The Clean, Clean Arse of Home

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Never was any family more pleased when finally the last of the building workers packed up and left! They seemed to have been at our place for ever but then, considering that they’d pretty well doubled the size of our home, they’d actually done pretty well.

Mum and Dad — Jill and Peter — had been left a nice inheritance by my grandfather and as the property market wasn’t too buoyant and as we liked our location, it was decided to make use of the money and extend the house so that we had a reasonable degree of space rather than all being cramped together.

And certainly, while the building work had been going on we’d definitely been cramped and we’d spent far too long waiting for someone else to use the bathroom; for someone else to make a snack of some kind or just generally waiting to find a bit of space you could call your own…even if only for a little while.

One day both Sharon and I would move out and then our parents would rattle in the big house, but bricks and mortar always made money, so it was a wise decision.

Oh — having said that Sharon and I would move out…well, we’d both finished school, done with college and were both working locally, so although we could have moved out, why should we? At 20 and 21 we liked the motto — Home, Sweet Home — and we liked ours. The house was in its own large garden and overlooked the beach — even if it was some two hundred yards away. We were nicely off the beaten track but still not all that far from the town where Sharon, dad and I all worked — so one way or another, it was a pretty good set-up.

About the only problem was that neither Sharon nor I had been able to find partners — regular partners, that is. Our town wasn’t that flush with talent and, especially while the builders had been in, it wouldn’t have been possible to invite anyone back — we didn’t even have a guest bedroom. But now…!

We had luxury — well, it was to us! A decent-sized bedroom each for my sister (Sharon) and me (I’m Chris) and a proper master bedroom for our parents, all complete with a proper walk-in shower room.

Actually, having been somewhat squashed together hadn’t been a bad thing because it meant that my sister and I just had to get along. Although Sharon had a fair sized bedroom, I’d been squeezed into a tiny box room — so small that most of my clothes had to be kept in Sharon’s room. It was inevitable therefore that we’d seen each other in various states of undress but we’d just laughed it off when one or other of us had been ‘caught’ with unexpected parts uncovered!

We’d also used the family shower — just a basic screen beside the bath and a damn curtain which always seemed cold and which always managed to wrap itself round your back or legs. I hated it but we had to make do — especially while the builders were at work.

But now we had a family bathroom as before — but it was hardly used. Instead, my sister and I were moved into the new extension where we had a lovely bedroom each, complete with a shared bathroom with a proper shower…all to ourselves! And at the other end of the house our parents now had a real shower room complete with fantastic lighting and a multi-headed pulsed shower system that would have looked more at home on Star Trek!

And so it was that our family became one of the cleanest families around as we all luxuriated in our new washing facilities. The fact that Sharon and I shared a shower didn’t matter — one or other of us could always use the ‘family’ shower, but in truth we simply timed our ablutions so that we didn’t clash — too often! Anyway, we could lock the door if necessary although we usually forgot to do so — our splashing and (quite probably) singing would alert the other that the shower was already in use.

Speaking of singing — that was something that used to get on our nerves occasionally — bloody Dad and his Tom Jones impressions! Dad was the music teacher at the College so we forgave him but sometimes the sound of his baritone voice echoing around was enough to drive us out. I often wondered why we put up with him and I’d guess it was simply because he was a good father to us and because he actually had a good voice, as behove a music teacher perhaps. Mind you, his rendering of Sex Bomb used to get us laughing — I guess because of the improbability of it!

Anyway, to cut to the chase — as they say.

One morning I woke up to the sounds of singing — not Dad but Sharon warbling away in the shower, accompanied by a goodly selection of splashing noises. She usually awoke before me and although this was a Sunday, habits die hard and she was there again at the crack of dawn as usual. At least she sounded cheerful…even if it was only six o’clock.

Sharon had recently moved up in her status — she’d been a sales assistant in a local rather up-market boutique and her talents with her clients had been spotted one day by one of the directors. And it wasn’t long thereafter that the ‘old’ manageress was moved to another branch (and ‘demoted’ to assistant keçiören escort manageress) and my sister was promoted to run the shop. Ok, she was on probation for six months but I didn’t think that she would screw up an opportunity like that even at her tender age.

Needless to say, Sharon was something of a stunner, even without make-up and when she was all dolled up for work she’d turn anyone’s head. Being 5’9″ tall she was quite leggy — especially with 4″ heels — and despite being pretty slim from the waist downwards, she had a magnificent rack — 38C, it said on her bras. Her pair stood out a mile — she was usually called top-heavy — but since her tits had probably helped get her the job, she didn’t care.

Topped off with long blonde hair, dark brown ‘come-to-bed’ eyes, strawberry lips and a completely cute smile, Sharon was a real cutie and I could well see her heading for bigger and better things in years to come.

She’d had more than her share of boyfriends but she rejected them all before long because I think they all turned out to be complete and utter snobs, idiots or only after one thing — or all three.

Bit like me — all the girlfriends I’d come across seemed to be rather cheap and nasty and I too had dumped them quickly. I guess it was simply that none of them measured up to Sharon — my sister.

Speaking of me, I was doing ok too. I’d excelled at graphic design at school and college and now I ran a small section of a creative design consultancy company — the “Young Team”, my boss called us. My ‘team’ spent their time with a smallish group of clients; doing logos and advert artwork and generally enjoying ourselves! Next to our offices was a small gym and it was therefore easy to drop in for an hour after work most days. But as an athletic person I didn’t want to become too muscle-bound so I just worked on keeping in shape and keeping fit.

At 6’3″ it would have been easy for me to become bulky but with a combination of exercise, some running at the sports centre and healthy meals courtesy of Mum, I stayed around 175 pounds.

But this morning, being as I said Sunday, all that didn’t matter one bit — it was lazy day today and a happy day too by the sound of it! As I lay there listening to the watery noises I began to daydream — to dream of Sharon’s impressive tits and of her cute little pussy — I’d only ever seen it a couple of times but I fell in love instantly with the pretty slit with it’s covering of blonde almost-invisible hairs. Her boobs — well, there they were before me most days, often just covered by a t-shirt or her pyjama jacket and they turned me on no end! I’d always been a tit man and as was now being proved, even just the thought of them would send my penis into orbit!

And so I lay there with now a stiff eight inches of seemingly metal cored rod rearing from my groin — and, men, you know as well as I do that once a cock becomes erect, you simply can’t stop playing with it!

Gently I stropped my hand up and down my length, feeling the solidity and stiffness of my shaft and the softness and suppleness of the skin over it — a smoothness that was now enhanced by an upwelling of precum. Mindlessly I wanked, my head full of dreams of massive mammaries and plunging cleavages into which my penis could sink — to resurface spurting jets of cum like a whale spurting jets of hot steam.

I shouldn’t have been having these thoughts of my sister’s boobs bit I couldn’t help it — I was a ‘normal’ young male and she was a beautiful woman — and nature simply insisted on creating a sexual attraction between us. Between my cock and her tits, at any rate!

I was coming along nicely when I heard the water stop, shortly followed by the sound of the screen door sliding back. Sharon was finished — I decided to wait until she was back in her own room and then take an early shower where I could finish myself off. I slowed my wanking and simply held my erection ‘on edge’ while I waited.

It was about then that I heard a little clattering sound and then heard Sharon curse not just once but several times. Only naturally I wanted to help so I sprang out of bed, pulled my pyjama shorts tidy and leapt for the shower room door. It was unlocked and so I just coolly opened it and walked in.

“What’s up Sha…” I started and suddenly became speechless with the sight before me.

I hadn’t mentioned that Sharon wore contact lenses, but she did. My eyes were fine but Sharon must have picked up a few of Mum’s genes and needed glasses — not the ideal thing if you’re young, free and wanting to look perfect. So she’d had contact lenses for a while now — but right now it seemed there was a problem.

And the problem almost immediately became mine too!

Because there was a completely naked Sharon crawling slowly around the floor and currently with her beautiful curvy bum pointing straight at me.

“Get out — get out!” she yelled as I stood and absorbed the wondrous sight.

“What’s keçiören escort bayan happened?” I asked again, ignoring her request and shutting the door behind me instead.

“Knocked my bloody contacts on the floor — they’re somewhere…come and help if you’re just going to stand there and gawk,” she said and regardless of my desire to continue to drink in her luscious body, I too got down on my knees to search.

“Where did they go,” I asked, scanning the floor in vain.

“Dunno,” said Sharon, sounding angry but crestfallen, “I knocked them off the shelf over there and I heard the container hit the floor but now I don’t even know where the container is.”

“Cheer up — we’ll find them,” I said and not a moment later I spotted the little clear plastic container across the room from where I was — in a corner and with Sharon between me and it. It was almost as invisible as the lenses themselves — how silly.

“Found it!” I cried.

“Where?” said Sharon not frantically moving around the floor somewhat at random.

“Stay there,” I said, “I’ll get it.”

I started to crawl — why I didn’t stand up I don’t know — across the room towards the container when Sharon, seeing me move through blurred eyes, started to move in the direction I was heading too.

“No — stay still,” I repeated and eventually she did — but now she was almost end-on between me and the container! Only a few feet away but I knew I had to get the container for her as she probably wouldn’t be able to locate it without just fumbling around forever.

“Stay there and I’ll reach over you,” I told Sharon, at that moment completely ignoring the fact that Sharon was completely nude and I was dragging a massive erection around with me in my shorts!

Obligingly she did so as I arched my body over hers but I was a foot shy of reaching the container, which I could now see was still closed and so probably still contained her lenses.

“Move towards the wall a bit,” I asked Sharon and with her not yet seeing the container she moved in the wrong direction, turning her body to face the same direction as I was.

“Ooooh! Just stay there — I’ll reach over you then,” I repeated and this time I knew I could reach the errant pot.

But as I stretched — just that little more — I felt my body touching Sharon’s rump…no, it wasn’t ‘my body’…it was my penis rubbing against her! Ok — he was still inside my shorts but he was hard and obviously hanging away from my body as I stretched — I was almost playing Twister with my sister!

One last stretch and my hand was round the pot — but now I was almost at full stretch and my hand was holding me up…and with my fist now clasping the pot, I slid…! My body arch just collapsed onto Sharon, dropping her to the floor with a wet slap, a curse and a groan.

“Fuuuuuck!” said Sharon, flailing her arms at me, “You fuckin’ elephant!”

“Fuuuuuck!” I cried as my shaft slid deeply between Sharon’s cheeks, followed by a cry of anguish as the end of my cock reached and met the floor!

I levered myself up after what seemed like minutes — but was probably only seconds, one hand still victoriously clutching the lens pot and Sharon partially rolled over.

And now I looked down at her and that was partially my undoing! She was now still down on the floor but half turned over, so that her breasts were in full view and even her sweet pussy was visible. Her nipples, although smallish, were hard from contact with the cooler tiled floor and as she’d swung one leg back, so her slit was parted; her tidy crinkled lips revealing the small protuberance of her clit and a subtle parting down between them. I just didn’t know which bit to look at first to be honest, even thought I guess I should have looked away!

But Sharon’s eyes were captivated too — they were staring at my groin and as I looked down I suddenly spotted that in all the stretching and antics, my shorts leg had slid upwards and some inches of my erection now extended down and outwards!

Sharon may have had poor vision but that wasn’t stopping her taking a good look and I’d frozen where I stood!

To distract her I managed to hold out the little pot with its vital contents.

“Here you are sis, sorry about all that,” I said, “If you’d have just stayed still I’d have got it easily.”

“If you’d have left me to it I would have found it too,” said Sharon, but her eyes didn’t stray from her target.

She fished around in the little pot and even from her position on the floor she managed to insert her lenses quickly and easily. She blinked once while I just stood there like a deer in the headlights.

Sharon shook her head as if with disbelief.

“What the fuck’s that?” she asked pointing at my still partially exposed penis, “Christ — that’s got to be only half of it — let’s see the rest!”

“No — no — sorry, I’ll put it away!” I groaned but Sharon held up her hand.

“Not so fast,” she said, now escort keçiören sitting up with her stupendous breasts pointing at me, “You’ve seen mine — now I want to see yours.”

Whatever I thought, my cock thought otherwise. That full frontal view of my sister was enough to awaken the dead and my cock was far from dead. He strained hard against the thin material of my pyjama shorts, inching the leg material higher.

I slowly backed away until I reached the door — but it was closed. I searched behind me for the handle, all the while watching as Sharon stood up as lithely as a cat and stepped forward towards me.

“Come on — you’re not getting away with this,” she said almost menacingly, “I want to see your penis — drop your shorts.”

Giving in to what I knew would be the inevitable — my ‘little’ sister always got her way with me — I slid my shorts over my hips and let them fall.

“Bloody hell — and you’ve been hiding that?” said my sister, her eyes wide and her tongue licking her lips, “that’s got to be the biggest cock I’ve seen in real life!”

‘Hey’ I thought, ‘got some bragging rights I didn’t know I had!’

“Not bad, is it?” I said, holding my penis out at right angles from my body, “Want a profile shot?”

“Can see enough from here,” said Sharon moving towards me once more, “Although it’ll be even better if I can have a handful.”

So saying she reached out and, pushing my hand away, she grasped my cock firmly.

“Jesus!” she said in awe, “That’s thick! And long too! Wow Chris — does it get much action?”

My eyes were riveted to Sharon’s lovely body. She was leaning forward slightly to hold me and my view was down from above the cleavage of her proud tits…her nipples hard and merely inches from me…and down her smooth flat belly to her little patch of blonde hair. I could hardly believe how much of my sister I was seeing and just how much of a turn on it was.

‘Does it get much action?’ I thought, repeating Sharon’s question in my mind, ‘Bloody well will if you I get my hands on you!’

And the thought — and Sharon’s touch — had brought steel back to my erection and I swear something had added an extra inch to his length!

“Are you excited?” said Sharon, now slowly rubbing her hand up and down my shaft and all I could do was to nod my head.

“So am I,” she said, “Do you mind me playing?”

I shook my head as my eyes closed to better enjoy her ministrations — this was good! How could I object!

For a little while Sharon continued to rub my cock for me, her tits swaying as she did so and her eyes fixed on my cock before she stopped moving.

“Can we go in the bedroom please — yours or mine?” she asked, “We could lie on the bed then in comfort.”

Who was I to turn down such a suggestion and with alacrity I found the door handle, opened the door and almost dragged the naked Sharon into her room.

Her prettily flower-patterned bedspread was cast aside in moments and both Sharon and I soon lay on the bed side by side. Both of us had queen sized beds — another little ‘luxury’ courtesy of granddad’s money and now Sharon and I had room to play.

Sharon looked at me; a huge grin across her face.

“Fancy a fuck,” she said, “I’ve been so frustrated this last week I’ve been climbing the bloody wall.”

“What — you? Us?” I asked, “That’s incest! What’s wrong with your boyfriends? Can’t they perform?”

“So what if it’s incest! My boyfriends are a useless lot of fuckers!” she said with feeling, “Most of them shoot off even before they get in my knickers and those that have managed to last that long have all turned out to have weedy little dicks. Not like this lovely appendage!”

As she spoke she started to run her hand up and down my shaft and I had to slow her down for fear of becoming yet another one of those early shooters. Instead I rolled over onto my stomach and came face to face with her gorgeous tits.

“My turn,” I said simply as I lowered my mouth to a fine upstanding nipple.

“Aaaaaaaahhhh!” breathed Sharon, “Oooooooo yesssss!” as I sucked hard and long, my hands now joining in to palpate and caress the silky smooth sexy swelling of her breasts,

It wasn’t long before Sharon’s body began to lift and squirm as she became ever more excited.

“Oh fuck — come on, come on — let me have him!” she groaned worming her hand underneath me to reach my cock.

I rolled back onto my back and in a moment Sharon was up and astride me holding my erection upright, not six inches from her pussy.

“I want him inside me — now!” she said as she raised herself up and moments later I felt the hot pliant flesh of her already wet pussy begin to engulf my length.

“Ooooooh God — that’s better!” she sighed, sinking down onto my erection, “Oh — I’m so filled now!”

I’d been so turned on by Sharon’s naked display; her wanton behaviour and her eagerness to fuck that I’d ignored all considerations of incest. All I cared about was that my cock was being pleasured — and wonderfully so!

Sharon’s cunt was tight; if she’d been screwing before, her comments about her under-endowed boyfriends must have been true. I could feel every ripple of her body inside her vagina as she slid up and down my pole; every ring of muscle, even her cervix.

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