The Countess Ch. 29

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Sara and I were at the Solsbery ranch because there was a Solsbery family meeting and I was invited to come up with her. Since his visit to our house Mr. Solsbery involved me more in the family. It was five thirty in the morning about thirty minutes before sunrise. I was walking in the living compound of the ranch. I could hear the calves who were in a corral nearby bellowing trying to find their mothers. I “helped” with the separation of the calves from their mothers by sitting on a horse, the day before. This was in preparation for selling them. There was the smell of hay and dung in the air. I remembered the first time that I visited the ranch with Sara. There was an involuntary growth between my legs as I recalled that the sex was fantastic. I started to walk away from the buildings and noticed that the sun was beginning to rise over the hills. Why I was up I could not say.

I walked along the road leading to the highway. I paused and watched the sun continue its rise. The light continued to illuminate the tops of the hills. I figured that I needed to get back so, I turned and walked back toward the ranch compound and came face to face with a man, sitting on an electric three-wheeler, holding a semi-automatic pistol.

“Who are you and what are you doing here?”

“I am the husband of Sara Jane Solsbery, I am up here visiting,” I replied.

The man holstered his weapon and drove past me, he stopped momentarily, “Just doing my job,” said the man as he past. I continued to walk up to the compound and into our room in the guest quarters.

I walked into the bedroom and started to lose my clothes. I was trying to be as silent as possible, but I saw Sara move in the bed.

“Darling what has you upset, why are you up this early?” asked Sara.

“I am a little sore after sitting on a horse for four hours and I wanted to see the dawn out here.”

“Paul you could have been shot. Colin employs armed guards during the night. Come to bed and make me feel like a woman.”

“I know I met one of them, which is why I decided to come back to the suite.”

I slipped beside her and nestled my cock in the crack of her ass, the silk bottom of her PJ’s being the only barrier between me and ultimate happiness. I moved one of my hands under her and brought my mouth to her neck and gently kissed her. Sara rotated and we kissed. I was able to free her from the PJ bottoms and slipped my cock into her pussy. Now that was the way I should have woken up this morning. I was also working on getting the top off which I finally did. This allowed me full access to my wife.

“Paul, you feel good in the morning,” said Sara.

“Darling your pussy is hot I might have third degree burns after our session,” I said.

“Well if you don’t move, I might have to find another man who can satisfy me,” replied Sara.

“You are being very demanding this morning?”

“I am Sara Jane Solsbery, I was born demanding, darling and I demand…” said Sara before I covered her mouth.

Taking the hint, I moved her to her back and started to move in and out of her cunt. My lips were locked to hers as I maneuvered to please her. Sara held on to me as she had an erotic crisis. I continued to pump her and felt her cum on my cock. I held her until her breathing returned to normal. I continued to move my tool in and out of her pussy. I held her nipples in my hands massaging her globes. Our tongues fenced with each other as we kissed. I felt my cock fire allowing me to relax. I knew that it would not last long unless Sara was satisfied.

“Paul, I know that you are upset about the trip to the mountains I’m sorry that we had to cancel, but things get in the way.”

“I got the deposit back that is all I cared about, well I care about making you happy,” I said.

“Every day darling, every day,” said Sara.

Sara’s hand was busy, and she was able to coax another erection. I slipped into her pussy and began to move my cock in and out. Sara put a finger on my mouth and moved her head indicating that I needed to move slower.

“You feel so good darling I want to make it last a long time,” she said.

I kissed her and then kissed one of her nipples while I played with the other one. I was a little upset when she announced that she had to stay in LA the week I scheduled us for a trip to Colorado. I made a joke about billing the federal agency for all the time they were taking with her. She promised that we could take the trip soon.

“Darling you are zoning out again,”

I kissed her and then started to move my cock in and out harder. I felt her cum again as she bathed my cock with her spend. I shot and kept moving until I had to drop out. Sara got on top of me and kissed me. She drove her nipples into my chest and rubbed them up and down.

We both came down from our erotic highs and Sara got up and went to the bathroom. I put on my underwear and for some reason I turned on the TV and caught one of the morning shows. They were in one of the five-minute, news cut-ins from the local bahis firmaları station. There was a story about another FBI raid this time showing Bob Winters being led in hand cuffs into the Federal Court house. The reporter narrated the story stating that the arrest was the culmination of a several year investigation of Winter’s empire. The grand jury indictments were unsealed leading to both he and his daughter’s arrest on new charges. I began to wonder if we needed to take Mr. Solsbery up on his offer to provide more security. I also knew that we couldn’t hide forever. Sara walked in, wrapped in a towel, just at the report was finishing up and sat down next to me.

“I would like to work you over again, but I just got clean from the last session,” said Sara.

“Old man Winters was arrested yesterday, Ann also, do I need to start looking over my shoulder, darling?”

“Not up here but we can’t stay here forever,” said Sara.

Sara moved over to the table and opened my computer and using her account got to the LA Daily News website and scanned the article posted. There were pictures of Winters Hollywood mansion, contrasted with his buildings in Downtown LA., with pictures of the broken-down apartments. From what I gathered Winters was indicted for fraud in the development of the buildings. Sara closed the lid on my computer and moved back to my side.

“There is nothing that we can do now, besides we have a meeting to attend,” said Sara.

“You have a meeting to attend, darling.”

“No, no, no you are invited also. Father will be joining us by video,” said Sara.

“Why do I need to be in the meeting?” I asked.

“When father called this meeting, he specifically told me that you were to be involved. He did not say why.”

I leaned over and kissed Sara. She moved her hand down to my crotch and massaged my cock. It took all of my strength not to take Sara again. But she got up and started to dress. We usually dressed alone but the ranch suite did not let us do that unless one of us left. Watching Sara dress was an erotic experience, and I decided to shower before I had an accident. When I came out Sara was gone to breakfast. I quickly dressed and joined the group. I took a seat next to Sara and waited for the server to bring my breakfast. Colin and Fiona were seated across from us.

“Sara do you know what this meeting is about?” asked Colin.

“Colin, you know as much as I do, father asked me and Paul to join you and Fiona at the ranch and that he would join us by video,” said Sara.

At the end of the table was a laptop computer open waiting for Mr. Solsbery to appear.

“OK ladies and gentlemen let’s get started,” said Mr. Solsbery as the faces of him and his wife were on the computer screen.

“It is good to see you and mother this morning father,” said Fiona.

“Good to see you all. First Colin you have done a fine job managing the ranch, with the sale of the new crop of calves the ranch will again show a profit, you have cut the costs and the income is up. Dotty and I thank you. Things are going well for the rest of the Solsbery enterprises to the point that the monthly allocation to Sara and Fiona will be raised to 7 thousand a month, and I have established accounts at the Century bank for Paul and Colin and three thousand a month will be deposited in those accounts,” said Mr. Solsbery.

Sara squeezed my hand at the announcement. The extra income will come in handy for her. I was torn about getting an allowance from the Solsbery family, but I got the feeling that, that was not up for discussion. The meeting went on for another two and a half hours with Mr. Solsbery going over the results of the real estate holdings, the winery, the hedge funds and the banks. Mr. Solsbery said that he and his wife were staying in the California residence for the time being and wanted everyone to visit soon. He did mention that he and his wife would be traveling to Omaha to visit a friend. Nice bit of non-name dropping, I thought. The meeting concluded the older Solsberys disappeared from the screen.

We all sat back and waited for lunch. My pocket started to vibrate as my phone started to ring. I got up and excused myself and walked away from the crowd. I finally got the phone answered and heard Paula say hello.

“Mr. Rogers I was here late last night, and two men came here looking for you and Ms. Solsbery. I alerted William when they became insistent about seeing you. He finally persuaded them to leave. I hope you don’t mind but I spent the night in the third bedroom on the second floor.”

“They weren’t FBI agents, were they?”

“These men did not have the look of FBI agents,” said Paula.

“Did you tell them where we went?”

“No sir I just said that you both were out of town, and your return was open.”

“Ok Paula thanks we will call when we decide to return. It’s ok if you want to gather somethings from your apartment and stay in the house.”

My next call was to Bret to ask her not to use the pool. “Look I know kaçak iddaa that I told you that you and the kids could come over, but something has come up and you need to find something else to do.”

After a little more conversation, I ended the call. There was a tug on my wrist and Sara was standing next to me indicating that lunch was served, and I needed to get back to the table.

“Don’t anyone wait on me,” I announced.

Sara directed me back to the table, reminding me that the phone was secondary. I relayed what Paula told me and said that we needed to talk after lunch. The meal was served, and after we finished, Sara said that she had arranged for some horses for us. I really wanted to go back to the room but going out on horseback would be private enough.

We mounted and headed out to the outer pasture and rode along the rim of the stock tank. We stopped and got off letting the horses drink.

“Darling tell me what Paula said again?” asked Sara.

I first said that I loved my wife and kissed her. I then explained what Paula told me about the men looking for us. She indicated that the men were quite insistent about finding out where we were and when we would return. She reported that William showed up at about this time and persuaded them to leave. After that call I called Bret as she was going to bring the kids over to swim and asked her to change plans. I did not want her and her kids coming over if someone was watching the house.

“My overactive imagination may have kicked in, but it is best to be safe,” I said.

She agreed with me and we mounted our horses and rode further out toward the pasture where the female cows were moving around.

“Will you take the money from father?” asked Sara.

“Yea I wanted to discuss that with you, I have never asked for any money from you or your family. I like standing on my own feet. What strings does the money come with besides staying married to you, which I plan to anyway.”

“The only strings that have been mentioned to me on my allowance is to spend wisely,” said Sara.

“Do you want me to take the money?” I asked.

Sara slipped off of the animal and led it by the reins I followed and walked next to Sara. I stopped her and bent her head to mine, and we kissed. She turned and kissed me again. We both knew that we were avoiding the question, but I had already decided to let the account grow and siphon funds if needed.

Sara slipped her hand down my pants.

“Don’t you think of anything else sir,” said Sara.

“As I have said before not while you’re around, darling.”

“Yes, sir you should take the money you’re worth every penny of it, and it will allow you to buy me more bling,” said Sara with a laugh as she kissed me again.

“What time are we getting out of here?” I asked.

“You want to leave so soon? I thought that we could find a place to…” said Sara before I kissed her.

“Look who’s got the one cock mind, darling,” I said.

“I have my husband near me, he has a wonderful well tooled penis, and I don’t know if I got enough service from you this morning. After all you decided to take a walk before the sun rose and I think that you were not as ready as I needed,” said Sara as she laughed.

“Darling it was me who had to work through your silk PJ’s to satisfy you, so don’t claim that I was not able to provide service,” I said before I kissed her.

“I swear you must have taken a rhetoric and argument class in college as you have an answer for everything I say. Yes, I will allow you to kiss me again,” said Sara.

“You make it sound like it is a privilege for me to kiss my wife,” I said in response.

“Oh, sir it is a privilege for me to have a kiss from you,” said Sara.

I brought her head to mine and we kissed again. I wanted to do more but there was no place where I wanted to make love. We held the kiss for almost a minute. It allowed me time to massage Sara’s breasts, and butt. One of the horses started to pull away breaking our concentration. Sara hugged me when she got the horse under control.

“I guess that we need to get back and make love, darling,” said Sara.

“I can wait I want to explore the area more,” I said as I kissed Sara again.

“Darling, I am dripping and need to be satisfied, I want to feel your tongue on my twat. Then get speared by your strong cock,” said Sara.

I unbuckled Sara’s jeans and got down to apply my tongue to her pussy after I moved her panties down to her ankles. After a few licks of Sara’s pussy, a powerful set of arms brought me to a standing position.

“Not here not now, darling,” said Sara.

Sara bent down and pulled up her panties and jeans. She mounted her horse and I followed her back to the compound. It was mid-afternoon when we returned and turned the horses over to the ranch staff. Sara snaked her arm through mine and directed me to our suite.

“Now darling you can do all the horrible things to me that you have been dreaming about,” said Sara after the door closed.

I kaçak bahis took her in my arms and kissed her. I unbuckled her jeans and let them drop to the floor. We moved to a chair and before she sat down, I was able to get the panties down and they joined the jeans around her ankles. I opened her legs and began to kiss from the knee to her pussy. My tongue invaded her twat and I felt Sara move when I stroked her clit. While I continued to perform oral sex, I could tell that Sara was getting anxious, wanting intercourse. I rose up and kissed her then moved back to her pussy. I knew that I was driving her nuts. I knew that she wanted my cock in her pussy, but I was having too much fun giving her a good blow job.

“Paul if you don’t fuck me soon, I will find someone who will, this is torture, you’re doing this deliberately just to make me mad.”

“Stand up Sara get out of your boots and get on the bed, don’t worry about your top just do as I ask,” I said in a commanding tone.

She did thinking that I was going to get out of my pants and fuck her, but I really wanted to continue oral sex and got between her legs and started to lick her vulva. I found her clit again and laid my tongue over it several times generating some unique movements from Sara.

“Darling I want a fuck please,” she said between breaths while she climaxed.

I was having fun looking at her distress. I knew I would satisfy both of us soon, but I wanted to choose the time. I decided to end her torture and pulled my shoes off and dropped my pants and underwear climbed between her legs and slipped my cock in her pussy. To say that it felt good being lodged in her twat would be an understatement. I kissed Sara while I moved my cock in and out of her love tunnel.

“Don’t you dare stop Mr. Rogers,” said Sara trying to regain control.

I covered her mouth and continued to fuck my wife. I could not play with her tits as she still had her top on. Sara’s arms embraced me trying to hold me in position. I continued to probe her mouth with my tongue. I made one massive thrust and let go. I continued to move my tool in and out of her pussy until I couldn’t. I rolled off of her but continued to kiss her. This time my hands holding on to her face.

“Do you want me to lose the top so you can play with my tidies?” asked Sara.

I answered by unbuttoning the top and moving the bra out of the way allowing my tongue to manipulate the nipples of her breasts. My hand slipped down and I fingered her enflamed pussy. Sara started breathing first shortly like she could not draw a breath, then deeply when my thumb hit her clit. This while I sucked on one of her nipples.

Sara finally climaxed and we both relaxed. I fell asleep which seemed to piss off Sara because when I woke, she had my cock in her mouth willing it to an erection.

“Paul I am thinking that you don’t love me anymore,” said Sara as she continued to suck on my cock.

I noticed that Sara had lost her top and bra, while I was asleep.

“I love the way you smell when we make love, darling,” I said.

“Don’t change the subject, Paul, I can’t describe how mad I am at you.”

“Sara, I have gotten used to being in hot water with you, but I know that you love me,” I said.

Sara let my cock go from her mouth but kept her hand around it working it up and down.

“Mr. Rogers, I want another fuck from you,” she said as she directed my cock into her pussy.

She leaned down and brought her lips to mine and we kissed. I did not need to move as Sara agitated herself on my pole, but I knew that she would comment on my lack of motion soon.

“Paul, darling, just remember that I love you.”

“Sara, I love you also.”

Well if you love me would you like to help me?” said Sara as if on cue.

I moved her to the bottom and started to thrust my cock in and out of her pussy. We made love until I came again. I held on to Sara until my cock withdrew from her pussy. Sara untangled herself from me and headed toward the bathroom. I heard the shower shortly after she closed the door. I had thoughts of joining her, but I did not know her mood. I heard the shower shut off and Sara joined me on the bed wrapped in a white towel.

“Yes, sir I would like you to fuck me again, but I can wait until later. Fiona and Colin have invited us for dinner, and we are missing the cocktail hour. Please get cleaned up and get dressed, darling,” said Sara.

I dragged myself off the bed and headed to the shower. Just as I was entering, I heard Sara on the phone requesting that our bed be changed. So, we would be sleeping in clean sheets, which meant that we would not be leaving until the morning. I quickly showered, dressed and joined everyone in the living room.

A waiter came up and offered me a cocktail. I took a sip and was assaulted by some kind of artificial lime flavor and bad Tequila. I placed the glass on an “empty” tray and asked for a soft drink. Sara moved over to where I was and asked what the problem was.

“I am becoming a drink snob and Lime flavoring and bad Tequila do not make a good Margarita,” I said.

“Oh, so I’m not the only one,” said Sara.

“That is why we only serve martinis or Champagne at our parties,” I whispered.

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