The Family Business

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Spring was here, and the sweet smell of fresh cut grass filled the air as Ashley pulled up the driveway. She held a big smile on her face as she thought of how surprised her parents would be to see her home early. Spring break didn’t play out as she had planned, having broken up with her boyfriend of two years.

Now single again, she decided to head home to spend some time with the folks before school started back up. She thought a week back home away from everyone at school should give me a good chance to get David off my mind. The breakup had been coming for a wile, and she was glad it was finally over.

“Who are you?” She thought out loud looking at a strange car parked in her usual spot. I guess mom and pop must have some company she thought as she grabbed her bags and made her way up to the door. Locked? Mom and dad never lock their door in the middle of the day. Strange, she thought as she fished her keys back out of her purse and let herself in.

Ashley was glad to be home and away from all the crap she had to put up with at school. The other people there were not exactly cut from the same cloth as her. The girls of OSU were too stuck up and obsessed with their looks to have any real thoughts in their heads. To Ashley they were all a bunch of dumb bimbos, only there to party, and chase boys. She was never comfortable around most of them, and hated having to use the showers with them in the dorm. Most of them looked like they just stepped out of a men’s magazine. With their pussies all shaved and butts tanned brown. They made her insecure of her body. Having never really budded in the breast department, her little puffy tities were barely

enough to fill her B cup bras. She always felt they were staring at her as she showered as quickly as she could. However once out of the shower with a towel around her she did like to take her time getting dressed. She would watch the other girls play around with each other.

They loved to pull pranks like hiding a friends clothes while they were in the shower. Ashley had a guilty little pleasure of watching them dress and undress, though she was careful not to stare, she did get caught a few times stuck off in space. Wandering what it would be like to feel such large breasts in her hands. She didn’t consider herself to be gay, but the sight of a nice large set of breasts would always catch her gaze. She didn’t know why, but she was drawn to them. One of the girls in particular, a pretty blond girl from Georgia named Kim always caught her attention. Ashley always hoped she would be there when she went to the showers, and tried to follow her pattern so she would. Kim always wore the prettiest pink panties and bras, when Ashley was lucky enough to catch her getting dressed she had to fight off the urge to stare. And when she would get caught, Kim never seemed to mind. She would always giggle, and turn away with a smile.

With her bags on the floor, and slipping her purse off onto the kitchen table, Ashley set about finding mom and dad. “Wonder where they are,” she thought after seeing no one in the living area. “They must be up stairs,” she said to herself. Looking around and listening for voices, she glanced through the upstairs

bedrooms. Finding no one upstairs she decided to settle in and have a snack before they returned. Back in the kitchen seeing her bags on the floor, she decided to take care of her dirty laundry, before mom made it back. She didn’t want to give mom an excuse to go nosing through her things. Mother wouldn’t approve of some of the frilly little things she had packed for spring break, so getting her laundry out of the way with her gone would be a good idea. Ashley opened the door to the basement, and made her way down to the laundry room.

Once there she separated her things out, and started the first load. With that done she turned back to the steps and noticed a light on. From under the door of the old storage room, or junk room as mom always called it, she could see someone had left the light on. As she came closer she could hear voices from inside. She thought to herself, daddy always said he was going to make a man cave out of this room. He must have finally gotten around to it, I wonder where he got the extra money?

Feeling mischievous she thought, I’ll bust in and surprise them. Hearing giggling from inside, she slowly turned the knob and threw the door open jumping quickly inside.

“Surprise!!!” She yelled.

And surprised they were. Mom, dad, and especially the pretty petite brunette that was fucking Ashley’s mom in the ass with a strapon. They were all definitely surprised.

“Oh my god. Ashley what are you doing here?” Mom ‘Linda’ screamed.

“Oh shit!” Ashley’s dad Carl yelled as he fumbled the video camera he was holding.

“Fuck! Who is she?” The little brunette squealed as she covered her small breasts with her hands.

“She’s our daughter Ashley,” Linda said wile scrambling to cover herself. “Ashley what are you doing here, you are supposed to be in Florida.”

“What am I doing here?” Ashley shrieked, “Who sincan escort the hell is she, and what Is going on in here?”

“Oh god I was afraid she would find out about this!” Linda cried, “Carl get her out of here, I can’t explain this all to her, get her out Carl I need time to think.”

“Come on sweetie,” Carl said unable to look Ashley in the eye. “let’s go up, me and your mom will explain everything to you later.”

Carl managed to get Ashley back upstairs, “Daddy you’ve got to tell me. What was mom doing with that girl?” “Why is she here?”

“She is a friend of ours Ashley. She works with me and your mom making movies.”

“Dirty movies!!” “You and mom are shooting porn in our basement? What the hell, have you both gone crazy?”

“Settle down Ashley. Me and your mother had to do something to make ends meet. College tuition isn’t free you know, and the Internet has a lot to offer. There are a lot of horny men out there who are willing to pay good money for the videos we make.”

“Daddy how could you let this happen? The whole world will think you are a couple of perverts.”

“There is nothing wrong with what we are doing little girl!” Carl said sharply. “We are both adults, and don’t plan on spending our retirement years in the poor house!”

“So it’s my fault this is going on! You can’t afford my college so you resort to making porn? How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot and it was me selling my body for money?”

“No Ash, nothing is your fault. Me and your mom decided to do this so we could all have better lives. No one is getting hurt.”

“But what will people think daddy?”

“Not to worry sweetie, our movies are only available on our private site. And we

charge big bucks to join it, no one we know will ever see what goes on here I

promise you.”

“You promise?” Ashley now starting to come to grips with the whole situation was now calming down. Her parents were right. Why not make a little easy money doing this, as long as no one we know finds out. What could it hurt?

“Why don’t you go and make yourself something to eat, me and your mom need to finish up downstairs. Weill explain things better later, ok.” Carl said softly rubbing Ashley’s shoulders. Ashley’s body trembled from his touch. Daddy knew how to touch a woman that was for sure.

“Daddy your hands feel good,” she cooed, “I love the way they make me feel.” She could feel the blood begin to swell her pussy. She turned to face him, with a wanting look in her eyes. She leaned in and kissed him full on the lips, lightly flicking her tongue into his mouth. Breaking their kiss they look at each other

both their hearts beating wildly. “Daddy I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me, it just felt so natural all of the sudden. Are you mad?”

“Don’t be silly, it’s just nature taking its course between a man and a woman. Go and get something to eat now baby, we will talk some more tonight.”

Carl turned and headed back downstairs leaving Ashley alone to digest what she had just learned. She had a lot of questions for her folks, and what she had saw kept playing over and over in her head as she made her dinner. Her mother with that girl, who is she anyway? How long have they been doing this? Why did she kiss daddy like that? This is all so strange, she though. I sure have one fucked up family.

Down in the basement the girls were busy shooting the rest of today’s video. Carl worked the camera and the little brunette worked Linda’s ass with a strapon. “That’s its girls! Give the guys tuning in their money’s worth,” Carl said coaching the action. “MAKE HER BEG FOR MORE LISSY!”

“I think this bitch of yours is falling in love with cock Carl!” Lissy sneered at the camera, “she won’t want anything to do with your little dick when I’m done with her!”

“How dose it feel baby? Do you like being her dirty little whore?” Carl asked.

“Oh god it feels good, I’m going to cum!” Linda screamed. Lissy pound away deep into Linda’s ass with the huge rubber dick, Linda moaned and clawed at the mattress. Linda’s large breasts smacked together with every thrust, her large areolas were puffed out pushing her long nipples almost to the bed. As Linda

began to cum she started to buck back onto Lissys toy, Lissy feeling her pushing back grabbed he hair and shoved her head down into the bed.

“Oh…GOD…!” Linda moaned.

“That’s it you little cunt,” Lissy screamed as she forced Linda’s face into the mattress. “You like having your ass fucked like this don’t you, you like being treated like a whore, don’t you! Don’t you?”

“OH GOD YES, don’t stop, please don’t stop!” Linda squealed.

Lissy trusted hard, smacking into Linda’s ass sending waves through her flesh. Linda came for almost a minute crying out for more. Moaning out that she loved being Lissy’s whore and she was a slave for her huge cock.

“Good job girls, that’s pure money in the bank. When our subscribers see this they are going to drop their loads!” Carl boasted sincan escort bayan as he brought the girls their robes. They finished up for the day paying Lissy in cash for her days work. Lissy took a shower and hugged them both goodnight. They would meet again in a

couple of weeks for another session. Once she was gone Linda and Carl talked over what they were going to tell their daughter.

“I’m telling you Linda she is cool with everything, she might even want to shoot some footage of her own.”

“What makes you think that Carl? What did she say!”

“It wasn’t exactly what she said, it was more of how she acted. And what she did.”

“What did she do?”

Carl then went on to explain what had happened, the kiss and the look in her eyes. It seemed it was a case of like mother, like daughter. They talked over what they should do next. The money they could make from having a pretty young college girl on their page could make them all rich. But how far would she be

willing to go, they both agreed that it was time to find out. Carl was going to seduce her, and film every minute of it. They hashed out their plan, then prepared the cameras to catch it all on video.

Back upstairs Ashley was napping in the living room. Her mother eased in trying not to startle her. She looked like a little angel resting with her breasts gently raising and falling.

“Sweetie,” Linda whispered softly. Linda knelt beside her taking in the natural beauty of her daughter. Oh to be so young and free, she thought. Linda slowly reached out to Ashley’s young breast line. Tracing along the outlines of her nipples, she could see them rise beneath her shirt. Ashley stirred from her rest,

her baby blue eyes opened slowly as she realized her mother was at her side.

“Hello mommy,” she said with a smile.

“Hey princess, are you all rested up?” Linda said still lightly brushing over her daughters now awoken nipple.

“I think so, where is dad?”

“He is downstairs waiting on you, he has something he wants to show you.”

“Mom… I’m sorry I busted in on you, I didn’t mean to cause such a scene. It’s just…..just I was so caught off guard by the whole thing. If what you were doing is good for the family I’m behind you all the way.”

“Oh baby I’m so happy you feel this way, I was afraid you wouldn’t understand. I love you.”

“I love you to mom.”

“You best not keep your father waiting, go on and see what he has to show you.

I’ll be down to join you after I clean up.”

“Ok.” Ashley hopped up and made her way back down to the basement. She was so excited about the whole ordeal she could barely keep the smile off her face. She entered to find her father sitting at the computer, he was busy typing on some kind of chat page. He looked up and smiled, this was a happy day for Carl finally he could get Ashley in on the family business. And with any luck she would join in and make him a lot of money.

“Hey princess, I’m glad your here.” He pulled out the chair beside him.” Come have a seat beside me, and I will explain everything that has been going on.”

Ashley took her place beside her father. Carl cleared his throat and began the tale of his and Linda’s journey into the world of Internet porn. He told her all about how they got started posting a few picks on a blog page they started. And once interest picked up they partnered in with a group starting their own web

page. “Most of our videos are just short teasers. They set up the auctions, that is where the real money can be made. Private live webcam sessions are auctioned off, if a bidding war is started over one of our sessions the payout can be up in the thousands.” Carl explained.

“Can I see?”

“That’s why I wanted you back down here, we don’t want to hide this from you anymore. I have set up a password for you so you can look all you want. I’ll leave you now, and let you watch in private. I’ll come back and check on you in a little bit.”

Carl got up and left Ashley to herself to see what her parents had been up to. She input her password and the screen loaded up. The home page was a picture of her mom laying on her back in their bed. She was winking and had both hands stretching her pussy open. Ashley clicked through the various video and picture links. Her parents had been busy indeed, there were hundreds of pictures and videos on there. Most of them were of mom playing with herself in different outfits and places in the house. Some were of mom and dad, and more were of mom and the brunette girl from earlier. She could feel herself getting wet, and wished she had the house to herself. The videos she was watching, seeing her parents doing all these dirty things was getting to her. She needed some relief. About an hour had passed when Carl returned. He slowly opened the door and slipped in. Quickly he started up the cameras around the bed and crept up behind his daughter. She hadn’t heard him come in, she was glued to the screen. With one hand on the mouse and the other escort sincan buried in her panties, she was lost in lust. Carl reached around her and cupped her small breasts, she flinches bringing her hand up out of her panties. Carl then took her hand and led it back down to her wet little pussy. She let out a light moan, Carl kisses her cheek.

“Come lay with me on the bed, I will take care of that for you.” Carl said patting Ashley’s busy hand.

They moved over to the bed. Ashley sat on the edge as Carl unbuttoned her blouse. He remove her bra and lay her back to remove her bottoms. She was wearing a pair of pajama pants, Carl easily slid them off and flung against the wall. He ran his tongue over her bellybutton as he crawled into the bed. She was as beautiful a sight as he had ever seen, Carl felt like a kid in a candy store not knowing where to start. He took her left nipple into his mouth, running his tongue over it he could feel it grow. She swooned and pushed her chest forward, goose flesh covered her chest.

“lay back baby girl, daddy knows what you need.”

Carl kissed his way down her belly, and grabbed the top of her panties in his teeth. Pulling them down revealed her sweet pink clit. Once her panties were gone Carl feasted his eyes. Blowing on the hood of her clit, he could see it swell.

“Oh daddy you’re making me so wet.”

“Relax baby, daddy will make you feel good.”

Carl buried his face into her pussy, sucking her clit up between his lips. She gasped and arched her back.

“OH GOD,” she let out, rolling her eyes to the back of her head. Carl sucked and licked at her clit, torturing her with his speedy tongue. He probed his tongue into her juicy cunt, searching deeper and deeper into her little pink hole. Carl pulled back from her, the sweet taste of her pussy filling his mouth.

“On your knees baby girl.” he ordered.

He spun her over on her belly, then pulled her up on all fours. Her tight little ass shined in the light. He ran the head of his dick up against her clit, rubbing it from side to side. She worked her ass up and down, rubbing her clit on the crown of his cock.

“Oh daddy….I need you inside me!!”

Carl eased the head of his cock up to her waiting snatch. He wetted the head with her juice and slid inside her. He sank in half way with the first thrust, she wined pulling away from the pain.

“Oh it hurts! OH GOD…Your hurting me daddy.”

“Relax baby, you can take it all, I’ll go slow.”

“But daddy it’s too big, please stop, please it hurts!” She gasped as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Take a deep breath baby girl, daddy loves you.”

She got out I love you too da, before Carl shoved the rest of his huge cock into her. He grabbed her by the waist and ground his self into her. He gave no mercy, hearing her screams only made him grow harder. The tears flowed and dripped from her cheeks, as she received the first real fucking she’d ever had. The other boys she had been with offered nothing to compare to this, she felt like her whole body was going to split into.

“That’s a good girl, daddy loves your tight little pussy.” Carl whispered. He could feel her start to loosen up, his dick was now working in and out with no force. She started to push back against his thrusts, taking him In as much she could. “Dose that feel better baby girl?”

“Yes daddy, if feels good.”

“Do you still want me to stop?”

“No daddy, fuck me HARDER!”

On hearing that, Carl picked up his pace. Slamming his cock deep into her, his balls slapping against her ass. She began to tense back up, and he could feel a warm rush against his balls, he knew she was going to cum any second. Pulling her up by the hair of the head, he grabbed her tits from underneath and started grinding into her as hard as he could.

“OH GOD, DADDY IM CUMING!” She screamed.

“That’s it, cum for daddy, cum on daddy’s dick!”

“Oh god daddy, it feels so good, oh shit fuck me, fuck me, oh OH fuck, fuck.” She slowly came down from the orgasm that rocked through her, the tears were now dry on her cheeks. The feeling inside her was so warm she almost wept again from joy. It had never been like that with anyone else, something inside her had responded to her fathers touch. She lusted for more.

“Do you feel better now angel?”

“Yes daddy.”

Carl eased out of he and let her down onto her belly. She rolled over facing him. The lust on her face told Carl what he wanted to know. He knew she was his now, he knew she would do anything he wanted.

“Oh daddy, you made me feel so good inside. I have never been had like that, it was so strong. My head is still spinning.”

“It can be like this every time princess. As long as you do what daddy says, you can feel like this every day.”

“Oh daddy… I promise I’ll do anything you want. I want it to be like this forever.”

Carl moved up face to face with her and whispered, “are you ready for more?” She nodded yes, Carl pushed her legs up and trusted forward. She grunted as Her tight pussy stretched around him. He could feel her pulse against his cock, her breath on his neck and the feeling of her warm body beneath him. It all made him feel so powerful. The control he had over her body stirred the animal inside of him. He needed to cum. He needed to breed her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32