one or two before it’s too late?’

There were two other couples in the dimly lit room, swaying slowly to the music which had been turned down and which consisted of a series of slow songs. As before, she let me pull her close. The trouble was, with her breasts pressing gently against my chest and our thighs rubbing as we moved, I felt my dick starting to stiffen.

As casually as I could, I eased myself back a little but, after a moment or two, Vickie frowned and moved forward.

‘Are you trying to get rid of me?’ she murmured.

‘God, no! Not at all. It’s just that, well, I find you very attractive and when a guy finds a woman attractive . . . ‘

‘He gets a hard-on?’ she asked innocently, grinning up at me. ‘It’s okay. You’re not the first and I sincerely hope you won’t be the last. Actually, I kind of like it. I take it as a compliment.’

So we danced for three or four more songs, my dick firmly standing up between our bellies, before Dave came in to announce he was shutting off the music and that Julie was making coffee in the kitchen. We took the hint and joined the half dozen or so others that had congregated there and who I presumed were also staying the night.

Vickie went to help Julie and served me a mug of coffee, giving me a sly smile and letting her eyes flick down to where my erection had more or less subsided. She chose not to sit next to me though and, after some general chit-chat, I decided enough was enough, said my goodnights and went up to my room.

For the first fifteen minutes or so I was unable to get to sleep for the voices and footsteps in the corridor, the opening and closing of doors and the seemingly endless procession of people using the bathroom. At last things quietened down and I drifted off to sleep.

Some time later I was woken by a series of scuffling noises and, as I listened intently, I thought I could hear the sound of someone shivering. I reached for the bedside lamp (that stood on the floor) and switched it on.

‘Who’s there?’ I asked softly.

I had to repeat the question before a shaky voice came from the floor at the end of the bed.

‘It’s Vickie.’

‘Vickie? What on earth are you doing down there?’

Her head rose into view, her face looking pinched with cold and I realised the heating had gone off and the temperature in the room had dropped right down.

‘I was going to sleep on one of the sofas,’ she said, through chattering teeth, ‘but there was a couple on the other one and they either forgot about me or didn’t care I was there.’

‘Oh no!’ I grinned. ‘Don’t tell me they were feeling frisky?’

‘So I decided I would take up your offer of a bed after all. But you were asleep and I didn’t know how you’d react if I just climbed in next to you so I wrapped myself in the rug down here.’

‘And now you’re half frozen. Jesus, Vickie, get into bed for God’s sake.’

‘Turn the light off first.’

I turned it off and listened to the rustle of clothing and then she slipped under the covers but lay, still shivering quite violently, on the very edge of the bed.

‘For Heaven’s sake!’ I said sternly and reaching out, I pulled her into the middle of the bed.

Her body felt icy cold and I winced as I wrapped my arms around her and brought my knees up under hers so that, if we’d been upright, she’d have been sitting on my knee.

For several minutes we lay like that until I could feel her body start to warm up. It was only then that it registered she was only wearing panties. I was naked, but she had been so cold and I had been concentrating so hard to try and warm her up, that I hadn’t noticed. Now, however, with a warm, soft and almost naked woman clasped illegal bahis siteleri tightly in my arms, my dick started to react. She noticed immediately and wriggled free to turn and face me. I couldn’t see her, but I could feel her breath on my face.

‘You’re getting hard again,’ she said, as casually as if she was remarking on a change in the weather.

‘Sorry. It’s just that now you’ve warmed up and stopped shivering, my dick’s thinking for itself again.’

‘In my experience, dicks don’t think. They’re only interested in one thing and, once they’re stiff, all they want to do is be rubbed until they squirt their sticky stuff.’

‘I’m afraid you’re right,’ I agreed.

‘And, as long as they’re allowed to squirt, they don’t care where they’ve been rubbing or where the stuff goes.’

‘Also true. Although in my experience, they get a lot more satisfaction being pushed in somewhere, than simply rubbed until they, er, squirt.’

‘So I believe. Thanks for stopping me freezing to death, by the way.’

‘My pleasure. Thanks for choosing my room to shiver in.’

She giggled at that and I felt a few strands of hair brush my face. I gently stroked them away and, sensing her mouth was inches from mine, bent my head forward slowly until our lips touched. I was relieved that she didn’t pull away and, instead, returned the gentle nibbles and kisses I gave her.

When we kissed properly, her tongue seemed every bit as eager as mine to do some exploring and she held my face with both her hands while I let mine stroke her shoulders and back. When we paused for a moment, I rolled onto my back pulling her with me so that she was now lying on top of me. She kissed me again and rolled her pelvis against my dick, moaning softly into my mouth.

I let my hands drift down to her ass and kneaded the soft mounds through her panties. She made no move to stop me and, even when the kiss ended, she kept rubbing her cunt against my dick, so I reached down a little further and was able to find her cunt with my fingertips.

Her only reaction was to moan again and kiss me hard. Thus encouraged, I eased a finger under the edge of, what was by then, some very damp material and into her cunt. After a moment or two of that, I stopped and used both hands to push her panties down as far as I could reach.

‘I’ll take them off,’ she breathed, ‘but you mustn’t fuck me. You can finger me, maybe lick me, but no fucking.’

‘Okay,’ I agreed.

Seconds later we resumed our positions, this time both of us completely naked. After several minutes of wriggling and writhing she started shivering again, but this time it wasn’t because she was cold.

‘Mmm,’ she panted. ‘That was good.’

‘Can I lick you now?’

‘All right.’

I licked and nibbled and fingered her until she came again and, once we were lying face to face again she kissed me and giggled.


‘You taste of me. It’s all over your face.’

‘You taste good.’

‘I suppose it’s only fair that I taste you,’ she said — and disappeared under the covers.

It took her less than three minutes to suck me off and I groaned with relief as I emptied myself into her welcoming mouth. Then she gave me a sticky kiss and rolled over. I snuggled up closely, in much the same manner as I did when she first joined me and we fell asleep.

Waking around eight the next morning, I listened for sounds of life in the house and, hearing none, slipped out of bed and into my jeans to go downstairs to make some tea.

‘What if I was to fuck you this morning?’ I asked. ‘To make up for not fucking you last night?’

She thought about that while she sipped her tea.

‘Absolutely not. In fact right now, I’m thinking I ought to be getting back to my husband and the only thing that’s stopping me is because I’m feeling too warm and cosy and relaxed to want to get up just yet.’

‘Fair enough. You just lie there and drink your tea and I’ll just stroke your wonderful breasts for a while.’

She giggled and let me pull the covers down far enough to allow me to play with her breasts and nipples for a few minutes. When I started nuzzling them, she finished her tea with a last couple of gulps and put the mug down on the floor.

‘You’re quite good at that,’ she murmured, arching her back to push her breasts more firmly against my mouth.

I ran a hand down over her belly and found her clit with my fingertip.

‘You’re good at that, too,’ she sighed, spreading her thighs a little.

By the time I worked my mouth down to her cunt it was every bit as wet as it had been last night and her breathing was becoming ragged.

‘Fuck, yes!’ she moaned.

Three minutes later she moaned and shivered as she had another orgasm. While she was canlı bahis siteleri recovering I kissed my way back up to her breasts and then her mouth. Doing so meant my dick was nestling between the lips of her cunt and, taking my weight on my elbows I slowly moved my hips so that my dick slid back and forth between her slippery labia, the head rubbing her clit.

‘God that feels good,’ she sighed.

I continued for a few more moments until her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at me.

‘Go on then,’ she said softly. ‘You’ve earned it.’

I didn’t give her chance to have second thoughts, pulling back until I felt the end of my dick engage, I pushed forwards, entering her slowly and smoothly. She let out a whimper of pleasure and wrapped her legs around the back of my thighs, digging her finger nails into my ass.

For a few seconds she held me there, buried deep in her cunt, both of us savouring the sensation, then she let her legs relax and I was able to start moving. Her hands moved up to my shoulders and we kissed, long and hard. As I increased my tempo, she broke the kiss and bit my shoulder, moving her hips to meet mine.

‘Oh yes!’ she moaned. ‘Oh, fuck, yes!’

She began shivering, much more violently this time and that, along with the rhythmical clenching and relaxing of her internal muscles rapidly brought me to the boil as well. My cumming was all that was needed to trigger her own climax and we both groaned and shuddered, Vickie once again wrapping her legs around mine to keep me deep inside her.

‘See,’ she panted weakly as we started to come to our senses, ‘if you’d done this last night we’d both have slept a lot better.’

‘This time you told me to,’ I pointed out.

‘Oh, God, I did, didn’t I?’ she said, not sounding too concerned. ‘Well, seeing as I’m now a fallen women, do you think you could help me fall a little further before I have to go?’

‘I’d love to, but I may need a little help.’

‘I should clean up a little but don’t want anyone to see me nipping in and out of the bathroom so I hope you don’t mind the mess?’

‘Why should I? Most of it’s my mess.’

She gave me an odd look.

‘You don’t mind going down on me when I’m all, er sticky?’

‘Do you mind sucking my dick when it’s all sticky?’

‘No,’ she shrugged.

‘And I don’t mind going down on you. Shall we do a sixty-nine?’

A little under ten minutes later, I positioned her on her hands and knees and fucked her doggy style. If anything, the longer, more leisurely fuck was even more enjoyable than the first, more frantic one. Afterwards, we lay side by side both feeling very pleased with ourselves. All too soon she rolled onto her side.

‘I have to go. A quick shower and then I’m off.’

It was only when she came back from her shower and started putting on her clothes that I had the chance to see her body properly for the first time and I nodded appreciatively.

‘You’re a very good-looking and sexy woman, Vickie,’ I said sincerely.

‘And you’re quite a dishy guy,’ she smiled back, reaching behind her back to zip up her dress.

‘Can I see you again?’

‘By, “see,” I’m guessing you mean, fuck,’ she said, ‘and I’m going to have to say, “no.”‘ She waved her rings at me. ‘I’m still not quite sure how I ended up letting you fuck me this time — and I’d appreciate it if you kept the fact that I did to yourself — but I did and it was fun and I don’t regret it. But I think it would be better for all concerned if we just leave it at that.’

She flipped back the covers and leaned over to plant a quick kiss on my dick, covered me up again and gave me another kiss, this time on my lips and slipped out of the room. By the time I’d got up, showered, dressed and made my way to the big, farmhouse kitchen from which the smell of frying bacon had drifted through the house, Vickie had gone.

Along with the others who had stayed over, I had a late breakfast, helped clean and tidy the house and had a last cup of coffee before taking my leave.

‘Thanks for a great evening and relaxed morning,’ I said to Julie as I headed for my car. ‘Oh, by the way, who was that attractive brunette — Vickie I think she was called — that let me dance with her?’

‘Vickie Chadwick? A friend of long standing. But before you get your hopes up let me tell you, you’d be wasting your time. Next to Dave and me, she and Simon have the most secure marriage of all our friends. Quite the perfect, devoted couple, in fact. Normally they go everywhere together but Simon had a work’s do to go to or something. Last night was the first time I’ve seen one of them without the other since, oh, I don’t know, like, forever.’

‘Ah, well,’ I shrugged. ‘You lose some and you lose some.’

‘Oh. no! Don’t tell me you tried it on with her!’ Julie laughed. ‘I could have told you you’d have no chance. Anyway, thanks for coming and see you again soon.’

I gave her a peck on the cheek and drove away. If nothing else, I had some good memories to cherish.

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