The First Encounter

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This is a fantasy about one of my professors and my first submission! Please enjoy xoxo


You had been working with Professor Sadana for almost three months now, helping with data collection. Your freshman year your took his introductory class and had been hoping to do research with him ever since, and when he offered you the opportunity at the beginning of your junior year you jumped at the chance. Sadana was a young professor, but his easy smile and slight build made him look like he could be an undergraduate himself. He spoke with a thick Indian accent, and you found his occasional mispronouncing of words incredibly endearing.

Since the start of the year, you had been meeting with him for about an hour a week to go over data, but as the term neared its end you had begun meeting almost every day. On this particular Friday, you were running late to your meeting and the crisp fall air had reddened your cheeks, so by the time you arrived in his office you were looking a bit of a mess. The door was open a crack but you knocked anyway, not wanting to seem rude. The professor looked up at you with a smile when you walked in, and chuckled at your disheveled appearance.

“I hope you didn’t rush on account of me,” he remarked as you sat down at the small table in front of his desk. “We have plenty of time to get this done.”

“I didn’t want to keep you waiting!” you responded, slightly embarrassed. “I’m sure you have things you’d rather be doing with your Friday night.”

“Alas, to an old guy like me, data analysis is the most excitement I can hope for.” He joked as he rifled through his bag. “But I’m sure you have things to do after this! Did you finish those graphs we started on last week?” He asked, his expression slightly more serious.

“Well, I’ve got them mostly done, but there’s one part that doesn’t seem to be coming out quite right. I was wondering if I input the data wrong somehow, but I can’t find where,” you responded, turning your laptop to face him.

The professor squinted at the screen for a moment before stepping out from behind his desk and pulling a chair next to you to get a better view. He pushed his glasses up his slender nose as he scrolled through your work. Even though he was always kind and enthusiastic, you were still nervous when showing him your progress because you were so eager to impress him. After a few minutes he found the misplaced decimal and fixed the problem. You expected him to send you on your way after the typical hour had elapsed, but instead he turned to you and asked,

“How’s everything going for you? I worry that I’ve over burdened you these last few weeks.” You were taken aback by his question; normally your conversations stuck entirely to the business of your research. You looked down slightly as you answered,

“Oh, please don’t worry about that…its been nice to keep myself busy recently, honestly. My boyfriend and I broke up two weeks ago.” You kept your eyes cast down, suddenly concerned you would make him uncomfortable with this personal information. He didn’t say anything for a moment, but you looked up quickly when he lightly touched your hand. His head was titled slightly, and his eyebrows knitted together.

“Oh, Amy, I’m so sorry to hear that.” You blushed deeply and he pulled his hand away, sensing your discomfort.

“Thanks, bahis firmaları it means a lot, but I’m fine!” You answered, trying to keep your tone light. You cleared your throat slightly, the air in the room suddenly feeling warmer than before.

“Well, I shouldn’t keep you any later than I already have!” The professor remarked as he stood. You gathered your things and made your way to the door.

“Amy,” the professor called as you opened the door to leave. “Please, let me know if there’s anything I can do.”

“Thanks, Professor, it really means a lot. I’ll see you on Monday.” You answered, smiling at him. You were truly touched by his concern, but you couldn’t help but notice the warmth that grew in between your thighs when he touched your hand. You had always found the professor undeniably handsome, and his intelligence was incredibly attractive. However, you knew how professional he was, and you pushed these thoughts to the back of your mind.

On Monday, you spent an extra half hour on your appearance, trying in vain to convince yourself that you weren’t trying to impress your professor. You grinned inwardly, however, when the professor’s eyebrows raised involuntarily when you entered his office. You were wearing a pink cardigan over a patterned, slightly low cut top and tight, flattering jeans. You wore your long, wavy brown hair down, a drastic change from the usual pony tail. Normally you hid your curvy shape under loose fitting, comfortable clothes, and you felt slightly awkward in your nicer attire. You stood at only five feet tall, but your round breasts and prominent butt made it clear that you were not a child.

“You certainly look nice today,” the professor remarked, with what you hoped was effort to maintain eye contact. “I hope it wasn’t for my sake!” he joked, a slight blush rising to his tan cheeks. He suddenly seemed very preoccupied by his papers, and only glanced up for a moment when you sat across from him. Feeling quite pleased with yourself, you pulled out your laptop and started making notes. You sat in silence for almost 20 minutes, and when you finally looked up at the professor, you realized he had been staring at you. When he saw you look up, he immediately averted his eyes, but you noticed that the way you were leaned over gave him a nice view down your shirt, something you didn’t usually have to worry about. You sat up straight, heat rising in your cheeks. You pulled your shirt up slightly, and the embarrassed tension between the two of you permeated the small room. You found yourself wishing there was a window you could gaze out of to avoid making eye contact with your equally embarrassed professor.

“I’m sorry” you finally said, desperate to break the tension. “I…uh…I’m not used to dressing this way.” Your face must have been beet red, but it was unlikely your discomfort was matched by the professor.

“Please, don’t be. I shouldn’t have been looking, really. It’s my fault.” He answered quietly, his head turned slightly away. Unsure of what to say, you packed your bag hastily, kicking yourself for making the professor who you admired so much uncomfortable.

“I should probably get going” you said as you grabbed your bag. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” You didn’t bother to wait for a reply before you left the room. You had walked all the way back to your car before kaçak iddaa you realized you forgot your laptop in his office. Dammit, you thought to yourself. Anything else and you could have left it overnight. But all your coursework was on there, and you couldn’t afford to get a day behind on your work. You rushed back to his office, hoping he hadn’t left for the night but dreading having to return. The lights were off in the hallway leading back to his office; most of the faculty would have left for the night by now. You felt a brief moment of relief when you saw his door was open a crack, and the light was still on. In your haste you forgot to knock, but stopped short when you entered the office. The professor was standing with his back to the door, but when you heard you walk in he turned with a start, holding your laptop. ?

“Amy! I was just wondering if I could catch you before you left. You forgot your laptop.” He explained hurriedly.

“Oh yeah I know, that’s why I came back.” You answered, still standing in the doorway. Neither of you moved for a moment, and then you both lurched forward at the same time. The office was small enough that these two steps brought you within arm’s length of one another. You locked eyes, and despite your embarrassment something stopped you from looking away. Without breaking eye contact, the professor set your laptop on the table and closed the remaining distance between you. You could feel his breath on you, but he seemed to be frozen after this uncharacteristic act of boldness.

“Professor, I…” you mumbled, your voice barely above a whisper, as you reached up and laid a hand tentatively on his chest. You weren’t able to finish your sentence, because in an instant he closed the last few inches of distance between you and pressed his lips against yours. You were so taken aback that at first you didn’t respond, but you wrapped your arm around him when you felt him begin to pull away. The professor placed his hand at the base of your back, the other one tangling in your hair, pulling your head back slightly to kiss you. He started walking forward slowly, and you felt the cool pressure of the door against your back. You felt it click shut as the professor placed his hands on the door on either side of your head, locking you into place as he broke the kiss. He looked down at you, breathing heavily. You looked up at him, nervous to face him. You gazed up at him through your eyelashes, and slowly reached up to unbutton his shirt. This seemed to please him, because he face broke out into a dark smile. Your fingers worked slowly down the row of buttons, but you paused when you reached to point where his shirt tucked into his pants. He sensed your need for reassurance, and leaned into your neck, latching on to it at the top of your collar bone.

“God I want you” he whispered as he grabbed both your hands and held them against the door.

“Professor, please” you moaned as he thrust himself against you, keeping your hands pinned. You felt his grip loosen and you seized the opportunity to sink to your knees, quickly undoing his belt and tugging at his pants. You slid your hands along the band of his boxers, pulling them until his erection sprung free. He groaned as you grabbed it at the base, sliding your tongue over the tip. You looked up at him as he placed a hand on the top of your head, kaçak bahis pushing you forward onto him. You slid him as far back as you could into your throat, and he set the rhythm by gently pushing your head back and forth along his length. You felt him twitch and he quickly pulled back, and lifted you to your feet. You pushed his shirt off of hist shoulders as he tore at your top impatiently. He pulled your shirt and bra off with one motion as he picked you up and set you on his desk, brushing the papers to the ground. He latched on to your left nipple as he worked to remove your jeans. Once he had slid them off your feet, he went back to kissing your neck as he reached down to your shaved pussy lips. He slid his finger over the middle, parting them slightly. You heard him chuckle when he realized how wet you were. He used his weight to part your legs, sliding a finger inside of you. You let out a gasp at the intrusion, running a hand down his chest towards his crotch.

“You’re so tight” he moaned as he pushed deeper into you. You let out a second gasp when his thumb pressed against your clit, and your hips heaved up to push him deeper inside you.

“Please, professor, I need you” you begged, which elicited another dark smile from him. He pushed your legs farther apart and sunk down as he continued to thumb your clit. He began licking your opening slowly as he held you flat to the table with his outstretched arms. Suddenly he stopped and looked at you.

“Professor don’t stop!” you moaned desperately. He began licking your pussy with more force, until you panted “oh professor, I’m going to cum!” He immediately stopped and rose to his feet, placing his manhood at your entrance. He paused and looked down at you and asked,

“What do you want?” He growled down at you, moving slightly at your entrance.

“You, professor” you answered quizzically. He pulled back slightly, which caused you to whine and try to pull him back.

“What do you want?” He demanded once again. This time you looked him in the eyes and said,

“I want you to fuck me, professor.” He liked this answer better and he began pushing himself inside you. He let out a groan as he pushed through your resistance.

“God, you’re so tight.” He moaned again, finally pushing his full length inside you. “Does it hurt?” He asked, and suddenly that familiar look of concern appeared on his face.

“Only a little, please don’t stop” you answered, wrapping your legs around him so he couldn’t pull away. Satisfied with this response, he pulled out and pushed himself back in with more force than before, making your breath catch in your throat. He pulled you up so your breasts were pressed against him and your lips were resting on his neck, muffling the sound of your moans.

“Cum for me, Amy” he demanded as he increased his speed.

“Yes, professor” you managed to say as you felt your pussy contract, pushing you to orgasm. He fucked you harder now as you grabbed his back, your nails digging into his skin. He pushed into until he couldn’t go any farther and you felt his dick pulsing inside of you as he came, collapsing on top of you so you were pushed flat against the desk. You both breathed heavily, neither of you moving. Finally he lifted you up gently as he slid out of you. You were both silent as you got dressed again, but as you reached for your laptop he stopped you and kissed you gently on the lips.

“I’ll see you tomorrow then?” He asked lightly, buttoning his shirt.

“Of course, Professor!” You answered as you walked out of the office.

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